Alpine skiing

In mountainous areas located in the northern part of the province, Cold Snowy Winter and Cool Summer. Therefore, people can do their favorite sports, including skiing and mountaineering all year round. Snow in these areas lies until the end of the first spring month.

The ski base of AB-Ali is located on the Horraz highway 50 kilometers from Tehran. AB-Ali is one of the important tourist centers of Iran and country regions of the Tehran province. This area, thanks to its natural attractions, in the summer and winter, takes a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists. The ski base there is especially popular. In the distant past through this area, the main trading path was held, which tied the capital Tehran with the city of Babalsar. This expensive were the pilgrims sent to the temple of his lightness Ali Ibn Musa cuts (and there will be peace with him). Due to its unique virgin nature, an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, the level of atmospheric precipitation during the year, moderate humidity, moderate temperature and healthy clean air, this area is essential.

In addition, the high peaks covered with snow, numerous mineral springs, beautiful valleys and farms, beautiful villages with a hospitable population and hundreds of other attractions, turn Ab-Ali to a great area for recreation. Located near the ski route with all the necessary amenities and many sports facilities, the attractiveness of this area multiplies. Also in AB-Ali built a beautiful hotel and several summer restaurants.

The ski trail in AB-Ali is one of the oldest trails in the country. It was built and put into operation more than 80 years ago. The base covers an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares and is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level on the southern slopes of the Elbecch Range in the picturesque mountainous region. It is equipped with accommodations such as meteorological station, communication center, hotel and restaurant, school ski school and large sports and entertainment complex. The sports complex function the funicular, television, indoor pool, assembly hall, artificial lake and summer camp. The landmark of the base is the restaurant, built on the top of the mountains of Lark-Sorbonand at an altitude of 3000 meters. It offers a beautiful view of the entire ski database and surrounding areas. It is noteworthy that the restaurant can only be accessed on the funicular. Availability of so many amenities and a small distance to Tehran made an AB-Ali area with a suitable vacation spot for people with various tastes. So, on weekends, as a rule, the track is filled with skiers, lovers and professionals. At the special stadium, horse riding fans of equestrian sports are engaged in the slopes, on the slopes you can watch groups of climbers, in the sky of deltaplans and parachutes.

56 kilometers to the northeast of Tehran is another ski base Darband-Sar. This base has a school trail, a school for novice skiers, a funicular and school for coaches. The ski season begins with December and ends in mid-April.

Another ski base called Shemshak is 58 kilometers to the northeast of the capital in the area at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. The length of the track is 3000 meters here, the season begins from the end of December and continues until mid-April. This base is equipped with leisure facilities skiers.

Alpine skiing

The skiing base was also located in the north of Tehran, in the fifth end stop of the funicular at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. The Topic Funicular, the track of which stretches to the top of the mountain accustomed, delivers skiers for two ski slopes. It is noteworthy that in this place there are several restaurants and restrooms.

Another skiing base, dysine, is located near the Tehreran-Chalus highway, 60 km from the capital, in the mountain area at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. On this basis, there are 23 tracks, several funicular, lifts and training centers. On the basis you can also play tennis and volleyball, there are sites for children’s games, there is even a summer, dirt site for skiers. Created conditions for climbing, equestrian and cycling, there are also quite a few restaurants and recreation places.

It is noteworthy that the summer track based on a dysine, which has a length of 150 meters and equipped to study beginners, built in accordance with all international standards, here there are still several international competitions. The season opens in early June and continues until mid-September.

Alpine skiing

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