Airports of London

London serves 4 main airports. The most famous of them ; Heathrow. At all airports in London, a well-developed transport network connecting them with the city.

The largest airports in London:

  • Heathrow
  • Gatwick
  • Luton
  • Stansted

except them There are some other airports, but those indicated above, ; The main transport hubs of London, which bind it to the rest of the world.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow ; This is the largest London Airport. In the stream of passengers he is the second in the world.

Airport flights from around the world, in particular from Russia (Aeroflot), Ukraine (British Airways) and Finnai (Finnair).

How to get

From London to Heathrow about 12 kilometers.

Full time on the subway ; Purple branch leads in hepto PiCadilly. In addition to the subway there are trains and a bunch of buses.

Details about transport from the airport Heathrow read in the article How to get from Heathrow to London .

Gatwick Airport

This airport does not serve international charter flights.

Gatwick Airport ; This is a base (hub) for British Airways airlines, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet Loadoster.

More interesting here is the airline EasyJet ; British Loker. In Russia, he, unfortunately, does not fly, but it can sometimes be reached in Europe at the local bus. However, most flights from this airport internal.

How to get

Gatwick is located on London (approximately 45 km) than hecto and Metro does not go here. It is convenient to get here by bus from Victoria Station. A Cheaper on Easybus buses. All details in the article How to get from Gatvik to London .


This is the main port connecting the United Kingdom with continental Europe. Flights to EasyJet, Wizz Air, Ryanair and other airlines. The name received by the nearest settlement.

How to get

Luton Airport can be reached by:

  • buses GreenLine number 757 and 755 . They go around the clock with Victoria Coach Station.
  • buses Easybus . You can leave with stops London Victoria Station, Baker Street, Brent Cross, Finchley Road and Oxford Street / Marble Arch.
  • Bus National Express with Victoria Coach Station.
  • Airports of London
  • Train in Luton Go to the station Luton Airport Parkway ; She is a little away from the airport. From the station to the airport there are buses every 10 minutes.


How to get:

More convenient and cheaper On Easybus buses. They run between the airport and the metro station Baker Street. The bus goes around two hours. The ticket can be bought on Easy Bus website. Do not need to print, just show the driver confirmation that you get in the phone or tablet. It will come to you after payment of the ticket.


  • Minibus Easybus On average, the fare is 8 £, but if you search, you can leave for 2 £.
  • By bus National Express can be reached about 10 £. It stops at all stops on the way ; On the one hand it is convenient, but on the other long.
  • TERRAVIONE buses Round between Stansted and London Airport. You can sit in the city at the Victoria Train Station, on Liverpool Str., On Kings Kross, at Stratford Station, as well as on Baker Str., Price from Airport to Baker Street 10 £.


Train from Stanwedded to London walks every 15 minutes from 5:30 am to 0:30 am. On weekends and on Fridays to 1:30. The train is the fastest way, but at the same time the most expensive ; 23.40 £.

As always, there is an option to take a taxi, it will cost approximately 100 £.

Other airports Londona

Other airports ; Small and arranged very far. They are used by small airlines that make single flights to Europe or United Kingdom. Some are taught pilots. These airports we are not very interesting. Separately here you can mention London City.

London City

Located in the heart of London, in the Dockland area. It is intended for small aircraft that fly to the major cities of continental Europe. Private aircraft of business aviation arrive here.

Explain how to get from here to London I think it makes no sense ; You are already in the city center. There is all urban transport: subway, buses, taxi. However, from Russia, you can hardly fly here, most likely it will be a hectrous or Gatwick.

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Airports of London

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