Airlines bonus programs, or how to fly for free

First of all it is worth saying that now almost every airline makes it possible to accumulate bonus miles to use them in the future. In order not to get confused in a lot of information, it is worth knowing that airlines are combined into alliances and save / spend miles it becomes more convenient and more profitable, t.To. Your miles become more mobile and can be used to purchase airline tickets for all airlines that come with the Alliance. Such examples can be:

Alliance OneWorld (This includes S7, Iberia, Airberlin, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, British Airways, Royal Jordanian and a few more airlines);
Alliance Skyteam (Aeroflot, Alitalia, Airfrance, Czech Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Korean Air and others);
Alliance Star Alliance (Lufthansa, Tap Portugal, Brussels Airlines, Thai, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, SWISS and others).

What advantages receive participants in bonus programs, except for the obvious acquisition of premium tickets?
1. For miles, you can not only "buy" a bonus ticket, but also to improve the service class, t.E. at the price of economy class to fly in business;
2. For miles, you can use the services of partners – miles can be exchanged for hotel accommodation, car rental and even just for goods;
3. Assigning an elite status that entails additional benefits, such as increasing the norm of baggage and hand-bag, priority service at the airport (individual reception racks, as well as waiting rooms – Lounges, priority in landing for flight, accrual more miles compared with the usual participant of the program);

Milk enrollment occurs automatically by the fact of flight (T.E. When buying, you only get the opportunity to know the number of miles for the flight, but to get them really fly to actually), usually for a certain period (up to two weeks). If this did not happen, then on the site of the bonus program there is an opportunity to restore miles for flights during a certain period (from 3 months to a year, depending on the specific program), presenting evidence of flight (flight and passenger data, in the extreme case, the airline has the right to request landing coupons on unrecorded flights, so do not throw them out). Miles for using the services of program partners (payment on bank cards, accommodation in hotels, car rental, etc. also occurs after the fact of the provision of services and is credited automatically either by application).

So what needs to be done to become a happy owner of almost free ticket?
The algorithm of action is as follows:
1. We register in the program (for example Aeroflot Bonus, Miles&More, S7 Priority, Flying Blue, Skywards), get a member number.
2. We purchase tickets for your trips (fly), buy services of program partners (hotels, banks, car rental) by crediting miles to your bonus account.
3. Having accumulated the required amount of miles, order a premium ticket for the destination destination on the airline’s website.
4. We pay for the airline fees for the relevant flight, t.To. Miles, you can pay only the tariff part of the ticket. For example, S7 fees on the flight Moscow-Perm-Moscow at the moment are approximately 1800 rubles., And Aeroflot’s fee for flight Moscow-Zurich-Moscow, or Moscow-Paris-Moscow – about 5 thousand.USD When buying through tariffs (for example, from Perm to Rome through Moscow) will need to pay fees for all flight segments.

Qualification and Unqualified Miles.

Airlines bonus programs, or how to fly for free

The difference between them is essential and without the presence of the first you will not have the opportunity to use the second. so, Qualification Miles – Miles who recruit member when flying on regular flights of the airline. They can be used both to get premiums (tickets) and to increase the status of the participant to elite levels. Unqualified miles – Miles who recruit the participant for the use of program partner services. Can only be used to purchase premium air tickets or enhance the flight class (but not to go to the next status level). Moreover, if during a certain period (as a rule it is 2 years), the participant did not receive qualifying miles, or simply did not fly the regular flight of the airline, all his miles for this period are annulled, even if they are enough by the number to order a premium.

How not to guess with a bonus program?

First of all, you need to answer the question as an active user you are? If active, then it is worth understanding what direction you use most often (if flights to Europe, it is unlikely that it makes sense to register in the program of Emirites or Qatari Airlines), Aeroflot will be suitable here, Miles&More and S7 Priority. Among all other things, these programs have partners among banks, opening the card and paying for it you also copy miles (unqualified), which is a big help in accumulation. To use just just one flight to Moscow (the notorious set of qualifying miles).

At the moment I am a member of Aeroflot programs Bonus and S7 priority, t.To. Most often, we fly by these airlines (well, and plus they have a very good coating in the directions of flights of alliances). Over the past 2 years, the bonuses in Paris, London, several times Moscow and a couple of times decorated premium tickets to their loved ones. I really like this opportunity and it seems really profitable.
For doubting opening the topic on bonuses on our forum (we will analyze incomprehensible moments) and I will be glad to see you with neighbors in airplanes.

Airlines bonus programs, or how to fly for free

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