Alternative theories about Egyptian pyramids

Injecting a person may seem like ancient Egypt revealed by scientists most of their secrets. In fact, the puzzles of the "Pyramid Country" are more than answers, and a huge array of information is rather not a collection of facts, but theories, assumptions and guesses based on indirect data. The famous History of Egypt is similar to the equation with a million unknown, which gives material both for slender scientific theories, and for violent fantasies in the spirit of the yellow press.

Construction theories Pyramids: from Herodotus to this day

About the method of building a pyramid disputes go from ancient times. Especially a large number of theories and assumptions was awarded the pyramid of Heops – the only one who lived to this day "Miracle of the World" of the Ancient World. Herodot described the lifting machine based on the principle of the lever. True, judging by the images of "Herodotus machines" on engravings of the XVIII century, it is unlikely that these simple wooden structures strongly helped with a rise to the height of multi-torque blocks (in the burial structures of the ancient Egyptians, some monolithic boulders reach weights in tens and even hundreds of tons).

Herodot inspired the great Egyptian pyramids for almost half a thousandth before our era, when the country of Pharaohs was under Persian dominion. Hellenic scientist concluded that the construction of giant pyramidal structures was made using a system of wooden lifts located at different levels. You can learn about more fantastic theories from the books "Civilization of the ancient Gods of Egypt" (Sklyarov) or "in search of sources of ancient civilizations" (Graham). Both author refuse the ancestors of the current Copts in the authorship of the construction of the pyramids and, without thinking, declare representatives of more ancient civilizations for real builders. About which, naturally, modern science is absolutely not known. For a similar path, "Ufologists" of various masters, who invented hundreds of "theories" on the construction of the pyramids and other great monuments of antiquity by Humanoids from Alpha Centaur and more distant corners of our galaxy.

Alternatives argument

The authors of alternative theories are particularly often focused on multi-torque blocks, which in the funeral buildings of ancient Egypt reach weights in tens and hundreds of tons. Considering the ancient architectural sights of Egypt, it can be noted that they are most often complicated from limestone or solid rocks (basalt and granite). In addition to transportation, lifting to height and styling, they often appeal to processing methods (sleepers, grinding, drilling), large differences in building technologies within one building, similarity of the construction technologies of Egypt and megalithic structures in other parts of the world (in particular, in Mexico, Peru and Bolivia).

Often the arguments for the authors of alternative theories become the mythology of different peoples. The role of the gods described in the legends of the distant past is often prescribed by representatives of more ancient civilizations. And the weaker theoretical arguments, the more often the words "Lasers", "Atlantis" and "Aliegnes" sound in their theories. The Grade Sphynx is also mentioned by the Great Sphinx with traces of water erosion and the amazing astronomical knowledge of the ancients, which manifested both in the structures of the ancient monuments and in the culture of local peoples.

Alternative theories about Egyptian pyramids

Reality against fantasy

The main material for the construction of cyclopeous cult facilities, such as the pyramid of Hafra, Heops or Mencaura Pyramid, was known. Solid basalt and granite elements were used more to finish the internal premises of the tomb. The processing of limestone does not require the use of modern tools and perfectly produced with the help of flown chisels, roller balls and another toolkit that has ancient Egyptians. The weight of blocks mounted on height does not exceed one and a half or two tons. You can move and raise such blocks with a rough physical strength and primitive equipment, which does not diminish the achievements of the ancient builders and the majesty and the uniqueness of the "eternal" pyramids created by them.

Really expressed theories about casting blocks for construction of limestone concrete pyramids. For the first time, this theory was put forward by Joseph Daviditz, a chemist from France, specializing in the development of new building materials. Daviditz believed that large blocks were made on the spot, using a stone crumb and limestone "geopolymer concrete". A similar theory promotes Nosovsky, known for pseudo-native theories about the mass frauds of official science "Real" historical chronology.

It is impossible to consider seriously theory, "proving", which numerous megalithic buildings in different parts of the world were erected by one civilization on the basis of the similarity of forms and construction technologies. Bringing friends as a gift from Egypt – key chains and other pyramid souvenirs, few people think that the pyramid shape of the structure is largely predetermined, as well as the shape of the wheel. Humanity from ancient times embanked upwards upward earthen cougars. Actually, American stepped pyramids and are multistage hills from the ground, closed by stone. The decision to make every next, upper level, less in the area, is quite logical appears naturally under the influence of basic laws of physics. For this, the prompts of extraterrestrial civilizations and aliens from parallel universes are not needed. It would be amazing if in the Egyptian pyramids, "evolving" from "single-stage" mastab, top-top levels exceeded the area previous.

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