Ancient necropoli mangistau

On the territory of the modern Mangystau region there is a huge number of historical monuments of different eras. Nobody did not even consider them. We visited three holy places: Shakpak Ata, Sultan-EPE and Kenta Baba. It’s all Ancient necropolis. They are located close to each other and everything can be driven at once.

Part 3: Ancient Necropolis Mangistau

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Mangistau inhabits Kazakh Rod, which is called Adai. Adai worship the ancestors of their tribe that lived on Mangistau. In different legends, their number varies: whether there were 360, or 362, or 365. Here it is worth noting a coincidence with the number of days a year ; 365. Places of burial of holy ancestors is a pilgrimage site. Of course, where there are burials of all 365 saints, no one knows. Almost small part of them are known.

Shakpak Ata

The main cult places on Mangsta are available to any traveler. It is not necessary to come here on an SUV to see Ancient necropolis, Cave mosques and others, revered by the Kazakh objects. First of all, we went to watch Shakpak-Ata necropolis. Because he was on the way and, on the advice of Tatiana with Volodya, this place is much soulful and pleasant than popular Beket-Ata.

In the 14th century in the north of the Peninsula, Tuba-Karagan lived old man Shamartdan. There was no such a disease with which he could not cope. He healed fire dried out of stone. For this ability, he began to call Shakpak Ata, which means the old man mining. Once he walked past one Aula and saw her husband beats his wife. Woman could not give birth to him children. Shamemadan stood up for the unfortunate and she, not wanting to endure humiliation, went beyond the old man. They stopped near a small rock in a dry steppe. Spring began to beat from the ground, and rain shed from the sky. People came to the place in the hope of cure from their diseases, and the place itself began to be called Shakpak Ata.

Now there is a mosque, arranged in a rock over necropole, as well as a few Ancient burials. The mosque dates back to the 9th ; 10th century.

Drive up to the gate of the necropolis, around neither the soul. The gate is closed with a chain, but it is for cars, You can go on foot.

Despite the fact that there is no one here, you must remember that With your charter in someone else’s monastery do not go. Must be observed customs of Islam.

In the mosque and in the territory of the necropolis, you can not focus. Women need to cover their heads, clothes should be long sleeved. When you enter inside, be sure to get up.

In Shakpak Ata, take shoes with you ; In the mosque from the opposite side there is an output ; on the cliff.

Inside, on both sides of the central hall there are two large niches ; Men in the right pray, in the left woman. Spending the night here nearby ; In the only house on the whole district. It is clearly visible from the gate of necropolis. However, only one who will spend the night in the mosque itself will be able to overcome the disease. To do this, there is a separate room to the left of the entrance.

At the end of the main hall of the mosque there is a staircase that leads upstairs ; on the cliff. There you can sit on the bench, in the shade of a small building, to see from above on the endless steppe and think about something pleasant. It is not necessary to be a Muslim to feel peace of this place, listen to the silence, which only wind breaks. There are no many tourists, security, guides, ; here only you and old man Shakpak Ata, which, with due respect to him, will surely take care of your health.


Another interesting place ; Underground Sultan-EPE Mosque. It is located on the edge of the high canyon. Nearby there is a well, Many meters in the rock. If we compare the water level in it from the depth of the canyon, then it can be seen that water is above. How it turns out not clear. Water here is fresh, clean. Well equipped with a bucket. The mosque itself is a little further behind a small fence. Inside very dark ; You need to take the lights. Part of the premises collapsed, but archaeologists come periodically and restored the mosque, opening all the new halls. Inside, too, you need to go ; Everything is covered with carpets. Remove the shoes can be at the bottom, there is a small platform where you can stand ardent. The ceilings in the mosque are low, I hit my head a couple of times. And in order to get into some rooms you need to smash on the stomach through a narrow pass.

Ancient necropoli mangistau

Slightly apart the burial. Low hedge rounded shape made small stone kurgan. High wooden poles stick out of it, which bind the world of living and dead. Ribbons tie to the poles, this is a request for help from ancestors. Sultan-EPE Considered by the patron of the navigators.

When we were going to leave, we met a local Mullah. He talked about who Sultan-EPE And what is his place in Islam. Mullah is a very nice man, watching here for ordinary.

Kenta Baba

Kenta Baba ; This is another one Ancient necropolis with a little steppe mosque. The most interesting here ; This is a mausoleum directly opposite the central entrance. Doors can be closed, but if there is no lock, you can enter. Just need to leave here everything was as it was, this place almost 1000 years.

Inside, on the right wall of the mausoleum there is a small passage and a staircase up to a small platform. If you doubt your dimensions ; better do not go there ; Pass is very narrow. Rising upstairs, you can raise your hands to the sky and make a desire ; Here Allah will hear. Earlier, on this ladder, Muzzin rose and read prayers from above.

Around the Mausoleum many ancient graves. If you look at the tombstones, it can be seen that the image of the saber is carved on them. This means that under the stone is a warrior.

Photos of necropolia of Kazakhstan

Further, our way lay in the direction of the Caspian Sea, to the Blue Bay ; Large sandy beach by destroyed shells. There was a real vacation. All the finally slept, it was swimming, but finally burned. But about this next time ;

Ancient necropoli mangistau

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