16Th county of Paris

16th county of Paris

This, relatively recently appeared on the map of the city, to a large extent, than the other districts of the French capital, Inherent in snobbery and pomp Practically in all. District is initial It is considered bourgeois.

Here Fully absent migrants, and the pace of life is Valya and measured. The district is on the right bank of the Seine and stretched to the most Parisian district road, immediately begins for which the famous Boulogne forest. Name of the XVI district ; Passion, By the name of his central street, abounding expensive boutiques and restaurants.

Within the boundaries of the district are located More than a dozen famous sights of Paris. Nearby tourists and nearest neighbors ; Triumphal Arch and Eiffel Tower, which offers a great view from the Torokdero Square.

The best view of the Eiffel Tower is from this district.

Museums of the XVI district

  • Tokyo Palace (Palais de Tokyo) On the avenue of President Wilson, 11 (Avenue du President Wilson, 11), in the right wing of which is located Museum of Contemporary Art of Paris.

It works every day(except Tuesday) from 12-00 to 00-00. Permanent exposures can be visited is free, But the cost of tickets for temporary exposures will be from 5 to 11 euros.

The collection of the museum has About 8,000 exhibits. In the historical section, you will get acquainted with the work of cubists and surrealists. The modern section is a meeting of works in the spirit of new realism, creative works of art movements Fluka and Figuration Narrative.

Among the most famous works presented in permanent exposure, grandiose Paris dance canvas Matisse and fresco "Electricity Fairy" Dufi.

  • House Museum Balzaca (Maison de Balzac) Located at Rue Raynouard, 47. You can visit it daily (except Monday) from 10-00 to 17-45 And completely free.

It is in this house that the famous writer for 7 years has hidden from the attacks of creditors. The museum was organized in 1949.

  • Museum of Crustal Bakkara (11 Place des etats-unisa) represents an extensive collection of workshops of crystal business from the French town of Baccarat. Open this interesting museum from 10 am and up to 6 pm. Weekend – Tuesday, Sunday.

Cognitive will be visits to the Movies Museums and Wine, as well as in Maritime Museum(It is located in the Majestic Palace Chaio). And, of course, visit Museum Marmotan Monet, in the walls of which is stored The most complete collection of pictures of Claude Monet.

Where to stay

  • La Clef Tour Eiffel ; Beautiful hotel with fairly expensive rooms (from 12 000 r.), which differs from many others Very convenient location. Hotel Address: 83 Avenue Kléber.
  • Three-star Hôtel du Bois Champs-Elysées At the address: 11 Rue du dome with more acceptable prices On the rooms, but with a less convenient location.
  • Hotel Elysées Union, which the Located in the XIX century building. From here you are committing Hiking to the Eiffel Tower and triumphal arc.

Where else should you go

All Big Tennis fans are worth visiting the famous Roland Garos Stadium (2 Avenue Gordon Bennett), which is annually, at the end of May, takes the same tournament at his courts.

If you stop In the 16th district of Paris, then you can easily be in the famous Boulogne forest. It was once strolled by French kings and their retinues, held noisy royal hunting.

Useful tips and tricks in travel

To save on airline tickets:

Find a cheap flight using Aviasales. He is looking for tickets from airlines around the world.

Instructions how to buy tickets to the Internet Read here

How to save at the hotel:

Book a hotel, hostel or apartment on Booking.Com – This is the most convenient and popular tool. We have on our site selections of interesting housing.

And here – Instructions for airbnb

Do not forget insurance:

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Optical guide and an interesting excursion:

Use Tripter – They have the largest selection of unusual excursions worldwide.

21 Secret of Good Independent Travel

21 Secret of Good Independent Travel

I’m traveler ; Christina Endless and author of this blog with a 6-year experience of independent travel on Europe, Asia, USA and Russia.

In this article, I will share Lifehaki and recommendations of novice travelers based on your experience and many years of tourism practices.

For me, independent travel ; The best way to know the world and yourself, become more conscious, get closer to wisdom.

In travels, this is happening by itself thanks to the eventful lifestyle: new sensations from the kinds of environmental and life of people, other worldviews, religions, because of new states outside the comfort zone and others.

In travels you begin to better find out what kind of people you are: what are your shortcomings, the advantages of what interests.

So, below I led the recommendations based on travel experience.

Interesting directions with departure from Moscow

Use the mode ; incognito ; in browsers

Always for buying tickets, hotel booking Use the mode ; incognito ; in browsers.

Booking Services can use your personal information for your own purposes: How often and from which device you are looking for tickets where you are, for how many people, what age and gender.

So that you do not figure out the booking system and did not happen to undesirable price increases. Take advantage of this advice.

In travels try to be a neat person

Such a person thinks his head, makes decisions deliberately, regards his strength, does not run after the crowd ; Vasya and Anja ;.

Do not try to repeat what has never tried if it concerns: driving, diving, swimming, jumps from the cliffs, lifts on high mountains, pouring cold water, multi-day starvation and t.NS.

Preparation is needed, training for such unusual-active, stressful classes.

You do not want your monthly colorful journey in Thailand quickly ended on the fact that you broke the leg trying to repeat ; crown trick ; His friend?

Often, it was necessary to deal with similar on the participants, where the recrunts absolutely not regarding their strength: they took the bike, not having rights, tried to be ; no worse ; Travel neighbors and broke up to the head, got into hospitals.

Use modern alarm resources and applications

Now a lot of modern opportunities, resources for the organization of competent and profitable travel starting with offline cards, ending with an online visa.

Below in the picture I led resources that recommend for economical travel.

Knowing only them can be organized to themselves a favorable journey almost to any country.

  1. To search and buy tickets This is the site ; Skyscanner.RU;
  2. Booking private housing ; Airbnb.COM;
  3. Free travel accommodation ; Couchsurfing.COM;
  4. Trips to distances in neighboring cities in private car (in Russia and abroad) ; blablacar.RU;
  5. Offline Card (Internet Not required) ; Maps.Me for phone.

Everything that’s needed ; Inquire the best apps and travel resources.

Fear as a hidden resource

Fear ; Interesting thing in the journey. Be prepared to face it in travels.

At the critical moment of fear, it is important to realize that he appeared..remember that the universe will protect you, trust in some cases, and in some eliminate your own panic, it only harms to make an accurate solution.

At the same time, before riding the abroad, make sure that there are no typhoons, earthquakes in those places, the sea does not spread, certain diseases are not distributed, infection among the population and T.D.

If there is knowledge or trust, then fear will not arise.

Start opening miracles that next to you

If you are afraid to start traveling abroad, you can start with the nearest neighborhoods, cities and regions.

In Russia, a large number of natural reserves, beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes.

For example, in the photo below, the sacred mountain was depicted, which is in Ufa. It is only 700 km east of my hometown of Cheboksary.

Travel in nature

I lived in New York, in Paris, in Amsterdam, in Singapore and in DR. large megalopolis, but better natural attractions, the sea, the ocean in the journey in my opinion there is nothing.

It is natural places that are fascinating with their wealth, awaken, heal, fill with powerful energy, inspire to travel and leave indelible and pleasant sensations.

Planning your future trip Try to include in the program and natural places.

For example, planning a trip to the west of the United States, in addition to the cities of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco will be greatly included in the program National Parks, Lakes, and DR.

Promotions, Sale, Last Minute Tours and Discounts

About promotions, sales and discounts of airlines, hotels not notify the search engines of air tickets.

Also, a lot of shares, the last-minute offers are coming from the site notifier sites: Vandrouki.by, 100500miles and group in Telegram https: // Telegram.Me / Samokatus.

Thanks to cheap flights, tours and hotels can be started to travel more often and more.

English is needed

Sometimes there are very interesting people from the abroad, with whom we want to talk about everything, to hear how people live somewhere in Hawaii, in London, what are there salary, interests in people, the worldview for everything around, attitude to Russia, anything.

But if English begins with Hallow ;, and ends with ; War from Taylet ? ;, then it turns out the sad situation and the bummer that you can not explain and take part in an interesting conversation.

In general, throughout the trip, many unpleasant situations are collected due to ignorance of not difficult English.

I am at an interesting conversation with Richard and Simonova (Right from Hawaii and London) on travels

Therefore, learn English, at least 100 popular words need to know for travel abroad.

List of 100 most popular English words with pronunciation. See here: http: // englishvoyage.Com

Choose Malopopular Resorts and Travel Islands

Now travel has become publicly available and admitted in Thailand on the islands you will have to hear the Russian voice everywhere, meet many travelers from China in almost any country.

I even on one uninhabited island in Angong Park in Thailand met her friend from the USA.

Beaches and beautiful sights are now clogged with people, many of the same travelers and tourists as we.

For example, in the photo below, the beautiful Mauti Beach is depicted on. Lombok in Indonesia on which I did not meet a single person in the spring of 2016.

Before going to the long-range edges, set yourself in yourself and look around

If you are interested in the topic of reasoning about ; who I am ;, ; Why pull me to travel ;, then there will be a topic that it makes sense to look for fabulous, beautiful places on the planet, where it will be fine.

The meaning is to learn how to create this prosperity anywhere in its presence.

The fact is that many of those who travel often cannot be in one place alone with themselves. There is a problem.

; passion for traveling there is a sign of deep damage, which broke into our mental abilities.

Our mind is confused, the way of our upbringing is even more molded it there and here; That is why the mind is chased by us by the other, although the body is unwitting sitting at home. ; Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is only my opinion, remark. You decide to take it seriously or not. 😉

Don’t take a lot of things in travel

Traveling Frequently I can say that the hand-made size suitcase (in the photo) is about 10 kg + permissible additional bags of 3-5 kg ​​should have enough to you for everything in travel, unless you travel with children.

For the registered luggage on the name-in-law flights, it will be necessary to pay additionally to the ticket price.

Yes, and wearing heavy suitcases traveling for a long time and often not easy.

I myself travel for several months and for half a year only with manual loop at 8-10 kg + small bag on the shoulder with a laptop or backpack.

After all, all the most necessary can be purchased and upon arrival. It is not worth a lot of money: clothes, personal hygiene objects, kitchen appliances or something else.

Everything is no accident

All that happens to us in travels I believe that it is not just like that.

Whether negative moments: theft, deception, accident, etc. Whether it is joy, gifts, new acquaintances and opportunities.

During the trip, you will attract exactly what you need: surroundings, events will allow you to learn the moment, think about health, become conscious.

It is important to learn to be aware of any situations (negative, positive and others.) as an experience as a doctrine.

While we do not make a lesson, ; Negative ; Experience with thieves and loss of things will be repeated again and again.

Plan in advance

Plan the purchase of air tickets and book your stay in travel at least 2 months before departure not to overpay.

Before you remove cash from a bank card, abroad need to notify the banks in advance. Otherwise the cards can be blocked by banks.

Offline map of the new country is preferably downloaded on the phone even before the arrival in this country.

Travels are not only entertainment

Travel involves not only joy, sea and recreation.

In the journey we are confronted with the reality of different worlds, with a different life of people and sometimes this reality can be torn our emotional state.

For example, we, having learned about the children in Cambodia who remained without parents after a natural disaster living in school on the river we brought them 20 kg of rice and I could not not cry, seeing how they live.

Do not be lazy to always carry a first-aid kit, clean water, personal spoon and insurance policy

In order to protect your body, the health in the journey is not lazy to always take a first-aid kit, clean water, your personal spoon, insurance policy.

On the plane, you can ask the stewardess to pour into our bottle of water (this is free) and ; do not dry ; In flight. 🙂

With long flights, some airlines can be ordered a special menu.

Travel with loved ones

Probably there is no more joyful feeling than to travel with your favorite people, when it is possible to divide the incredible emotions and the beauty of seen with them.

You can arrange a picnic near the Eiffel Tower, to ride a taxi on the night Hong Kong, attend together the best rides, like ; Universal Studio ; and rampide laughing together.

Also travel together and large number of people work more economically in the budget plan.

Loners always overpay for housing, because the single room in the hotel costs as much as double.

But the cost of a triple room is slightly higher than the cost of double.

If you are recruited from 4 to 6 people on a trip – even better: you can find in the private sector very and very inexpensive apartments, villas.

Get minimum 2 bank cards on a journey

I recommend to make a debit and credit card on travel.

Debit card allows you to pay for all purchases of abroad with a minimum commission from banks, make purchases via the Internet (purchase of air tickets, booking of housing, you can make a visa online to various states and many other usefulness).

Credit card can help you make a deposit for: car, accommodation. Very helpful in case you block the main card, and this is possible.

In the case of cash dollars, double conversion is obtained. It is doubly not profitable.

When we buy dollars at home and then change them in banks to local currency, for example, Sri Lankan Rupee.

Debit card Choose Visa (not electron), MasterCard (not Maestro) and so that you can take abroad to remove cash in ATMs without commission.

For example, it allows you to make a map of Tinkoff Bank.

Credit is desirable to choose with the maximum number of days for installments ; from 30.

There are millions of ways to steal cash, but how to steal from a bank card no more than ten ways.

When choosing a card, rely on the following questions:

  • Is there a commission for performing operations in another currency?;
  • What Commission when removing money in another currency? It is desirable that it was not at all;
  • How much will the annual maintenance of such a card cost? What ways to replenish account without commission?;
  • Will the card be chipped? (for additional card protection from theft of data);
  • Will 3D Secure support? (confirmation via SMS when buying).

Use local transport

When you travel always use local transport and make up travel to save.

Local transport is for example:

  • Jeepni in the Philippines (in the picture below);
  • Tuk-Tuki in Asia;
  • buses (almost everywhere);
  • underground;
  • ferry and T.D.

If possible, buy travel.

In most European cities, you can buy unlimited travel day, week or month.

  • In Paris and San Francisco, Even if you stop just 5 days, it is more profitable to place weekly travel, rather than you to buy a ticket. It is valid for any type of public transport (RER, subway trains, bus, tram).
  • In Dubai it will be more profitable to buy not a one-time ticket, but checkout the Silver NOL Card map.
  • In Germany Group tariffs operate on internal trains, for example, a 2-5 ticket ticket. So, if you are traveling threesome (and sometimes, even together), it is more profitable to buy one such a ticket than individually for each.
  • In Hong Kong You can make a special travel card, put on it some amount and pay for any transport, right up to a taxi – it is, firstly, more convenient, and secondly cheaper. In addition, the card can be paid in some stores.
  • In Amsterdam, the price of travel one by the same passage decreases if you use it quite often.

Buy food in supermarkets and in local markets

The TripAdvisor website you can always learn about the best (delicious) and inexpensive cafes in almost every city on Earth.

  1. For this we go to the site: TripAdvisor.RU;
  2. Next, choose the city of travel, section of restaurants;
  3. Sleva Press the checkbox where: Price ; ; delicious and cheap ;.

Much cheaper will be purchased by products in the markets and in large hypermarkets than in ordinary shops or in private shops.

The most inexpensive in Europe – Chinese restaurants and Turkish snack bars.

The average value of the account there is two times lower than in any other cafe. At the same time, for the quality of the kitchen, you can not worry – almost always and efficiently, and delicious.

Poor students in Berlin give preference to kebabam, large, tasty, nutritious and – the main thing – with the strength of 1-2 euros .

In most Asian countries, a plate with rice, curry and vegetables will cost cheap.

Free accommodation

By registering at www.Couchsurfing.COM Get the opportunity to stay for free from people around the world.

It is safe and quite comfortable!

You can select a host on filters: gender, age, hobbies, knowledge of languages ​​and t.D.

If there is no need for housing, then this resource can even be used for meetings and a joint dinner (although it is often a room that Kauratsurfer offers, it may be better than the hotel).

In addition, they are often aware of events in their city, can tell what time is it better to visit.

So there will be more opportunities to learn about the life of other nations.

Use discounts on the group

Groupon is widespread in Europe, in the USA, as well as in major cities of Asia.

I have been bought on the website of the GROUPON.COM in different countries Very favorable coupons in local cafes and restaurants, museums, cinemas.

Visited the popular attractions of foreign cities with discounts 30-50% of those offering in hotels, local offices with excursion services, spa salons with discounts up to 80% and even booked at the group.

The article may be useful 25 ways to reduce the cost of travel

I hope this article has proven to be useful and interesting. Then I will be very grateful if you tell about it on social networks, share with friends.

33 Sights of Vladimir – the most interesting

33 Sights of Vladimir – the most interesting

Vladimir – the city of the Golden Ring of Russia, which largely determined her fate. 250 years He was the capital of ancient Russia, and today the main attractions of Vladimir in the World Heritage List. In the Dorogi-Ne-Dorogi review, you will learn what to see in Vladimir, in addition to the monuments of UNESCO – 33 options for the choice. And about where it makes no sense.

The main symbols of Vladimir Rus

The main symbols of Vladimir Rus are associated with the epoch Andrei Bogolyubsky (son of Yuri Dolgoruky), who suffered the capital of the ancient Russian state from Kiev to Vladimir.

Golden Gate – symbol of Vladimir

Golden Gate Stand at this place from 1164. Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky built them not only as defense, but also as a main entrance to the ancient Vladimir – rare for medieval Europe.

The gate stand in the middle of the road, and in ancient times they knead the earthen shaft with a wooden wall at the top. See how the fortress looked like then, you can in the Museum-Dioram located in the Gardish Church.

Lifting here on a narrow staircase, pay attention to the wall on the right side. In the opening of the combat door, inscriptions left by Vladimir’s defenders in the winter of 1238, when Khan Bati broke into the city.

On the diorama, it is shown how Tatar-Mongols tried to break through the Golden Gate. They did not succeed. The invaders took Vladimir, only when they destroyed the wall on the shaft near the Spassky Temple.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 1a.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 18:00, Thursday – day off.
  • What is the price: 150 rubles. for adults, 100 rubles. for kids.

Holy Assumption Cathedral: Frescoes Andrei Rublev

Outside the Assumption Cathedral seems conventional – white, five domes. It was laid in 1158. Here they were crowned with Vladimir first, and then Moscow sovereigns.

Inside the temple of the treasure – 300 m² of frescoes written by Andrey Rublev and Daniel black more than 600 years ago.

Most famous: "Procession of righteous to paradise", "Apostles and Angels", "Terrible Court". They after restoration, on the excursion time is beautifully highlighted.

The image of this church inspired architects to create masterpieces. For example, the Italian Aristotle Phiorewanti during the construction of the Moscow Kremlin of the Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.

Cathedral acts as a museum, but worships pass.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 56.
  • When: from 7:00 to 20:00, excursion time from 13:00 to 16:45.
  • What is the price: On the excursion Time 200 rubles., before and after free.

The temple of the cover on the nerve – on one road

The wondrous temple on the nerve is geographically not in Vladimir. But so close to be here and not to see the cover of the hectare of the nerve – ridiculous. The road to the car from the city center will take no more than half an hour.

The temple laid the prince Andrei Bogolyubsky in memory of the son of Izaslav, who was killed in the war with Volzhsky Bulgarians.

Dating up 1158 – 1165.

A lonely church stands in a kilometer from Bogolyubov on a quiet meadow, reflected in the old man of the nerve. In the spring meadow almost completely fills with water, and the temple is sailing on her on a small artificial holly.

Initially, the church surrounded the gallery with columns height of half the temple, in the south wall there is a door from her. Inside the frescoes are not survived, but you will see reliefs outside. A man squeezing on the throne – this is King David. In his hands, he has Psalms, and a number of lions and pigeons – symbols of power and meekness of the Spirit.

The church is valid – you can put candles, submit notes about health and commemoration.

How to get: Vladimir region., with. Bogolyubovo, ul. Vokzalnaya, 8.

Driving to the temple on the car can not. Near the Bogolyubovo railway station there is a small playground, leave the car there. Walking on foot will take about 20 minutes – first on the bridge through the path, and then on a paved stone path. Here are all pilgrims. Everyone goes one expensive.

Bogolyubovsky Women’s Monastery – Bloody Track of the History of Ancient Rus

Bogolyubovsky Women’s Monastery is very close to the temple on the nerve. He occupies the territory of the Palace-Castle Andrei Bogolyubsky.

The monastery itself is a place racing, but the remnants of the Princely Terem, in which Vladimir-Suzdal Prince killed, worth seeing.

In the niche of the stair tower, which is similar to the bell tower, stands a memorable monument. Not allowed inside, allowed to watch from behind the door with grille.

How it was

In 1174, the conspirators at night penetrated the Chamber of Prince, he was seriously injured. He was able on the stone stairs of the screw staircase of Upoltzti in a niche – I wanted to hide there. But Prince Andrew was found on the bloody trail and finished.

The list of conspirators and killers Andrei Bogolyubsky found on the wall of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Pereslavl-Zalessky during restoration in 2015.

About this and what else interesting in Pereslavl-Zalessky, read in the online guidebook.

This is the only civil building that has come down to us since the time of the Domongol Rus.

Nearby is the Neolithic Parking Sungir – archaeological monument to which 34,000 years. On the parking lot, there is nothing to do – there the field, but the finds in the historical museum (read about it next) look interesting.

  • Where: Vladimir region., with. Bogolyubovo.
  • When: Worship every day at 7:30, 17:00.
  • What is the price: is free.

Temples and monasteries in Vladimir

Dmitrievsky Cathedral – White Masterpiece

Dmitrievsky Cathedral was a family, palace temple of Prince Vsevolod a big nest.

The church is built of white limestone. The facades of the top of the Cathedral are "cut" with vesitis patterns, flowers, images of lions and holy martyrs. Just about 1,500 carved stones – and this is the XII century, no power tools, everything is manually.

Inside is not as interesting as outside, but you can look for the sake of the residue of the fresco "Scary Court" and the museum. Every half an hour includes recording audio, so do not leave immediately, wait.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 60.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 18:00, except Tuesday – day off.
  • What is the price: 150 rubles. (preferential – 100 rubles.).

The Virgin-Christmas Monastery – Site

Pray and caraa – The whole history of the monastery comes down to two words. The abode was founded between 1197 and 1206. Now you can see the buildings of the XVII century – the chambers of Archimandrite and Baroque and Eclectics.

Facts you need to know:

  • During the invasion of Batya, the abode was destroyed (1237 g.). Ihuman and brotherhood killed, the monastery burned.
  • Here we created and kept the Lavrentiev chronicle.
  • Alexander Nevsky was buried in the monastery before the saint’s relics were transferred to Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

For about 70 years, the USSR authorities are located: OGPU, NKVD, KGB. Investigative insulators were arranged in monastery cells. The verdict was carried out here. In the western wall of the monastery in memory of this there is a memorial cross, and next to the execution list – in it 28 names.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 68.
  • When: Temple is open from 6:00 to 20:00, Specify service schedule.

Nikitskaya Church – Destructive Baroque

Nikitskaya Church – "White Voron" among Vladimir Orthodox Churches. XVII century, provincial baroque, green facade with white platbands and pilasters. Very beautiful, non-unistricted, as if hidden away from the center.

From the former grandeur of the baroque church there is no trace, the facade crept. Overview is open at the top, but the rise on this bell tower is medieval extreme. The staircase is very cool, the corridor is extremely narrow.

  • Where: ul. Knyagininskaya, 8.
  • When: Daily from 8:30 to 18:00.
  • What is the price: Entrance to the viewing area – 100 rubles.

Trinity Church – Old Believers

The Temple of the Trinity of the Library – the last pre-revolutionary and only in Vladimir, who built the Old Believers. The people – the Red Church of the Golden Gate, because of the color of the brick.

The temple was laid in 1913 – the year of the 300th anniversary of the celebration of the Romanov House. Built in the pseudovizantine style, with elements of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture and Moscow Pattern.

As the church, the building served only 12 years, and in the 1960s he almost demolished. Allegedly there was already a project for the investment of explosives (they freed the place for theatrical square), but the writer Vladimir Soloohin and the public interpreted.

Now inside Museum of Crystal (About it in more detail in the "Interesting Museums in Vladimir" section).

Where: ul. Noble, 2.

Church of the Holy Rosary – Mental Neoetics

Unexpected temple in the old Orthodox Vladimir (Neojik, 1894.).

Here you can all: unbeliever, unresolved, buddhists, Protestants and just curious. This is stated in the ads on the entrance – a kind of FAQ, how to behave in the Catholic church.

Inside the church is light and beautiful: the shapes of the saints are allowed to photograph. On weekends give concerts of spiritual organ music (plus violin or flute). From September to May nuns teach those who want Polish.

  • Where: ul. Gogol, 12A.
  • What is the price: Charitable fee for a concert – from 200 rubles.

The main attractions of Vladimir can be seen over the weekend. How to build a route better, tell me in the article "What to see in Vladimir for 2 days independently".

Vladimir in detail: Original buildings

Water tower

Unusual building built in 1912. More than 103 thousand liters of water was placed in the water tower tank – this is a stock of 8000 buckets.

The monument of industrial architecture externally resembles a fortress construction – arched niches like loopholes, above the windows of the Strengted Arches. When the tower was converted to the museum in the mid-1970s, the similarity was strengthened – added a tent roof with a weather vane.

Here now Museum "Old Vladimir". On 4 tiers there is an observation deck, but the view from it is not the best.

  • Where: Kozlov Shaft, 14.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 18:00, day off – Monday.
  • What is the price: 150 rubles. for adults, 100 rubles. For schoolchildren.

Friendship House – Miracle Terem in Pseudorussky Style

The house of the friendship building has become a dozen years ago, when official delegations began to meet here and carry out techniques. The building looks like Terem: Cyle-shaped arches, a four-tight roof with tents, platbands.

Initially, this is the building of the Vladimir City Duma. Built in 1907, it looks outwardly resembles the "older sister" – the Moscow Duma (the old building on Red Square, is now the historical museum in it). The same red brick, the same pseudorussian style.

Where: Big Moscow, 54.

Men’s gymnasium with a strange flat church

This provincial gymnasium (1786.) Only at first glance seems usual. The main facade is decorated with columns, multistage staircase. The children of nobles and officers studied in it – stories, Latin, other sciences.

Unusual here you need to look for in the end of the building. These are the remnants of the decorative belftle of red brick. The structure was nicknamed "strange flat church" – it warks in the air, only one of the walls is pressed against the school. Previously, at this place was the house church in honor of Alexander Nevsky for teachers and gymnasics.

Now in the building Children’s Art School.

Where: ul. Big Moscow, 35.

Red Cross – Ambulance with bell tower

The building built during the First World War as the Red Cross Hospital, more resembles the estate of the landowner decorated in the style of the Russian Pattern.

Here is unusual for the hospital, all:

  • Porch Runduk, similar to entrance to Gorokhovetskaya merchant chambers,
  • Stone lace around the facade of the building and intricate windows,
  • Carved friezes, semicircular and cylindic platbands, as in Vladimir-Suzdal churches,
  • High tower reminiscent of the bell tower.

During the epidemic of COVID-19, an infectious hospital for patients with coronavirus is deployed.

Where: ul. Gorky, 5.

Theater of dolls or folk house of sobriety

Beautiful building built in 1905 as a folk house for sobriety society. Money on building allocated the Imperial Ministry of Finance. Ampir was mixed here, modern and neoclassicism – the architect Yakov Revyakin tried.

During the year of the 1905 revolution, revolutionaries were going to secretly in the house, folk assembly were satisfied, the rational was. And during the First World War, he was given to refugees.

Now here is the theater dolls.

Where: ul. Gagarina, 7.

Interesting museums in Vladimir

Vladimir Historical Museum: Main Artifacts

Museum is small but interesting. Here, all about the history of Vladimir to the 1917 revolution. Artifacts found on excavations on the Sungori Parking, are stored just in it.

What to see:

  • In the first hall – archaeological finds, including a collection of jewels that were hidden by Vladimir beauties from Tatar-Mongol in 1238.
  • In the second hall – painting with images of Andrei Bogolyubsky and Alexander Nevsky, icons and documents of the time of the Board of Nicholas II.

At the exit, look at the building itself: the facade is decorated with antique Gorokhetian tiles with primitive Russian drawings.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 64.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 16:00, Tuesday – day off.
  • What is the price: Adult ticket – 150 rubles., Schoolchildren free.

Museum Center "Chambers": stand up on the pea

Chambers – this is the provincial attendants.

A large three-story building was built by 1790 for the management apparatus. On the first floor he worked a typography and the editors of the Vladimir "Vedomosti" was placed and where Herzen worked.

Things to do:

  • On the first floor – see how the life and study of our ancestors was organized, try to get fire and stand on the pea.
  • On the second floor – Rate art gallery, as well as vintage interior items.
  • On the third floor – find out at a special exhibition, how the museum was created.

Master classes are arranged in the Museum Center, temporary photo exhibitions are held.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 58.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 17:00, Monday – day off.
  • What is the price: Entrance to Children’s Museum Center – 100 rubles., On the exposure of the 2nd floor – 200 rubles., Exhibition "Birth of the Museum" for free.

Old pharmacy: How stored poisons

Old pharmacies in Russia breed like mushrooms after the rain. Vladimir on their background does not stand out. But if they were not in others, it is worth looking.

It is located in this pharmaceutical knowledge, in which they prepared and sold miraculous medicines from colds and heartburn since 1805.

More than 100 exhibits: Atlas Dr. Geitmann, bottles for poisons from blue moucher glass, perfume leaflets of the XVIII century and all sorts of rare pharmaceutical "things".

  • Where: ul. Georgievskaya, 3.
  • When: daily from 10:00 to 19:00, except Monday.
  • What is the price: Excursions – 200 rubles. For adults, 100 rubles for schoolchildren, master classes – from 300 rubles.

Borodie forge: nail instead of ticket

There is a forge behind the old pharmacy. Blacksmiths here real, hereditary, charismatic – Borodins.

List of blacksmiths for adults and children:

  • see how togging blacksmith horn,
  • Tracing and walk in heavy mail,
  • Drink tea from a real samovar,
  • Put the first nail person (the workpiece will receive instead of the input ticket).

In the forge lives a cat Ryzhik, grab him a hotel and do not forget to stroke the "fire" guide.

  • Where: ul. Georgievskaya, 3g.
  • When: From Friday to Sunday.
  • What is the price: Excursion – 250 USD for adult, 150 rubles. For children, your nail will be taught for an extra 200 USD

Retrosklad: You can touch everything

Retrosklad is a time machine in Vladimirsky. Come into the former car depot of the Vladimir station and fall into the Soviet past.

Epochs are mixed here: Near the motorcycle of military times, cassette tape recorders are adjacent, disk phones. Near the souvenir plates, on the beans’ retrostles, along the wall old skiing with fasteners on rubber bands and wire. On the shelf cameras – film shifts, zenith, fads.

All this is strictly glanced by a mosaic grandfather Lenin.

  • Where: Next to the railway station (entrance through the parking lot)
  • When: daily from 11:00 to 18:00.
  • What is the price: 100 rubles. per person (either for free in return for old things).

Temple Museum: Crystal and Lacquer Miniature

Museum of crystal and lacquer miniatures will find in the Old Believer Red Church of the Golden Gate (I told about the very building above). Here is light and air, but there are not much exhibits as in Gus-Crystal. It’s like a reduced copy of the country’s chief museum.

In the shop windows you will see cups, decanters, decorative products. Home Value – Muratov Installation "Memories of Venice".

On the second floor, on the choir, exhibition of embroidery and lacquer boxes.

How to get to Myshkina from Moscow – there is no train, but there is a ferry
  • Where: ul. Noble, 2.
  • When: from 10:00 to 19:00, except Tuesday.
  • What is the price: 150 rubles., beneficiaries – 100 rubles.

Spoon Museum: From Love to Coronation

The museum of a spoon in Vladimir is symbolic.

The founder of the city of Vladimir Red Solnychko first in Russia ordered to cast silver spoons for his warriors and ordered the use of cutlery during meals.

In the collection of private museum Tatiana Pikunova spoons more than 20,000. Collected all over the world – spoons from 150 countries: silver, porcelain, melchior, tin.

The most interesting – Celtic spoons of love (cut out the bride from the tree) and English coronation. There are geographical spoons, for example, with a bust of Napoleon on a cutlets.

  • Where: ul. Oktyabrskaya, 4.
  • When: daily from 11:00 to 19:00 without days off.
  • What is the price: 200 rubles., Schoolchildren and pensioners – 100 rubles., Preschoolers for free.

Famous monuments in Vladimir

Monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city

Monument stands at the Cathedral Square since 1958.

It depicts three men: the architects turned towards the Assumption Cathedral, the warrior with a sword looks at the golden gate, and the worker with the tractor – on the promsion of Vladimir.

Residents of the city belong to the monument with subnings: call "three fools", and "three lazy people", and "three non-drinking" (since everyone is located back to each other).

Where: ul. Big Moscow, 35/33.

Monument to the prince Vladimir

The monument is located on the panoramic site of the Assumption Cathedral. Near Prince Vladimir Saint Fedor – First Bishop Rostov and Suzdal.

The monument was established in the year of the 850-year-old anniversary of the transfer of the capital from Kiev to Vladimir.

Where: ul. Big Moscow, 43.

Monument to Alexander Nevsky

Monument to find the Western Wall of the Virgin Mary-Christmas Monastery.

In Vladimir, Alexander Nevsky spent the last years of life. He went to his last dipmita in the Horde, here it was then buried (now power in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra).

In 2021, Russia will celebrate the 800th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky.

Where: ul. Big Moscow, next to the planetarium.

Monument to the steam locomotive

The first thing that you will see if you arrive in Vladimir on the train. He is right at the railway station. Do not come close, it fails – the locomotive is fenced with a fence. Nearby there is an oil-containing column, semaphore and a cargo car – a kind of mini-museum of railway engineering in the open sky.

Where: to the left of the railway station.

Monument to the janitor

Monument to the janitor – a rare character on Russian streets. He is far from the center of Vladimir. It’s just a monument to a simple janitor. Leaned on the broom, looks sad. According to the posty of the authors, seeing a philosopher from the streets of Gogol, Dostoevsky and Gilyarovsky. Stranger from the management of housing and communal services, which is close to him.

Where: ul. Belokonskaya, 2.

Vladimir with children: from gingerbread clouds

Gingerbread Museum

In Vladimir, several museums with taste. Gingerbread Museum – one of them. Vladimir Gingerbread, or rather, Pokrovsky (Pokrov – the city in the Vladimir region) differ from Tula Recipera – they are brewed. And still decoration – on sweets, a varicrete glaze is definitely applied. How to do it right, teach in the museum on a master class. In time will take a maximum of an hour.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 42.
  • When: Daily from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • What is the price: Excursion to the master class on the painting of gingerbread and tasting – from 400 rubles.

Workshop chocolate

Another sweet place that is in the same house. While the fidgets will make their own chocolate candies, they will be told: how the cocoa beans grow than milk chocolate differs from Gorky and who invented sweets.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 42.
  • When: Daily from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • What is the price: from 380 rubles. on weekdays, from 430 rubles. on weekends.

Vladimir Planetarium

In the Vladimir Planetarium will be wondering how to reoxoons (there is a program 4-6 years old) and older guys (11+).

Here they will find out why constellations were called in honor of animals and see a real piece of meteorite, and also learn to recognize the brightest stars in the sky. There are virtual travels to Mount Everest and even in Mariana Wpadin. And on the dome of the planetarium demonstrates landscapes of the jungle, the north pole and the moon.

Programs begin with group set.

  • Where: ul. Big Moscow, 66a.
  • When: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, on Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00, Sunday – day off.
  • What is the price: Adult entrance – 90 rubles, for children – 70 rubles.

Ferris Wheel Sky 33

On the local ferris wheel in the city park you will get up to the clouds and see Vladimir from a 50-meter height.

"Sky 33" is included in the top 10 highest Russian wheels Friend.

With young children, you can also, because the booths are closed, you do not have to worry about safety. On adults, the type of special impression will not produce. But the wheel is new, the cabins are comfortable, children will be curious.

  • Where: ul. World, 36.
  • When: from 10:30 to 22:30 (on Thursday from 13:30).
  • What is the price: Adults – 200 rubles., Children – 150 rubles.

Other sights of Vladimir

Vladimir Central – Museum is closed

The song was heard all, so persistently go to see the place, with Russian chanson. And there is nothing to look. The building of the prison is ordinary, excursions inside now do not spend. Museum of the Vladimir Central is closed.

For reference

Built prison by order Catherine II. Among the legendary prisoners were Mikhail Frunze, Vasily Stalin, Lydia Ruslanov.

Now it is a strict regime prison, most prisoners will hold here from 15 years indeed.

Where: Large Nizhny Novgorod, 67.

Georgievskaya Street – Little, yes Delete

Georgievskaya Street is one of the oldest in Vladimir. This is a pedestrian zone – Vladimir Arbat. Place meeting with funny monuments.

It stretches in parallel to the big Moscow, passes on the heating of high slopes.

What heroes will you meet in St. George Street:

  • Pharmacist at the old pharmacy – He will spend the bronze nose (no need to select a bottle with a medicine).
  • Artist on the observation platform – Sparrow flew to Easel. Make a desire and intend it.
  • Sanding and Filera – You will find them near the block of flea market. Vorishka brazenly seizes the victim, and the policeman hid behind the billboard for posters.
  • Brave fireman – Click on the hose lever, water (only in summer).

There is still a stylish customs booth, but it is for beauty, without meaning. And the monument to Vladimir Cherry – Next Next.

Patriarchal Garden – Charm of Vladimir Cherry

According to legend, the patriarch garden laid another prince Andrei Bogolyubsky. There is a version that the cherries for the garden he personally brought from Kiev. Officially, the garden is more than 400 years old – the archival documents of the Virgin-Christmas Monastery are talking about this.

The garden positions itself as a botanical – 130 varieties of fruit-berry trees, so the entrance is paid here. Especially beautiful here in May, in the period of cherry blossom. Works fountain, a lot of arbors, benches, easy to retire. This is a place to relax and dates.

  • Where: ul. Kozlov Shaft, 4a, 5.
  • When: Daily from 10:00 to 19:00.
  • What is the price: Adult ticket – 150 rubles., Children’s ticket – 80 rubles.

If you arrived in Vladimir for the weekend, then inspect all 33 sights will not work. Choose what is interesting to you or see our version of the independent program on Vladimir for 2 days.

Have you ever been to the informal capital of the Golden Ring of Russia? Tell us what other sights of Vladimir are worthy of attention, and what better not to spend your time.

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