All about the amazing island of Pamylikan in the Philippines ; photo and how to get?

Pamilakan Island is 10-12 km. in the south of the island of Bohol and not far from Panglao. He is named so in honor of fishing manta fish.

True at the moment her catch is forbidden for 20 years.

Part of the island of Pamylikan. View from the sea

About 2500 people live on the island. The overwhelming majority is fishing.

Tourists from Europe began to sailing to the island from about 1990.

It was mostly Europeans. The Chinese, to our surprise, began to come actively literally in recent years.

Road around the island on foot is about 45 minutes.

I recommend to examine the island around, it will take no more couple of hours, but do not forget to smear the cream from the sun. Here it is very bake and you can burn in a couple of hours.


4 hotels (cottage houses) are built on the island for tourists who can booked online and a few more, in which you can stay tourist upon arrival.

Cost of one night ; 500-1000 Peso .

Cottage houses on the bass

On the island there are Elementary and High School. Teachers mostly come here to teach children with. Bochol. They come for 5 days and on the weekend return back.

On the island we met about 5 large slainy basketball courts. There are motorbikes and a small concreted road through a village of 2 km long.

The inhabitants of the island are very friendly, sociable and cheerful. Children swim well and fish here from small years.

How to get?

You can get to the island on a boat or from the beach Alon Beach or from the city of Bucklaion (where the oldest Church of the Philippines).

Beauty on the beaches about. Pamilakan

Sea trip to the island from Bohol will not take more than an hour.

Every Wednesday in the city of Baklajon passes the bazaar and on this day from 10 to 13 hours. Fishermen are sent in large quantities on the island of Bucklayon.

We went to the island of Pamylikan with Junior and his wife Nemesia on their special boat for 250 peso with a person one way.

Our boat to the island of Pamilkan for 250 peso with a person

This price turned out due to the fact that regardless of the quantity (up to 6 people.) tourists a trip cost to the island on their boats will be released in 1.000 Pesos , And he gained a boat with us 2 more tourists.

But back to about.Bochol we swam alone with two fishermen on a special mini ship. T.To. None of the tourists wanted to return on that day, and paid for the marine watch trip back 1.000 peso for two , But personally, this amount does not seem like a big.

By the way, the waves were quite high (on average meter 2 height), and we returned this time on a small boat.

I was very scary to get into the marine wreck (the fear of the sea depths), the boat was shaking in different directions.

But T.To. Filipino boats from two sides are kept by large wooden sticks, the boat every time after the wave attack was aligned and we safely reached the island.

V.I.P. Ride back to about.Bochol cost 500 peso with a man

Fishermen told us that such waves are not every day, and in April they are not at all. I think it’s not worth worrying, given the experience of these fishermen, and that Typhoon never happened here.

You can also stay in Cottage Houses Junior and Nemesia. For more information, please contact this site: Pamilacan-Cottages.Com

Communication, Internet and electricity

Electricity on the island works only from 17 to 24 hours from the generator on diesel fuel in the center of the island.

We were very surprised that electricity through solar batteries had not come here, t.To. On the island every day an incredibly bake, especially in the morning and closer to the routine time.

For example, on my beloved about. Voua-Talap in Angong (Thailand National Park) Installed solar panels. Electricity on the island works from them to 23 hours daily like oil, although less hot here.

Main telecom operator on the island ; Smart. Internet on the island there. Works. Wi-Fi is heard on the territory of most cottages.

Vegetation, Food and Livingness Island

Fruits that grow on the island: Coconuts, bananas, a little jackfruit and mango, but here they are not for sale. We have seen only coconies for 50 Pesos . Yes, and then we could not sell them, t.To. they ended in them in the tree.

Beach on O. Pamilakan

Fruit cakes for sale: banana and mango. Local ourselves eat rice with fish grill, eggs, springs Rolls from vegetables, chicken and mango.

Soil is not very fertile. Most food is brought from the city of Tagbilaran (rice, vegetables, fruits, eggs, drinks, etc.). Also, many of the inhabitants of the island are kept goats, Kury, cows and pigs.

In the evening or for lunch I recommend ordering a fish cooked on the grill. I really liked it: Fresh and tasty.

Underwater world of the island

Next to the island (10 minutes by boat) there is a specially interchangeable water space with reef from corals, with a rich underwater world called Marine Sanctuary.

Fishing is prohibited here. This is forbidden to sailing on the rented boat or snoring.

Here you can take a clock excursion with about. Pamylikan for 200 peso with man.

You will take you on a small boat to a local fisherman there and you can make a widen, turn out the beauties of the underwater world.

Underwater World in Marine Sanctuary Pamilakan

Rent a mask with a tube costs 100 peso .

We even managed to see the sea turtle under water. Very many multicolored fish, beautiful salad, blue corals. Impressive!

Around the island of the Pamylikan snorkeling is not so beautiful, there are marine hedgehogs. Need to be attentive when entering the sea.

All about the amazing island of Pamylakan in the Philippines; photo and how to get


Typhoon on the island of the Pamilakan did not happen. Harmony of family, society, friendship and joy reigns here.

Kids on O.Pamilakan

It is very safe to sax on holiday alone or with a child. There is no threat.


The beaches of the Pamilakan is incredibly beautiful, but due to the fact that the sand is pebble, a lot of small seashells and you can find marine hens, you should go into the water and swim carefully.

Fish underwater can see different colors.

I recommend walking around the island to see all beautiful beaches. And also how friendly locals live and even island with trees in close proximity to the island.

I’m on one of the beaches about. Pamilakan

Do not forget to take a mask and snorkeling tube with you, the cream of the Sun, the moisturizer after the sun, the headdress and towel.

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