Airport where air traffic jams occur

Determine what city is the most lively crossroads of the world, difficult. Yes, no one figured out this. But it is known that the most loaded air engineer is the Chicago International Airport O’Hara. By the number of serviced aircraft around the world, he is the undisputed leader, to compete with which only Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, but also only by the number of passengers received.

Other: Chicago O’Hara – the only airport in the world, which can boast of its involvement in the birth of a whole world movie genre. It is with him that the appearance of films-catastrophe in 1970, although the airport itself did not give any tragic reasons for this. The reason was unprecedented in the history of snow buran, sweat over the state of Illinois in 1967 and violated the work of O’Hara airport.

This fact inspired the former British military pilot to create even one, and several bestsellers about the US life, which were published in 40 countries with 170 million edition. The author, if you have not guessed, called Artur Hayle. It was him Burane in Chicago suggested the topic of the novel "An airport", Where O’Hara is derived under the name "Lincoln International Airport in Illinois", Where does it fly from and where it comes back after the terrorist attack on his board the airliner, which interrupted the flight to Rome.

Hayley’s terrorist attack added to Baran from himself personally – for the sharpness of the plot. Roman so captured readers that 65 weeks held on the list of bestsellers "New York Times", And in Hollywood, it was shot by a blockbuster "An airport" – The first Hollywood film-catastrophe, followed by three not related to it. For each heyi received 100 thousand dollars, although nothing to do with new "Airports" No longer had. It was a sign of gratitude Hollywood for "Catastrophic" Favorable idea.

57 minutes of late

But back to Chicago. The fact that Haley portrayed the air port of the main city of Illinois is obvious from the first pages of the novel. Describing the airport as "Brightly illuminated, equipped with air conditioners Taj Mahal", Former military pilot immediately added: "Only a few of the 80 thousand passengers who flew daily and flew from this airfield, imagined how much everything is here – and, therefore, is dangerous to life". And all this happened due to airport overload. Then the heroes of the novel complained that they had to climb out in the control room, not to be distracted for a second and constantly carry out the calculation, distributing aircraft literally in a collision’s hair. O’Hara’s dispatchers and now at the height, and the airport is still overloaded.

And today it is quite possible to repeat the words from the novel: "Already a year ago, the runways and the taxiways almost grabbed for the reception and sending aircraft, and now they are overloaded over measure". The overload leads to the fact that a third of all flights is late, and the usual delay is almost an hour. If you want for sure – 57 minutes.

O’Hara brings not only its own passengers, but their number since writing "Airport" grew from 80 to 200 thousand a day. "Wherever you flew in America, your chances of arriving in time very much depend on what is happening at O’Hara International Airport", – Writes Newspaper "Tennessean". Everything is very simple: the plane, delayed with the departure of O’Hara, will arrive at the destination airport. And the chain reaction begins.

Seven out of every ten passengers of the Chicago airport fly to it for transplant. When it becomes clear that their plane is late, it remains only to pray that the liner for which they must recover, also delayed. If the plane flies without them, waiting for the next flight can reach the clock. It happens almost every day.

Budney Chicago Taj Mahal

Chicago is located almost in the very center of North America, so there is a very busy flight. The sky over the city is so clogged with airplanes (in the peak clock in O’Hara, more than 200 liners take off every 60 minutes!) that the dispatchers of other cities are detaining departures in Chicago to resolve the airflows there.

But the situation of the situation is that, despite the delays of flights, for six years in a row passengers call O’Hara. The best airport of North America. These are the annual magazine surveys "Business Traveler Megazin". It seems that this explanation can be found all in the same Hayley novel: "Airplane from sparkling glass and chromium was spacious and made an impressive impression. Branching corridors led to elegant waiting rooms. The whole network of office space surrounded the space allotted for passengers. There were six specialized restaurants in the airport – ranging from the hall, where the exquisite dishes were served on porcelain plates with gold border, and ending with racks, where you can eat hot dog. There were a lot of bars with a precurated cozy lighting and other, illuminated by neon, where they drink standing. Waiting for his flight, the passenger could, without leaving the airport, to buy everything you need, rent a room in a hotel, go to a Turkish bath with a massage therapist, knead, reassure costume, clean the boots. ".

It was. It became even better. The number of bars, restaurants and other catering points passed in two dozen, a swimming pool and dry cleaning, moving tracks were added, a collection of American painting and sculpture, which could envy a different museum.

But the number of runways has increased only two: it was five – it became seven. At the same time, the number of accepted aircraft has grown at times. That is, it became even worse than it was. True, the city authorities finally developed a plan for reconstruction worth almost $ 15 billion, which provides for the construction of four new runways, but. For 20 years. In addition, the plan caused discontent with the Chicago suburbs, located on the way of new runways. Their residents require not to expand O’Hara, but to build a new airport in Peoton, which is 35 miles from Chicago.

Airport where air traffic jams occur

All in "garden"!

Almost so at one time, O’Hara himself appeared: due to the fact that the first airport of the city of Nochud was to grow. First – Chicago Municipal Airport – opened in 1927 within the city. Its 320 acres (126 hectares) were clamped by residential quarters. Already in 1932, due to the same geographical location of Chicago, he became the most busy airport of the world – before the Second World War, four out of every ten American aircraft sat down and took off as a municipal airport. In 1949 he was renamed Midway to the airport in honor of the Battle of the Midway Atoll, which took place in 1942.

In the very 1942th century of 17 miles from the center of Chicago Aviation Building Company "Douglas" in the town of Orchard-Place ("Orchard") Built factory. At the factory, the airfield arose, which in 1945, at the end of the war, was transferred to the city authorities. He was called – Orchard-Place Airport.

On that day, when the municipal airport was renamed Midway, "Garden" gave the name of O’Hara in honor of the first American ACA of the Second World War, and a year later began to reconstruct. In 1955, O’Hara received the first commercial flights, in 1958 – the first international, in 1962 was able to accept almost all flights of Midway, inheriting him and the title of the most downloaded airport of the world.

History of Lieutenant O’Hara

Edward "Butch" O’Hara was born in St. Louis, but grew up in Chicago, where his parents with three children moved (son and two daughters). Father Butcha, lawyer Edward "IIS" (Easy can be translated as "Picture", and can be like "wealthy") O’Hara-senior was not just a man wealthy, he was a millionaire, whose main clients were listed. Al Capone and Members "families" The most famous Gangster America. His fees "IIS" O’Hara worked honestly, sharing with judges. His friend Judge Holland Somehow for the 15 most hot months removed all the charges in Rack from 12624 (!) gangsters, condemning only 28. O’Hara-Sr. in the children of the soul did not care, but the son of Edward loved the most. They say his favorite climb was: "But my son Butch. ".

Boutcha had one dream – to enter the Naval Academy in Annapolis. But then, as well as now, to enroll in Annapolis, I needed the recommendation of Congressman from the district where the applicant lives. "IIS" A transaction was proposed: a recommendation in exchange for everything he knows about Al Capone. Son O’Hara senior loved more. And his life was cut off in 1939, two years after O’Hara Jr. graduated from the Naval Academy. Killers who, of course, then did not find, shot a lawyer car.

In February 1942, the junior lieutenant O’Hara flew off with his squadron from the aircraft carrier "Lexington" to the next task. A few minutes later he discovered his fighter F-4F. Forgot to replace. The squadron commander gave him the order to return to "Lexington". At the adjustment to the aircraft carrier, Butch saw that nine Japanese bombers enter it, and alone accepted the battle. He shot down five aircraft, three more shot down fighters who were able to rise from the deck of the aircraft carrier, due to the fact that O’Hara did not attack the ship. Butchu was immediately awarded the title of senior lieutenant and the honorary title of ACA Navy. A little less than a year later, November 26, 1943, the fighter O’Hara night was shot down over the ocean. Here is the history of the name of the airport.

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