All SPA circles, or internal illumination

I died from curiosity, passing by the cherished door. When my day and hour comes "X"? More precisely, Tuesday, 9.00 in the morning. The most wonderful Tuesday in two months of waiting. You can not imagine – Full alllands. I had to wait as long as two months to survive the most "Internal illumination", this "SPA" (SPA) Ritual with Bulgari products. Behind him in Brenner’s ride from around the world.

And here the door opens, and I find yourself in a cozy, small, surprisingly smelling dust. You ask: "so what? What is special here?"

For me, SPA is the smell. Should smell as if there was no one before. There must be virgin freshness and morning purity.

SPA is hands. This is my face my body! Hands who fell out the honor to me to touch – this is the most important. I had, confess, prejudice. It seemed to me that the best spa, in terms of hands, can only be in Asia. SPA is harmony in general. Everything, to the smallest detail, should be thought out and arranged. How the flowers are standing like a closed towel, what light, what furniture, music, movement – everything is of great importance. After all, nothing should distract and annoy me.

What I had to experience, fully justified my expectations and dispelled fears. And smell, and hands, and harmony – all the same! Week impact on energy centers and points. Week of extrusion from me tired slave – cleaning, masks, wrapping, all sorts of massages, salt and vegetable panne. And at the end, why do you really need to strive, run and fly to Brenner’s Park-Hotel "Internal illumination" from Bulgari. It lasts 4 hours and is a unique procedure based on the created Bulgari mixture of pure green tea extract, lime and dairy serum. Miraculous potions rubbed me. I bought smells. I was soothered music. Me – from the tips of the hair to the fingers – fell, plucked, stroked, squeezed, revived, disappeared. And here the slave is not left. It is not left. Not left! Nothing remains except internal illumination, except for an insurmountable desire to live.

Benner’s Park-Hotel, Baden-Baden. This address is already a hundred years already familiar to the elegant public of all over the world. Heads of states and first ladies, stars of different magnitude, kings of the kingdoms and screens, magnates and corruses, secular lions and lions, ladies with dogs and ladies with children – all happy under the roof Brenner’s. Because Brenner’s knows how to make each of them.

All SPA circles, or internal illumination

Brenner’s first in Germany opened its first SPA (abbreviated from Latin Salus Per Aquas – "Health through water") twenty years ago. And the first SPA on hot mineral springs, where and today there are modern Badenbaden bathing, they also opened ancient Romans. At the same time, the brilliant audience had to learn to restore the faster. And here is the result – the old palace in the everlasting garden overlooking the famous (see. Russian literature) Alley Lichtental, where the elegant ladies and gentlemen of all time and peoples are still walking, noted as one of the ten SPA hotels in the world. It is noteworthy that in the top ten of Europe, except Brenner’s, only Paris Ritz got. And at the end of the twentieth century, the American Academy of Science of Hospitality handed the hotel with the cherished Star Diamond Award. That is, and respected academicians here "internally illuminated". SPA takes 400 kV. m valuable hotel square. Whole range of procedures with water, water and around the water. Pool with ozonized water, jacuzzi, massages, steam and flavored bath. Wellness Cocktails Gymnastics, Cosmetic Cabins with different wraps and adaptations for torture cellulite sediments.

But please, – in front of you, one more pride in Lenner’s: SPA-suite with a terrace, an area of ​​80 m". For two or high on four. Half a day, for the whole day, for a week. But not for life. At the same time – a massage jacuzzi for two, a sauna for two, a Japanese flower steam room for two, reviving shower for two with color and fragile effects. Multimediacombine, TV, Bar, Masseur, He is a massacker, he is a little jin from the Aladdin lamp, performing any desire.

What now? Impossible to sit in SPA from morning to evening! Maybe golf? Brenner golf courses Some of the best in Europe. Or in a casino? Or maybe on horse racing, in IF confiheim? Or with children in "Europe Park", Parades of attractions for children and adults, who, on an authoritative statement of experienced children, even better Disneyland. Or maybe in Opera, Mariinsky? No, your internal illumination has nothing to do with. Mariinsky really sings and dancing in Baden-Baden almost as often as in St. Petersburg. And with Maestro Gergiev, as with local, already greet on Alley Lichtental. Mariinsky and Badenbadensky Festspielhalle (the most acoustically perfect scene of Germany) are very pleased with each other. BRENNER’S Guests reserved tickets for all marinki productions. Theater dinner at the hotel restaurant can start before and continue after the opera. On the restaurant terrace under roses and stars, at a table with. Candelabras, under the creeping stream, the aromas of magnolia and petal snowfall you will feel on stage, or a movie hero, or not – the hero of the Great Literary Work. You envy yourself. And you will highlight your gourmet dinner for a long time until your last light bulb will go out "Internal illumination".

All SPA circles, or internal illumination

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