Everything in the garden: Children’s Lez-Ark-1800 and Lez-Ark-1950

Paradiski zone, as it seemed to us, very competently arranged for family holidays. Ski schools, in large numbers open at all local resorts, adjoin the full kindergarten with a spacious game room, a bedroom, a kitchen and all other attributes of real city gardens. Almost every resort there is a nursery for the smallest, where children take even up to the year. In general, the problems where to identify children while you ride, there will be no. The main thing, book in advance the place in the garden by mail – children come here hardly no more than adults. Departing the garden in La plan, we and in Les Arcs went to search for mountain shelters for the smallest.

Club Mini / Arc 1800

We lived in Arc 1800 and there are two kindergartens with skiing programs. We guided the inspection into one of them. This cozy house chalet is two steps from the ESF training slide takes children from 3 to 8 years. Most recently, Nurserie worked here, but by virtue of strict French legislation (for infants I need special control and more people in the state), the garden raised the age bar and almost completely reoriented to ski courses. So, children are engaged on the slope with instructors with 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30, and an hour before lesson and an hour after children spend in the game room. We came to the garden of the clock at 11 am and here is completely empty. While the pupils conquer the mountains, we can safely inspect everything and talk to the director, a pretty French franior of forty-five Dani OD.

"Now the low season and we have only five children, but during the school holidays in February it is going to forty children.

We have seven educators in all, but in the high season there are two more". We sit in a big game – our children and Timofey are around, they are slightly distressed from such a number of designers, machines, animals, kitchens and tools and try to play all at once. Boots were treated in the lobby – this ski instructor led from the slope of the five-year-old Nicolas.

The boy is tired of riding and he led to play and wait for a group in the garden. Now the educator is individually engaged with him, they collect puzzles and talk about something fun.

"Here we have a kitchen, but now children are small, so we feed them in a nearby restaurant (25 euro / lunch). To their own kitchen in children’s institutions, French legislation places strict requirements – you need to make several meal temperature measurements and ensure that it reached the children with strictly defined indicators.

No less strictly in France with vaccinations, parents are required to submit a vaccination card with vaccinations from major diseases: tetanus, diphtheria, polyomelitis. "We also redid the toilet room – by law, children from three years should use toilets with partitions and doors.

Here we have a shower and a room for disabled", – Dani holds us a detailed tour of the kindergarten. The atmosphere here is very cozy – there are many toys on the walls, lifts and mummots are banging on the shelves – what else can crafts in a mountain dick? The dining room is easy to transform into the bedroom – clamshells put on the floor, so children can relax after lunch. "We do not force anyone to sleep, "says Dani. – In addition, parents must be prepared that even sleeping usually the child will not sleep during the unusual atmosphere for the first couple of days".

A group of kids palls in kindergarten. Ourselves undress and put ski boots on a special shoe dryer.

By the way, it is convenient that for the night, children’s equipment can be left here. Everyone has a sticker with the name, the same sticker is attached on the cabinet with a child’s clothing.

After lunch (today in the Gooten menu with zucchini and chicken nuggets with the podcoli), someone from the guys will go home, and someone will remain until the evening under the Club Aventure program.

Ski no longer will be, but there will be hiking in the forest on snowshoes, racing on sledding, searching for treasures in the forest, drawing on faces, games and watching cartoons. Photo report with all these activities is hanging daily on the wall specifically for parents so that they knew what the whole day was busy.

Our guys seem to be ready to stay here on a week-other, but we persuade them to go further – we still have to come in Arc 1950 to visit the garden Cariboo there.

All in the garden Children's Lez-Ark-1800 and Lez-Ark-1950

Six days in the ski school to lunch or after dinner for 259 euros. Six classes before or after lunch in the ski school plus five dinners (from Monday to Friday) – 344 euros. Six classes before or after lunch at Ski School Plus Six visits in Club Aventure 414 euros. The same is only five dinners – 492 euros.


This kindergarten in Arc 1950 is relevant to those who live here, because to get from the resort to the resort in Lez Ark much more difficult than in La plan. Works Cariboo C Sunday on Friday from 8.30 to 17.30, but here everyone is loyal to lovers to sleep – children can be brought in the interval C 8.30 to 10.00. Some remain all day with 8.30 to 17.30, others are recorded only half a day – from 8.30 to 12.30 or from 13.30 to 17.thirty.

Olivier, Deputy Director of the Sadika, a boyfriend of thirty years, more similar to the regular local snowboard park, tells us about all the same strict requirements of the French Ministry of Health regarding vaccinations. "I know, the Russians do not like to fill in pieces of paper, so with the vaccination card we make an exception for them", – tells Olivier. We still recommend to capture a medical card, albeit in Russian to be able to specify the dates and types of vaccinations in the entrance documents.

Square of the two-storey garden building – 350 square meters. The first floor is given to the confusion of children from three to thirteen years, and on the second floor under the supervision of four educators, kids are inhabited from nine months to three years. Children from nine to twelve months have begun to take only two years ago for 20 euros per hour.

Lunch for children over a year and a half will cost 20 euros, children up to one and a half years eating only food brought by parents. All day with food for older children will cost 130 euros.

Garden warm home furnishings – toys, books, jobs for creativity. Younger children with elders do not intersect and can only look at each other through a glass hole in the second floor semi.

Kitchen, bedroom and other amenities are available, so before arrival in the kindergarten, you can only feed your child with breakfast, put on it with suitable clothes for games on the street and indoors, give your favorite toy for sleep, diapers, snack, sunglasses and cream. For considerations of security for a walk for two children, one adult should have one adult, so you can be calm – children chasing on sleds, walk on snowshoes in the forest in search of traces of animals and make snowmen under the supervision of educators. In the sadiary, they will not have to miss either – the cakes are baked here, they dance, dance, disappear by grima face, arrange masquerades and put performances. The kindergarten works, of course, and as a skiing – SPIRIT ARC 1950 local ski school offers various types of joint training programs. The main advice on preliminary booking places here is also relevant.

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