By car in Kaliningrad

Hey! In this article, I will tell you how my wife and I went from Bryansk ; conquer new lands ; To the city of Kaliningrad by car. I will never forget this trip not only because the journey turned out to be cool and informative, but also because it was accompanied by a solid strip of failure. But first things first.

Why I chose Kaliningrad? Yes, because there is a bunch of friends with whom we have not seen many years. Information about routes, documents and other necessary things read on the page in Kaliningrad on the car ;

It all started In July 2016 . At that time I only demobilized. And during the service has accumulated a small amount of money. Then I decided to buy a car on which we went to Kaliningrad later. I have long wanted to go somewhere away, so to try to experience the car for strength.

In the morning, July 23, my wife and I woke up with one thought "And why don’t we go on a journey," both shake their heads and decided to go after three days. Since before we rested in Lithuania, We already had Schengen visas and other necessary documents for entry.

By car in Kaliningrad without visas you can only drive on the ferry, but this is the option more for commercial vehicles. Details here: In Kaliningrad on ferry ;

Finally came Monday 26 July ; Departure Day. On a joyful note, we packed all things in the car, but the feeling that we forgot me did not leave me. Sat down in the car, fastened, and ; First failure ; started to start his swallow, but in response just a sobral silence. Neither starter sound, nothing. Just imagine how much I was in a stupor after opened the hood and did not find a battery there. Young people steal them from transport and sells. Fortunately, auto parts store is located across the road from our house, I had to buy a new battery.

After I figured out the car, we went to buy products on the road. Here I understood that leaving the house I forgot the wallet and driver’s license ; They lay on the mirror in the hallway. We arrived home without right, took the purse and documents, I checked everything, stood three more minutes near the door ; what else could forget ; And went to the street.

Finally, after 3 hours we went.

Passage border point The Republic of Belarus, Next to the scell . There were only passports, documents on the car and learned the purpose of the visit.

After the border, the wife was hungry. We had food with me, but there is no way that she did not want.

We took these products with you (who can come in handy):

  1. Four bars Snickers
  2. A piece of sala
  3. A couple of sticks of sausages
  4. Two baults
  5. cheese
  6. biscuits
  7. By car in Kaliningrad
  8. Box of juice
  9. Two bottles of sprite

We decided to drive into some roadside kabach, turned off the "M4" route, towards the village of Ferelia. Just on the turn was a refueling, we poured a few more tens of liters, since the price of gasoline is much lower than in Russia.

Also noticing that I spent about 13 thousand rubles to Kaliningrad and back to gasoline , and the prices of fuel during the whole path were completely different.

When we arrived in the village, found the snacks and snacks, on our head. I do not advise anything there! Just returned to the track, how suddenly I start to twist the belly. We will bypass without details, but we stayed for another hour.

After we drove the city of Mogilev, we were postponing again.

We turned out not in the direction and more than an hour we were not in the other way. Why not rushed there, you ask? Yes, who knows him, may be tired and got squeezed, and maybe just confused the turn, due to the fact that the fork went as in the fairy tale "to the left, right and straight". We went to the right, although it was necessary right. And we learned what we were going there, one very unpleasant reason ; I broke through the wheel. Minutes forty stood, caught the fellow to get to the nearest service (Rubber tired so hard that she was not subject to more restoration and repair). Finally, the pretty peasant on a silver wagon. On my happiness, he had a wheel with an old Vaz 2110, which he sold to me for 300 rubles and said that we were not going at the wrong side. The wheel changed, turned around and drove back.

I got to Lithuania relatively good, hours by 23:00 we were at the border. Passed Border post near Madininkai settlement ; This is already Lithuania. Spent about an hour, since the queue was not saying that small, but not really big. It is divided into two branches: pedestrians and drivers. After all this nightmarish day, "bad-risk" we decided not to go on the night, but to collapse in some hotel until the morning, but closer than in Vilnius, we found nothing. Overnight were looking at the spot, did not prepare in advance.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Arriving to the hotel, I parked the car in the parking lot, and we went inside. There was a young liter, well speaking in Russian, she registered us, in my opinion we got one of the best rooms.

A little about this hotel: as far as I remember, he is called "CONTI" ; Five-star. On the territory there is free, guarded parking, and a beautiful mini park. Maintenance Excellent, Rooms Clean and Related. The price, say, bites a little, but it is worth it, especially one night. In general, I recommend you to stay in it.

At about twelve o’clock in the morning we left the hotel and drove on. On the way, we drove into several museums. I remember one me ; "Museum of the Ninth Fort" , Very beautiful places and attractions, really liked "Vald Castle" in the Kaliningrad region.

About the hotels in Kaliningrad itself read here: Best hotels in the center of Kaliningrad ;

Reaching our friends in Kaliningrad, we rested from the road, and after that, we visited several beautiful places in the city. Wonderful cafe, cinema, looked at the sights of the city and as a whole were satisfied. Extremely shook me the Kaliningrad Bay. I didn’t see the jewelry seekers until the moment in my life, and when I came to the bay, I met a few guys. They call the extraction of amber "hobby" . In addition, they all work and have families, but as soon as weekend or any holidays come, they all run to the bay. One of them gave me an amber stone size as 2 Russian rubles.

In Kaliningrad, we visited a few days, got home without adventure. And then, with a marray, a long time remembered this trip with a smile on the face.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

I sincerely wish you big and bright travel! Remember that after any black band – it comes white!

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