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India has one of the world’s largest networks of internal airlines serviced by fairly modern aircraft. About three dozen airlines carry out transportation in this big country. And competition, inevitable with such a situation, only on the hand of the tourist. The largest air carriers: Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Jet, Goair, Jetlite and many others. The main part of airlines has its own Internet sites on which you can buy a ticket with a credit card. Buying tickets in advance, you can get more than attractive tariffs that sometimes go cheaper than moving by train in class 2as. When traveling in the peak of the season (September-March), tickets should be ordered in advance, t. To. Most flights at this time overloaded. To the airport should arrive in 2 hours for registration and special. Control. Adult passenger can carry 20 kg of baggage, in business class – up to 30 kg. For the return of tickets purchased in place, a very high collection is charged. In some cities there are airports, from where buses go to the airport.

Indian airlines are not distinguished by punctuality: delays and cancellation of flights occur constantly. Therefore, by planning a travel around the country, you should always lay an extra time to transplant to the following flight, or the train. In addition, it is not necessary to seriously calculate any compensation in delays. The most reliable and clearly executing schedule are company such as Air India and Jet Airways.

Airlines Jet Airways and Air India offer tourists vouchers for the program "Open India"(Discover India), which involves an unlimited number of flights by economy class on all internal airline data airlines (one item can only be visited). The program is valid for 7, 14 or 21 days, starting from the date of the first flight, cost, respectively, $ 350, $ 650 and $ 950. The disadvantage of this package is the fact that the passenger does not buy a ticket, but only a voucher for receiving tickets at the box office. Ticket statements are carried out at the cash desks and so much subject to availability of free places in this type of tariff. In case all tickets for this tariff are sold, and you want to fly out, you will have to pay extra until a higher tariff. Thus, acquiring a similar voucher on an unlimited number of flights in India, it makes sense to book all the necessary flights in advance. The second point – you should think in advance the number of internal flights and count how much the purchase of such a voucher justifies itself. Practice shows that buying a similar ticket makes sense only if it is planned to carry out flights at least every 1-2 days.

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Airlines India

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It so happened that I flew to Bangkok from Samui Island somewhere in half 9 am February 10, 2009. Having received your luggage, I thought. Ticket on the route Bangkok Delhi I had for flight Indian Airlines / Air India at 14.thirty. So, from pure curiosity, I decided to look, and what’s there, on the scoreboard, with my flight and calmly do thoughts on the topic, do not go to these 4 hours a pause to the city. Well, I rose to the floor of international departures, I go to the scoreboard. . Batz, and my flight is not. Read more →

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