Airplane Deboshira – Criminals or Victims of Aerophobia?

Messages about Drunk Debucks during flights on airliners appear on the tapes of infant frequency news agencies. Information about resonant incidents with «Veteran Gr» Kabalov, a former high-ranking Tretyakov official complemented by reports of other, less well-known facts of aircraft. Eyewitnesses publish on the Internet Cutting Details about trying to open the door of the aircraft during the flight above the Atlantic Ocean, set fire to the service chair Stewardes, and stories about skirmishes with other passengers and crew members go with a solid stream.

In this stream, the author and came to the eyes of the story of colleagues, Journalist Elena Milienko, former flight attendants. She talked about the incident during the flight from Cyprus Island to Moscow. Passenger, flying together with his wife, secretly spoiled a bottle of brandy and drank about half the content. The alcohol man was categorically contraindicated, and the consequences did not slow down to affect. The passenger began to behave completely inadequate – shouted, did not recognize his wife, tried to hide under the chair, ran through the cabin. As a result, the crew members had to tie him. When you meet this plot, a question arose: what makes men resort to alcohol in such unsuitable situations? There is a response version: Fear of flight, academic aerophobia.

War and Peace

A little about personal. My father was very afraid to fly by airplanes, and it was reasonable to explain his fear could not. However, twice for their lives, he still flew. First time – soldier during the war. There, it is clear, no one asks him about anything, the commander ordered «landing» – and all. The second time I had to fly to the eldest son (that is, to me) to look at his grandson, in a small town in the Russian outback, where, because of the spring, the dissolve can only get to the air. When I met him at the airport, caught an obvious smell of alcohol. «Accepted for courage» – Father admitted.

My father, a veteran of two wars, it is difficult to blame in the ordinary cowardice. On my, non-specialist, look, he also was susceptible to aerophobia – psychological disorder, fear of flights on aircraft. Professional pilot and psychologist, author of the book «How to stop afraid to fly?» Alexey Hervash believes that Aerophobia suffers from 15 to 25 percent of the adult population of the Earth.

Not bypassed aerophobia and many famous people. It is known that the air travel is also afraid and the famous singer Alla Pugacheva avoids them in every way, she herself more than once confessed to this journalists. And here it makes sense to return to the main theme of our conversation. Alla Borisovna, a woman and the star of the Domestic pop, can be confessed in their weakness, in extremes it will come down for «Follow celebrities». And how to be a man, and even positioning yourself «steep», From among those «from 15 to 25»? Is it easy for him to admit that «airplane» He begins a shiver in the knees? And the commander is near….

Most, of course, are not recognized, but before departure or during flight «Takes on breasts». Fear takes out, but, unfortunately, sometimes together with decency and reason. Begins the very debach. Just do not think that the author is trying to present aircraft carriers here, but the unfortunate victims of his psychological disorders. Not controlling his behavior a aggressive drunk man on board the airliner subjected the serious danger of the life of dozens, or even hundreds of people, so and answer for their «Art» must fully.

Ruble, prison and shocker

The tightening of responsibility it comes whenever the next message is received about the debris on the plane. Our legislators do not remain aside – In the State Duma there is a bill, designed to supplement the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of the New Article – "Hooliganism on board the aircraft". The sanction on this article should provide a fine of from 300 to 500 thousand rubles, this is when a citizen in the plane rudely broke public order «Application or with the threat of violence». Provided for the most «frozen», and imprisonment for up to five years – sternly, you will not say anything. Especially against the background of the current maximum sanction for riotiness on board – five thousand rubles.

But criminal liability comes, as is known, after the crime has already been committed. We, passengers, much more interesting, which is particularly invited to prevent the rowers on airplanes. Here are less suggestions, they are not so radical and status of the bill yet. It is proposed for example, to prohibit passengers to rush on board alcoholic beverages purchased by them in the stores Duty Free. Or, following the example of some European airlines, keep the drinks purchased at Duty Free until the flight is on the aircraft and issue upon arrival. It is also proposed to prohibit flights to persons previously seen in debauchery by drawing up «Black lists».

Airplane Deboshira - Criminals or Victims of Aerophobia

No conversations and around offers to introduce a position on airlines «Air Marshala». On international lines of some countries «Air marshals» already fly, incognito, their task – neutralize terrorists or not in the measure of divergent drunks. Such an employee has special training, special needs (electric shock, handcuffs and t.D.) and can apply them on quite legal grounds. True, the arguments against such proposals are very weighty: given the huge number of domestic and international flights, daily operated by the airlines of Russia, the costs for the sale of the proposal will be huge, they will fall on the shoulders of airlines. And ultimately it will lead to a significant rise in the cost of air tickets.

In general, the initiatives and suggestions mentioned above, as well as many other things, have some kind of rational grain, but do not take into account the psychological side of the problem. Fear before the flight will not leave, even if a perspective appears «get under the article» or subjected to hard blow electric shock. The problem of relieving pre-flight fears should solve professional psychologists.

Lucky – Do not be lucky?

Mentioned above Alexey Hervash – Member of the European Association of Aviation Psychologists. The position of aviation psychologist exists in our airlines. I give a quotation from the announcement of the vacancy of one company, where the circle of responsibilities of the psychologist is listed:

  • Presuming assessment of crew members (flight attendants);
  • diagnostics of individual personality features of employees;
  • Monitoring of the moral and psychological climate in the service of flight attendants.

As you can see, there is no word about passengers, only about personnel. That this is not an accident, but the policy of airlines, says the fact that the safety of flights for passengers is actually nothing to say in their advertising. And it turns out the only means to which a man with shaking knees can resort to flight – alcohol. And then – how lucky. Someone will drink and peacefully wisely on the shoulder at the companion, and someone will go to the cockpit of pilots to find out the relationship. Word «lucky», In the context of all the above, it is primarily to the rest of the passengers and members of the crew….

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