Turks and Kaikos

Turks and Kaikos

Turks and Kaikos — British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, in the southeastern part of the Bahamas archipelago, 155 km north of Haiti Island. Consists of 12 larger islands and many small, forming two groups: in the West — Caicos and East — Tørs. Total Islands Square — About 430 km².

Islands in the Turks archipelago and Caicos lowland, are composed of limestone. The highest island — Providensyales (high-point — 49 m). Around the islands are large coral reefs.

Vegetation – Basically, mangrove thickets on the coast, and shrubs. Animal world is represented by waterfowl birds and peptiles. Surrounding waters are rich in fish, lobustami and molluscs.

Climate on Turks and Caicos Islands

Climate on Turks and Caicos Islands — Tropical, Passat. The average temperature in winter — About +27..+28°C, in summer — +32 °C. Waste water temperature — +23..+26°C, in summer — +28..+29°C. During the year, tropical trade winds blow, the strongest winds are possible in August — September.

From June to October, hurricanes and tropical storms bringing abundant precipitation and hurricane wind are possible.

Best time to visit the country — from mid-December to May.

Population of the islands of Turks and Caicos

The population of Turks and Kaikos — 37 665 people (20108.

Ethno-racial composition: negros — about 90%, the rest — Mulatts and white (mainly English, Americans, Canadians).

Baptists — 40%, British — 18%, Methodists — 16%, Church of God — 12%, others —fourteen%.

Official language — English; Creolesky also spread.

Money and currency of the islands of Turks and Kaikos

Monetary Unit of the islands of Turks and Caicos — US dollar ($, US $, or USD), 1 dollar 100 cents.

Banks work from Monday to Thursday — From 08:30 to 14:30, on Fridays — from 08:30 to 16:30.

Bank cards and travel checks are accepted in most establishments on large islands — Providence and Grand Turk. Outside the largest islands, the use of cashless pay means is difficult.

Communication and communications on the islands of Turks and Caicos

Phone code: 1 — 649.

Salvation service: 911.

Long-distance phone codes.

How to call

To call from Russia to Turks and Caicos, you need to dial: 8 — beep — ten — 1 — 649 — Subscriber number.

To call the islands of Turks and Caicos to Russia, you need to dial: 0 — 7 — city ​​code — Subscriber number.

Recommendations and Tips on the Islands of Turks and Caicos

We advise you to be careful when bathing and diving. You can only swim in strictly reserved places — Local beaches although quite well equipped, but only the zone between the reef and the shore is safe. With the outside of reefs, the seabed has a very large bias, and water is inhabited by many dangerous inhabitants. The flows that wash the outer side of the reefs are very strong, also a certain danger represent the surf and tidal flows.

It is recommended to drink bottled water, since local water can be contaminated or have an unpleasant taste.

How to get to the islands of Turks and Caicos

Direct flights between the islands of Turks and Caicos and Russia.

You can get here through the UK, Dominican Republic or USA. All international flights arrive on Providenciales Island.

British Airways flies through the UK (Moscow — London — Providence). Travel Time: 4 hours 30 minutes (Moscow-London) + 12 hours 40 minutes (London Providenciales) + Docking time. This is the most convenient value in terms of flight time. Cost, average — About 1700 — 1900 USD (on both sides).

Two Mediterranean Weeks

Two Mediterranean Weeks

Leaning, I promised Ivan and Lisa to write an adventure about Ravenlooft. [Naturally, I didn’t do that.] However, I think that the description of my adventures in Crete will present no less interest both for them and for other inhabitants of the echoes Ronnie and other friends who bring it to read.

As they say, from bare facts. Let’s open a guide "Le Pet Futhe: Crete".

"Carefree hygiene napkins from Johnson and Johnson. "

Ugh you seem to not open on that page.

"His [Crete] Area 8261 kV.KM., The length of the island is 257 km, the width varies from 13 to 60 km. [. ] Distance to mainland Greece 1000 km, to Asia – 175 km, to Africa – 380 km. [. ]

Crete is known for variety of flora and fauna: chestnuts, oaks, cypresses, chipsticks, cedar forests. "

In fact, the first impression of staying in Crete, after the airport landing outside suddenly arising from the ocean is naked red mountainside, between which the highway. [How further notes will be shown, the first impression is often deceptive.] However, we will not get ahead.

Major Impressions from the start of the trip were closely related to the celebration of the birthday of Ivan, which took place on Friday. Vermut then was a lot. So arrival at the airport at 1:30 night and waiting for an aircraft that takes off at 3:45, it took place very nice.

Flies we are very smooth and good, slightly less than 4 hours. As I said, landing looks very cool. The plane decreases along the shore of the sea above the water, and when it flies quite low, a cape suddenly arises from the water, to which the plane sitshes.

HA Crete turned out to be significantly less hot than I was afraid. How much exactly – you will not lie, there is no thermometer. Ho 32-degree heat in St. Petersburg perceived much harder.

Next, all arrivals were departed by bus on hotels. Immediately it was possible to assess the territorial recreation organization in Crete. On the one hand, from the highway, in the 500-meter strip separating it from the sea, it’s all that you may need a tourist for his happy holiday – hotels, eaters, shops and everything in such a spirit – and finally a narrow beach strip. Intelligent gaps between houses are filled with agricultural land – from olive trees before tomatoes.

Another destination was the Dimico Hotel in the town called Chersonissos, on the north coast of Crete 30 km east of the capital of Crete, Heraklion. They say this is the most fun place on the whole coast. Although I haven’t seen others yet and I can not compare.

This hotel, perhaps, fully justifies your ***. Spacious air-conditioned rooms, bathroom and balcony, Pool in the yard and other charms of civilization. There is no TV in the room – and thank God. Without MTV will have to suffer. However, here, as always, it did not cost without so familiar mess. To our arrival at the hotel there was no sufficient number of free numbers, so for one night we were blocked together in a triple room. True, the next day, in addition to him, we got another double, although it was not opposite, as promised, and the floor above. But we are still satisfied.

[Food at the hotel – breakfast and dinner in the form of a buffet. Breakfast leaves much to be desired – it is usually unable to eat anything more interesting than sandwiches with cheese, sausage and jam, drinking them weak coffee. Printed joy – cupcake or fruit, watermelon or melon. Has dinner are offered different salads – from edible to terribly, in the best style of Greek cuisine, salty, – and hot dish (meat or fish), one serving per person. All drinks for dinner – for a fee. True, we are accustomed to treat tomatoes or watermelon.]

Now a little impressions about the city and the country as a whole. Impact of the surrounding area and architecture immediately strides. The locality, outside the narrow coastal strip – mostly mountains, with red stony slopes, mostly not covered with vegetation. Next to this – a thick greens of gardens, trees, rarely reaching the height of more than five meters, and a small dry shUSD Architecture – a variety of shape of the house, not more than 4-5 floors, whitewashed and torn balconies. However, due to the lack of my knowledge in architectural terms, I better show photos.

[I want to add that unfinished buildings often come across. While there is money – the house is built when they end – it is left until the next winter. It also happens that on the lower floor of the building the restaurant or shop works, and the top is naked concrete frame.]

The dollar rate towards drachma is approximately 1: 300. With the exchange, as usual, there is a slight sell: on the doors of institutions changing currency (as a rule, it may be a course and 325, and 340 draughters per dollar, but the Commission they take for the exchange, Returns a course to the level of ordinary 295-300 drachms. Prices – if you compare them with the amount of money we have, and not with similar in St. Petersburg – look pretty acceptable. [If you compare them with St. Petersburg – no longer look. All 2.5-5 times more expensive than in Russia.] Of course, it seems that you have to save, but whether you have two times more money, you could not deny yourself anything. However, I think this feeling does not depend on the amount of money available.

The food plate in the restaurant is located somewhere from 1000 to 5000 DRC, depending on what food, and on average – in the area of ​​1800 DRC. Bottle of beer in the store – 250 DRC, one-and-a-half bottle of the cheapest wine – 800 DRC, ice cream – from 250 DRC per ball. Naturally, in restaurants everything is more expensive – for example, for a large mug of beer with you will be taken from 500 to 900 DRC.

Note 2. 27.07.99, Tuesday. 13:00

He is still engaged in recreation in any purpose – in particular, writing notes – Leni-I-Ivo. But there is nothing to do anyway, and Marinina is almost over. So I will continue my story about the charms of Cretan Life. (By the way, "Cretan" Translated to Danish sounds like Kretinsky).

So, with the theme of the motherboard for all tourists – money – finished. Let us turn to the following to the topical themes – beaches and food.

The beach in Chersonissos is quite narrow, usually not more than 10 m, and covered with small pebbles. [In fact, contrary to what is said in this and in one of the following notes, in Chersonissos there are clean sandy beaches. Only to them go not 100 m from the hotel, but a kilometer.] Nice – they are not so sticking to everything and everywhere falling asleep like sand, but not so tough as pebbles. The day of the sea is the same small pebbles, plus large cobblestones with sharp edges, as well as mysterious feathers (shouts?) [sea hedgehogs], sharp, like needles, and leaving a mass bypass in the legs and other parts of the body. The sea, by the way, looks funny from the shore. Where on the bottom of the stones, it is yellow-brown or purple, where the sand is green.

The beach, as it believes a decent resort, completely forced by sun beds and umbrellas that you can take advantage of a reasonable fee (from us four in two beds without an umbrella took 2000 DRC). [It was the first and penultimate time when we paid for sun beds. The rest of the time was the bedding.] Free space is usually either where the embankment approaches the sea at all closely, or where it is inconvenient to enter the water. [Either, again, in a kilometer from the city center.] Relator, by the way, are missing as a class – apparently, it does not rely on decent resorts. [Shower We saw only in one place.]

What is surprising, the people in the afternoon at sea are significantly less than in the evening in restaurants and bars on the waterfront. It seems that many prefer to receive their portion of the Sun, lying around the pool of their hotels, and not on the seashore. Water is salted in the sea. Topless girls there is, although it is impossible to say that their majority. [There are sunburning topless elderly ladies. Apparently, they seek to show "than we don’t horses?". Has horses really looks like. ]

Now about food. Have to say that we managed to try all the characteristic dishes, but some idea of ​​Greek cuisine has already formed. [In the future, it has not undergone fundamental changes.]

A characteristic feature of the kitchen is a big love for feta cheese – Brynze made of sheep milk. It is put, for example, in the Greek salad (cucumbers, tomatoes and fetas), and its derivatives are the basis of the Tzatziki salad (grated cucumbers, garlic and a large amount of yogurt). (By the way, in the menu of one of the restaurants a dish called Russian Tzatziki. You are in Russia ate? Me not.)

Another funny case from the series "Rousseau tourist mind moral": Every evening, a large bowl of dinner is served in a buffet of a buffet, that by type and consistency most reminiscent of a thick raspberry yogurt. I decided that it was sweet, and put myself a generous portion. Having tried, jerked from salt taste – all the same feta, plus, apparently, beets, garlic and something else. He’s if it is smeared with a thin layer on bread, it is even quite tasty. [What is characteristic, every time the bowl remained almost untouched.]

But Musaka I really liked. This is a casserole of eggplants, potatoes and meat minced meat in a dairy sauce, covered on top of a raw crust. Tasty, portion generous, and it is cheap. But Gyros is a good familiar shaver – only meat lies on a plate separately, sauce separately, and a bigger side. And Pita Gyros is just a swallow. And cooking technology exactly the same.

M-D. But I haven’t lunch yet. Okay, we turn to the less encouraging the topics.

A mixture of languages ​​that can be heard on the streets is quite diverse. Only in our small hotel, in addition to the Russians, live Czechs and Dutch. Although, to be honest, I would prefer that some of the Dutch people do not live here. Instead of, like all decent people, drunk in bars, they do this without departing from the cashier, right in the hotel. And they love to sing along with their favorite groups. Loud.

Here. I returned from lunch. Whiskey in Irish Coffee [Coffee cocktail with milk, sugar and that very whiskey] turned out to be nanitally generously (yes, this thing is not enough for drinking her dinner), and then we were still brought on a bonus glass of cancer [grape moonshine ]. Heat alcohol is hard.

So, will continue about languages. In general, the Dutch in Crete is surprising a lot. Accordingly, there are also special Dutch bars, and fresh newspapers from Holland will be taken to the greatest quantity, and so on. And the country like so small.

In addition to them, there are still quite a few Germans, a little English-speaking public, a number of Italians, Poles.

Funny the signs written in capital Greek letters. Half letters – Russians, a third – Latin, the rest – in themselves (KSI, Sigma, Omega and T.D.). My knowledge in the ancient Greek (4 years of studying in the gymnasium, to date, completely forgotten) is enough to recognize familiar roots and understand some phrases, but we are talking about oral speech. Although the phonetics seems to be simple, the Greeks speak pretty quickly, missing many sounds.

So, on this we are completing the sightseeing part of our description and go to the diary.

On the day of arrival, on Saturday, we managed to make a very little. Himmer wandered around the city, waiting for the number to be released, settled. Like present "Rousseau Tourist", lunch the potatosses brought with them and bread and lay down after the aircraft. Although it seems to swim in the sea we managed to. In the evening, Elvira arrived at the hotel – a representative of travel agency – and began to tell how much all the fun in the form of additional excursions, which were listed on a piece of paper issued to us in the bus. I warn everyone who decides to follow my footsteps: do not rush to buy everything you offer! Numerous firms located in the Chersonissos itself will offer you the same trips for a fee of two or three times less. For example, for a one-day cruise on the island of diamond, we were invited to pay $ 68 per person. Local firms take for this pleasure only 7,500 DRC, or $ 25. Of course, at the same time, more than doubtful probability of getting a Russian-speaking guide. But for me this is not a problem, and others, I think, will be able to survive it if you don’t need to listen to anything particularly, but you only need to swim in the sea and enjoy life.

After dinner, with whom we have left unhappy (as the next days have shown, it is usually a little better on dinner), we decided to walk in the city. By the time when the feeling that drunk a dinner of a beer bottle 0.33 for two – it is clearly not enough for complete happiness, finally imposed on the desire to drink more on a circle, we passed by the restaurant "Aphrodite". As it turned out, the waiter in this restaurant [as we later learned, his name is Alexander] speaks great in Russian. So we quickly chose this place.

In order not to turn the note suddenly, I confess that now the desire to sleep finally crossed the desire to write in me. To Be Continued. By the way, on the radio are now growing for surprise decent music. What is characteristic, only Greek.

Note 3. thirty.07.99, Friday. 20:20

In the last days of impressions have accumulated mass. However, I will start with additions and refinements to previous notes.

First, sandy beaches in Chersonissos have. What makes their big drawback lies in the fact that the number of cigarettes per square meter of sand exceeds all imaginable limit [exaggerating slightly, of course]. Pebble beaches for some reason remain cleaner.

Secondly, as it turned out, the Commission is not the only podlka, which is awaiting a tourist who is trying to change the currency. You can honestly say that Net Exchange Rate has 301. And no less honestly construct 500 DRC for operation – without warning, naturally. So in the end all the same 297. [This podlastka awaits you in banks. Here is where, according to logic, there must be the best course and least of all perversions. No.]

And from more pleasant news – inventory showed that we have enough money. And $ 40 per day on four allows you to have a good dinner, and eat a kilogram of fruit, and go to drink beer in the evening. So wait even impressions from excursions.

So, the past Sunday began in the best-style me’s beloved. In the morning, early I dropped the glasses on the tiled floor of the bathroom, and they did not survive it. Spare not yet crashed. Ugh-pah-pah. [They successfully survived until the end of the trip, and are still alive.]

Then we spent the day on the schedule, which now has already managed to become familiar. After breakfast, 10 hours, we go to the sea. Wean and swim up to 12. Return to the room, laundered in the soul from sea salt, swimming in the hotel pool. O’er at 2 or so go dining. Then – Siesta hours to 4 or 5, or again swim in the pool. Before dinner, go to walk or at sea (if not too lazy to get out of the room). Evening after dinner spend on a walk or for the game in pref. True, the girl is hazy with which we met here and who made us with a dad company for the game, tomorrow flies – she came only for a week.

On Sunday, I felt good. First, in addition to the mug of beer at lunch, the waiter previously mentioned restaurant "Aphrodite" Brought us on a glass of Uzo, anise vodka. As we were told on today’s excursion (slightly closing ahead), the UZO, like grape vodka canceli, is obtained by distillation of grape cake and bones. Only in the UZO also add anis, which makes it the taste of less pointed and more peculiar. UZO Be sure to drink with ice so that it is cloudy and became white. But in general, this drink I didn’t like too much.

And after dinner, we bought a bottle of Cretan red wine (the cheapest) and pleasantly spent the evening, consuming its contents.

[Another cute process that happened on Saturday is a cutting melon. The only knife that we had was a scalpel. They cut the unfortunate melon. ]

Monday and Tuesday went through the same program with minor variations. We enjoyed Greek cuisine, gradually sunk, fearing to burn. [Oddly enough, I turned out to be the most awesome, although I came to Crete practically not tanned.] With my usual speed, I absorbed the book by Marinina brought by my mother, firmly promising myself that when they end, I will definitely sit to write memoir. We also managed to climb to the village of Kutulofari located from Hersonissos. Hich remarkable, except for the beautiful view of Hersonissos, we did not find there. But the camera we naturally did not take. Will have to come back there. [As a result, we decided that we are lazy and we will somehow manage without a view of Kersonissos from Kutulofari].

The same day was much more than half of interesting events. He was appointed the first of the two ordered by us from Elvira Excursions – the Palace and Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

Honestly: like a holy flutter by the gymnasian at the sight of the rest of the oldest civilization in Europe, I did not feel. Feeling Other: A certain uncle came named Evans, dug out some ancient Kamenyukov, poured them with concrete, drew fresco fler and said: "Here was so." Yes, of course, I understand that this great man put a lot of effort to reconstruct, how did the Cradans really lived in the Minoan Era. But still the feeling of artificiality is all that we show, I did not leave me. Plus, there were still stories about the fact that the labyrinth was not that the Palace was a maze, and the Minotaur is just a priest in a mask in the form of a bull’s head. [Where in this palace it is necessary to bind the thread of Ariadnes, we did not show.]

But the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion did not disappoint me. See the real things made by people of the XVI century to our era, and to be amazed by their beauty – it is quite another matter. Although with the originals of the frescoes whose copies are now in the Palace’s Palace, it’s somewhat more complicated – it’s bad and small pieces they have been preserved. [The process, with which of which of 10% of the preserved pieces restores the whole fresco, for me it remained a mystery.]

But I myself liked Iraklion not too. What gives most of all in everyone so far seen critical settlements are their closest. Narrow streets for which two buses can not disappear. Dense rows of small shops, hotels and other institutions. Many cars and especially motorcycles – offices offering to rent them, are located every one hundred meters. In Khersonissos, besides, there are no traffic lights. As you want, so go through the main street with her rather dense movement.

In Heraklion, we went on the market – a small street at which all the same prices sell all the same range of goods as in other places. True, as I understand it, on Saturdays in Heraklion, some large market is going to. Wandered around the Venetian fortress at sea and regretted 800 DRD for the entrance. We looked at several temples, including the main cathedral. Has with mom in the cathedral is not allowed – this is a holy place, and you should be properly dressed, or, if shortened – no shorts. So we looked from the pre-banner for all the beauty. [The most beautiful thing that is in this cathedral is chandeliers.] Then we were looking for a long way back to the bus [All Iraklion Maps We, as usual, left in the room], and I was already in a completely planted heat from the heat, and only the portion of ice cream and a few sips Ice Tea returned me to life. [Ice cream, by the way, do not know how to do in Crete. In Russia, it is still better than anywhere else in Europe.]

Note 4. 01.08.99, Sunday. 21:40

So Friday, day excursion to Lassiti’s plate. Normal for sightseeing morning: rise at 7 am, fast, but tight breakfast, in 8 small – Pick-Up. The first joy of life is a two-storey NEOPLAN bus, downgraded to such an extent that in the cabin is just cold. We and getting at once occupy front places on the second floor – as it turned out, the hottest.

Next – the procedure for collecting tourists on other hotels, stretching more than an hour. Everything is as usual – long parking is not clear what, ladies run there, waving pieces of paper, and everything in such a spirit. By the way, the maneuvers of the two-story bus on the narrow Cretan streets – the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Especially if on one side of you – a steep mountain break. [As the guide said on this excursion, "If you are afraid, close your eyes. How does our driver doing."]

We are going along the already familiar road – in Heraklion, then in Knososos and on the mountains. Of course, if it were not for this trip, I would have a completely turning impression of the nature of Crete. After the bus turns through the first crests of bare red mountains, the eye opens the mountain slopes and valleys planted with smooth strips of everything that grows here – grapes, olive and fruit trees and other greenery.

First stop – wine-making plant cutting with wine tasting. Ham showed a small film about how the wine and olive oil are made, shot so that it is impossible to understand practically nothing [in addition, what kind of roofing is the most factory]. Then he spent on a small museum with different devices, which were used for the manufacture of wine and oil, and offered to enjoy the finished product. Wines were offered in full range – grades 6, probably. Has Looking for an ancient Cretan breakfast: a tear with tomatoes and olive oil. The guide, of course, pours on the bottom. But you can serve yourself and do not regret the product. So we fell into. Especially recommended pink and white semi-sweet. Hu and purchased – home, for gifts.

[Another characteristic of the Crete drink, except the Uzo and Craki – this is white wine recycling. Initially, the Greeks were added to the wine to the wine in order for it to be maintained during transportation on ships. Then they drew attention to a special taste that gets wine with a resin, and began to add it for the sake of taste – it turned out to be recycled. You can’t say that it is more delicious than ordinary white wine.]

Next Stop – Pottery Workshop in the village of Trapso. The process of turning an amorphous piece of clay in a vase, an amphora or pot, occurring right in front of our eyes in a matter of seconds – IT’s Sheer Magic. Try your handers in this craft was offered to everyone, but looking at unsuccessful attempts to other people, I did not dare. [It did not prevent me from this very clay splash.] However, the light behind the pottery was captured by photography, and the work that she caught up (more precisely, caught a potter, and she twisted it a bit), we will bring with them.

Next – Long, almost hour moving on mountain serpents in Kira Monastery. The roads cassed by the stories of Hisch Evridiki about how the life was arranged in Crete.

HA This time a note regarding proper clothes was successfully ignored, and we were shown the church of the XIV century with frescoes. My look, nothing special. But dad collected a little wild Alyci with a growing next to a tree monastery.

Further, our path lay on the plane throat. Virtually even plateau at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and an area of ​​8000 km ^ 2, fenced with a solid wall of the mountains – the spectacle is delightful. For completeness of the picture – wind mills pumping water from underground sources. They say now they are about 1000, and before, to universal mechanization, there were ten thousand. But we saw them clearly less.

The main attraction of this plateau, where we did our next stop – this is the Cave of Dicta, where, by legend, Zeus was born. From the place where the bus stops, you need to climb another meters 100 up the mountainside. Particularly lazy can overcome this distance on the donkey. Next – Descent to the cave. Of course, with the advent of concrete steps and electric light, romantics are no longer a lot, and the depth of the cave – not promised 100 meters, but only 25. What is still – very beautiful. Heya, of course, claims that the Cave three-chapter on Mount Ai-Petri is much more interesting, but I was not there, so I can’t compare.

Have a lunch we stayed in the village at the entrance to the plateau, through which they used before. There we dangled for a long time, looked at the souvenirs in the shop near the restaurant, Lazili in the surrounding mountains.

Hu, and the last joy for us was the magnificent view of the entire piece of the northern coast of Crete, which opens completely suddenly after the bus makes another turn on serpentine. Since we were returned on another road, our hotel, formerly stopped on the way there, became the first stop on the way back.

The main remarkable event of Saturday was the visit of Star Beach – the water park is the smallest, but closest to us, located immediately at the Chersonissos. It finally convinced me to go for a whole day to another water park (Aqua Splash, older and small, or new and cool Water City) is an unnecessary and uninteresting. Has Gorki I rolled down the ears per hour. Most of the rest of the entertainment (Catapult, Tarzanka, Water Motorcycles, Trips on Banach and Parachute Flights) were too expensive – the entrance to Star Beach is free, and all entertainment is paid separately. In addition, in Star Beach just a wild number of people. I also really liked the online cafe – a lonely turned off the computer in a small rag snack and having a nearby signs of something like a cafe. [He was turned off three times when I passed by him on other days.]

On Saturday evening, we once again wandered down stores and made two purchases – the cheapest mask with a phone for my mother and the thickest book for me. Mask with a tube forget at home is not recommended – there is on the seabed to see: beautiful stone slopes, multicolored fish, algae all forms and species. [Before that we had some swimming points on four, in which we swam in turns.] HU, and the book is another bestseller Tom Clancy, "Executive Orders". 1,200 pages of shuffled English text. [Read yesterday, 11 numbers.]

Today, very little differed from the traditional program. But tomorrow we are waiting for an excursion to Spinalong, and on Wednesday I will go to Samaria’s gorge. See you in the next series!

Note 5. 03.08.99, Tuesday. 18:30

Sproungeu’s guided tours were quite traditional: a long and tedious procedure for collecting people by hotels. Now this time a travel agency for some reason did not bother to hang a sign on the bus, so at each stop the guide went out and shouted the name of the travel agency. In addition, they managed to sell one extra voucher, so one person had to go standing.

When I first heard the voice of our aid, I was close to get finally disappointed in the excursion. Thanks to the wondrous quality of the broadcast, it was not clear. Nothing at all. True, as it turned out later, another guide began working with an English-speaking part of the group, and the low frequencies of the voice experienced a broadcast much better.

The first stop became Kritz, "Traditional Cretan Village". With traditional critical souvenir shops, traditional eaters and traditional Cretan close. How I finally showed this tour, the second distinguishing feature of Crete, after the cramped – it is its same. Yes, the mountain slopes overgrown with olive trees is beautiful. What way to do not eat, you will see all the same mountain slopes, overgrown with all the same olive trees. Yes, among all this there are attractions – the same Lassiti, Spinalong and Samaria. But on the way to them, we looked at the traditional Cretan nature of the same thing I don’t want.

The only thing that attracted my attention in Criton is a store in which very cute pickles were sold [Translated from Role Zhargon – Swords]. Just $ 200.

Next, we went to Agios Hikolaos, the city from which our satellites sailed, who ordered an excursion with a BBQ (barbecue) or a fishing trip. The rest was given free time.

There are two main attractions in this city – "bottomless lake" 64 m depth, connected by a channel with the sea, and the Church of the Holy Trinity. The depth of the lake was difficult to evaluate visually, but the number of gasoline in it is easy. Still floats in it an incredible number of fry. I’m sure, the truth that the fish caught there can be. As for the church – no one is not allowed inside, so we had to be able to photograph a mosaic on the front. Because the streets, as usual, narrow and have no place to move away, the whole church in the frame did not fit. [However, this photo still did not work.]

Further, our way lay in Elund. This is another resort village, less than Khersonissos, but much cooler in terms of the cost of living. After we have lunch, it’s time for sailing to Spinalong.

Spinalonga is the Venetian fortress of the XIV century, built on the island in 15 minutes by way of a boat from Elundia. This island was created artificially: before he was part of the peninsula, from which he was now separated by a shallow strait. Until 1957, leprosaries were located in Spinalong – how you will speak in all travel agencies, the last in Europe. HE believe them! As our guide told us, there is still a commune of lepers in Eastern Romania, the existence of which was held in secret until the Caushessk regime fell.

[By the way, the name of the island I quickly reeded as "Popatold".]

Our guide turned out to be a very cute and extremely mated man. Therefore, during an hour excursion on the island, he not only told us that there is something, but also read the long sermon about what unfortunate people are actually ledging, as they give the insulation, which the society creates, how much he attached effort, collecting information about how people lived in leproseria and how his excursion differs from excursions of all other guides. He is deceive to my ordinary neglectful critical tone: the excursion was really quite interesting.

After returning from Spinelone, we were given time to swim. Then we went back from Elunda to Agios Hikolaos, on the road passing along the Bay Mirabello. Hado say that the bay quite justifies its name ("beautiful view" Translated from Italian). However, the most beautiful types are open with quite a large height, and the view from the shore is impressive slightly less.

Upon returning to Agios Hikolaos we spent at least an hour, sitting on the bus and contemplating the ferry loading process. Whether we waited for someone, whether the Hydh was trying to figure out if we need to wait for someone. [By the way, judging by the number of cars who came to the ferry, he clearly worked in Pass-Through mode: from one end you enter, you go with another. Only shores from the other end.]

By the way, I forgot to mention about the island of Cree Cree. Cree-Cree is wild critical goats under threat of extinction. Previously, they lived only in the area of ​​Samaria, but then in order to preserve them settled on several islands around Crete, in particular, on the one that is located near Agios Hikolaos. Most firms honestly promise that you will see this island. But it does not mean that you will see the goats themselves! They are hiding from the heat in the bushes, and they are usually not visible from the water.

After the usual procedure, the calls of the people at home, we found yourself at home. By the way, the tour operator, who organized this trip, was called Petzalakis Club. Ham she cost 3900 DRC per person, plus 2500 per boat. [If we bought a ticket right from the operator, and not through an intermediate firm – it would be 3400.] For those who go to BBQ, prices look even funnier. How everywhere it says, the ticket is only 3300 DRC. About the fact that it is necessary to pay another 3,500 DRC for the boat and actually BBQ, people often recognize only on the bus.

The same criter that I wrote above extends not only to the terrain. Whatever the city you come, in most restaurants you will be offered approximately the same menu of approximately the same prices. An neurouzh may vary, the degree of laziness of the service personnel, additional positions may appear in the menu. But the basic set remains to pain stable. All travel agencies will offer you the same tours almost by the same prices. There are usually the days of the week for which excursions are held, but you will surely find a firm that will offer any travel you need to any desired day. Souvenir shops are slightly less monotonous – in order to familiarize yourself with the full range of the products offered, you need to visit not one, and three or four stores.

Another equity of Crete is repeated from one settlement in another with the same constancy, as in the good old days – Lenin Street. It’s street El. Venizelou, named after the Prime Minister of Greece, who reunited her with Crete in 1913. Wherever we were, so called one of the main streets. [Although the resorts are usually actually used simpler names – Main Road and Beach Road.]

Note 6. 08.08.99, Sunday. 21:57

In the last days of staying in Crete, I never got to sit down and bring my story to the end, so I wrote the last note at home, sitting at my favorite computer. So, we finished on Monday.

On Tuesday we decided to get out in "Lichnostatis". This is something like an ethnographic open-air museum combined with a botanical garden, located very close to the Chersonissos. The ethnographic part is represented by houses, reconstructing traditional Cretan crafts and habitats – weaving-dye workshop, a shepherd hut (we first took it for the shaman), winecale, the church and a few more buildings. The botanical is a garden where all sorts of fruit trees grow, and a house with herbarium aromatic herbs. Promised in advertising the exhibition of masters of folk creativity we did not find.

All this is very wonderful if it were not for one "but". Almost the only information that in the museum besides the exhibits itself is plates with verses in Greek. Ham was issued a piece of paper with the translation of these poems into English. Have a piece of paper poems numbered, but there are no species on the location of the corresponding tablets. Homer on the signs themselves are also missing. So the comparison of the original with the translation was a difficult task. In addition, there were obviously larger than transfers on a piece of verses.

So, without a guide, Lakhnostatis see, of course, is interesting, but no more. The only thing that pleased us when visiting the museum is grapes growing in the garden. I know whether it is necessary to taste it; judging by the number of overripe berries – not very. What is not to disappear by a valuable product! So we got all the variety of grape varieties growing in Crete.

The rest of the day passed quite traditionally. We booted on the only pure sandy beach, equipped with a shower that we found – he just next to the museum. Have lunch, they still wandered around the city, lit up in the pool.

Wednesday I had a completely busy excursion in the gorge of Samaria. Parents decided that they were already so rolled, and the trip, which begins at 5:30 am and ends in the area of ​​12 nights – this is for them too, so I drove one. Samaria is the longest gorge in Europe. Although his length is a very interesting question. This tours of this tour usually write a number of 18 kilometers, the guide said that the length of the gorge of 15 km plus 2 more kilometers from exiting the gorge to the sea, and kilometer stones on the way through the gorge ends at 13 km.

There are two ways to pass the gorge – Hard Way and Lazy Way. Hard Way – this is when you are brought on the bus upstairs, you pass through all the gorge and you are taken on the ferry below. (To the village at the bottom of the gorge – Agia Rouumeli – not to get along the highway. Only sea.) If you choose Lazy Way, you are brought on the ferry down, then you rose as much as you want, and descend back. My advice to you: do not be lazy! THE HARD WAY IS NOT THAT HARD. And choosing "Lazy Path", You will surely lose yourself the pleasure of seeing the top of the gorge, which is absolutely not like the bottom.

On the way to Samaria, we pass almost through the whole Crete. Integrated from Hersonissos to the West, we pass through Heraklion, then past the Rethymnon, and, reaching Chania, turn to the south and after 30 km reach the village of Oloche, where we are doing a stop for breakfast. (Has more than a bun with coffee, you can not count on.) After another little moving, we reach the burden in the gorge where 1200 DRCs are collected from us. At the entrance hangs the sign that, they say, the beauty of nature cannot be sold, but this minimum fee contributes to its preservation.

The path through the gorge begins at an altitude of about 1700 meters from the sea level, with a fairly steep serpentine descent from the edge to the bottom of the gorge. Gorge slopes covered with beautiful pine forest. Every one and a half or two kilometers are equipped with places to relax, where there are sources with clean drinking water. Therefore, to drag with you a large amount of water is not necessarily. Risk to get lost is practically no – a crowd of tourists that goes on the gorge with you is at least 600. If something happens to you, you will find a guide, which goes after half an hour after the main group, and delivers down on a donkey.

By the way, we are not very lucky with the guide. The man is good, but the English isn’t His Native Language, and he says it is clear, but with a lot of mistakes. So I had the opportunity to know my knowledge in German – he had less problems with this language (or I just don’t notice them). In addition, some things from the fact that a guide about the agriculture of Crete, not quite converge with what they were told on excursions to Lassithi, and in general it looks not very believable. For example, the fact that in the greenhouses on the southern bank of Crete they collect six yields per year.

The next piece is the path for the bottom of the gorge, often crossing the current river. There is such a place where every tourist leaves myself a pyramid from stones. The field of pyramids looks very cute. Unfortunately, however, I did not photograph him.

The last part of the path is already in a narrow part, where the distance between the walls is somewhere from 20 m to 3 m in the narrow point, wearing the name Iron Gate. (By the way, I recommend you to relax and stock water in the last place for rest in front of this part. After that, they will not be long.) Just in Iron Gate I managed to step up between the steps of the wooden bridge and completely broke it.

The output of the gorge also looks cute. There is a gorge, the trail goes on it. Near the trail stands the sign with the inscription "Output". Gorge goes on. But after the exit you can already build all sorts of eaters.

How I discovered, reaching Agia Rouumeli, you could not hurry in the gorge. The only thing in this village can take your time – it’s sitting in a restaurant or lying on the beach. The first of these classes can only take a limited time. The second is extremely complicated by the fact that pebbles on the shores of the Libyan Sea are so much so much that walking on them becomes problematic. Especially – lying. And the money is pity. So I had to just hang out, trying to find anything interesting in local shops.

The path from Agia Rouumeli in Sfakia, where the bus was waiting for us, the ferry comes into another village (name, unfortunately, I do not remember). This village is very cute – she is completely hidden behind the cape, so the only thing that can be seen from the water is a church standing at some distance from the village. And even in this terrible hole there are hotels, Rooms for Rent. All as it is believed. In total, the path on the ferry takes about an hour.

The remaining two days of our stay in Crete contained some interesting events. Purchases of souvenirs, last bathing in the sea, Farewell to Alexander in a restaurant. The expense has passed quickly and successfully – we went from the hotel in Chersonissos at 5:45 PM on Cretan time and already around 3 hours on St. Petersburg.

In general, the pleasure cost us $ 600 per person per ticket and $ 1000 spent there (4000 dollars on excursions, the rest – on food, souvenirs and other minor costs). I really liked everyone. 🙂 Although I can’t say that I would feel very deprived if our holiday lasted not two weeks, and a week or ten days.

UAE – Shopping, Running

UAE – Shopping, Running

A couple of years ago, with the name of the country, the United Arab Emirates – any knowledgeable Russian arose the image of huge supermarkets and markets, as well as charter flights, which storms heavy loaded shuttles. If such a person was asked if he was going to go on vacation in Dubai or Sharjah, who asked such a question would consider in the best case. Today the situation has radically changed. Last season (which continues in the UAE from the end of October to the end of April), vacationers amounted to more than 60% of all passengers of the charter flight on the Saint Petersburg – Dubai route.

United Arab Emirates (unlike Russia) all over the world are widely known as the high-end seaside resort. For rest in the UAE, you can choose any of "States" Countries – Most travel agencies are offered to stay in Dubai, where the main part of charters from Russia arrives, or go to the neighboring Sharpeck. Last year, rest appeared in the capital of Abu Dhabi Country, which is a modern city and business center of the country, with high-altitude hotels and tense rhythm of life. Here is a high level of hotels and better service, but, as in any metropolitan city, prices are designed for rich tourists from Europe and other countries of the Arab East. Therefore, Dubai and Sharjah remain the main place of recreation of Russian tourists in the Emirates. There is a network of good hotels (knowledgeable people advise to stop no lower than three stars), excellent beaches, tennis courts and golf courses. In 1996, a mini-disneyland was built here in just a few months. There is a variety of water rides, good water sports and snorkeling have been created. For those who wish, walks on boats and sailboats along the coast and small islands. In Dubai, a significant part of hotels is located at the shore. But a tourist should not worry if the hotel is removed from the beach, – to him continuously go "Shatla" – Minibuses.

Most Russian travel agencies advise their customers to stay on holidays in Sharjah. It is a beautiful white city on white sand, located along the shore of the bay. Here all hotels are located near the sea and have their own beaches.

The water temperature in November reaches + 300C . The resort has a full tourist infrastructure: a variety of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Although in Sharjah the most stringent requirements for the ban on alcohol – it can not be acquired and consumed at the hotel. But practice shows that it is for Russian tourists not a hindrance.

In Sharjah, you can go to a row of excursions. The most popular journey to Aculii Island, located almost in the center of the Persian Gulf, where you can catch a small shark and just to do. Night hunt for crabs, which captures its unusual and excitement.

Almost all holidaymakers order Safari – on comfortable jeeps, tourists go to the Reddish Desert, seeking endless, where they drive in the village of Bedouins, the life of which, it seems, has not changed since the Time of the Prophet Mohammed. West customers can afford both a helicopter tour to admire the beauty of the Arabic Paradise from the aerial view, as the emirates in advertising booklets sometimes call themselves.

If you say that in the UAE you can buy everything, it means not to say anything. Thanks to the focused policies of the government of the country in Dubai, a free economic zone was created, where it is very profitable to do both small-winding and retail purchases. Clothes, shoes, audio, video equipment, furniture – all buy Russian tourists in the Emirates. Even with the delivery of the container – "Cargo" – they will cost cheaper than if you buy them in Russia. What many entails gold in the Emirates. He’s, there was no new Klondiyaka, but the UAE share has to, by different estimates, up to 25% of world gold export. Has gold products (with stones and without) accounts for the main part of the purchases of Russian tourists. Even if you do not need to buy furniture set, or a stereo, or a necklace with diamonds, do not be discouraged. In the Emirates, you can simply update the wardrobe with the whole family at very competitive prices. The choice and opportunities for this are simply inexhaustible.

I want to give one advice to the one who was going to go to the market and to the store in the UAE, – trap. Even if never did it before. Bargaining with the seller is part of the culture of the East. Traditions of someone else’s country must respect, the more it is profitable for your own wallet. As for other traditions, it should always be remembered that the UAE is a Muslim country where the strict laws of Sharia. There are restrictions on the consumption of alcohol, on the clothes outside the beach. The most cruel way of drug distribution.

Who have no readers should not embarrass the neighborhood during the flight with "Shuttokami". Stories about the storming of the charter flight aircraft people with bags gone into the past. Today "shuttle" – Large or medium wholesaler, which is not triggered to the product. Everything is delivered and sent by special services. And the flight of the charter to the Emirates will be little different from the usual regular flight. Except for vacation there will be more children. Parents who have funds seek at least a week to snatch them from Sluchatny in the autumn time of St. Petersburg.

Russian travel agencies are organized during the holidays a lot of additional aircraft to the Emirates, the number of middle-class hotels, for which demand increases sharply, is limited, so it is reasonable to take care of the holiday in Sharjah or in Dubai in advance. Five hours of direct flight, and you get under the hot rays of the sun on the shore of the warm sea.

Ukrainian food

Ukrainian food

Ukraine has long been famous for its rich kitchen. Borsion and pyshki, dumplings, dumplings and sausages, roast and drinks from fruits and honey famous far beyond Ukraine. National cooking accrues hundreds of recipes. Some dishes have a centuries-old history, such as Ukrainian borsch. For most dishes a characteristic complex set of components (so, in the booster there are up to 20), as well as the combination of several methods of thermal processing of products (root, cooking, quenching, baking). Such technology causes unique taste, aroma and juice of eats of Ukrainian cuisine.

From meat products is consumed primarily of pork, then – beef and bird. Meat is consumed in different form, but most often fried and stew . Popular dishes such as roast homemade, Ukrainian contractions, spying garlic and bauzhenin baubles, stewed with cabbage and lard pork, mute, stuffed bird. Especially delicious meat dishes that are prepared in portion pots .

Meat is often used to prepare first dishes . Among them, it is rightfully the main place is borsic, the recipe of which is charged to 30 options (Poltava, Volynsky, Chernigov, Galichsky, Lviv, Peasant, Dniprovsky, and others.). Have long been an important place in the nutrition of Ukrainians ranked fish . Favorite dishes – crucian, baked in sour cream, pike stew with horseradish, carp, rustled with onion in sour cream, pike perch, baked with mushrooms and crayfish, fish duties, carp stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat porridge and other.

Constantly present in the Ukrainian menu a variety of flour dishes: dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, spanners, dioshniki, grandmas. Popular different porridges: millet, buckwheat, pumpkin, buckwheat porridge, which eat with milk, sour cream or sunflower oil with fried onions, Mamalig and others.

Widely represented sweet dishes presented in Ukrainian cuisine, for the preparation of fruits, honey, poppy, nuts and t.NS. .

From drinks for Ukrainian cuisine, characteristic milk, especially popular foiled milk and ion. One of the favorite drinks is also compote – decoction of fruits. An integral attribute of the festive feast is alcoholic beverages – vodka, brandy, wine, strong tinctures. Many recipes for alcoholic beverages known to Ukrainians have long been. From a large variety of legendary Ukrainian vodoks, honey vodka with pepper, in which contradictory tastes embodied, which embody the versatility and the unpredictability of the life itself – the bitterness of pepper, honey taste and fragrant aroma of wild herbs.

Borsch Ukrainian with pampushki

Composition: 500 g meat, 4 potatoes, 200 g of fresh cabbage, 40 g of pepper Bulgarian, 1 beets, 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, 40 g smalts, 2 brands, 1 carrot, floor root parsley, 1 teaspoon flour, so much Sugar, 20 g of wigs, 2 garlic teeth, 2 tablespoons sour cream, spices, greens for taste .

Preparation: Prepare meat broth. meat cut down, and liquid strain. In boiling broth, dry potatoes sliced ​​slices, after a while – sliced ​​cabbage, pepper and cook for 20 minutes . Beets to knock with tomato, carrots, onions and roots to be sissing, add to broth and cook for readiness . Borschi fill the fluffy paider, salt, sugar . In 5 minutes put black pepper, bay leaf, fat, flew with garlic and parsley greenery. Boil, remove from fire and insist 15-20 minutes. Served on the table, as a rule, with sour cream.

For pampus: 2.5 glasses of flour, half a cup of water, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 12 g yeast.

For garlic gas station: 2 tablespoons of oil, 10 garlic teeth, waters or kvass.

Cooking: in warm water to dissolve yeast, sleep 1/4 of the flour, mix and give the test to come. Add flour, oil, sugar, salt, opened in a small amount of water, mix and leave for fermentation for two hours. From the finished test to form ultrasounds weighing 30 g and leave on a sheet for 15 minutes. Bake 7-8 min. For gravy garlic to be confused with salt, mix with oil and cooled boiled water .

Dumplings with cottage cheese

This dish of flour and stuffing is considered to be on a booster, most typical in the Ukrainian national kitchen. The word dumplings comes from the verb "Cook". Dumplings has a look of a small conversion from the test, which is wrapped in a variety of filling – potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, beans, meat, salted cheese, sweet cheese, sweet fruits or berries. Ready to eat food with sour cream or oil with fried onions. Most popular cheese dumplings. They are often mentioned in the Ukrainian folklore .

Dough composition: 3 Wheat flour cup, 3/4 cup of milk or water, 1 egg, 1/2 teaspo. For filling: 800 g Cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 eggs, salt.

Preparation: Part of the flour is brewed with boiling water or boiling milk (1/3 of the entire liquid rate), after a diligent mixing, add water temperature with salt and egg (better than yolk), flour and knead the dough, leaving it, so that 40 min. Running cheese mixed with salt, sugar and raw eggs. On the dough, swinging in the form of small thin cakes, put cottage cheese, the edges are protected, the dumplings are lowered into boiling salted water and boiled 5-7 minutes. Finished dumplings are watered with oil, sour cream serves separately.

Cabbages with meat in Ukrainian

Crazy – common Ukrainian second dish, which combines meat, rice, and vegetables. The name of this dish is old, and comes from the word "dove".

Composition: 1 kg of beef – 1.2 kg of fresh cabbage, 4 st. Rice spoons, 2 bulbs, 3 st. spoons of butter, salt, pepper – to taste. For gravy: 1/2 cup sour cream, 2.5 cups of meat broth, 1 st. Spoon of wheat flour and cream oil.

Preparation: From a small cabbage head, the upper sheets are removed, washed, cut off the kochan, lay in boiling salted water and boil to half-year 15-20 minutes., Then the head is removed, cooled and disassembled on separate leaves. Thick veins rush or split by secche. The meat is passed through the meat grinder, adding chilled rice, the parse onion, pepper, salt, is well stirred, put on the prepared cabbage sheets, the edges roll together and give the cabbage rectangular shape. The cabbage rolls into a saucepan or a saucepan, poured with sour cream gravy and extinguished in the oven until readiness. Preparation of gravy: flour is dumping on the creamy oil so that it does not change the colors, they add sour cream, mixed, bred hot broth, boil 8-10 minutes. on a small fire, salted, filter, bring to a boil and fill with butter.

Wheat Casting with Poppy or Jam

Christmas Kusta is except that the most characteristic festive kushan Ukrainian cuisine. Eating smoking three times for a year: for Christmas, on a generous evening and on baptism. It is based on grain .

Composition: 500 g of wheat, 1 cup of poppy, 0.5 sugar glasses or 2 spoons of honey .

Preparation: Wheat to go through, jumped, pour in boiling water when boils – pour into a colander, rinse with cold water, put it in a pan, pour water, boil, cover with a lid, and bring to readiness on slow fire. Finished wheat put in a cool place. At this time, wash 1 cup of poppy, quivel, merge water, move in cold water, merge it, to quench it again, quench it, drain it, wipe it in a cup until the grains turn it out, put 0.5 Sugar glasses or 2 spoons of honey, mix with wheat, pour a little cooled boiled water. Instead of poppy, we can safely be a glass of berries and fruits from jam, without juice, dilute sweetened boiled water.


Ingredients: Dried fruits – 125 g, sugar – 75 g, honey – 50 g. Exit – 1 liter.

Preparation: Take dried pears, apples, dried plums, raisins . Go through the big cut, rinse three times with warm water and cook (with a closed lid) until ready. Fill with sugar and honey and bring to a boil and cool.

Under the sail in the rhythm chardas

Under the sail in the rhythm chardas

From Budapest Airport Feriched to Tornaya Tunai Valley Balaton no more than an hour of driving on a beautiful four-band motorway. The shores of the largest lake in Europe attract hunters and riders, gourmets and surfers, but first of all, couples with children who want to relax "seas", but without salt water.

Balaton is perhaps the only mild and understandable word in Hungarian, because it is familiar from childhood. In addition, the word is consistently Russian "swamp": Once on the shores of the lake lived Slavic tribes, they gave him a name. But all sorts of unfavorable consonances do not have any relationship to reality. In times, when part of modern Hungary was part of the Ottoman Empire, the border of the Turkish and Slavic territories took place right in the middle of Lake Balaton – a fresh sea, as Hungarians themselves love him. Destroyed castles in the vicinity of Balaton are reministed about the long historical period, and the extinct volcanoes in the surrounding mountains (to one of them, near the city of Badaskoni, are evidenced by the cities in the surrounding mountains. Balaton is self-cleaning. Periodically, the composition of the water check independent experts and make a conclusion: purely! And the most independent of them drops from the lake with glasses and offer to drink it to anyone who wants to give a personal example.

Balaton Long (78 km), but narrow (maximum width 12 km) and shallow, especially in southern to your shore. Thanks to the shallow depth, water in the lake is heated in summer to 28 ° C.

Experts counted in the lake 50 species of fish. Fishing season begins on April 20. Of course, in the shores of Balaton, countless fish restaurants opened, where the fish is at any time of the year.

Railway from Budapest passes through the southern shores of the lake. The first large station is the town of Siofok (what rhyme!). Here was born and grew by the Imre Kalman, and, listening to his life-affirming music, one would think that his childhood and his youth were unusually joyful. But it is not. Now every summer in honor of the great composer here are the festivals of operetta. Today, Siofok is a typical youth resort, with many disco and nightclubs.

Siofok and other Balaton resorts – Balatonfeldvar, Balatonbogror, Kesthely, Heviz, who stands on the next night with a Balaton largest in Europe, the thermal lake – Hevizsk – and where there are wonderful balneological hospitals, long and thoroughly chopped the Germans, Austrians and even Swiss. Basic reason: Favorable price-quality ratio. Here is good and cheap.

The temperature of the water in the thermal lake even in the winter is not lowered below 24 ° C, and in the summer rises to 30, at this time on the lake there are real Indian bright red lilies. Through the sources of the lake beetling from under the ground. Therefore, it is not only possible without fears to swim, but also to drink therapeutic water, that the doctors of local resorts are prescribed. By the way, you can swim in the lake only for money (2 dollars – 3 hours, 3 dollars – a whole day), but to use water inside absolutely free (the main thing is to bring your mug).

On the shore of the lake there is a beautiful park, where vacationers make a promenade. His main attraction – Bustik Bengali poet Rabindranat Tagora and a lemon tree, which he personally landed here in gratitude about his recovery (the poet, whom Hungars mistakenly consider Indium-Skim, corrected health on the lake in 1926). By the way, he not only put a tree for his drugs, but also a poem dedicated to them, which was carved on the basis of a monument in Hungarian and English.

The latitude of Hungarian hospitality around the world is legends. The usual thing is when the owner of a private boarding is becoming straightforwards by a native mother for guests. First of all, she will give them delicious coffee and tells which market is the cheapest, where it is best to feed, where to go swimming and which side is the nearest wine cellar.

So, about entertainment. First of all it is water sports. Balaton constantly pass sailing regatta, rings on kayaking and canoeing, boat swims. And these are not only experienced athletes, but also beginners under the sensitive guidance of instructors. The feature of the Balaton is that the boats here is forbidden to use gasoline engines (except when necessary, or, on the contrary, stick to the shore). This is the lake mainly, so to speak, sailing and more. Nevertheless, the boats are running along it, so from the town in the town you can get on the water.

At all major resorts of Balaton ride and horses. Equestrian routes usually run along the shore, then in the picturesque forest – and to the nearest chard. This word probably reminded everyone about Chardas, and naturally. "Charda" translated from Hungarian as "habit", but in fact means "Cook". And Chardash is, respectively, Kabatskaya Music.

Under the energetic dance and music, the dishes of the wonderful Hungarian cuisine are wonderful, which, contrary to the problem, is not limited to a walk, Paropaist and "Globusovsky" Canned vegetables. Even gourmet – French tourists highly appreciate the fused stewed zucchini with sour cream and dill. Especially popular dishes with a game, which is full in the forests around Balaton. Most of all praise vegetables stewed with mouflon meat, and potato crackers with veneline and cranberry jam sauce.

Not last place, as already noted, ranks. Hungarian ear is generally considered the national invention, especially if it is seasoned with local red pepper. And with a special pride in local restaurants, a huge, fried in coals of the Balaton Carp. It is impossible to describe, you need to try.

But even more than Balatonian cuisine, you can get involved in Balaton wines. The best is considered from the town of Badachon. Badachona grapes grows on basalt soil, in a sunny, vehicle-protected place. Therefore, wines are thick and fragrant. Almost all of them are white. Be sure to try "Surkebarat" ("Gray Monk") and "Keywords:", and you will understand that, except for the turkey and muscate, in Hungary have something to eat.

Tourists carry on farms specializing in the production of wine and vodka-Palencia. Under the joyful Magyar music, guests arriving at the farm usually hours at 8 am, fast "Blind" Palenka, biting her with delicious hot hats with salt. It is believed that this is the only faithful appetizer under an incredibly strong drink from which unprepared citizens are tears in their eyes. Here, the main thing is to send in time after the glass in the womb of the generous chunk of Kalacha.

It happened so that on the southern shore of the lake, where the lake, the people mostly rests, and looks at the north. The main city in the District of Balaton – Veszprim. He is the largest – by local standards. Here is the concentration of the largest number of architectural monuments. How much, it is difficult to say, because in the central part of the town, on the fortress grief, in general, every house is a monument. However, you will not go to each house, but in the baroque Archbishop Palace, for example, or in the chapel of Gizella – the first Hungarian queen – you can and you need. The mandatory cultural program includes the Tikhan Peninsula with its reserve, a fortress, a unique cathedral, decorated with wooden figures, and a hill called echo.

By folk accept, if loud and clearly shout from the hill of his cherished desire, then it will certainly come true. It is worth considering that here amazing acoustics and echo spreads the sounds for many kilometers around, so it is assumed that people will shout only good and decent desires.

Unforgettable holiday in ultra-modern Singapore

Unforgettable holiday in ultra-modern Singapore

A small state consisting of islands, with a developed economy and the lack of corruption attracts every year millions of tourists from all over the planet. Singapore – The most unusual city Asia, where harmoniously neighboring Ancient temples and skyscrapers, Green parks and crowded tracks.

Some facts

Territory of Singapore The only thing is 700 square kilometers, But it is constantly expanding due to the program of bulk lands. The capital is denselylen &# 8211; It lives in it 5 million people. Primary language – Malay, But the country is multinational, and English understand almost everything.

What to eat

The kitchen, like the population, is a rattling Malay, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican and European Culinary traditions. Dishes differ in abundance of spices and spices. Sweet tooths in Singapore will open the paradise of eastern delicacies.

What to see

1) Embankment Marina Bay – Singapore heart. It is located world famous Hotel Roof in the shape of a ship, theater in the form of a lotus flower, casino and numerous Shopping centers (Malls). Huge Ferris wheel makes it possible to enjoy an impressive panorama. In the evening you can admire Show Fontanov: High water jets dance to music and laser backlight.

2) Ethnic zones – Having in love with skyscrapers, you can visit the old areas. Chinatown – Chinese Quarter – famous Ancient architecture. Here are located Temples, the most beautiful Hindu mosque of the city. Here you want to go to the shops, look into souvenir benches, taste dishes of national cuisine. 10 minutes walk from Chinatown is located "Little India" &# 8211; a little dirty, but bright, noisy and original quarter. On the main market, eyes run away from traditional products, spices, national sarery costumes. Travelers will surprise huge Statue of sitting Buddha, Indian church. Kampong Glam – "Arabic Street" – Muslim Center, shopping district. On the windows of all colors of the rainbow, textiles, traditional batik, silk, handmade carpets.

3) Singapore Zoo – one of the best in the world. A distinctive feature is No cells, Exotic animals are in a recreated natural environment, and they are separated from visitors Natural barriers and barriers. About 3000 species of rare animals get along in different habitat. Similar to the idea is Park birds – in it freely moved feathers, recreated individual in the pavilions Natural Areas of Asia, Africa, America.

4) Botanical Garden – Popular part of the tourist route, oasis in stone jungle. Here are collected The rarest copies of the flora surrounded by amazing purity of lakes and waterfalls.


In Singapore, practically There is no crime. Cleanliness and order on the street, in public places is strictly supported by the police. Act Rigid fines system: For the thrown past the garbage garbage, for smoking, for curses. Resting in Singapore, forget about chewing gum. In prison is punishable by drug use. For the sale of narcotic drugs and murder is provided the death penalty.

What to buy

Huge shopping centers will not leave anyone indifferent. Tourists prefer technique, cosmetics, decorations. As souvenirs, you can purchase all sorts of image symbol Merlyona – Lion with tail tail.

The unique atmosphere of the modern east admires visitors and raises a desire to return.

Universal Studios Hollywood – Entertainment Park for All! Part 2

Universal Studios Hollywood – Entertainment Park for All! Part 2

Now I propose to go walk on Universal Studios.

In the diagram of yellow, the top level of the park, orange – lower.

Attractions Universal Studios

As you already understood, universal – These are rides, show, scenery, pavilions and everything connected with movies, cartoons and long-faced heroes. Let’s see what to see and feel, being on Universal Studios Hollywood.

It is worth noting that the park territory is not just big, but very big! It is divided into two levels – Upper and lower, interconnected long transition with escalators. At the top level, entertainment pavilions are concentrated, and the main part of the shops, cafes, while on the bottom, mainly entertainment attractions.

So, about everything in order. I will not paint anything in detail, because emotions are still impossible to pass, and it’s not worth – You have enough of your own)) I mean only what is waiting (we go clockwise, first the upper level, then the bottom).

Decorations for films and characters

This is the first thing that meets visitors. Although not, the first is the sculpture, which is the scene of the shooting process, but we, in the opening of the mouths passed by and did not capture it)) but further – Just decoration.

Horror House (House of Horrors)

House of nightmares in our visit was closed (maybe for the better). Those who visited there, say it is very scary – all shout, please, and grab from fear for each other.

Despicable Me)

Pavilion dedicated to the same cartoon about minions. Here the adventure in the 3D format is waiting for what to be pretentious, to be fastened, put on glasses and plunge into the world of cartoon characters. Full dive – steads, winds, throws from side to side and t.D.

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Game zone Super Silly Fun Land

Higher playground with water attractions, carousers and other entertainment, which will enjoy not only children, but also adults. We did not look there.

Animals-Actors (Animal Actors)

Pavilion in which you can see the show with animals shooting in films. They will gladly show all sorts of tricks and hang visitors to the park. Judging by the reviews, the spectacle is interesting. We, unfortunately, the little animals missed.

By the way, all the shows are held in time, the schedule can be seen on the scoreboard in the park. It is better to get acquainted with it and build your route so as to see as much as possible and do not run there, because the distance is not small. Take the turn better a bit in advance – those who want to be full, if you are late, you will have to wait and lose precious time.

Special Effects (Special Effects Stage)

The show, during which the audience acquaint themselves, how are those or other special effects in films. Everything would be nothing, but these are the tricks that showed, it seems already a hundred years ago. Well, who is interested to watch, how to allegedly cut off the hand with a plastic knife and let the blood from the bag or as an astronaut flies on the cables? If you knew, did not even spend time.

Our rating: 3 out of 10.


How about traveling to simpsons? Then welcome to the virtual American slides. While you are quietly sitting in the booth, the mind thinks that we are worn around the city Krutyland)) funny attraction!

Our rating: 7 out of 10.

Studio Tour (Studio Tour)

Tour in Studio – this is the participant of which wants to become, perhaps, every visitor. An hourly drive is offered in the zone of existing pavils and scenery to the films. It happens all on the tram accompanied by a video guide, which tells what to pay attention to and where to see.

Here we encountered the biggest queue, to stand in which no less than forty minutes. Tour schedule also specify on the scoreboard.

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Of course, this is not all: on the way you will see a shark from the movie «Jaw», Will be able to look from the parties to pavilions in which films and serials are now removed, ride for several «Towns» and T.D. and T.NS. One solid film studio that you still say))

King Kong (King Kong 3D)

This spectacular 3D attraction is part of the tour described above. Just imagine – Your trailer ended up in the middle of the jungle at the very place where the battle is not for life, but to the death of King Kong and a huge dinosaur. That’s what it means, not in that place, not at the time))

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Shrek (Shrek 4D)

You find yourself in the cinema, wear glasses and literally become part of a cartoon with restless shrek and donkey. Moving chairs, wind, droplets will make believe that you do not just look at the picture from the side, and are inside the events.

Our rating: 7 out of 10.

Water World (Water World)

Super show with alive actors, real tricks and driving sea. Here you and the plot, and special effects, and the spectacle. Everything around explodes, falls, the actors jump, shoot, burn, fight, in general, the most real action movie! After each show you have to restore the scenery, which takes out a few hours, so there are not so many sessions – do not miss.

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Further go to the lower level.

Jurassic Park The Ride)

The ride in the park of Jurassic will also please lovers of unusual sensations. To go to the jungle, according to which dinosaurs walk, after which you will find yourself in some dilapidated room, where it is not clear which side is hazardous.

Going down, be prepared to get into the head. No matter how terrible it sounded, in fact it is very fun, but considering standing around the heat, also nice))

Our rating: 8 out of 10.

Revenge Mummy The Ride)

Revenge of mummy – Another crazy thematic trip among mummies, sarcophagus and scarabs, which will make you shout from speed and surprise. In a word, another portion of adrenaline is provided. This is the case when and scary and curious at the same time. We are under the impression already twice in a row ride))

Our rating: 9 out of 10.

Nbcuniversal Museum

Under the roof of the museum collected details, clothes, figures of cartoon characters and much more – All we have ever could see on the screen. First of all, attention attracts the car from the film «Back to the Future».


The last and one of the most exciting rides – Transformers. This is extremely realistic simulation of presence inside events. It is worth literally to be one of the transformers and see the world with his eyes. We also visited this pavilion twice.

Our rating: 10 of 10.

So that is all. In fact, the Universal Studios attractions are very difficult, it is necessary to be there. It is truly cool and exciting! Definitely stands and spent money, and time.

In addition, periodically in the park appear new rides, news can be viewed on the official website of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia

Unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia

In past articles, I spoke about unpleasant surprises for tourists in Dominican Republic and Egypt. This topic was very interesting to many readers, and I will continue her story about Tunisia. Looking ahead, I will say that bad surprises are smaller here than in other countries.

Surprise First – Migration Map

Fly to Tunisia from Moscow for long – only about 4 hours, there are no surprises. But on the arrival of tourists, a classic surprise is waiting with a migration card filling. As usual, the card has inscriptions in English and Arabic, and its filling causes difficulties from Russians.

No resourceful tunisians wishing to help you in this case for a certain fee, there is no, and in any case it will have to fill it yourself. Fortunately, at Monastir Airport hanging a poster with a sample of its filling.

Surprise Second – Airports are far from the resorts

Most often, in resort countries, airports are located next to the resorts themselves. For example, in Dominican Republic, the airport is in the town of Punta Cana, which is the largest tourist center. In Egypt, airports are located right in the cities of Hurghada and Charm El Sheikh.

In Tunisia, everything is a little different. There are two major airport for tourists. The first is located in the city of Monastir, which is the tourist center, but not to call it large. The second is called Enfida and is located between the resorts of Sousse and Hammamet.

In any case, you are waiting for a bus ride 40 minutes or more. No trips on the principle of "five minutes, and in the hotel", as it happens in Egypt, does not happen in Tunisia. Is that you buy a ticket to the hotel in the monastir itself.

Surprise Third – Good room at the hotel for a bribe

Ordinary practice for Tunisia, however, in other countries it is found. You come to the 5 star hotel, you give the keys to the room, and it is not a five-star. You go to the reception and put into the passport Colored paper, and as a result you get a good number. It does not have to change money for Tunisian dinars, dollars and euros of hotels personnel like no less.

We hope that such a surprise will not happen to you, but be prepared.

Surprise Fourth – staff does not speak Russian

Tunisia is focused on tourists from Western Europe – primarily on the French and representatives of Benilyuks (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Russian tourists for Tunisian hotelants do not seek serious value.

It is not surprising that finding the staff in Russian, problematic. Contact the representative of your tourist operator, he must definitely speak Russian.

Surprise Fifth – Nowhere to go on an excursion with a child

Tourists with children who arrived in Tunisia, after viewing the list of excursions, they discover that there is no place to go with children. From acceptable excursions can only be noted Zoo Frigia. But he ends with dinner with dances of Zulus and an unlimited wine feed, which sometimes ends with completely native scenes.

There are no good water parks in Tunisia, and even in hotels children’s slides – a rarity. Roman ruins of the city of Dugga or UDN and them similar sights of Tunisia for children are not interested. Only a big amphitheater in El Jam can be interesting to them, but there are not going to go with the child, because the weather is in high temperatures in Tunisia in summer.

Surprise Sixth – for beer lovers

I have not seen a single tourist who would praise beer in Tunisia. I myself consider him terrible.

Surprise seventh – for fans of strong alcohol

There are two national strong drinks in Tunisia – this is "Buha" and "Dat de Licker". The first is made from figs, the second from the dates. Both of them have a bright catch of citrus, and many tourists do not like at all.

Surprise Eighth – Alcohol sold only in special stores

If you decide to buy alcohol yourself, then find it in ordinary stores will not work. Its open sale is prohibited. Only special stores can sell alcohol, they are called "generals", and they still need to find. In the article about the resort of Port El Cantaui, we accurately described how to find it, but I can’t say anything about the rest of the resorts. Look for who are looking for, he will always find.

Surprise Ninth – Tunisia National Cuisine

It can become both a pleasant and unpleasant surprise for a tourist.

The first thing that is worth knowing – modern Tunisian cuisine is "tied up" on tomatoes, which in Tunisia are growing a lot and they are about 1 American dollar for a kilogram that I consider a breathtaking cheap. If we had tomatoes so much, they would have been added to any dish.

If you do not like tomatoes, the local cuisine is better not at all, as they are present here in every dish. Even the scrambled eggs here in tomato paste, this dish is called "Shakshuk". Especially worth being attentive allergies.

National dishes are diverse here. Some very spicy, for example, local sausages "Murgraza".

Surprise Tenth – Banks with Olive Oil with inscriptions Only in Arabic

That tourists are brought from Tunisa first of all? Of course, olive oil. In Tunisia, sold tin cans, on which all the inscriptions are made in Arabic. Only the inscription "EXTRA VIRGIN" is written in English. What is this oil acidity? Where it is produced? In general, incomprehensible. I have to buy a "cat in a bag" or look for another store.

Surprise eleventh – shops as part of the excursion

In many tourist countries, tourists will be captured in various shops during excursions. Especially this "sin" in Turkey. But in Tunisia, these stops are positioned as part of the excursion. For example, the excursion is called "Sidi-bu-Said and a raider".

You are taken to the city of the raider, and in fact the real purpose is the local center for the sale of ceramics. Supposedly, this store represents some kind of cultural value or it is some kind of attraction. This is annoying!


As you notice, unpleasant surprises for tourists in Tunisia a lot, but all of them are not very serious or concern only certain categories of vacationers. For that we love this country. Have a good stay in Tunisia and read our articles, links to them are located all over this text.

Up to 25 years old. Single. Without bad habbits

Up to 25 years old. Single. Without bad habbits

Actually, I would have lived in a normal country very well – dad surgeon, and mom biologist with two higher education. But we live in Latvia, where – since you are not a citizen – it does not interest anyone, so the father does not have the opportunity to practice, and the mother is forced to work as a conductor in the train. Now we are almost poor, and the exit from this situation is not visible.

Completely unexpectedly – and very by the way – one good friend of our family, the director of the company engaged in employment abroad by Au Pair programs (home assistance), suggested that I go for a year in a German family. I corresponded to all conditions: up to 25 years old, not married – and nothing else was required of me. The family that I invited me, promised me a separate room, food and a humane work schedule – 30 hours a week. Plus, the payment of visa costs and travel on urban transport. According to the Au Pair program, the visility is given without problems and very quickly.

The work was to consist of caring for small children, homemade cleaning, cooking dinner, shorter – all household. The hosts prefeal that the applicant has experience working with young children, for example, in kindergarten or nursery – recommendations from there help. At worst, as in my case, the presence of unifuncted own younger sisters or brothers – or just love for small children.

Payment as such is not provided for work: it is understood that a person rides on this program not for money, but in order to learn the language. Nevertheless, money is laid on pocket expenses – in Germany it is DM400 per month.

In school, I taught English, and German was familiar to me only on the films about the war. But it did not affect my chances. I wrote a brief letter about myself, familiar transferred it to German, and together with my smiling photo all these sent to Germany. Well, if in the photo you send to future employers, you will be captured surrounded by happy little children. But if you get such a picture difficult, it will take a photo with animals, and with any.

In the family that I invited me, all were doctors, except, naturally, children. They live in the city of Wuppertal – this is near Dusseldorf. Claudia 36 years old, her husband Robertu – 31. He is a urologist in a local hospital, heated the department, she is the therapist, family doctor. It’s all anything, the worst thing that they have four children small small – eight, six, four and two years old – and was about to be born another one. No supplements for the harmfulness or coefficient for the number of care objects by the Au Pair program are not provided, so I screamed from horror (internally), but continued to be collected.

Of course, I could touch the horn and demand my family with one child – the same money, and there are less problems. But I went, what is called, in acquaintance, and it was inconvenient to kone. In addition, by and large, I was still, one child or five, most importantly – rather break into the normal world.

Mom and dad looked at it sharply negatively, there were tears, and Validol. And parents and friends were afraid that I could tritely rest in a nightclub or in some brothel, so there was the main covenant, to sew money on a return ticket and in case of something – run without regard.

Everyone is different, and in my case I paid my owners. The plane from Riga to Dusseldorf cost some inconceivable money, so I decided to go by bus. Ticket – About DM150, and this is in a very comfortable bus with amenities and promgers. Upon arrival, the owners asked me how much a ticket was worth, and this amount was recommended.

The first nightmare happened in the German border. In the foggy predestin hour among the field, German border guards landed us from the bus, forced to disassemble the bags and began to shake. It was necessary to deploy and overturn everything up to the last bra, and then they took the lanterns, led dogs and began to dig in bags and under the seats. All passengers were also suggested to expand pockets. It surprised me very unpleasantly, but I didn’t get out loud – what to do if all guests from the east seem suspicious. Moreover, decent people often overcome such distances by aircraft.

The second nightmare occurred in Dusseldorf. The fact is that I did not know what my mistress Claudia looks like. The bus comes there at two o’clock in the morning, and we agreed that she will meet me at the main entrance to the bus station. And here I am with my two suitcases under the urgent rain three hours rushed around the station, rushing to each blurry shadow resembling a woman. Behind me was a terrible smelly bum, which was persistently interested, whether I need a grass, questioningly mumbling: Drugs? Drugs?

Three hours later I realized that these are such cunning German rules. The fact is that the police at night on the territory of the bus station are allowed only those who have just arrived – arriving passengers, and from the city no one can enter.

I came to an elderly Russian couple, so that in their company to wait for the morning and there it was already on their own way to your woppertal, and here suddenly saw a glass wall that she was restlessly worn back and ahead wrestling to the thread, with a huge umbrella, all overwhelmed and Very frustrated. Thinking through the Drema that it was possible, Claudia, I began to fall asleep, but then I cut the dawn, the station doors swung open – we rushed to each other in the arms, Ohhu-ahi began, and it laid the beginning of our warm relationship.

She picked up my suitcases, shoved into the car, and we went home.

In Germany, people who disconnect hot water over the night in their house. All farm is managed by a computer, and on the hot water meter is a special program, including heating only from seven in the morning to one o’clock. So I dreamed of a hot soul two days of the road, I had to break down.

Claudia brought me to a huge two-storey house in the forest on the outskirts of the city. I did not sleep the same two days, which did not see the hot water, and went stuck on the walls. But Claudia took me by the hand and dragged on all rooms: here they have a children’s, here – the living room, here is something else. Summing me – consistently – to the bed of all his four children, she broke off the blankets and imagined me my future wards. The children moan and displeasure something through sleep, but Claudia was adamant.

Introducing me – in the same way! – with her husband, she led me to my room. Two three meters, but very cozy. From furniture – sofa, built-in wardrobe, table, on rack – radio and bought small TV for me – they themselves do not respect and do not look. The huge window in the whole wall went straight into the forest, which rang and looked into the room – therefore neither cramped, nor something bad was felt.

Exactly the eight door to my room opened, and Claudia informed me that it was time to get up. When I went out into the living room, children, festively dressed, were all assembly. We smiled at each other, I repeated them several times (Mimi, Nani and T. D.), and all laughed. Children turned out to be exactly the blond dandelions, which I always imagined German children – golden curly hair, blue eyes, many different bows and ribbons.

We did not do any documentary registration of our relations with Claudia. In a good way, Au Pair signs a contract with the host family, in which everything can be turned on – right up to how many times a day you need to wash the dishes or with what shampoo to bathe babies. Claudia proposed me to draw up such a document, but I thought that it was hardly to exploit me so much – and refused. Moreover, at first the housekeeper continued to come to them – every day for four hours – and cleaned, she prepared, cared for children.

Then, closer to my departure, Claudia told me that at first this woman was given a task to watch me and report to the owners: how I cook, who thoroughly remove it, how he behaved with children – whether I am often smiling with what intonation with them Talking.

A week after my arrival, we went to the local organization, observing the course of the Au Pair program. There it was necessary to fill out several papers, and I was registered by the official employee in this family. In theory, if conflicts occur, I could turn there, and I would have been protected. I know one young man with whom in the family did not appeal, he went to this office, and he was picked up another family.

Harsh conditions for what you can not, there were not so much. Claudia from the very beginning began to treat me as a mother, so the requirements were appropriate: rightly believing that I will soon have friends among local youth, she asked to return not too late, do not drink a lot to the parties, and if I delay or not at all I come, report where I am, and leave the phone. Still could not be smoking – they, as doctors, smoking people for normal do not consider at all.

Children who are older – six and eight years old – understood that I am a Russian nanny and speak German badly. They tried to communicate on the fingers. The same, that voyagna, Punch bubbles and mocking speech by German agukania, something often told me for a very long time. I had to nod them all the way and talk “yeah”, pretending that I understand everything. Despite the fact that I intonations supported the conversation so that other questions, in addition to requiring answers such as JA or NEIN, did not come, I often got to see. So they mumble something, then ask: ja? I answer: “Yes” – And I see their perplexed eyes – like, they say, yep?!

Probably, I am very lazy, but I mastered the German tongue after the sleeve. With Claudia, we were told in English for a whole year, and at first I was terribly ashamed about this, and then I comforted my conscience because the English is more important to me.

The house is two-storey, bottom is a large interior, a living room with a fenced kitchen bar, a bathroom and a senior boy’s room. Upstairs my room, two bedrooms – little girls and the parent, and a large living room, where children are usually played.

In general, most German houses resemble dolls: everything is neat, clean and licked to shine and a screenshot. The house where I got, was not at all, there reigned a permanent mess and collapse. Claudia believes that when they become with her husband “Big”, That is, open your clinic, then the house will pay more attention. In the meantime, you need to make money and not be distracted by trifles, especially since children still all overlapping and spoil. Therefore, in the kitchen among the dishes there are faded plates and cups with cracks, clothing on children is stuffed. The owners prefer to spend money not on new jeans every month, but to record a child in a ballet school or football section.

Two senior boy in the afternoon went to school, their sister is four years old – in kindergarten, and we stayed at home with a two-year-old girl. In the middle of the day, big children returned home, and I prepared them lunch. Claudia Vegetarian, like me, so I left the full coil, preparing a wide variety of dishes from unprecedented vegetables – I really love to cook. Make it all the more nice when you do it not only for yourself and you know that five people are sitting in the living room and knock on spoons. I introduced them to Russian cuisine, and everyone fell in love “Plina” and borsch.

I got up at 7.twenty. The hostery husband was no longer a house, he went to work hours at six. He very quickly grew on the service staircase (at 31 years old – the head of the City Hospital) and treated very seriously.

Claudia in 7.20 already ran around the rooms and screamed:

Who could have dressed himself, we helped the rest. In general, I was very cool fit into their way, and Claudia called me before my daughter, then my sister. No, so to speak, the element of the maid incoming with a tray on the call of the bell, was not. I collected a breakfast to school to the eldest children, laid fruit, yogurts and sandwiches in plastic boxes, and she took them to a minibus to school and kindergarten and went shopping. At this time I sat with a little girl, read, drawing or playing with her in the living room.

Claudia was in position, so I did not go to work, but was engaged in the economy. Returning from the store, she took a girl from me, and all together we went to the kitchen. Sometimes she ordered something Greek or Italian from a culinary book, sometimes she taught me how to prepare this or that dish, and sometimes asked to just do something from what is in the refrigerator. No problems characteristic of two women in one kitchen, we did not have. If I did not understand something, Claudia patient times for me three times, I repeated in English and showed. Sometimes I myself taught her with my culinary tricks, so we found it interesting and easy.

An hour at 2-3 children were returned from school on the bus (there the school bus delivers everyone to the houses), Claudia brought her older daughter from the garden, and we all dine. I know that some families force Au Pair to eat separately, in their room or in the kitchen, with me there was nothing like that. I was absolutely equal and felt almost like a family member.

Of course, all household appliances that can be imagined in the house. Dishwasher, washing, drying machine, kitchen processor, not to mention countless toes, mixers, etc. I was taught to all these arsenal to use, and my duties were only manipulated by the units, which, naturally, dismissed from Skalia with pelvis and cloths. At home about many of these devices I did not have the idea, so I was comprehended by the science of the management of them very gradually. So, I broke two vacuum cleaners in a row, however, the first was very old, and the second one unknown company, and burned toaster. In all cases, I was to blame for me, but there was no screaming or punishment. When I proposed to compensate for the damage and buy new things, Claudia answered diplomatic:

– Nothing terrible, just next time be careful.

Cleaning at home was simple and consisted in parquet and stone vacuuming and alignment of books and toys in places. That is, all the work is no different from ordinary daily affairs of any mistress. In general, it seems that Claudia could well cope with all this work. Whether the Germans believe that they have no time to do this, whether they break them from this work, but for some reason they always invite special people for this.

Maybe she was just boring one? In any case, she did a lot to her very much – it will sweep when children wick something, cares if something wipes something.

In fact, Claudia considered my working hours, but, in my opinion, rather from the fear, no matter how I recycled. She understood that I am a young girl and I want to see the world. Sometimes she said that, they say, yesterday you worked for three hours, today – five, so you can be free tomorrow. I, of course, did not refuse.

Happened that I agreed with her to free a few days for a trip. That is, I washing underwear on Tuesday, I stroke – on Wednesday, and now I can go to Berlin for four days.

I didn’t do all the work, but at my discretion, that is, it was not necessary every day to vacuum or change sheets. There was no sharp comments on the quality of work, only at the very beginning advised to pay attention to dust under the cabinet or crumbs in the closet.

Basically I needed Claudia in order to free her from many children so that she could keep a farm or on the weekend to go to the city for sale. Before me, she had three girls, two of Poland and one of the Czech Republic, but I, according to her, was the best. Although when I left, she said that in the next two years it will not take Au Pair, not because I am so bad, but because very often we have a purely female balled (and our conversations often concerned very serious topics), And she lacked time for children.

We talked about everything: about politics, war, people, Russians and Germans, about equality between them, about Yeltsin and Helmut Kola, abortions and about Berlin wall. In the first months, conversations were made from politeness. Then we can say, made friends, and she consulted a lot with me about her husband and his parents. The fact is that his father is a big figure in medicine and a person by nature is very domineering – constantly drips on the brains, what son and his family to buy a car, how to educate children where to go to rest and t. D. Husband is a treaty good-natured stretchable, ready to obey him, and she wants to manage his family itself, not put in her father.

For the first six months, I was hard to sit with the children because I didn’t know well. They are accustomed to them to read a lot, but when I took a book, they took her away and tried to read it. Just like children in Russia, they love to play hide and hide and fighting with elders in the grass, rushing and playing in Indians. We sewed costumes of the heroes of books and cartoons, dressed up and stated short stories – or even put all the performances on weekends.

I received money once a week, one hundred stamps. It is very little, but taking into account the free housing and nutrition quite well. In addition, the owners paid me German courses that I had to visit, since all Au Pair must learn the language. Classes were held in the so-called folk school – a huge educational institution for centralized learning language by foreigners, twice a week for three hours. I got to the very first – the lowest level.

My study lasted three semesters for three months and managed to the owners of 80 brands for the semester. All tutorials in theory needed to acquire separately – near the DM20 for the textbook, but I very successfully found the library, where you can take everything for a DM5 membership fee for free. To be honest, I studied from under the stick and in the minimum volume – if only it would not be too disgraced before the rest. Nevertheless, it seems to me, I say quite freely, although I know the language bad.

Five days a week work, other – weekends. For the first three months I tried better to look towards the family and understand what they like, and what – no, so it did not particularly use his free time. Of course, I worked much more than 30 hours a week – sometimes Claudia simply put me out of the kitchen or took the iron, kicking out in the city – take a walk. On the weekend, at first I traveled myself, going to different cities. There are a lot of hostels – youth hotels, where the DM10 can be quite decent to spend the night.

Claudia advised me to advertise in a newspaper – there are private announcements are made free: you need, they say, a person who would help get acquainted with Germany, and in return I can teach him Russian. Call calls. Filtering the list, I started meeting people.

The first was Alex, 19-year-old student of the university, very passionate and interesting boy. He asked me about Russia, about Latvia, everything was delighted. He himself, firstly, the fan of Tunisia (the Germans call this country tunzia, so I thought for a long time that this is some Polynesian archipelago), and secondly, he wants to develop food of the future on the basis of blue-green seaweed and feed She is the whole world. He is from a very wealthy family, but earns a living itself, playing on stock quotes.

In addition to all his algae and Tunisia, he is passionate about politics. We even went to Hamburg to the Congress of His Party FDP – this, if I understood correctly, the party of young intellectuals, as a general spirit similar to our “Apple”.

In the morning half of the congress, all these clever boys and girls in strict costumes spoke speeches, discussed something and voted. I started enjoying great popularity as soon as they found out that I am from Latvia, and even Russian. I was falling asleep on my political convictions, about the situation in Russia – and about Yavlinsky. I answered something, told, although I was by and large on the drum and even dying that the twenty-five years old guys would soar the brain of this crazy. Evening session of the congress passed on nature and included a large bonfire, mass breakdown of beer, barbecue and dancing.

I made one day of this madness and the next day dragged Alex show me a Hamburg port.

Once in the newspaper I was caught by an announcement that some Catholic school invites youth to their meetings. I came to them and they defined me to help them. In the first evening we were engaged in the fact that there were some avenues about their meetings, concerts and discussion evenings, and in the intervals – ate pizza, which for some reason, after every half hour, sent out of the neighboring Italian restaurant.

On the second day I was asked about my country, about how there lives. Then there was an excursion throughout this school – a computer room, a library, a typography, prayer halls, something else. Not the old women are engaged in all this, and my peers, students. I was not very interested in keeping familiarizing with these nerds, so I did not come on the third day.

Three or four months after the start of work, I wanted home. I came to the first time in Riga full of impressions, with a mass of gifts, photos and stories. Parents were happy that everything is in order. I brought them a hefty TV, a food processor and a lot more. It’s all you can buy, of course, and in Riga, albeit Suddoroga, but I wanted to prove the ancestors that I didn’t go in vain – even from a material point of view.

While I was in Riga, Claudia gave birth to another child, which, naturally, adds care. When I returned, he was only a month. Claudia immediately led me in his room and began to learn how to contact him. And I had to wash it, swaded, change diapers, etc. Sometimes the baby trusted the eldest son, and he fired with him, played, dragged him around the rooms – I had a heart that he could drop it or embed it. And parents calmly left all the children together and went somewhere.

By that time I already had many friends and among the Germans, and among the Russians. Therefore, with entertainment and rest problems did not arise. We went around all public places of the city and the surrounding area, starting with a ballet on roller skates and a museum of contemporary art – and ending with bars and some terrible nightclubs.

Immediately after my vacation, Claudia held a serious conversation with me about how I live on. She has long and convincingly said that after my Au Pair end will end, it will be necessary to learn, and for this you need money. We went to the bank, I was opened with an account, and what was considered my salary, it became for a credit card. Of course, I bought myself something out of clothes and continued to travel, but the essential part of the earnings remained – I decided to enter Moscow State University and went to life in Moscow.

However, to follow the strict rules, I managed only in the winter. Summer has come, and I wanted to buy new things, ride in Europe and just take a walk.

And there everything concerns communication with the boys, designed wilderness. Even if you are invited to a restaurant, you need to pay the most. I, of course, heard about it, but for the first time I suggested to pay my bill – of course, more from politeness – I was very surprised when my companion did not protest. I had to live on these rules. Although, frankly, I felt more independent than if I could pay for myself.

Extraordinary case has happened one but terrible. That evening, parents with older children went to another city in the theater and had to return around midnight. And I had a friend in Berlin, with whom we spent a long time for the phone. And just that evening we were so squeezed so that they spoke six hours in a row, and I was unwound when it was the beginning of the Third Night. Only I hung up, as the bell rang and enraged, but the calm voice of Claudia was inquired:

– Why i’m i can’t get through to you five hours? We had a car on the way back, and we all stand in the woods all this time and we call an emergency phone.

Vtyk was deserved and concrete, but in very correct form.

Football and computer

Persay politically-algae Alex, I decided to continue the practice of newspaper dating and gave an announcement to Russian newspaper “Russian Berlin”. Russians, and Germans responded. The percentage of sexually concerned was very small. It is customary to get acquainted with the interests with the newspaper. Naturally, everyone who answered me was young people, but actively on the role of a full-fledged FRAND did not claim.

One of these acquaintances, a business German, gave me a day a ticket to Majorca, with the other I went to Luxembourg. There are no problems with moving, borders and money, and go to the weekend to London or Paris there as simple as a grandmother in Biryulyovo – buy a ticket and fly, no visas need.

The biggest holidays in Germany – Christmas and birthdays. Mountains of gifts give birthday to children, among which, along with books, dolls, guns and railways, there may be a computer if the child has been eight years old.

In the house of my owners, there was already a computer for work, some terribly tricked for DM8.000 brands, but a senior son of second-grader they bought another one – easier. Even there it is customary to give favorite fruits, for example, a medium girl presented a whole mountain avocado.

In Germany, all children are very computer, and mine were some kind of atypical in this regard. They do not let the computer alone and allow you to play only in learning games. In addition, this family is unique in that they have no TV. Claudia believes that there is nothing to raise the ballobs that the whole day is sitting in front of the drawer.

Instead, the whole family actively cultivates the home theater, playing historical events. They can cook costumes for two weeks, painting feathers and label ribbons to then give a spectacle in three acts in the living room. Read a lot, go to the theater, in Opera and teach to this children. Senior boy teaches English for a year and engaged in football. The whole country is obsessed with this sport, and almost every boy is necessarily seriously engaged in them to become a national hero. By the way, when the national league matches went, my TV was transferred to the living room, the whole family sat down before the tiny screen and watched the game intensively.

This family of doctors literally obsessed with all natural and useful. I have already spoken about smoking, and from the alcohol they drink only beer, and then a little bit. Naturally, they are opponents of abortion, and it seems – and contraception. All children of Claudia fundamentally figured only the breasts almost up to two years. Now the older children are already normal, and the kids resemble the powerful pups.

At the same time, the family is very closed, never goes to visit and does not accept anyone. They are very appreciated by each other. Sometimes I felt that we had to leave them alone on the weekend, and went to friends.

And they often go to Europe at the weekend: you will plunge into your minibus sleeping bags and cots – and go ahead. For that year that I lived with them, they visited Denmark, in Croatia, somewhere else. At this time they left the house on me, and I became the only mistress. Sometimes I left, and sometimes it was sitting at home to relax and be one.

Everything related to medicine is very expensive. To elementary to grasp the tooth, if there is no insurance, you will have to lay out the DM600, and one day in the hospital costs DM800. Under the terms of the program, insurance must pay the host family, so the day after my arrival I went to the local insurance company, all descended, and checks and receipts gave the owners to pay everything.

God has fallen, and I did not seriously sick. When there were no-grandma, Claudia sent me to my room to lie down, brought me tea, in short, cared.

When I left and Claudia, together with the children, I went to accomplish me, already on the bus station I asked her that I did not like in. She honestly listed:

– That’s when I clean the house itself, I do everything thoroughly and thoroughly. And after you sometimes you can remove again. In addition, when you leave to another city for a long time, I worry, because I do not know where to look for you, with whom you are in order.

And a couple of days before my departure, we sat on the steps at home, looked at the sun, and one of them asked me to be careful in Russia so that the wolves and bears were not ate me. If that, they will come with dad to protect me, or, if I want, they will send me a gun, and even better, let I come to them again.

We are grateful for the material provided by the site: pamelafugate.com

Urban transport in United Kingdom Personal experience

Urban transport in United Kingdom: personal experience

London does not look like a standard compact European city: he is so big that it is impossible to walk on foot. Will definitely need to use urban transport, which, despite his old age, seems close to the perfect. In order not to spend time on the regular purchase of one-time tickets to the regular purchase, it is best to buy a map of the Oster, on which you can ride on all types of transport.

At the checkout highlights the total price: 20 pounds. 15 can be used, and 5 are blocked as a deposit. Leaving the city, you can return the card and get money back.

The advantage of the Map of the Oster is not only that it is amazingly beautiful. The most pleasant thing is that it works on the principle of travel: on day it can not be spent on the trips more than a certain amount, even if you drive on the subway and buses twenty times. From some moment money for travel cease to be written off, the cost of the trip is shielded as "0.00 pounds".

Transport Card in London

In London, we assumed to spend full 6 days, so for us, adults, bought Treversary for 1 week. When buying Trevellion, the Oster card is drawn up, the deposit of 5 pounds is taken for it, which returns when returning the card. Direct itself for a week costs almost 30 pounds. For comparison, just one ride in the metro then cost 4.30 pounds.

When buying tickets at the metro ticket office you can pay the card. When returning cards, deposit is given in cash. Buses in London stop only on demand. T.E. So that the bus you need stopped at the bus stop, you need "vote", and to exit the bus, you need to click on a special button. Once fell into a terrible plug in the center because of the elemental rallies. Buses were forced to change their routes. The driver first announced a speakerphone exactly how the route will change, and then bypassed the entire bus, asking passengers to where to go and say, whether they need to transfer to another bus or you can get to it.

In the London Metro on most stations free WiFi. T.To. we used only urban transport (subway and buses), then about the Oster I tell me more and nothing, though, I know that he can use much more for what.

Prices for London Transport

Price for an unlimited number of travels of the London Metro

Notes on the London Metro

London you will like it. If you do not get into the subway with a strange title pipe at rush hour!

Justa, English inhabitability, coupled with dumpingness, will strike any foreigner, and we will remind the St. Petersburg metro. However, then, then there you hear various sorrics, everything is politely struggling for the place.

At the checkout or in a ticket device you will be sold to your station. but about transplants, the path in the subway, the company name, whose train will be lucky you, will have to guess yourself. And I think not all moves will be correct.

Take care in advance, learn the Internet, feel free to the literally torturing information and will be your way easy.

Know that the train without transplants is crazy road. Remember that the Virgin ticket is not valid on Southern. But valid in the subway.

It is a pity that forget to warn about the height of the ceilings of the pipes of the pipe (subway)! If your height is more than 170 cm, be vigilant and move to the middle of the car, otherwise the measuring trimming of the body will turn into an unlimited tapping of the head. And in the subway too buttons!

And with pleasure, move on the required metro stairs, especially with suitcases, for such an option as an escalator, is practically not provided there, for few engines in the old pipe. And do not worry the width of these most stairs, for everything and all will touch your suitcase. And most importantly – Hold on the left side!

And do not throw away the ticket, otherwise you will have to live in the subway or on the platform, since only this seemingly input, but special people turned into a weekend, a ticket, you will have access to the big world.

Tickets and travel in London and Oxford

London Metro: Day nightmare

Judging by the map, in order to get from Camden-Town to Excel Exhibition Center, you need to get to the city center and transfer to DLR. The site of London transport promised 45 minutes of the road. Well. I did not get less than 1.5 hours, changing 3-4 trains – this is with an alleged transplant!

When the branches are two and troops, you are waiting for 10 minutes, and then he halfway decides to finish his way. Yes, and the scoreboard does not always work.

Haping on the first day in an hour-peak, in the second I decided to avoid it and went for an hour later. Ha! The people – exactly the same, because as soon as the hour-peak ends, the trains go twice as much as: that is, the effect on interpretation is exactly the same, just go even slower.

For two days, I was so fascinated by me that in the morning I went to the exhibition on the District Electric National Rail, and in the evening – on buses through the center. Also stupid and long, but you can look into the window.

The more distinct the London Metro: the number of special people leading. On each platform – 3-4 people shout a finite station of the arrived train, crawled in the submarines of the car windows so that the passengers are not crowded in the door, but they went deep into, and so on. This madness has two advantages: thousands of people are employed, and at the metro stations there are always people who can answer any question in all languages ​​of the world – judging by the color of the skin.

London metro finally finished me on the day of departure. Almost two hours from the hotel to the airport. This time the train on the line, which goes to Heathrow, stood at the stations sometimes minutes 10-15. And this is when the car is packed and, despite the fact that no one has almost entered and did not go out: everyone was brought their bags from the center to the airport.

Fine 50 pounds sterling for one missed stop

Travel and metro tickets in London are quite expensive, but in spite of it almost never hare I did not go. Basically, because the stations and trains themselves often walked the controllers of an evil species, and pay a fine – this is also not always a pleasant occupation. But in one beautiful day, I was minted with a little failure: managed to fall asleep in the train in the early morning, I slept my stop, and after the next, I got into the formidable paws of these most controllers.

An explanation of the situation and showing the available ticket to the previous station, I suggested paying the price difference. But it was not here. Malicious comrades and did not want to listen, and a gloomy fine was shoved as a fullest flasher! I was a shame. I honestly buy a ticket every morning, I suffer all sorts of delays and Cancellations, and here I also want to take such a fine! Not to mention everything about the other claims accumulated from me over the years to english transport. In general, pay a full fine I flatly refused. I have principles or not?

"Well, – said malicious controllers. – Fine We will still drank you, but you don’t need to pay now, you can write to a certain commission where you can appeal our decision". "That’s about, – I said proudly, taking a piece of paper. – That is how I will do". And it should be noted that I come to work and still boiling from indignation, I immediately rolled the letter to this very "Commission".

After some time, I came the answer, a certain John Smith admitted that the transport situation in the country, of course, Far from Perfect, but at the same time the controllers did the right, as there were no tickets before that stop. And what was before the previous one – this is the case of the tenth, so please, please pay a fine as soon as possible. And there is a little font "If you do not agree with this decision, you can appeal it by this address. " "Yeah!!" – I thought. – "Not on that attack!! I will write them again and appealed, but no 50 pounds from the principle will not pay". Yes, this is how I thought, hanging a piece of paper with the address of the magnet to the refrigerator. and safely forgetting about it.

Passed week, the second and, probably, even a month. One Saturday morning I woke me up a doorbell, my signature was required to get some important letter. Sleepily rubbing his eyes and whitening all who early rises on Saturday, I signed up and opened the envelope. "Dear Maria, – said there. – Since you continue to ignore our numerous reminders and do not pay the penalty imposed to you, let me notify you that the case was headed at number 00001111, to consider which you invite you to the Westminster court of this month. If you need legal support, these are phones of lawyers. " My sleep as a hand shot.

Finding the phone for feedback on the reverse side, I immediately called them. "What multiple reminders? -I wondered. – I have not received anything. And I really forgot about this penalty, as I am in the process of challenging. And in general I can not come to the court, since I was going exactly then to lie on the beach in Greece, and not sit in the Westministerovs Court". The young man at the other end of the line was extremely patient, dictating the dates to me when, apparently, I was sent "Numerous reminders". But what a mysticism, because I did not really get them!

And here my opinion was inadvertently fell on the door rug. Which, for some reason, seemed above ordinary, even much higher. I painted a terrible guess. The fact is that in many English homes, the mail is not thrown into the mailbox, but right through the door. Sometimes, when you leave for a long time, the door cannot be discovered due to the mail, advertising and so on. In general, lifting this ill-fated rug, I found a decent stack of letters under it, which my postman could not be seen, but just snapped under the gap. There were not only letters from the transport company, but also 2 bills for water and gas and a nervous letter with the threat of their disconnection for non-payment.

Comrades, I became a little ashamed. An explanation of the whole situation with a young man at the other end of the line, I must say that he behaved quite adequately (not counting quite a long giggling) and agreed to cancel my appearance in court, if the penalty is paid tomorrow. I should not say that I have no longer left for further struggle with the transport company. I was led by my own door rug.

Metro in London: about delays and strikes

I lived in the glorious city of London and worked in the same office, but not in the glamorous area of ​​this glorious city, such as City or Soho, and in the 6th zone. Living in London will not give to sit that it is far from the center. Therefore, I traveled to work every morning from Paddington Station, which was theoritically held to take 20-25 minutes in the train, carried out for reading the morning newspaper and drinking coffee.

Theoritically – this is because in fact, all this went much more than 25 minutes, and less than an hour before work I almost never got. In England, the topic of transport is generally very hotly, because it costs this pleasure very expensive, and the service will eventually turn out absolutely no. Trains do not come on time, they are unexpectedly removed from the route, they are stuck between stations and t.D and T.NS. For example, a few reasons for the desets that I personally had a challenge:

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