Altaumura. Italian province

Small town in beautiful southern Italy &# 8211; Altaumura. He is in In Alta Murge National Park and from here got its name. The city is known primarily for its archaeological and natural attractions. The features of Altamura make it a famous place to visit.

Bread Altamura

Nearby, in this area, agriculture developed and flourished, namely the grain processing industry. That’s why The most famous product of Altamura is her bread. He is popular and recognized in Europe. Wheat is grown and going only in the vicinity of this city. Bread bake in wood ovens for old, valuable recipes. In Alta’amur is located One of the oldest stoves of 1423, which still works. Bread has a yellow tint, crispy crust and divine taste. And eat it with no less tasty olive oil and tomatoes.

Old city

There are numerous palaces and beautiful churches in the city. Medieval Altamurur surround powerful walls, and you can enter there through Beautiful gate, Called Port Bari.

In the historical center of Altamura is located Santa Maria-Assunt Cathedral, Which in 1232 was built on the orders of Emperor Friedrich II. This is an impressive architectural structure of brown stone with two elegant baroque style towers, a portal and an unusual window &# 8211; Outlet. Special attention attracted a portal made in the Gothic style, richly decorated with sculptures, as well as arches, on which 22 scenes from the life of Christ are carved. Inside the cathedral there is a marble department, the bishop armchair, created by masters from Turin organ and stone cot. In addition, precious paintings and statues of the masters of the Neapolitan school are kept in the Cathedral.

Walking on the main streets of Altamura, you can meet Small squares called "Claust". Them in the city more than 80. Ancient times These places performed the role of traps for enemies. Now there are residents for walking and conversations.

It is worth viewing Ethnographic Museum of Altamura, talking about rural life. Here are the objects associated with crafts, agriculture, viticulture, cattle breeding, as well as a collection of ancient clothes.


In the vicinity of the city you can visit Ancient fortified farm, which were used to protect against the attacks of invaders. The most famous and preserved &# 8211; this is Majeria Calderoni and Dominant.

Altaumura. Italian province

Another interesting landmark of the city &# 8211; Pulo Valley. This is a huge pots of karst origin with multiple caves in which people live 5000 years ago. Here Perfectly preserved dinosaurs fossils were discovered. This is not the only find found by archaeologists. In the cave of Lamalung, 4 km from the valley fossil person. According to scientists, on DNA taken from the blade, the man lived in the Neanderthal period.

Holidays in Altaumur

Altaumura – City of Traditions. Every year in April there is held Three day medieval holiday, dedicated to Friedrich II. This theatrical action will not leave anyone indifferent. In the fall in the city, the famous comedy festival, whose winners are awarded to the Golden Bow &# 8211; The symbol of the legendary Neapolitan comedom.

When visiting the city, you must certainly visit the perfectly renovated Wine cellar, which is at the same time the museum. The owners spend an interesting excursion, tell about the production of wine. And here you can taste unique wines with focate and local cheeses.

Altaumura &# 8211; Little pearl of this Italian region. She deserves that she was known and appreciated for beauty, hospitality and friendliness.

Altaumura. Italian province

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