All delight of travel to Spain in one revocation!

It turned out to be one of the most popular routes.
Many take our route as a basis, and make up their prerequisites.
But the best impressions get those who exactly
the route is going on as we conceived.For example, I will give a review of Alexey with a 12-year-old son, which the two route passed last year.
They sent a very deployed review.

I think it will best reveal the values ​​of our finished travel.

Here is this review

In general, such a format of the trip we really liked.
Everything is done and planned in detail for us, but at the same time freedom remained for maneuver.
The trip is unusual, individual, multifaceted and colorful!

  • Routes

At the same time, with detailed planning and booking, too, also had to tinker,
So that the puzzle is gathered clearly, on the desired time and in the specified budget.

Very convenient to specify routes, alternative modes of transport,
Non-Russian trails, hotels and even places to eat.

Communicated with tourists who circled the cities of Spain for 7 days by bus ; their opinion: a gallop in Europe in the crowd of tourists.
And when they told about our route, then everyone was amazed where we bought such a tour)))

  • Purpose and idea of ​​travel

Key point that I would like to mention &# 8211; This, as you talked in one of your videos, is a goal or idea of ​​a trip.

That is, if we went ; just in Spain ; or ; View Barcelona ;, then we would see all sorts of different buildings, crowds of tourists in Barce and European high cost, which would quickly be given and forget.

All delight of travel to Spain in one revocation!

But we went to find out the life and creativity of Gaudi, enjoy his masterpieces and absorb something for themselves. This is how it happened!
100%. From the place of his birth and before the death.

And it turned out that we looked at almost all of its largest creations (we saw some elements a year ago at the Majorca Cathedral in Palma, but there we didn’t understand anything at all and did not interfere).In mind the analytical warehouse of the mind and son (12 years old) this trip can be said, turned into a certain quest &# 128578;

Find, find out, apply, remember, discuss ; ;

Both maps.ME in phones and printed target design in hand + guidebooks on local objects ==> and drove))))
Indeed, it was extremely interesting to find objects on the ground, find out their essence, details and put forward their theories ;.

  • Location of hotels, saving money

Special thank you very much I want to tell you for recommendations at the location of hotels in all cities!
It really saved a bunch of time and money for transport, allowing to be in the center of events.
Often, they watched, as tourists from the center go home in the evening, and we leave the room rested on the second or third output)))

Hike at the houses of Balo, Mila, Figueras and Park Guele. Also thank you thanks for clear detailed planning!
We have managed everything according to your recommendations. Without them, we would visit a maximum of two places per day.

  • sights

Separately, I pay attention to the House of Figueres (he same Bellesguard). As I understood, he is deprived of tourists and it’s cool! We were there alone! And upstairs climbed with an individual free excursion. A great overview for the city and only from the roof is visible to the head of the dragon (nostrils, nose, eyes) on the roof from the floors)))) even the cashier at the entrance was very surprised and asked where we learned from.

Sagrada Surname really struck. Especially thanks to the one described by you the first hit.It really made it possible to be there at least a couple of minutes almost alone.

Moving along the route of the video guide with each new step, you begin to understand the true essence of Gaudi’s creations and penetrate them from technical, architectural, aesthetic, geometric, creative, sacred, religious parties, and not be a people in mode ; Winning what house! ;. And what are the columns ;.

Once again I want to express your great gratitude for your hard, but very interesting and useful work!
In such a format, we will travel! Son is very pleased and is already waiting for the next trip)

All delight of travel to Spain in one revocation!

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