Amazing nearby: Sacred Mount Kostyushko, Australia

Such a cheerful, not knowledgeable winter and cold Australia, is rightfully considered not only the largest island, but the smallest continent on the planet. Apparently, due to such a soft climate and magnificent natural wealth, Australia is distinguished by benevolent residents, among which, no matter how surprisingly, a considerable amount is Russian. This country conquers each tourist not only an unusually picturesque landscape, but also a variety of vintage architectural ensembles located high in the mountains where the most courageous traveler and admirer of historical and spiritual values ​​can be reached.

One of these amazing and unique charm of mountain peaks is one of its flavor and natural charm The highest point of the Australian Alps called Kosyushko. The height of this mountain reaches 2230 m and wears such a slightly strange for these places Title in honor of the Polish military and political figure Kostyutko.

The unusually rare and attractive distinction of this vertex from all other things can be considered the fact that she Consists of crystalline breeds in combination with granite intrusions. The embossed and natural features of this mountain range are quite diverse, because at a height above 1000 meters it does not simply lie, and the ice forms of existence are constantly preserved. And on the slopes there are magnificent eucalyptus forests, as well as a parel, most of which all sorts of shrub species occupy.

As soon as the height is selected by 2000 m, forest arrays are replaced by endless spaces of mountain meadows. It is necessary to feel the magnificence and purity of this air, nothing in common with the pollution of industrial urban quarters. Not everyone knows that The famous tale of Zhul is true about Children Captain Granta was written in this area. And because All events of this adventure plot are developing mostly in the area of ​​Kosyushko Mountain, Where and sought Captain his favorite children.

Amazing Near Sacred Mount Kosyushko, Australia

Today, the mountain and the territory adjacent to it Recognized by the National Public Park. A few years ago, a pretty equipped skiing complex was built here. And if quite recently, the rise to the top was associated with some risk, now it can make every lover of height, sports and extreme hobbies. The most amazing fact is a large number of people of retirement age who have reached the top of the mountain in the shortest possible time. Perhaps the amazing lively mountain air soams the body of every person that people simply forget about their age and acquire incredible strength and purposefulness.

But an even more unreal and stunning phenomenon can be considered the most unusual, but so necessary for each person the structure at the peak of this mining elevation. At an altitude of 2000 meters, among forest arrays and beautiful nature rises nothing but a toilet. In Russia, this would not have occurred to anyone. But cultural Australia took care, therefore, not only about tourists, but also about the purity of nature itself. What, the honor and praise to such people who in any environment prove their culture and tactful behavior.

Those who decided on such a fascinating journey should be remembered that this is a mountain of not quite ordinary, and the Holy is considered to be. And so far no one can explain an amazing phenomenon that has become natural in this area. Kosyushko lets not every guest on his vertex. It happens that people are very far from sports rise to the mountain elevation with amazing ease. And athletes and skiers can get bogged into snowdrifts or not find strength to continue the way even to the middle. But the observations of many years of existence of such a phenomenon confirmed that Mountain helps only decent and kind people and prevents those who have an evil and alcoholic heart. So if you want to become a respectable guest of this wonderful place, hospitable Australia will always welcome a good man and the welcome guest of his country.

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