Alcohol in Austria – prices and rules

How much are beer, wine and strong alcohol in Austrian stores? What are the prices for drinks in restaurants and cafes in Austria? WHERE CAN DISTRIBUTION AND LIBE FINESS FOR VIOLATION OF THE LAW? What are the rules for drivers? Read about all this in our article.

Prices in stores

Beer. A bottle or bank of 0.5 liters in Austrian stores costs from 0.6 to 1.2 euros, depends on the variety. In supermarkets on stocks you can buy cheaper – from 0.4 euros.

An interesting point that the bank is 0.33 Coca-Cola costs from 0.8 to 1 euros. That is, beer in Austria is cheaper than soda.

Details about local beers and prices Read our article "The Best Beer of Austria".

Watch out for stocks. For example, at the moment of actualization of this article (autumn 2019) in SPAR supermarkets there is an action – the bottle of beer Egger Marzen 0,5l is sold for 0.42 euros.

Wine. Local varieties of wine cost from 5 to 10 euros per bottle 0.75l. Vidid Greek or Italian Wine can be bought from 2.5 euros per bottle. Again, look for in the promotions in supermarkets, it is possible to take local properties for 2-3 euros for the bottle.

Vodka and whiskey. From 15 euros for a bottle of 0.7l. There are proposals of vodka, even for 5 euros, but the quality of such beverages brought from Poland or the Baltic countries may be dubious.

Watch out for stocks. For example, at the moment of actualization of this article (autumn 2019) in Billa and SPar supermarkets, the action is valid – the bottle of whiskey Ballantines 0,7l is sold for 12 euros. By the way, Austria is the birthplace of the brand BILLA, and it is these supermarkets that we recommend visiting first of all.

There is no sense to carry in the Austria whiskey, since we have even more expensive. And vodka tourists are brought with them, it is a working way to save. However, remember the restrictions on which we spoke in the article "What can be imported to Austria and how much".

Schnapps. From 8 euros per liter, and for this price buy a good Schnaps of Austrian production. If you want to bring home expensive Schnaps variety in beautiful packaging, then cook from 15 euros for 0.7l.

Champagne. From 5 euros for a bottle of 0.75l.

Austrian beer, wine and schnapps are excellent gifts from Austria, but you can carry them across the border in limited quantities. Read more about this in our article "What can and can not be exported from Austria".

Prices in cafes and restaurants

In Austria, prices for alcohol in cafes and restaurants are high, if compared with other countries of Western Europe. Of course, prices differ from the institution. We will talk about medium prices in restaurants and cafes.

Glass of beer will cost 2.5 to 5 euros. And this is the beer, which in the supermarket can be bought for 0.7-0.8 euros.

Wine bottle will cost 10 to 30 euros. And this is the wine, which in the supermarket can be bought for 5-10 euros.

At ski resorts

From the resort to the resort in different ways. It happens that prices are overestimated by only 20-30%, is 2-3 times. Here we can advise only one thing – read carefully reviews about resorts and hotels in order to understand the situation with prices.

In any case, if you gathered to use in ski resorts, we recommend taking a stock of alcohol with you. Of course, with beer it is difficult to do, but strong drinks take exactly.

Forbidden Alcohol Sale Watch

They are not, alcohol is sold at any time, just to the store was opened. Consider that supermarkets work in the evenings and weekends, but small shops in the evening and on weekends are closed.

If there are no supermarkets nearby, then reserve alcohol in advance.

Limit for sale drunk

Such a restriction in Austria exists. The law prohibits selling alcohol to persons in a state of intoxication. Degree of intoxication The seller must determine "on the eye". In most areas of Austria, laws do not give specific numbers.

In reality, few people keep this rate. Alcohol is rarely denied by even those who "in the trash" drunk.

Where you can connect where it is impossible

It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public transport, at train stations, metro stations Vienna. In other public places it is not forbidden to disinhibit. However, the Austrians themselves to publicly drinking alcohol people belong to obvious disapproval.

However, being drunk in public places is prohibited. For this police can delay and send to the plot.

If you begin to make noise, pester to others or "thump", then not to avoid major trouble. Penalties for antisocial and causing behavior in a public place – up to 10,000 euros.

Speaking easier. Drink alcohol in public places can be, but carefully and only in moderation.

Age limitations

This is a very difficult moment. The fact is that in Austria there is no unified law on this topic. Rules are regulated by local authorities, and the rules differ from the province to the province.

Austrians have already tried to take a single law "On the protection of children", which would, among other things, regulate the age for buying and drinking alcohol. The last attempt was in 2013, then the law did not accept.

In Austria, there is the concept of "Alcopops", it is applied not only in everyday life, but also in official documents. This is a category of alcoholic beverages to: cocktails similar to our Hooch, Jaguar, black Russian and similar, beer cocktails and the like "bright" drinks focused on young people.

In Vienna. Forbidden sale of alcohol to persons under 16. Forbidden public drinking by persons under 16. In Vienna, there is one feature of the law, it is forbidden to publicly transmit alcoholic beverages to the face of up to 16 years.

In Salzburg, Carinthia, Upper Austria, Styria, Tyrol, Forarlberg. Here the law prohibits selling alcohol to persons under 16. Strong drinks and drinks Alcopops are forbidden to sell to persons under 18.

In Burgenland and Lower Austria. Forbidden to any alcohol to persons under 16. Restrictions for strong and Alcopops for persons 16-18 years old here.

Behind the wheel

Norm for drivers – no more than 0.5 ppm. For drivers with small experience (up to 3 years) or commercial transport drivers (buses, trucks, taxis) – 0.1 ppm.

When monitoring, the inspector has the right to force the driver for blood examination. Usually the police officer checks the driver on the presence of smell or breathalyzer, and in case of suspicion sends to expertise.

With 0.5 to 0.8 content. Penalty – from 300 to 3700 euros. If the driver violates for the first time, then give a little rest until alcohol leave the body, and then you can go on.

Alcohol in Austria - prices and rules

With a re-violation of the driver, forcibly sends to a consultation to a psychologist. With repeatedly such violations deprive rights for up to 2 years.

With content from 0.8 to 1.2. Penalty – from 800 to 3700 euros, deprivation of rights per month.

With a re-violation, the consultation of the psychologist is forcibly and at its own expense. Deprivation of rights from 3 months to 2 years.

With content from 1.2 to 1.6. Penalty – from 1200 to 4400 euros, deprivation of rights for 4 months. Similarly, going to a psychologist at your own expense.

With more than 1.6 content. Penalty – from 1600 to 5900 euros, deprivation of rights for 4 months. Similarly, going to a psychologist at your own expense, deprivation of rights from 6 months to 2 years.

An interesting point that the refusal of blood examination is involved in the same consequences as with a content of more than 1.6 ppm. Refuse expertise not recommended!

Do you drink a lot of Austrians?

The average Austrian per year drinks about 10 liters of alcohol (alcohol). It is around 35-40 places in the world. For comparison, Russia is among the top five fighters, 15 liters per person per year. In the list of EU countries, Austrians are in the middle.

The Federal Ministry of Health of Austria since 1999 produces a document "Alcohol Directory – Austria", where publishes statistics. Let’s look at interesting numbers from this document.

– In Austria, about 340,000 people are considered alcoholics;

– A little less than 735,000 Austrians regularly use alcohol to such an extent that it is harmful to their health;

– Approximately 53% of alcohol consumed is beer, 108.9 liters per person per year;

– Approximately 37% of alcohol consumed – wine, 28.9 liters per person per year;

– From alcohol consumed in Austria: 1/3 drink alcoholics, 1/3 people drinkers (leads to health problems), 1/3 moderately drinking;

– Alcohol consumption in Austria is relatively uniformly distributed per week: from 12% on Tuesday and Wednesday and up to 18% on Saturday;

– The most drinking area of ​​the country is Burgenland, 44 grams (16 liters per year) of human alcohol. The most sober area is Forarlberg, 14 grams (5.1 liters per year) per person. Vienna – the second in the list of the most drinking – 33 grams (12 liters per year).

Important advice

– Have a good, but you should also eat. About food prices, read in our detailed article "Prices for food in Austria";

– Austrian alcoholic beverages invariably enter all lists of best gifts from Austria. Read our list in the article "What to bring from Austria";

– Get a penalty for drunk is unpleasant, but in Austria there are still many other fines. Read about them in our article "What can not tourists in Austria".

Have a good holiday in Austria, and read our tourists for tourists about this country (List of articles below).

Alcohol in Austria - prices and rules

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