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Bali – one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. In the Indonesian island there are 6,000 mystical temples. In addition, the extraordinary nature of Bali is impressive. And the waterfalls of the secret and rice fields of Yatilowa have long won the status of natural wonders. Read reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts, unwittingly plunge into this fabulous world with a harmony atmosphere. Today we will introduce you to the most beautiful places of this paradise island.

Palace on water

Tirta Ganga – an unusual palace, which "stands right on the water". The combination of Chinese and Balinese architecture is impressive at a glance. Bright paints of exotic plants around the palace create the impression that you got into a real fairy tale. Palace is among the hills and rice terraces. The whole territory of Tirta Ganga is divided into three levels: one belongs to the gods, the second – people. and the third – demons. In the Divine level, which is the highest, the source of the pools and ponds of the territory.

In one of the ponds allowed to swim tourists to approach the gods and clear their soul, the reviews arrow Hotels and Resorts recommends to visit this place, because by legend it can heal from all diseases. Previously, the territory of the palace was the property of the king, now it is available for any tourist. The entrance to the territory is only 20,000 rupees, it is approximately 1 dollar.

Church of the Holy Water

Church of the Holy Water – Pura Tirta Empur, was erected in the twentieth century. It is around a hot source. Reading the reviews Arrow Hotels and Resorts, it can be understood that people believe in the healing power of water and it really helps. For locals, this place of worship. People from all over the island come to Pour Tirta Empur to clean their soul from anger, hatred and envy.

In the middle of the temple there is an unusual stone pool with 12 fountains. To cleanse the negative emotions and know the strength of the temple, it is necessary to put donations to special baskets, then pray and plunge into holy water. Cleansing ceremony is available to every wishes to find peace in his soul.

Festival of air cohesives

One of the most popular entertainment of Balinese is the launch of air coins. At the beginning of the last summer month, an unusual festival under the name of Sanur passes on the island. This is a very colorful and unforgettable spectacle! The festival is attended by over a thousand villages, each of which wants to become the best in this contest. At the same time the sky flies a huge number of colorful kites of various shapes. Tails of these "unreal creatures" reach a length of up to 50 meters. Getting on this holiday the tourists a unique opportunity to become better acquainted with the culture and life of the local population.

Amazing places Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Bali, Indonesia Blogs and Travel

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This temple is known even by those inhabitants of the island, which have never been near this place. He portrayed not only on postcards, but also on the banknotes in denominations of 50,000 rupees. It was built in the XVII century on the lake, created in the heart of the volcano, its crater. This is a wonderful place surrounded by a beautiful garden, which gives it even more mystery and enchantment. In the opinion of Arrow Hotels and Resorts can immediately understand that the temple is one of the most impressive places of the island of Bali.

The temple on the rock

Tanah Lot – temple, which is located directly on the rock. At high tide, a place separated from the land, so it seems that he is on the island. Only this time, you can get closer to the temple. To this place allowed only Buddhist followers. Tanah Lot enters’s seven temples of Bali, who is worshiped by the Baltic Fleet. They believe that this place is guarded by a huge sea serpents. In the opinion of Arrow Hotels and Resorts, tourists are not afraid of these creatures, and they are having fun taking pictures near the temple.

Amazing mysterious island of Bali are always glad to visitors from around the world. At any time of the year it is ready to open its secrets to tourists.

Amazing places Bali from Arrow Hotels and Resorts - Bali, Indonesia Blogs and Travel

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