Airplane Boeing 737 MAX 8: What was that will

After a plane crash, which happened on March 10, with the Boeing 737 Max 8 with 157 passengers on board, some countries banned the flights of these vessels over their territory, and individual carriers refused their operation.

March 14 Early in the morning the use of these passenger liners is officially discontinued worldwide, according to FlightRadar24 online edition.

Boeing 737 Max – Basic model of a new generation. She has 6 modifications, the last of which 737 MAX 10 has not yet entered the market. Until recently, the Boeing Family Court is valued for design and safety – They had the smallest percentage of a plane crash: 1 to 17 million. flight hours, according to statistics. But everything has changed with the advent of the MAX line.


In the fall of 2018, the liner of this modification disappeared with radars after 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta. 189 people died. According to the results of the investigation, the cause of steel in the new computerized liner management system.

March 10 tragedy repeated – Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed 10 minutes after takeoff from the capital of Ethiopia. More than 150 people, including 3 passengers from Russia, died. The investigation is still lasting, but 2 advantages for six months have become a reason for major changes.


First, a temporary ban on the operation of this court introduced China – They have about hundreds of such liners. This decision was made by some air transporters – Ethiopian Airlines, Cayman Airways. Following them from using the model, I refused Indonesia, stating that the aircraft will be empty after the results of certification will be seen.

March 14 at 6:30 pm on MSC Latest Courts Max 8 Slies at San Francisco and Halifax Airports, after which their operation was officially suspended worldwide.

In some states banned air carriers to put on the flight all the board of the MAX line. In the US, the President ordered that the liners remain on Earth until the true causes of the two plane crash will be established. Canada’s authorities came to the same conclusion.

Rosaviatia also abolished Boeing Max flights from Thursday. According to the disposal of the department, the court of this model cannot appear in the sky over the territory of the Russian Federation to a special indication.


The infamous planes are in the park at the only airline of Russia – S7, however, she stopped their operation since March 12. Here they assured that it would not affect flight schedules – Those will be carried out in normal mode. And previously mentioned that I received recommendations from Boeing Corporation: Representatives reported that due to the wrong indicators of the control system, the plane can independently go to a steep peak.

Airplane Boeing 737 Max 8 What happens to

In S7, they entered in accordance with the rules, however, experts already calculate losses. Price of one directory airliner – about $ 117 million. Even if they are idle, money for leasing should be paid. Here are the same airlines to add funds to their service, to employees wages. To aggravate the situation for air carriers can the lack of cars in the hangars – Planned flights you need to perform.

All this can lead to multimillion costs that some airlines intend to recover from the American Corporation through the Court (Norwegian stated on the eve of this). True, Roman Gusarov, Portal Avia.RU explains that if the carriers have concluded solid contracts, abandon aircraft, without losing an advance, they will not be able to.

At the same time, the Boeing shares are currently falling – The price has decreased by 12%. If so go further, corporations predict a steep peak in the stock market.


While Boeing employees in the United States collect emergency meetings, and experts investigate crash, experts express their considerations about the reasons for what happened. Vladimir Popov, honored by the military pilot of the Russian Federation, says that the improper work of automation could lead to such consequences. Yes, and FlightRadar24 wrote that in both cases before falling the car often changed speed and height.

It is not excluded, but it is unlikely that all the fault could be fuel of low quality or sluggish civil war on the African continent.

Roman Gusarov also believes that new technologies – It is always a risk, so childhood diseases cannot be written off from accounts that each design has.

Airplane Boeing 737 Max 8 What happens to

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