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Alanya (Alania) – One of the most famous Mediterranean Turkish resorts, located in Antalya in the Interior Valley, descending to the sea. Antique Alanya as a historical place for more than 2200 years, it was founded by the Greeks. Alanya has a large number of ancient architecture monuments left, which coexist with modern hotels and resort parks.

In Alanya, there are always many students, schoolchildren, since this resort is quite on the pocket of tourists with average. Most of Alanya hotels are open in a warm spring-autumn season, and closed on the winter. Alanya surrounds the mountain covered with forest, in the shade of the trees of which can be hidden from the heat.

The most beautiful view of the city opens from the Byzantine fortress of the 13th century.

Thanks to the geographical position in «horseshoe» Alanya Soft subtropical climate, attracting numerous resort workers who can swim here from April to November, highlighting numerous cove chucks in gentle intermountain ledges, sunbathing on yellow sand.

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What is interesting to see in Alanya?

Top attractions of Alanya

Fortress Alanya

Red Kyzyl Kule Tower

Kyzaleyi – Girl Castle

Water Park "Sealanya"

Caves and grotto Alanya

The ruins of Shedry

Water Planet Water Park


Charavsin Caravan Saraight

Dim tea

Alanya: excursions and events

In Alanya, many travel agencies that will be offered a large spectrum of excursions and entertainment. I hope you read about the history of Alanya, and remember whether about the pirate past of the city. So, so far, this topic is very popular and brings Alanya profits when you take excursions by the sea with pirate shows and visit those caves in which the pirates were hidden for ledged treasures and hid from chase. For example, to the east of the city there are Dalmata, a cave with bizarre Nate: stalactites and stalagmites. In the Dalmatian cave, however, as in any other, always cool.

Be sure to visit the phosphoric (phosphor) cave with unimaginable green water from phosphorescent breeds. Do not go around the ruins of the ancient monastery of Giolerd-Bruno. In the maiden cave Kyzlar Magars, pirates hid abducted women.

Of course, in Alanya, Cleopatra Beach, associated with the rule of the queen in these places, visit this cognitive tour.

There are a lot of rocks in Alanya, so you can visit the caves with rings with cliffs in the sea

About the Red Tower and the Fortress already mentioned a lot, plunge into history and take a look at the city and the sea from the ancient architecture.

You can leave and far from the city to the world famous Pamukkale or Cappadocya –This is a gorgeous excursion with overnight stay.

For family holidays, Turks offer you yachts with disco show, excursion «Jeep Safari», from which you will receive pleasure and parents and children. Visit Dolphinarium, Water Park, Aquarium.

History Alanya

Climate in Alanya

Climate Alanya Soft subtropical, Mediterranean, in the summer, air temperature ranges in the range from +23°With up +33°C, and in winter it can even rise to +17°, Although what winter is, almost velvet season. January and February passes unnoticed, rains end, and March already «Watching» Merry. It should be noted that in Alanya sunny days more than in California – at least 300 days a year.

July in Alanya is hot, hot, only the most persistent can withstand it, so 2 rest periods are recommended: May, June and September, October. Rain again «Castle on Watch» in October, although heat is still in the sea all the same +24 degrees. Well, since Alania is the southernmost point of Turkey, the resort can not leave in winter. See detailed weather in Alanya for months.

Alanya: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Entertainment In addition to the beach and the sea in Alanya plenty. Popularity is gaining extreme types of tourism, which as rafting, which can be engaged in the sports complex alraf, trekking and mountaineering.

If you wish to relax from the heat, you are a direct way to Mountains: mountainous tourism or mountain walks will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your health and health. Tavr, rising in the vicinity of Alanya by 1000m, is waiting for you.

In half an hour, Alanya’s rods have the opportunity to visit the Marine Park. 20 km from Alanya is Sealanya, the largest in Turkey and the third worldwide largest marine park. Turners waiting for a terrific underwater landscape when you are loaded to the coral reef with a lot of bright fish. For Extramelov, there is an opportunity to visit the pool with skates, swim on dolphins, well, to visit the sharks, however, looking at them through the grille. Period of work Park: May-October from 10 to 18 hours.

Alaska Aquapark, located in the hotel «Water Planet» – will delight you with a variety of slides, pools, almost Olympic rafting, tarzanka and t.D. Waterpark is located a few miles of Alanya (drive to Antalya).

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