Airline "Eyre Malta" and Malta International Airport

Malta – Little Country. But pretty. And the only airport is small there.

And airline there is small. But also pretty.

National airline Malta is called naturally, "Eyre Malta". As part of her fleet – only 10 aircraft. 4 "Eirbasa" 319 and 6 "Eirbasov" 320. Today we will see them all.

"Eyre Malta" This year celebrates the 40th anniversary, but now the company has one from the youngest fleets in the world. The average age of her park is 8 years old.

Base "Ayr Malta" – Lou’a International Airport a few kilometers from the capital of Valletta. Now at many airports made viewing sites (the best of those where I was – at Culoten Airport in Zurich). And Maltese did not remain aside – a couple of years ago opened the platform and at Lu’a airport. The site opens a good view of the flight field and on the main WFP airport – you can watch the planes in the parking lot, and ups, and landing. The only one, but very big minus the site – it is fenced with high glass panels without any lumen, which on forever solar malta creates a large problem of glare and reflections from glass when shooting.

Playground, as you can see, small – under the airport itself. But there is completely dear. The site is not marked anywhere, and you can only get there specifically – for this you need to rise to the 3rd floor to restaurants, go left and exit an open area through a small game room for children.

Most of the photos I did in the early morning while I was waiting for my plane to Paris, another part was made a few days earlier during the arrival of the afternoon. But the glare interfered and in the morning and day.

Let’s start with day photos.

A319 (9H-AEM) takes passengers. Maltese aircraft other than registration numbers also have their own names in honor of the cities of their country. This board is called "Birgu". Livrayu "Eyre Malta", Naturally, adorns the Maltese cross. The motto of the company is simple – "The Airline of the Maltese Islands"

Another Maltese airbus under loading.

A320 (9h-aen) "Bormla" Went to take off.

A320 (9H-AEK) "San Giljan".

Besides 10 Maltese aircraft, 2 liners are based in Luke "Raianair". Here is one of them – Boeing 737 (EI-DPL).

Non-minor foreign guests. Boeing 737 (TC-JGZ) Turkish Airlines.

777th (A6-EML) companies "Emirates".

At La’a airport "Sleeveless" For landing and aircraft are serviced by such auto.

And passengers carry new "Neoplas".

And around – dense development with typical Maltese churches.

"Eyre Malta" – not the only Maltese airline. Several years ago, the Italian Luigi Crispino, together with his Maltese partners, tried to launch a lawn in Malta called "EFLY" ("And Fly"). The company wanted to lease 4 aircraft, but received only one – British Aerospace 146-300 (9H-ELE). September 2009 "EFLY" I began to fly to Sicily on the route Malta – Catania, but in November, the flights stopped due to problems with the authorities and the airport. Since then, the unfortunate Bae in red livery "EFLY" standing on a joke on the far parking of the airport. Let you do not embarrass the inscription "EFLY.IT" – now the closed site of a unfortunate competitor "Eyre Malta" Based in the Italian domain zone.

Well, now – Morning photo. Early in the morning almost the entire fleet "Eyre Malta" (8 aircraft out of 10) in place:

A320 (9H-AEQ) "Tarxien".

A320 (9h-aen) "Bormla".

A320 (9H-AEP) "Nadur" and A319 (9H-AEH) "Floriana".

A319 (9H-AEL) "Marsaxlokk".

A319 (9H-AEM) "Birgu".

A320 (9H-AEO) "Isla-Citta Invicta" Slipping special liveries to commemorate the choice of Valletta by the cultural capital of Europe 2018.

A319 (9H-AEG) "Mdina". In the background – already familiar to us Boeing "Raianair". And on the horizon – the high walls and temples of the ancient capital Malta Mdina, in honor of which this liner is named.

Second aircraft "Raianair" "living" in Luke – Boeing 737 (EI-ENB).

Gradually, aircraft with Maltese crosses on the tail are starting to spill.

First leaves the native port 9h-aen. Liner pours to runway.

. And soars in the sky.

It follows 9H-AEP

Starting from this side, all began to use a shorter departure to the strip and take off on the point of shooting – to catch airplanes in the frame has become more difficult. But now you could see the upshots on the background of Mdina.

Takele’s Takes interrupted by landing of the penultimate Maltese liner – A320 (9H-AEK) "San Giljan".

Airlines Air Malta and Malta International Airport

Boeing "Raianair" Also gathered on the road.

Maltese "Special Edition" Departed in flight.

There was no time to shoot further – it was time to go landing.

Another part of the livery "Eyre Malta" can be considered only from the portholes. On the casing of engines, Maltese places advertising their attractions.

Here, for example, it is described that the church in the bridge has the 3rd in the world by the magnitude of the defensive dome. I was there. The church is really big.

And here it is said about Fest – the season of religious holidays in honor of the local saints with exhibitions and fireworks.

Well, in conclusion – a few photos of Malta from a height.

The second WFP airport La’a. How many aircraft you see in the photo (not counting the side, where I photographed)?

Answer: 6. Three – to the right in the parking lot, one more (with a red tail) a little further, one white is well visible to the left, and then about a hundred meters from it – another gray plane is almost merged with the asphalt parking.

Aircraft at the hangar. Left at the bottom – Boeing 737 (SX-MTF) of a small Greek company "GainJet Aviation". Large liner in the center – Old Douglas DC8 (4R-EXJ).

Here it is on a great magnification. The plane belongs to a cargo company registered in Sri Lanka "Expo Air" and is the only board in its composition.

Malta – a small island. Every block of land is used.

Quarry surrounded by mini-fields and terraces.

Most of the coastline of the island – climbing cliffs, like that alone rock at the distance from the shore.

Under the wing of the aircraft – Rabat. Departed – Dingley’s town.

Here is Dingli closer.

Northwest Islands. Again fields.

The town of Il-Bahridge – and the Blessed Island of Malta is hiding from the view.

Airlines Air Malta and Malta International Airport

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