Airplane, bump me to the holiday!

In my opinion, rare sunny rays are very scarce compensation for four snow months. You can fix the situation by collecting two suitcase. One with problems, the other – with things. The first is desirable to throw out the window, the second – take with you to the airport and fly there, where fun in full swing.

Nothing "revives" as travel, but even they do not always justify expectations. It happens, count on enzych impressions, but in fact it turns out: shops, bars, brought excursions and familiar faces. Theaters, museums and architectural monuments are certainly good, but first of all people are leaving then to happen. Here the main thing is not to guess and go to such a place where they are not looking for impressions, but live in them.

After the tightening winter, there is an unprecedented appetite for adventure, the soul rebels, and the inner voice whispers: "I want a holiday!". As a medication from the Spring Handra, I propose to witness one of the five grand events of spring, and perhaps and to take an active part in them.

Festival of crops in Berlin

May 17 &# 8211; May 20

Representatives of different nationalities living in Germany participate in this annual carnival. Friecks of all the masters are walking around the district of Kreuzberg all the masters and read the perforans of no less eccentric than their costumes. It comes to political demonstrations, but they are most likely peaceful character and are also a kind of element of the program. So the German authorities emphasize tolerance to cultural diversity and demonstrate loyal attitude to emigrants. By the way, most of which are Turks.

In the first year of foundation (1996), the festival gathered 50 thousand people, by 2003 this figure rose to 1.5 million. And now the young Berlin multicultural carnival is not inferior to the significance of the earlier "ideological brother", London Nottig Hill, which has been held since 1964.

This year, the holiday will begin on Friday and will end on Monday. Successful opportunity to spend the weekend, especially since the prices for the flight at this time are very profitable.

A ticket from Moscow to Berlin to both sides will cost 7433 ruble.

Ticket from Peter to Berlin on both sides will cost 8597 rubles.

Rome founding day

When Romulus founded Rome, the population in it is catastrophically lacked. There were women in a special deficit, then local men were barely lured into the city of Sabin’s tribe, who lived at the foot of the Apennine. Proud Sabinians considered the founders of the great city with dirty tramps and did not want to know with them. Then men kidnapped them and took the power to wives.

Now Rome does not suffer from lack of visitors. And to get there on April 21 – generally real luck, because it is on this day the city celebrates its foundation. Theatrical submissions, the choice of the Queen of the Holiday and Gladiator’s battles pass under the traditional Roman music. In the interruptions between spectacles, the audience fell not only bread, but also a much greasy dishes of Italian cuisine.

Initially, on April 21, Palylia was celebrated – the day of the glory of the goddess of cattle breeding and agriculture PALES. It was the celebration of Vestnok, the priestess of the goddess Vesta, doomed on the thirty-year. One of them – Reia Seville, Mother Rem and Romula. Handsome custom Over time she went into the summer and lost to the commemorative date of the Day of Rome.

Ticket Moscow – Rome will cost 9387 rubles in both directions.

Flight ticket Peter – Rome will cost 12923 ruble on both sides.

Queen Birthday Netherlands

Beatrix, perhaps, the most secretive of all living quarters. The government of the liberated Holland is restrained outfits and does not often appear in humans. Nevertheless, the Dutch make their queen and every year on April 30 becomes an orange day. Having honored the color of the Royal House of Orange – Nassau, the inhabitants of the Netherlands go to all orange and decorate them the surrounding streets.

Carnival Amsterdam barely withstands the flow of tourists. From around the world, those who wish will come to the atmosphere of universal madness. On the square, the music does not mercate, someone dances, someone in the morning lies in infamous. By 30 April, tulips ripen, so the queen’s birthday is often combined with floral parades. In this motley Balagan, the police have no right to interfere, and merchants can freely sell their goods on the streets. All passersby are free to treat national dishes – seryl and cheese.

Those who remain the forces are preparing for the next celebration. On the night of April 30 to May 1 – another carnival, only its main color is no longer orange, but black. And how should the evil on Valpurgiyev night?

Coronation Day and Boon Bang Fi, Thailand

Airplane, bump me to the holiday!

May 5, May 11 &# 8211; may 13

Many are afraid to go to May in Thailand, because it considers this time season rains. Is it possible to call rare drops that do not cause discomfort at all. On the contrary, by planning a trip to Thailand on the last spring month, you kill three hares at once: you get to the best time for surfing and diving and immediately for two national holidays.

May 5 in Bangkok passes a magnificent celebration in honor of the day of coronation. By the main square of the city solemnly, the king of the king of the pumipon Adulyyelyades and blesses the peasants to landing rice, while the monks and simple people pray for his well-being.

May 11, a small town of Yasovhothon, which is 450 kilometers from Bangkok, shake rocket salts. According to the ancient custom, the Thais is crawling missiles, which symbolizes the wise dragon, and launch them as above. They believe: such a pyrotechnic message of the Heavenly Office can cause rain (one more confirmation that in Thailand does not go at this time of shower).

Combat shells are signed and decorated, but a beautiful wrapper does not detract from their danger. Installations are manufactured manually and there is a risk that they will explode ahead of time. Bung-Bang-Fi feast is far from safe, but local residents do not prevent you from having fun and measured by the forces on the fest.

Buddha’s birthday, South Korea

On this day, Koreans are like fireflies, do not go outside without decorative lanterns, like those hanging on Buddhist temples. The people of South Korea unite in the symbolic gesture of the Buddha ride together with such countries of Southeast Asia as Macau, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. In this list, Japan did not enter, there the birthday of the Buddha is not considered the official holiday and is celebrated quite modestly on April 8.

The holiday falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, and according to the traditional calendar on May 17. But the "lamp" procession runs on the eve of the solemn event. The climax moment of this action comes when Buddhist monks carry the dragon’s head flaming lights, at this moment Seoul acquires a special glow.

May 17 passes more moderately. People stay alone with themselves and go to the temples, where charitable tea drinking and lunches are often arranged in honor of the holiday. Anyone who wishes can get there. The festive atmosphere does not leave Korea at least a month, it is so much on the city streets weigh lanterns in the form of lotus.

A ticket from Moscow to Seoul to both parties will cost 22020 rubles.
Ticket from Peter on both sides will cost 23522 rubles.

Panacea from Handra found. It remains only to sit on the plane, dreamily close your eyes and fly to a fairy tale. In a new place, a cheerful person will land, who configured his lens of perception to a new and unknown.

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