Airports in Israel: Personal Experience

It was somewhat unusual to fly with transfers, but they remembered our Sheremetyevo, but they learned))) and found out better a / p Ben Gurion. Started unflattering reviews about Ben-Gurion, and calculated for a long, tedious passage of control – in fact it turned out to be very quick and easy. Of course, the Israeli border guards are very scrupulous, but there are no problems with us, we approached the counterparts approached the three (I, my wife and son-20) were given the documents immediately on three. Also back was when I flew from Israel. All control occupied 20 minutes. Everything is correct and polite. Single girls from Ukraine and Russia they send for extra.inspection, I think that specifically. For obvious reasons. But with me, in the mid-visit you did not refuse. In short, the impression is better than from A / P Sheremetyevo, especially when the flight Moscow-Samara was postponed for 3 hours (((((.

Nikolay, 53 years

Ben-Gurion: I am too suspicious passenger for them

On this day, fate abandoned us on the promised land, in Israel, Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport. This airproof, according to Wikipedia and not only, is recognized as the safest in the world. This fact could not but rejoice, and our baggage was registered to Johannesburg, so in anticipation of the late dinner we went to look for the right way. The young lady at the Information Desk closed doubts that we can get our bags right in Africa. I decided to check her theory, and we went to examine the issue point. What was our surprise when we saw a multicolored suitcases that ribbon decorated with tags with letters JNB. It is better how much to stay only with manual loophole, we decided to register for the next flight, which remained 6 hours. How do we spend them? This question is spoiled in my head and painted different pictures.

SECURITY came to the rescue. We were put on the sidelines, and began to examine, asking common questions for all. Like that we are united by who collected us suitcases and giving gifts at the airport? Then they took me on the side, and began "remember all"! When I last was in Egypt, how many times I was there, spent the night in hotels or private houses? I confessed that we were there once with Roma. Then I was asked about Morocco. Why did I go there, what I did there, myself or with my wife, what was the name of other participants in the grouping, where they lived, they communicated with local in private houses? Then it came to talk about the UAE. I told how the whole family we rushed the whole country along and across that we visited not only in Dubai, but also Abu Dhabi. This cute girl of low growth with a pleasant face continued to pour me as a professor of freshman on the exam! And then she asked if I met there with someone lives there someone from friends? I remembered a classmate costume with his wife Katya and a child. She asked if we met at the headquarters? And then I selected. It seemed to me that the meeting at home could cause suspicion, and I told how we were tanned together on the beach and bathed in the Persian Gulf. It seemed to me that I was slowly and confidently with a number of visited Arab countries, I change the ticket instead of Johannesburg to Kiev. But here she began at the following, and I sighed with relief.

I started to like the airport with my security service, well, who else could remember me about the former travels!

After interrogation, her friends continued to ferment our transfer time. They enlightened the x-ray our beautifully packed in the luggage film and sent to his inspection. Security service gained points – what if we forgot something, it should be checked. Therefore I had to open all the backpacks and get half things. They were carefully stroked in some kind of dipstick and made an analysis of the dust collected from things.

Serguccio was the last on the inspection, we sat on Roma on the bench and watched the concert. What is it? Asked showing a plate. Why? They continued. Among the readers there are at least someone who does not know why the plate?

Then they asked why he had a 10m rope – Serguccio explained that it was a towing cable. It came to explain what kind of radio and why they are better than mobile phones when we go in two cars!

Spare mobile phone for local SIM cards and the radio took place somewhere. In minutes 15 came the head of Sat, said that they liked to conduct experiments, so one (!) The radio will come for a couple of days from them, and then she will send us it to Johannesburg, although not, better immediately in Kiev. So caring how nice. We got the boarding passage under the supervision of Sat and also took our luggage into some kind of suspicious place.

Airports in Israel Personal Experience

Finally coming to food court, we did? That’s right, we went to make a manual sting, because the reserved for the transfer 6 hours melted, and before the finish. I will not tire you more about the stories about the long queue, and repetition procedures with bags, I will only say that when we came to the finish line, before the landing began 10 minutes, and I managed to recharge a little.

I do not know how you, and I made conclusions for myself, transits through this airport, and in general the country’s visit will avoid, I am too suspicious passenger for them!

Terrible Most of the airport Ben Gurion

So I decided to fly on the holy land with my sister for 4 days. All shrines are fine, but it is people who make a place special, and all the holy places of Israel became special thanks to the great people.And in Israel, people turned into beasts.If Israel is all the time in the state of war and such measures are not alien to them, then there is nothing to do with a traveler. On the day of departure on April 21 due to strike (strikes, as it turned out this favorite case!) airlines our flight canceled, like many others.

No information except messages "Leave the airport hall" We did not say. A person sitting at the information rack dismissively showed us hand – "Go away"! Closer to the night, we returned to Jerusalem and removed the hotel’s room, on April 22, in the evening went to the airport (the strike ended), on the customs all our things turned out, everyone looked at the photo, then I was dugged, they took me, fell, fell down and asked to push, I stand neither alive is not dead only tears pour. so impossible to imagine.

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