Airports in India: Personal Experience

Dubolim Airport in Goa – all "Wizard and wonder"

The many hours of flight was marked by the yield into a wonderful ultra-modern terminal – covered almost with fern sheets of fifty meters and two fans. And full aircraft. Crowds dying from stuffing and cramped people and entertainment in the form of porters who simply snatch things and are ready to take tip by any currency, including rubles.

Keep in mind. If your torn-haired foot will cross the airport’s threshold, there is no back outlet … you can not go out – you can not go. At the entrance you will be waiting for a small smoking room, so the lover of taking place is. Registration takes a long time. Important detail: Lighters are selected, but after passing passport control, there is also a room with a prehistoric heating spiral from which you can count. Thank you for not lying two pebbles, which you need to carving sparks. Duty free small, purely alcoholic and not noticeable. Eat in the waiting room as expensive as in the domestic airport … and even more expensive. Souvenir shops are.

It’s funny, but the fact – apparently not always the Russian-speaking announcer is in the workplace or not the fact that they have it at all, so the airport staff approached me and asked to declare landing for flight to Moscow. In Tog, declaring his own flight, I proceeded to land the aircraft "Goa – Moscow".

Interesting India is interesting after all ..

Mumbai Airport (Bombay): Service – Full Tin

Yes, at airports in India, full tin in the sense of bureaucracy. Below – about Bombay:

First, in the international terminal on arrival there is no place to buy water if you want water – you add to the. -The service that brings you a liter for 100 sic! rupees (I did not agree for 50 for 50). I asked him where you can buy water, he said – nowhere; Communicating with pleasant girls on racks and with less pleasant, but smiling guards – they all say "no water" (or show zoo. th wash).

Secondly, it is impossible to get out of the airport, it came out – you can only go from the front door (go to the motor "Pered-taxi", gey-gee). I, of course I went back, posted a young Military Mathematical Mat and went inside. What he will do? Slow white butt? Yeah. Tamil tigers. But the girl will be hard, you will have to let.

Thirdly, ugly tags – everywhere, remember them! And about the seals on them!

Fourth, remember that in every airport in front of Chekin need to check on the scanner all bags! Even on domestic flights.

And not on bureaucracy, but useful:

In the international terminal, only one ATM! This is an ATM bank of India, then-there, so that he identify your card, you need to insert it – then pull out. – Then he will suggest to introduce pins. But this, I think – cool, you will not forget the map – 100% 🙂 But you need to get used to. In the terminal of local airlines (Eirinia and Kingfisher) there is no ATM, but there is water and food, and in general it is much more comfortable.

But it is still okay, it’s good that I was white in India, I can’t imagine that the Indians themselves are experiencing with the bureaucracy with which they have to deal with every day.

Airports in India Personal Experience

Bureaucracy and all sorts of subtleties at Delhi Airport

When we arrived, everything was as usual. Is that a woman in Sari sat in the toilet in the toilet (she periodically got up from the chair and drove the mop on the floor) and from all overlooking money. But you can safely give.

But on the departure collided with a number of dubious moments.

1. We filed seven passports for registration. We asked to put everyone together somewhere in the middle of the salon. The man said that either everyone together in the tail, or not everyone together – in the middle. We agreed to tail. As a result, only when landing understood that everyone was sitting in different places!

2. During registration, it happened. Taking the passport of one of our companion – Bolshakova, the man behind the counter said that Bolshakova was already registered. We said that Bolshakova just came. Three people came and scraped his foreheads over the computer. While we ourselves did not suggest that another Bolshakova may be on the flight. Only after that the Indians guessed to check the numbers of armor and tickets!

4. From the reception desk you need to take a migration card – one for each passenger, as well as tags of the handle of the bag – for each manual sting! Camera on the strap hanging on the neck – also separate hand!

5. The migration card must be filled before passport control and to give the border guard.

6. About the importance of hand-made tags becomes clear only when landing. It turns out that you do not notice until you feel securiti at the inspection (when you pass the metal detector, and the baggage passes in the Rengaten Cabin), at this point the special people to these tags are stamped "Consider". And these tags with a stamp need to show at the entrance to the plane! We have many hanged these tags on backpacks and ladies’ handbags, but did not hang on packages and cameras. As a result – who is at the entry, outweigh the tags for the package, and all his bags and cameras fished in it. Who did not have a big package, where you can flush everything, returned back, asked to give tags and put a stamp on them. Then we were told that the same thing happens in other aircraft, and on domestic flights, too.

Airports in India Personal Experience

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