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Today is devoted to acquaintance with Paris located on the left bank of the Seine.

Let’s start it from the bridge of the Connecting Island Sieve with Levobasy, from the metro station Saint-Michel.

Our walk will be held in the Saint-Germain de Pre-Pre-Odd to one of the most famous universities in the world – Sorbonne, then through the Luxembourg Garden. We will use the metro and reach the house of persons with disabilities, and from there will pass to Marsov fields and the Eiffel Tower.

ON PO PO (Little Bridge) I’ll go. Square Rene Vivyani is marked by two oldest sights of Paris – this is a tree that carefully supports a special design and the church of the Saint-Julie and Pavr 12th century.

From here you can go right on Dante Street to Street Saint-Jacques. At the very beginning, it is worth paying attention to a small vintage house, the facade of which is decorated with portraits of the outstanding personalities of the past …

Or you can wrap right in the little street Waxes. Passing on it should not slip the most narrow (less than 2 meters) Street of Paris with the striking name Kota-Fisherman Street. It is named in honor of the medieval black catwood cat, which they say lived in two appeals: an animal and a Catholic priest. He was killed by superstitious students, but the cat appeared again after their execution, as disappeared and appeared again simultaneously with the cat and the priest. True, they have never seen them together, therefore, they considered the priest’s catwinner. This cat loved to catch the fish in the Seine, which was why the nickname appeared, and behind him and the name of the street.

Castty street leads to St. Michael Square – Saint-Michel. On the square there is a fountain with a sculpture of a holy, striking snake, and statues, symbolizing basic Christian values ​​- strength, justice, abstinence and prudence.

From Square, we will go on the Saint-Michel Boulevard to Saint-Severin Street and look into one of the oldest churches of Paris, the Church of St. Severin. In this church, real medieval stained glass windows are preserved, and the bell tower keeps the oldest bell of Paris, cast in the 15th century. By the way, the style in which the church is built is called the "flaming" gothic, since the lines of arches and windows resemble the languages ​​of the flame.

From Saint-Severin, we will pass along Saint-Jacques to the museum Klyoni dedicated to the Epoch of the Middle Ages and keeping a unique collection of works of art.

Places for which our walk goes, the Latin Quarter is called. This is a "reserve" of antiquities, excellent monuments and students, because we ****************** minutes from sorbonna. The name of the Quartal is connected with Latin, which was taught the century ago in the Legendary University. Today, Sorbonne is a monument of architecture, and several modern universities united in one. We will pass along its historic buildings and finish to the Luxembourg Garden.

Luxembourg Garden – One of the most beautiful places in Paris – a wonderful garden and an elegant palace. He stopped his mysterious and a little terrifying Queen Maria Medici. She missed her native Florence and built the palace as a reminder of his homeland. Around the Luxembourg Palace Park, decorated with the statues of queens and noble ladies of France with the most antiquity and to the Renaissance, Pond and Shady Alley, as well as the most romantic fountain of Paris, wearing the name of the founder – Medici Fountain. Today the Palace Building is the French Senate, and the park is numerous holidaymakers and Sorbonne Students. By the way, if you learn the scheme of the park, you will see that there are several mobile defibrillators that need to save life with a sudden heart attack, until the ambulance arrived.

From the Luxembourg Garden, you can pass a little along the streets right behind the building of the Palace, towards the Seine, and to get into the world of literature. Right behind the Palace on the street of Fer, according to the novel, Alexander Duma, lived the most noble and tragic of all Musketeers – ATOS. From this street, a couple of minutes before the Church of San Sulpis, the second largest after Notre-lady and inscribed by Dan Brown in the chain of the tragic killings of the novel "Code da Vinci".

A little further Saint-Sulpis Square on Bonaparte Street is the oldest church of Paris Saint-Germain de Pre. That’s all that remained from the most powerful in the medieval abbey. It was founded in the 6th century, the French kings of the Meroving Dynasty are resting here, and the name is shrouded in many mystical stories.

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In this place on the Saint-Germain Boulevard makes sense to sit on the subway and drive to the station of a disabled.

The house of persons with disabilities is one of the examples of the establishment of the state’s social care of those who suffered, serving him. He appeared at the end of the 17th century on the orders of King Louis XIV, as a place where they could find care and peace deserved military. Today, the house of persons with disabilities is still taking guests, except *********** there are several museums and military necropolis.

A huge classic style cathedral is decorated with a majestic gilded dome. Wide area stores military trophies, Esplanada leads to the Alexander III bridge.

Many outstanding French military different eras are buried in Pantheon. The author of the national anthem of France is resting here – Mosseleza – Ruju de Lille and the most famous commander of this country and her emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte.

On Avenue de Tourville Get to Military School. Right in front of the front entrance – Marso Field and Eiffel Tower. Built in recent years of the 19th century in honor of the opening in 1900 of the World Exhibition, the tower is one of the main symbols of Paris. You can climb it like on the elevator, but you should book tickets very in advance, or on foot. From the viewing sites of the Eiffel Tower and the entire Paris opens.

Here and finish we are your third day of travel. You can return to the hotel from Marso Metro Station, located at the Military School.

Tomorrow is the fourth and farewell day. We will spend it on Montmartre, and then from the neighboring Northern station we will go to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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