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Acc – Amazing Israeli city, one of the few who can convey the true atmosphere of past centuries. On the streets of the city a special, unnecessary to other settlements of the atmosphere. Located AKKO in the western part of the Mediterranean coast. AccCo is also known as the city of Crusaders. Many knightly halls were awarded the attention of the Saint Francis himself and Marco Polo.

Both foreign tourists and local residents love the surrounding nature and beaches that stretch out a few kilometers. Distinctive feature of the coastal strip – soft, golden sand. A little norther for shifting it comes pebbles. During a long period, the beaches of the resort were closed due to the high level of water pollution. Today it is not worth worrying about it, because a few years ago a serious water purification was carried out.

For his long history, AKKO was not once conquered by different rulers who left their mark on the city architecture. Therefore, tourists arriving in the city will be surprised by a variety and mixing of various styles, amazing beauty buildings and facilities of past centuries.

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What is interesting to see in Accra?

Top attractions accommodation

Bahai Park

Fortress Acco

Tunnel Templar

Aqueduct Cabr

Tunisian synagogue

Khan al-doddan

Dining room – Refectorium

Hammam al-Basha

White Bazaar

Magic Sad

Accounts: excursions and events

Excursion routes around the city promise to be long and exciting. After all, AccCo is one of the few cities who managed to preserve the rich historical heritage in the form of architectural monuments. Self-day you can learn the fortress walls stretched for many kilometers surrounding the city from all sides. A visit to Turkish Hamam, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city necessarily enter the excursion program. Outside the old part of the city, you can not notice a luxurious synagogue.

Curious tourists will be offered to walk along the long corridor of the Templars. Building dates back to the 12th century. Tunnel joined the fortress (now it is in the destroyed state) and the local port. The length of the tunnel does not exceed 400 meters. If you’re lucky the excursion program, it will be possible to combine with the traditional holiday of a bunch, which will allow you to better know the soul of the Jewish people. At the time of the celebration, people come out of the houses and begin to live in tents and nostalgic about times when the Jews wandered around the deserts.

Be sure to visit the Central Mosque of the Acre, which the rule of the city itself was erected, whose name was embodied by terrible stories.

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History Akko

Climate in Accu

In one of the most vintage towns of Israel, AKKO, reigns moderate, warm, favorable for recreation climate. It is best to go to AccCo in the summer when the sun warms the air to a comfortable mark. The city can not boast of sultry weather, so the tourists do not carry heat, this resort will have to do. Throughout the year, a small amount of precipitation falls in the city. Most of them fall on the winter months.

The average annual temperatures reach their limit at 20 – 23 degrees. Summer here is often very sunny and warm, but in the winter the thermometer is lowered to the mark of 5 – 6 degrees.

ACCO: Entertainment and Activities

Noisy entertainment from the city should not be expected. Most likely a trip to AKKO is more suitable for lovers of a relaxed living. The main goal of the trip to these edges is informative. Not in vain the city is magnifying the fortress, because it is completely and across the oldest powerful walls, cathedrals and monasteries. Most of the population of religious, so the local people honorably bowls before their traditions and customs. For example, in the afternoon Friday, the traffic movement completely stops its work. The city is covered with silence up to the next day. We do not advise you to plan trips at this time, despite the streets empty from people.

Thanks to the presence of beautiful marine landscapes, you should visit the embankment and the port of the city, admire the snow-white yachts and fishing vessels. Take a look in cafe and restaurants, taste local cuisine. You can not lose sight of the old market, where you will definitely offer to taste hummus or Pahlav. Life in the bazaar is simply chisit, merchants sell fresh fish, vegetables, spices and spices, sweets. Such an adventure will be difficult to forget.

Several beaches will be offered active water sports that have become traditional: diving, water skiing, surfing.

Transport features acbook

City transport is developed at a pretty good level. It should be borne in mind that accommodation is built at the intersection of the main railway routes of the country. So the train is the easiest, fast and affordable way of movement in the country as a whole. Bus routes for travel numerous bus tickets.

Today the port of the city remained empty, since the title of major maritime gates was assigned to the neighboring settlement. Today, small yachts and fishing boats sail. The nearest airport is built in Haifa, about 20 kilometers from the city center. Airport accepts both international and domestic flights.

AKKO, Israel Holidays, reviews, accommodation accommodation traveler

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