Brussels along and across

So, Belgium. 2nd day of vacation, breakfast, and here we are already standing at atomum. This construction is increased in many, many times the structure of an iron atom. The metal spheres contain an observation deck, cafe, as well as rooms where you can spend the night and admire the night panorama of the city, the spheres are connected by escalators.

The next point was the Cathedral of Basilica Sacre-Ker. From the metro station to him leads a wonderful alley with a lawn, which is so manitis to walk along the barefoot, in fact, what we did.

But the cathedral is already visible

When we came to the cathedral, there was from the strength of the whole couple. The volume of structures are very impressive, as well as stunning stained glass windows.

To climb the viewing platform, you need to buy a ticket in the machine. And do it can only be bank card.

Next you are offered 2 ways to top: Elevator and stairs. But, in fact, for what we rose:

Widowed enjoying panoramic views, we have moved to the next place, which is called the Mountain of Arts.

This is a museum of musical instruments

Local pebbles love fountains very much

Church of St. Jacob on Kudenberg Hill

And we gradually approach the building of the royal palace, the entrance to which the perfectly trimmed shrubs and lawn are decorated.

On the way to the main square of Brussels, we met a very beautiful gothic cathedral. Mikhail and St. Hudula

And here is the famous Zassanan)

And of course his colleague on the workshop)

Another of the stunning places of Brussels is Grand Place. A whole architectural building ensemble is assembled here. Also here are many confectionery shops, where you can buy famous Belgian sweets.

The house of the king, although the building has nothing to do with the king. The building has changed his appearance and purpose very many times.

And, of course, the Town Hall

Brussels along and across

Moving further through the covered gallery and get into "Purrussels".

This street was named so because of the many cafes and restaurants located on it. Almost every establishment has noise, because competition is very high here. We are in choosing a place to dine bribed the plate "They speak Russian here", as well as the charm of local staff, which, although he knows a couple of phrases, but very tries. Prepare here very tasty.

After recruiting and rested a little, a decision was made on a march-throw to the park of the 50th anniversary of the victory, which decorates the Triumphal Arch.

Triumphal arch at sunset very high

Slightly navigation and movements in space
For navigation, used offline CITYMAPS2GO program, where the desired points for visiting were noted in advance. To move, preference gave to city transport. A ticket for 1 hour to all types of transport costs 2-3 euros, so it is more profitable to buy a day subscription (it seems 7.5 euros) and navigate without limitation.

Following the results of the whole trip, we note that both of us very much like this city (it turns out – exactly as a country). Here are very friendly friendly people; many places where you can walk in silence, and not to go in a dense and noisy crowd of tourists; The city is very clean (the spouse in the morning went out in white jeans, and despite the fact that I was sitting everywhere, Lazila and took pictures, in the same white and returned to the hotel in the evening); punctual and understandable system of urban transport, to understand which will not be much labor; Well, stunning architecture.

Came the 3rd day, which means that we put forward in Holland. Rental EUROPCAR brought to rent a wonderful Renault Clio car 1.5D (which received a code name "Lyalya") with a mileage of only 1500 km. With a car, I think, very lucky, it was a built-in navigator, a USB port for music. Diesel consumption of only 3-5 l / 100 km, even with a fairly cheerful ride manner. On the track, the car behaves wonderful, the engine speakers too grabbed. Rent a car for 10 days cost 350 euros, we drove 2400 km and spent only 150 euros on fuel. In the parking lots in the cities, unfortunately, I can not say, let it be about 50 euros.

Fuel prices on August 6, 2014.

Well, we score a route to the navigator and put forward to the country of tulips.

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