By ferry from Finland to Sweden

Each time traveling to Stockholm on the ferry from the Turku and back, beauty does not allow to fall asleep.
Describe the beauty of this trip is impossible, it must be done.
Somehow I lie on the frozen stroy of the Gulf of Finland, and I met a man. Looking, I keep in my hands a camcorder, he suddenly said:
– You can remove the real beauty from the side of the ferry on the way from Finland to Sweden. This is not a comparable sight, as a huge liner sails past the numerous islands in the rays of the setting sun. That’s where real beauty!
To his surprise, I agreed with him, because by that time I had already made one trip by ferry from Finland to Sweden.

Which of us did not dream to make a round-the-world journey on a large cruise liner?! Since childhood, I dreamed and I.
I served for three years in an encrypter on a submarine and the fobby of the Northern Fleet. Unfortunately, except for the northern seas saw nothing. But I can not forget how once at night rose to a Watchman … Lonely submarine in an overworn position on the stroy of the White Sea in a white night … The Watch Officer smokes in the cut … At the bottom of the cake bakers buns … and nobody around in a sparkling white summer polar night ..

Ferries of Silja Line and Viking Line run from Turku and from Helsinki to Stockholm, Copenhagen, enter Norway.
Inside the ferry is a whole city, with numerous shops, restaurants, saunas, entertainment sites, a cinema hall and many more than just not listed. There are playing machines and casino. Transparent binding cabins swell up and down, carrying numerous tourists.

For example, on the largest ferry "Sylvia Europe" 13 decks, it is capable of transporting 3013 passengers and 340 cars; Length of a ferry 202 meters, 32 meters width. On it can be wandering the whole day, and all will not woe.

This ferry is not just transport, but also a place of night entertainment. There all night dancing, orchestras play, actors act, the karaoke sounds. Many Finns choose this ferry as a resting place where you can pull out.
Somehow once to his surprise, he saw that all the dancer was filled with old men and old women who were cheerful than the Finnish polka. I went to bed, and they walked all night.
Only our tourists sleep, and Finns have fun all night.

The ferry is also attractive the fact that there are shops Taks-Free selling at lower prices than in the mainland. These enjoy numerous Finnish and Swedish tourists, without restrictions exporting cheaper spirits and tobacco products.

By ferry from Finland to Sweden

There are ferries and pools for adults and children, jacuzzi and other water rides. In the men’s sauna, where I was soared, the view opened right on the sea.
On the ferry a lot of a wide variety of cafes for every taste, restaurants, bars.

I advise you to make this exciting journey, the cost of which is there and back may not exceed 100 euros!

Many times from the shore of the Gulf of Finland, I watched with envy, as large cruise liners and ferries float in a disturbing distance. I dreamed of becoming a seagull to fly after the sparkling ship in mysterious infinity.

At sunset, I am going crazy
Soul Sky Sky Beauty
Horizon in pastel pink disappeared
Violet Bay Insepass Parts
The sun was reflected in the sea twin
In this moment, probably someone became a father
Well, I became a seagull, and a dream came true
In the wings turned the fallen soul
And to the star to meet, fears forgotten,
I’m flying carelessly, life giving for a moment
Moon Serenade My Way is lit
Because a pair I am in love with people
Faith in their strength does not give to fall
Does not find graves inspiration passion
Night Charming Does Not Handge
And the moon to date is the path
Silver velvet twilight gray
I am more expensive for me, happiness is not in them
It seems a dream of death, therefore I do not sleep
And I scream the sky that I love him!"
(from my Romana-Bul "Wanderer"(Mystery) on the site new Russian literature

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