Alcohol in the Czech Republic – Rules, Prices and Drinks

Come to the Czech Republic and do not try the famous varieties of local beer, not treatable by colorful local spirits – it means not to feel completely atmosphere of the country.

What kind of hot drinks love Czechs? What hurt tourists? What are the prices for alcohol? Where you can use and where is prohibited? These and other questions regarding popular alcoholic beverages of Chekhov will reply in this our article.

Sad Alcohol Statistics of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – Country Drinking, and even very. Even the president of Milosh Zemrena (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase) suspected in the appearance of onasitudes in drunk. But those who breathe on the sidewalk or at home are unlikely to meet, such a picture – rather an exception from the rules than pattern. In the list of the most drinking countries, the Czechs stand in the 9th place. However, Russia in this list costs even higher – in the 4th place, yielding only Australia, Moldova and Lithuania.

According to statistics, alcohol addiction in the Czech Republic suffers from 300 to 700 thousand people from 10 million people. Sadly, but the number of drinking children and women increases. Government introduces all new limitations and increases excise.

Features of drinking alcoholic Czechs

Czechs do not go to visit to sit down at the table, drink, eat and celebrate the holiday, as we are taken with us. They are found in the beer and "gentlemen" (view of a peteen establishment in the Czech Republic) to welcome and chat with friends. Sometimes such communication passes without alcohol.

Holiday for Chekhov – Do not have a reason to drink, on holidays they go to the whole family in nature, on a tour, mountain and t.D. Mass accumulation of Czechs in beer and similar institutions is happening on Friday and Saturday.

Eat beer or other alcoholic beverage – bad tone for Czechs. They believe that it is necessary to enjoy the taste of a drink without mixing other products to it. Although many Czechs are not shy and eat beer with sausages and other similar dishes of Czech cuisine, it has already become normal. Czechs and those who cannot calculate their alcohol use limit. Brune in this regard – indecent behavior. Speaking easier, the Czechs drink not so much, but often.

Will cause suspicion of Chekhov and one who does not drink alcohol at all. "Something wrong with him?"- Czech will think and look with distrust. Czechs are called non-drinking alcohol people with ugly and some unpleasant word – "abstinents". Abstinent – this is a person who consciously refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages or narcotic drugs. Among the population of the country of abstinents 27% – 20% – Women, 7% – Men.

Here the Czechs are not quite right, because not all non-drinking alcohol people are abstinents. A person may not drink consciously, but may not do this under the influence of internal subconscious prohibitions. In the second case, he is not in any way by abstine. Add an interesting fact that 9 out of 10 people with internal blocks consider their blocks consciously choosing. Still, psychology is the most interesting science.

What drinks in the Czech Republic?

The most popular in Czechs and guests of the country enjoys, of course, beer. Czech proverbs will tell about all the love of everyone: "Only beer makes thirst for beautiful" or "good beer, beautiful women – these are the gifts of the Czech land". From all drinks beer leads in the number of all sorts of varieties and brands. Imagine that one resident of the Czech Republic accounts for over 140 liters drunk in the year. 6% of the inhabitants of the country are laid on beer daily. 40% do it at least once a week.

About 45% of alcohol consumed in the country is assigned herbal tinctures. In this area, the championship holds the Fernet and Becherovka rod. For them confidently go rum, vodka, drain, grill, egg brandy. Wine and Medovin are popular in the Czech Republic.

Restrictions on alcohol sales

Alcohol do not sell persons under the age of 18. At the entrance of many shops and supermarkets hanging a sign about this ban. If you young look, we carry a passport with you to confirm age. In cafes, restaurants, pubs, beer and similar institutions, sales occurs in the same rules. If the store or beer will break this rule, then the punishment for the head is very severe – from 1 to 2 years in prison.

An interesting moment that there are no prohibitions for drinking alcohol in the law. That is, the teenager will not sell beer, but he can drink it calmly.

Where you can connect, and where not?

This is a very difficult moment. Laws on this account in the Czech Republic are very confusing. In Prague there are places where public drinking is allowed, and there are places where it is fine for it. Bans are established by the laws of the country and the regulations of local authorities. In some parts of the city you can connect alcohol, but only on holidays, and only at certain holidays.

In the English-speaking Internet there are even maps of Prague and other cities indicating the prohibited places, which in the city there are more than 800! But these cards do not always save, you can open a bottle of beer in a permitted place and be fined. It turns out that behind the back of the school, which the tourist just did not notice.

Our advice. Use alcohol only in restaurants, beer and other people, where they definitely do not fly. If you decide to try a bottle or canine beer, then drink it in the hotel room. Fine – 1000 Czech Crop. If you refuse to pay, and it comes to the court, the fine increases to 3000 kroons. For non-payment of the fine may never let go to the Schengen zone. In the Czech Republic there are many other ways to get into trouble, we recommend to read our article "What can not tourists in the Czech Republic".

Cost of alcohol

Paradoxically, but in the Czech Republic bottled water costs more than beer! Bottle of beer "Gambrinus" or "Branik" in the store will cost 11-12 kroons. Proof in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. For 300 ml foam drink in restaurants you can pay from 18 to 35 kroons. For example, "Pilsner Urquell" or "Budweiser Budvar" costs 25-35 kroons, "Plzen" – 26 crowns, "Gambrinus" – 18-21 Crown, "Dark Goat" – 18-25 crowns. Burger-King Beer "Pilsner Urquell" 300 ml costs 35 kroons, and 500 ml on 4 crowns are more expensive.

In restaurants, the draft beer can cost 38 crowns and more expensive for 0.5 liters, especially if the establishment boils its brand variety. By the way, in Prague beer is more expensive than, for example, in Cesky-Krumlov.

Empty beer bottle – 1-2 crowns. Yes, the Czechs are passing bottles, and no one considers them homeless or alcoholics. In supermarkets, stores are automated receivers of containers, which everyone uses.

Prices for other alcoholic beverages are also quite acceptable. The famous "Becherovka" 0.5 liter 38% is from 180 kroons. The more years of its excerpt, the more expensive. Vodka "Ganatska" fortress 37% – for 0.7 liters pay 120 kroons.

The cost of wine – from 50 kroons and above. The price depends on the variety of wine, manufacturer, excerpt. For example, Moi Kaap wine costs 70 crowns, "Vinium" – 103 crowns, "Saint-Laurent" – 109 crowns.

Can I drink and get behind the wheel?

Almost in all countries of Europe is allowed to 0.5 ppm alcohol in the driver, but the Czechs are not so loyal to those who drank driving.

Absolute ban on drinking alcohol driving in the Czech Republic introduced in 1953, t.E. in the body its concentration must be zero. This applies not only to drivers of cars, but also cyclists, riders and t.NS.

If the driver caught "on the hot," then the measure of punishment depends on the testimony of devices that determine the concentration of alcohol in the body:

0 – 0.3 PROMILL – a fine from 100 to 700 euros, and deprivation of rights until six months;

Alcohol in the Czech Republic - Rules, Prices and Drinks

0.3 – 1 ppm – penalty 900-1800 euros, deprivation of rights up to 2 years;

More than 1 ppm – a difficult case, a criminal case starts. Punishment is up to 3 years in prison. Can pick up rights and deprive the opportunity to drive a car for 10 years.

Such measures are taking the authorities of the country in connection with the increasing accidents with drunken drivers driving. As you can see, in the Czech Republic should not be tested, sitting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. If you do not own the situation after the gulyan, then give the keys to a person to those responsible and nonbolly, or even leave the car at home, or call a taxi, although taxi prices in the Czech Republic are quite high.

National drinks Chekhov

Among the national drinks in the Czech Republic in popularity leading "Becherovka". Water for drink is taken from Karlovy Vary, the recipe for cooking is not disclosed for more than 200 years. Previously, "Becherovka" was a medicine. Her fortress is 38%, 20 herbs enters it. She drinks cooled. Snack does not need it, except fruit. You can add a drink in coffee or tea.

There are 5 types of beherring, characterized by the fortress and taste: "KV 14" – red color aperitif by a strength of 40%, "Lemond" – 20% ladies with taste and aroma of citrus, "Cordial" – strong 35% of the drink, filled on a lime color With the addition of white wine, "Ice&Fire "- a liqueur with chili pepper and a black menthol," Original "- a traditional drink produced according to an ancient recipe.

It was Becherovka who is considered the main alcoholic gift from the Czech Republic, her tourists are carrying home more often than other Czech drinks.

Competitant "Becherovka" All persistent becomes the funerary of the rod fune. Produce it in pcent of 14 herbs. Herbs are soaked in alcohol for several months. The rarity was the Licker "Fernet Stock Citrus" and "Fernet Stock Orange" with lemon taste and orange. Production of this type of Fernet is discontinued. Having met this brand in the souvenir shop, be sure to take. "Fernet Stock Z-Generation" has a fortress 27%, the taste of mango or ginger is added to it.

"Slylovitsa" – plum brandy (distillate), weathered from several months to several years. Insist the plumant in oak barrels. It has fruit aroma. Maybe a different fortress – from 40 and more percent. High Quality is considered "Drylovitsa" fortress 52%.

Brandy in the Czech Republic makes from other fruits: "Pereacovitsa", "Vishnevka", "Orekhovka", "Merunki" (from apricots). The more years withstanding "Slylovitsa", the more expensive. Price can reach 1000 kroons.

With the specific smell and taste of "Tatra tea". This is a liquor on herbs, made on the basis of tea. There are seven varieties and a different fortress: from 22% to 72%. Borovichka is also popular in the Czech Republic – Drink Fortress 37-55%, reminiscent of Jin. He insists on juniper berries. Drink as an aperitif, sometimes add tonic or lemon.

Among the expensive drinks allocated "Absinthe". Strong drink 70-86%. The main component of the drink is wormwood extract. Besides him in absinthe add coriander, chamomile, melissu, mint and others. For emerald green color it is called "Green Fairy" or "Green Witch". In Prague there are "Absinthe Time Cafe Club Bar", where 20 types of absinthe and 20 cocktails with it are offered.

Czech wine – not an opponent of Czech beer. Throughout the country in the wine cellars produce this drink, but the championship in this business holds South Moravia. The first vineyards in the country planted another Karl IV in the era "Golden Century" in the history of the Czech Republic. Not bad sweet red wine "Frankovka", dry white "Veltlinske Zelene". It is worth trying hip, muddy and sweet wine of a different brand fortress "Burcak".

"Stute" – brandy from plums, weaker "Slovevitz" (30-40%). To taste resembles fruit fastened compote. "Konutoshka" – anise liquor, sweet and strong (40-60%). Added with its production Tmin, honey, coriander and other spices. Homeland Beverage is Poland, the Czechs also loved this drink.

With regards to beer, then the choice is huge. Consider what you got into the beer ocean. The most popular Czech brands of beer: "Budejovicky Budvar" (Budvizer), "Cerna Hora" (Black Mountain), "Gambrinus" (Gambrinus), "Krusovice" (Crushovice), "Master" (Master), "Pilsner Urquell" (Pilsner Urkvel), "Radegast" (Radegast), "Starobrno" (Starrobno), "Staropramen" (Staropramen), "Velkopovicky Kozel" (Velkopopovitsky goat). This is only part of the "beer iceberg" of the Czech Republic. High-quality beer has a rich taste, a small bitterness and a minimum of the presence of extraneous tastes and smells in it.

Pleasant tasting of Czech drinks, and read our useful and interesting articles about Czechs and the Czech Republic (Links below).

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