Airplane Service Classes

Currently, three fundamental services are allocated:

  • Economic class
  • Business Class
  • first grade

Economic class

Economy class is the lowest and most suitable, cheapest service class. As a rule, it is located in the middle and rear of the aircraft.

The step between the chains is from 74 to 91 cm. On regional flights, the distance between the rows ranges from 74 to 81 cm, and on the international 75 &# 8211; 91 cm. Chairs width from 43 to 46.4 cm.

Each place has a folding table and a pocket for onboard magazine and evacuation maps.

The rest of the amenities and services depend on the airline. As a rule, passengers of the economic class are optionally outstanding blankets and pillows, and on long-term flights Birushi, a set with accessories for hygiene, eye mask and individual headphones.

As for nutrition, it depends on the airline here. Most carriers do not feed on short routes (up to 2-3 hours), passengers are provided only tea, coffee and soft drinks. On flights of low cost airlines, on no dependence on the duration of the flight. Food and drinks paid.

Business Class

As we have already written earlier, for the first time business class appeared on flights of the KLM airline in 1976. Not all aircraft are equipped with a lounge business class, its presence depends on the direction.

Airplane Service Classes

The differences between the business class from the economy depend on the airline, the duration of the flight and the type of aircraft. Some carriers have the difference only at a more attentive service and nutrition.

On long-haul flights for business class highlighted a separate salon, equipped with more comfortable chairs. Chairs are three species:

1. Cradle Seats. Up to 160 degrees, step chairs 84-202 cm, seats width 44 &# 8211; 86 cm.

2. ANGLED LIE FLAT SEATS. Leans 180 degrees, which allows the passenger to take an even position for sleep, but not parallel to the floor of the aircraft. The step of such seats is from 140 to 170 cm, and the seats width ranges from 46 to 58 cm.

3. FULLY FLAT SEATS. Laid out 180 degrees parallel to the floor. On narrow-body aircraft, these chairs are arranged at an angle to the direction of the aircraft movement.

Food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages. In addition, you get access to a comfortable waiting room for business class passengers. Services provided in the hall depend on the airline (alliance) and the airport itself. As a rule, these are snacks and drinks in unlimited number and free internet access.

Registration on the flight of business class passengers is carried out on a separate rack, and at some airports, even in a separate terminal. Delivery to the plane trap is also carried out separately from passengers of the economic class.

First grade

The highest service class is the first class. First class salons are only on far-haul transatlantic flights, although there are exceptions. For example, recently, British Airways introduced the first class on the route Moscow-London.

Chairs in the first class are decomposed 180 degrees (Angled Lie Flat Seats or Fully Flat Seats), the step between the rows is 147-239 cm, and the seat width is 48-89 cm. Some airlines are like a small sofa, where two guests can fit to talk or solve any questions during the flight process.

More and more airlines seek to make the first class as more comfortable for its passengers, for example, in the A380 company Singapore Airlines in the first grade is a small fenced compartment, with a full-fledged bed.

Like business class passengers, owners of tickets in the first class have access to the comfortable Lounge to wait for the flight, are recorded on a separate rack (terminal) and delivered on board, on comfortable transport (usually on a limousine or business class car).

Airplane Service Classes

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