All paths lead to Santorini

White and blue – Greek flag colors. Sea color and chaps, sky and clouds. And white Cycladic houses on the cliffs of the shoots that they published so much like snow caps.

When you swim to Santorini on the ferry (and this is the most convenient way to get here, although there is an airport that takes several flights a day on the island), the caps will gradually take out the outline of buildings, you can even see the windows . While the narrower serpentine will climb up, farther, everything will be widely open on the caldera. It is especially good at sunset when the sun slowly sit down in the sea, illuminating the high-light distant islands, small yurt boats and huge cruise vessels on anchors at a respectful distance from the coast.

3600 years ago The eruption of the volcano formed these islands, the volcano went under the water, where he sleeps all this time, and the Stometer wave rushed to the island of Crete, 200 km south, and destroyed the Mina Civilization. Some scientists believe that the land that many hundred years "Gre knew" has not yet woken up the volcano, and was a mysterious Atlantis. Among the latter, for example, Jacques-Yves Kusto. However, the part of the heritage of the Atlanta was preserved, and you can see it in the museums of Athens, and most importantly – here, on Santorini.

Sometimes among the tricolor rocks (gray and black – pumice, red-brown – Lava) will appear vineyards. Here is a kind of climate, only 24 days a year is raining, but there are many moisture in the air, there are no insects, spoiling vines, but constant winds blow, so grapes are not tied up, but stacked on hot land in the form of baskets. Bottle of local white dry wine be sure to capture as a present home.

Asirtic – white dry wine, the most common on Santorini, Northeri – in the translation "Night", because the same grapes of the asyrtico grapes are assembled at night when the berries are cooled. The taste of wine gets a little different. Ni -terter is a bit more expensive asirtic. Amber-Pink Dessert Vincento – The most famous wine Santorini wine. For its production, grapes roped under the scorching sunlight from about 14 days, and then it is withstanding in oak barrels at least a year. It is worth Vincanto Nesheshane – from € 22 for a bottle, which is not surprising: 15 kg of berries takes 1 liter of wine.

The road will go along the top of the cliff (in a narrow place where the width of the island is 2 km, you can see the sea and left, and on the right, but you have to photograph from the window – too narrow roads, too much buses), it dives down, revealing the cultivated fields, Houses and churches. Santorinians say that churches here are more than houses, wine more than water, and donkeys are more than people.

All paths lead to Santorini

If you ask: "And where are Olives?", Reply: Olive on Santorini no. But on Crete their 60 million. One tree gives approximately 30 kg of olives. And certificate for small olive plantation – a great gift for a Greek wedding. Take note by the way.

Periodically on the rocks you can read white inscriptions like "Masha + Peter" ("Julio + Rosalia", "Kiang + Chonghua"). Do not be surprised: on the local belief in love, who left their "autographs" here, will always be happy. Yes, Santorini is considered an island of newlyweds. And more and more couples go here specifically to go marriage. A lush feast to organize will not work, but a bright photo session is quite. Especially the idea of ​​perpetual happiness fell in the souls of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, so the Trinity as part of the bridegroom in a black suit with a butterfly, the bride in a lace dress and in ballet shoes and a photographer with a coater make their way to the location of the deployment through the crowd of tourists in shorts and shirts everywhere.

On Santorini (however, in no official document in Greece there is no such island, it is actually called Tira) is always hot. Weather forecast can promise +22 ° C, but the island of volcanic, cities are climbing along the cliffs of caldera in the swelling, blue dome merge with the sky. On narrow streets there is no place not only to motor transport, but also to big trees. There and there snow white walls are shaking pink, red, purple bougainvilleys. As a transport – donkeys (you even hear the version that the most beautiful island village, course, and called something in honor of these animals, but in fact "Ia" in Greek – "violet"). It is on donks to local shops and restaurants deliver cargo, so you should not be surprised why everything is so expensive in the restaurant. By the way, here you pay also for the atmosphere. In fact, lunch overlooking the caldera – where else you can afford?

In the heat you need an umbrella. And ice cream. Ice cream here are a lot. While walking along the stone pavement, catching the fragments of a heated speech (well, clean Babylon), from all sides there will be bright glazed boc of vases and candlesticks, saucers and cups, owls and elephants, famous pink pistachios (they say, such because they grow on volcanic soil Although, it seems, they just gave the color of the carm. And every 50 m – refrigerators with ice cream. Take enjoy. Capture a wrapper with you, the urns just nowhere to fit.

All paths lead to Santorini

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