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Tuscany rightly considered one of the most curious regions for travelers. Located in the Heart of the country, the region will be happy to offer to inspect Cooling and historical objects, artistic attractions. Many directions in art were created in this part of the world. It was here that an ancient Apennine culture was once formed.

Many refer to this area of ​​Italy Pearl of the country. And such status is by no means an exaggeration. More than half of all architectural monuments of the country focused in this region. Many creative personalities who have become famous for the whole world, were looking for inspiration here, in the center of the Apennine Peninsula.

The large territory of the region is covered with hills, the rest is the plain. We advise closer to learn national parks and natural reserves, visit Lakes and Tuscan Riviera, as well as the Orcha Valley, which will decorate, almost every souvenir. Valley is distinguished by an abundance of scarlet poppies, yellow sunflowers and vineyards. But here it is worth sending not only for the sake of excellent species, but also for the sake of cathedrals and temples that were built in almost every city.

Top city and resorts Tuscany

Going towards Tuscany, it is worth thinking well in advance which resorts you wish to visit. For example, from the north of the region love to rest the residents of the country, so the resorts located there will contribute to improving the skills of Italian.

For a beach holiday should look at Viareggio. In this zone – the most crowded and modern beach zones. By the way, it is one of the most prestigious places in the area.

Environmental tourism is not poorly developed in Maremme. The reserve is strictly protected by the government. This resort presents a relaxing holiday on small, almost undeveloped beaches. Calm is also guaranteed to follonics.

The elite resort of Punta Ala was famous for the yacht club, so that lovers of an active lifestyle here will be interesting. We recommend to go to Castiglion-Pescayy, where very popular water sports. Among other things, pine forests are growing, for which it is pleasant to ride bicycles.

For fascinating landscapes worth keeping the way towards Monte-Argentario. Once this territory was an island covered with greens.

Today, part of the sushi is connected to the mainland narrow stone paths, between which the blue lagoon spread. Tourists will have to explore the rocky shores and get acquainted with the ports.

What is interesting to see in Tuscany?

Climate in Tuscany

More comfortable to come to Tuscany from the beginning of summer and until the middle of autumn. In the summer in the territory of the region, as a rule, it is hot, even you can say hot weather. For example, in July or August, the thermometer column regularly shows the marks above 30 degrees during the day. With the arrival of October in the region begin to pour rains. Slow temperature marks start to fall and now, in January, the sun is not able to warm up air above 5 – 7 degrees.

On the shores of Tuscany, the climate is significantly softer thanks to the nearby mountains, which are protected from cool northern winds. Here throughout the year there is enough good weather.

Video from Tuscany

Excursions and events in Tuscany

Excursion routes by city Tuscany promise to be rich and interesting. Rich architectural heritage left the Epoch of the Middle Ages. Luchchesh all acquaintance with the region to start in Florence, the capital, which presented the world Renaissance. Where did Michelangelo, Leonardo and many other great figures were doing. Fully familiarized with the main cathedrals and temples of the city, slowly go to the neighboring Siena that an hour from Florence. The city seemed to measure and remained to exist in medieval times.

Staying in Tuscany, we recommend that at the weekend to go to Chianti, where we can taste the present wine, admire the hilly landscape and visit the vintage castles, some of which will also offer tourists to stay for overnight.

Understatell, the tourist route includes a pisa and its field of wonders decorated with a falling tower. Rights the city of Lucca, famous for defensive walls, elevated from Pisa. Here, just the same will be able to walk on the old streets in silence and rest from the tourist crowd. But on this Tuscany does not end. It is worth making a bitter on thermal springs and into local pine forests, where it is so nice to ride bicycles on fresh air.

History Tuscany

Where better to stop, traveling in Tuscany?

Activities in Tuscany

In general, recreation areas in Tuscany can be divided into several categories. The first of them will introduce a traveler with historical and cultural values ​​of the edge. This is primarily about major cities. For example, about Florence with its famous cathedrals or the Motherland of the Falling Tower. Hiking areas are especially popular, which is located between Siena and Florence. The terrain attracts tourists with ancient cities, old buildings and temples.

To the second category, you can safely attribute sea resorts, where you can swim away, dive under water with scuba and explore the sea depths, as well as ride on the yacht or master the sailboat. The third type of rest is assigned balneological zones with thermal waters.

Since the landscape of the edge is amazingly beautiful, explore the natural beauty of Tuscany is offered to horseback riding. If necessary, you can use the services of an instructor. Locals love to play golf or tennis, so that sports fields and complexes in the regions are sufficient. There are peculiar gastronomic tours, on which tourists learn a variety of institutions, and try the most delicious dishes.

Tuscany transport features

The level of development of the transport system in the field of Tuscany is very high. On the region you can move both on earth and in the sky. International airports are located in large cities. It is worth noting that the authorities pay great attention to the purity of air and ecology.

Railways will be able to bring a traveler to almost any settlement Tuscany. Trains are very diverse. In all cities are present, even if not big, but the train stations. Bus – no less popular way of movement. However, in connection, with non-compliance with charts, finding, the bus remains in second place after trains.

Tuscany: how to get?

Getting to Tuscany from Russia will not be labor. As a rule, aircraft are landed in the Italian capital, in Milan or Florence. From all three points to get to Tuscany will be very easy on a rented car. On the road, the tourist will have to spend about three hours.

Also, the airport, hosting international flights, is located in the town of Pisa, the Motherland of the famous Tower, which is – here will fall. It is worth remembering that all major settlements are interconnected by rail, so traveling in Italy, including to get to Tuscany will simply.

Two-week tourist trip. How to collect things

Two-week tourist trip. How to collect things?

From one thought that you will travel on a trip to the other end of the world. You have a mood? However, are you ready for him? The main thing &# 8211; right packing things. If you have a big suitcase on the wheels – forget about him. To travel you will need a backpack &# 8211; It is much more convenient.

Choosing a backpack

The choice of a good backpack is very important. It is in it that you need to fit all your things, weighing several kilograms. So there is no other way out: it must be comfortable and Give freedom of movement. To pay attention to when choosing a backpack:

• Different Legging belt &# 8211; All the weight of the backpack will be on the hips, and not on the shoulders, and here it must be perfect to approach your body and accurately adjust,
• Good "respiratory system" &# 8211; Mesh on the side of the back, which will allow you to better breathe, which is especially useful in a hot climate,
• separation that can be opened from above and, for example, on the side or bottom is Simplify you access To the most useful accessories, such as the sleeping bag hidden below, without having to view all the contents,
• A large number of "handles" to which you can, for example, attach a water bottle and other necessary accessories,
Decent carcass &# 8211; Remember that "female" and "men’s" backpacks differ slightly in design, so pay attention to this when buying a backpack,
• Raincoat &# 8211; Due to this, the backpack will be resistant to weather conditions and does not get dirty when transporting.

In short: in a good backpack It is worth investing. And what power will be optimal? Contrary to mind, not 80 or 90 liters. Remember: what you put, you will have to wear on your back, sometimes for several hours. So choose a little less capacity &# 8211; within 40-50 l. If you are correctly packaged, this is enough, and it will allow you to reduce the weight of your baggage. And most importantly: better less so better. The less weight of your luggage, the more pleasant will move, often in the heat and with big humidity.

You will also need a second backpack

But how? Like this! Big will contain all your things. But from time to time it will be possible to leave it in a safe place and Go to adventure only with "manual loop". Of course, it could be a bag, but the backpack is always more convenient. You put it on, and your hands are free. So you can, for example, calmly take a picture, explore the jungle or climb to the top.

Additional backpack &# 8211; "everyday" Maybe about 10-20 liters and it should not be very expensive. It is important that it be comfortable, easy to evoke (so that he does not occupy a lot of space in a big baggage) and had plenty of room For what you need regularly, for example: sunscreen, a bottle of water, a repellent from mosquitoes, sunglasses, a handkerchief for the coating while visiting the temple.

Mandatory things for traveler

Much depends on where you are going, what the weather will be at your destination and how long are you going (and what do you plan to do during this trip). One thing is a two-week trip to Thailand, and another &# 8211; long journey in South America or the countries of the Middle East.

What you need to each person, Transferring, for example, to Southeast Asia? On the mandatory list:

Direct documents &# 8211; Their photocopy, hidden deep in the baggage, "just in case" (and scanned copy sent by email may also come in handy,
Map with contacts &# 8211; Embassies, Insurance Company and Bank (blocking payment cards),
• Vaccination booklet,

• headdress &# 8211; For example, a cap, bandana or hat &# 8211; and sunglasses,
comfortable shoes &# 8211; If you are going to a place with a tropical climate, you will need 3 pairs: sandals + low trekking boots and light flippers (good for shower and beach),
• 2-3 pairs of socks (not for sandals &# 8211; And for full shoes, they will help prevent possible abrasions),
• underwear &# 8211; comfortable, cotton, at least a few pieces, because it will not always work out and leave to dry,
Repellent from Komarov (especially for Southeast Asia) &# 8211; with DETA or Icaridine,
• first-aid kit with basic drugs (painkillers, from diarrhea, colds, probiotics, from allergies) and bandages, as well as with medicines that you take daily. Before leaving necessarily Check out the rules of the country to which you are going and check whether you can transport medicines. Some funds that are commonly used in one country (even without a recipe) are illegal and prohibited in another, and for their transportation you can get, for example, big fines or even 25 years in prison. Therefore it is worth checking the existing rules,

• 2-3 pairs of trousers &# 8211; For example, trousers with removable pants that can be adapted to predominant conditions,
• 3-4 "Breathable" T-shirts,
• 1 fine shirt with long sleeves (protects against mosquitoes in the evening or from abrasion while traveling around the jungle),
• Long Sweater / Fleece Lightning and Slim Cloak / Poncho / Cloak,
• handkerchief on hand / foot &# 8211; Be sure to knees (useful when visiting temples),
• Air pajamas,
bathing suit (If you are planning, for example, sunbathing or swim from a waterfall),
• Basic hygienic measures &# 8211; soap, antibacterial mini gel, wet wipes, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste (mini-version), accessories / pads for shaving (difficult to get in some Asian countries) and t. D.,
High SPF Creams (in Asia is expensive) + remedy for sunburn,
• Quick-drying towel &# 8211; For example, a compact microfiber towel, which is light, but at the same time absorbs moisture well and dries quickly,
• sleeping bag &# 8211; If you are planning, for example, overnight in the jungle or in very budget hostels &# 8211; Easy and compact, preferably "Mummy",
• Road pillow and earplugs,
security lock (with code or key),
• If you are going for a long time, think about getting a needle with a thread, lace and durable tape (never know when it is useful).

You will also need a smartphone and PowerBank (we carry them on the plane, as well as any chargers and electronic equipment always in hand bag, otherwise they can be confiscated in the baggage sorting point), as well as a headlamp and an adapter for electrical outlets. May also come in handy Sleeping rug Or (Better) Compact Armchair Rug &# 8211; If your route includes a dream, for example, in campsite or in nature.

You can also take a small bag or cosmetic &# 8211; Here you put your phone, documents or "faded" money, that is, what you need a regular basis.

Pack backpack with mind

You already know that less is better. And now it’s time to learn a few tricks that will save space in a backpack. To make it more convenient for you:

Roll into roll &# 8211; She will take less space than folded in "Cubes",
• Fill out a free place in the luggage in the lower linen, and not collect it in one place,
• Wear socks on shoes, you can also put in them other minor items &# 8211; Always saved several cm,
• Heavy items Put on the bottom backpack &# 8211; Thanks to this, his weight will be better distributed and it will be more convenient for you to move
• Put at hand at hand Necessary accessories and &# 8211; Before flying by plane &# 8211; Those that you take with you to check security (electronics and cosmetics).

Going to Southeast Asia or another exotic country, you can buy some things in place – it will be cheap.

Ualdia, Morocco Holidays, reviews, Ualdia hotels Travel


Ualdia It is a small provincial town of resort, located 100 kilometers from Safi, in Dali from the noise of the streets and rapid rhythm of large cities. The resort was famous thanks to his picturesque, comfortable beach zones, which tourist often compare with paradise on the ocean. Especially by moral rest in such a place will have to lovers of calm and peace.

Today, the population Ualdia does not exceed thousands of residents. But in the summer it is worth expecting a large influx of holidaymakers, not only with Morocco, but also from other countries of the world. Recreation in the resort promises to be healthy: nice, calm stay is combined with healthy food from natural, local, grown on farms of vegetables and seafood caught in the ocean.

In the city, there are no noisy parties and gambling clubs. Compensates for this fact an abundance of small restaurants, in an open-air, where the tourists will prepare lobster, crab or lobster. Arriving to the city, resting in the eyes will immediately rush to resist the older generation. What can not, will not affect the attitude towards the rest. Which time of the day or night you did not come to the city, be sure you will be accepted with a welcome.

Video from Ualdia

What is interesting to see in Ualdia?

Top sights Ualdia

Villa King Mohammed Fifth

Sus Mass National Park

The ruins of Kasba

Fortress of Ualia

Ualdia: excursions and events

Ualdia – The resort town is not big, so excursions around the city will be reduced to visiting the most important attractions. For example, a hike around the city will include a visit to the main fortress, as well as several vintage mansions. Of particular interest is the villa with interiors and museum expositions.

In your free time you can arrange walks on the beach area. Central Beach is located in the midst of the picturesque lagoon. There is no strong wind, and therefore waves, which allows you to safely spend on shore time with children. Local residents can rent a boat and ride on the transparent waters of the lagoon or go to the opposite shore to explore nature.

Rights from Ualdia, the National Park is located, in which animals marked in the Red Book. The disappearing plants are growing here. In the park there is a great opportunity to observe the world of birds. What pernata is not here. Great idea – Go fishing, during which experienced masters will show the process of catching oysters. North of Ualdia is the 18-hole golf course. Alternatively, you can visit golf courses that are located a few kilometers from the city.

History of Ualdia

Climate in Ualia

The climate of the resort allows you to relax in this place year-round. After all, the temperature of Waldi never falls below 0 degrees. In the summer, the sun glows the air to 25 – 30 degrees, in the winter months, the thermometer will always show the temperature above +17 degrees.

Summer heat is easily transferred thanks to the cool ocean breeze. Resting on the beach is worth going to the city from late spring until the middle of the autumn. The main beach zone of Wilia is reliably protected from winds. Precipitation during the year falls at all at all, so that the resort is always sunny and dry.

Ualdia: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Ualdia is a wonderful place that will allow to protect tourists from annoying major cities. First of all, rest will have to spend on the beaches, each of which is good. Ocean winds will enable surfing and other types of water sports. On the territory of the beaches hidden from extraneous eyes, you can organize a nomanic date accompanied by live music.

The resort is not so many bars and nights. We can say no. Therefore, leisure can be brought out, spending time in a cafe, enjoying freshly prepared seafood, which can be caught on your own by organizing an excursion program – fishing in the blue lagoon. At the same time, tourists will be able to observe and explore the process of catching and processing oyster.

If you managed to be in Ualdia in the autumn or spring period, we advise you to go to the habitat of the feathers and watch the life of birds in close. Flamingo, storks and herons live in the region. If you have your own car or rented car, we offer to get to Safi, but you will have to overcome the distance in a hundred kilometers. In the city you can visit the center of pottery.

Transport features of Ualdia

The small territory of the city does not need a lot of transport, so there are no many routes in Ualdia. The city is filled with silence. From the pier I and the case fragrant the boats of locals, on which they catch fish and other seafood.

We recommend moving around the city by bike. There are several rental items in Ualdia. If you wish, you can use taxi services, but it is not very in demand. By bus can be reached to neighboring regions and other resorts of the country. Boat can be reached to the opposite shore or just ride.

Uncharted routes of Canary Islands. Cycling

Uncharted routes of Canary Islands. Cycling

The aspirations for active rest often end with watching video reports about other adventures and dreams to be ever in place of these people. But to start much easier than it seems! Canary Islands offer to conduct an unforgettable "two-wheeled" Holidays in harmony with her body and nature.

Panorama of volcanic mountains

All seven Canary Islands are literally covered by cycling: their eternal sun, a variety of landscapes and a huge number of routes of varying complexity are simply created for sports lovers. They combine exercise and pleasure from uncommon landscapes. Archipelago all year round is the place of pilgrimage of cyclists from around the world. The ever-changing panorama of volcanic mountains, lush green dense forests, sound of the ocean – not all that attracts athletes climb to the height of kilometer, the feeling of flying on the soft slopes, replaced here undisturbed hours in the vast hot beaches. The world freezes, it is only worth stopping and listening to the splash of waves and feel the affectionate breath of the Atlantic.

Mountain bikes on Tenerife

Special pleasure brings morning skins, when the horizon is painted by an unimaginable palette of paints. Every journey is a complex of several extreme and exotic types of tourism. For beginners, training is possible directly during arrival. Financial costs with such a vacation are minimal – all equipment is given to the rental, you can come in one or a large company. Each island and in every city there are special equipped tracks for cyclists. It is not necessary to plan a complex climbing to Tadeid volcano or the conquest of other no less interesting mountains: you can organize bikes on old streets of ancient cities, to get acquainted with the life of the local population, to discover many interesting places for themselves, which guidebooks will not write. So you can stop where and when you want.

None in no place is that the power of nature is like on Lanzarote. The island of golden beaches are dissected by balks running through the protected forests. Numerous volcanic crater, lush vineyards and real lava fields – not all that local routes will open in front of you. They also pass by landmarks like Los Hameos del Agua architectural monument (Los Jameos del Agua) or Cactus Garden (The Jardin de Cactus). Every year it takes one of the most complex cycling in the world of Ironman, which is an incredible sight. One of the most popular track tracks – a circular route from Playa Blanca (Femés) and Punta Papagayo (Punta Papagayo). In its path, he crosses several ravines, mountains and rocks, and passes along the coast. No less interesting route that begins at the crossroads of Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. From there Votrop goes north and then weest to white grief. He ends near Tegoyo-La Asomada, where returns to the starting point.

Reserved forests Lanzarote

Unforgettable riding awaits lovers of mountain bikes on the island of Tenerife, whose mountains are covered by hundreds of routes for skating, envelled by Tadeide National Park and Hills around La Esperanza (La Esperanza). From Las Americas, you can climb into the highest city of Spain Vilaflor (Vilaflor, 1400 meters above sea level), relax on top, enjoy wonderful nature and fresh air. Another exciting route – in the vicinity of Boca del Valle – runs through the picturesque terrain in the north of the island.

On the island of Gran Canaria, more than 25 different routes that can compete with their lifts and diversity with the harsh alps. La Gomera is different routes. If you prefer heavy descents or overcoming large distances, then you are undoubtedly here. Mountain and road routes here are characterized by almost complete lack of plains. The bike will be the perfect companion to explore this beautiful island, which is called a miniature continent, where 32 protected natural areas, eight reserves and about 100 exceptional plant species – see really there is something. To cross the Grand Canary, you should go to the center of the island and from there by a bike from Pico de la Nieves (Pico De La Nieves) proceed to the south. This route passes through mountainous areas, crosses several borders of municipalities, leads through Monte Leon (Monte Leon) and ends in Maspalomas (Maspalomas). And with the goal, it is better to notice La Homer, it is better to choose a route through mountain trails from the center of the island on his West. The track passes through asphalt tracks through Pavon’s towns (Pavon) and Temocoda, and ends on the coast of La Playa (La Playa).

Fuerteventura is more suitable for calm riding. The second largest island of the archipelago crosses smooth deserted roads. Also here kilometer coastline with white beaches and turquoise water, rocky mountains, sandy deserts, rocky plateau, green fields, volcanoes and forest valleys. In recent years, more athletes coming to preparation for triathlon competitions in the Fuerteventura. When choosing a track, pay attention to the route from Puerto Rosario, passing through Trikiviijte (Tricivijate), Las Pocetas, Casillas Morales, and ending with Tarajalejo.

La Palma Island, like El Yerro, stands away from mass tourism. There are no noisy beaches and stormy nightlife. Here travelers are waiting for the endless forests, volcanoes, and beaches with black volcanic sand. On the islands there are also centers where you can rent a bike and necessary equipment. These islands will be a find, if you prefer a relaxing holiday and untouched nature. The most unusual track on the island of La Palma – Ultra Bike La Palma – takes its beginning from almost the very center of the island in the town of El Paso (El Paso), descends down to the southernmost point (Salinas de Fuecaliente, Salinas de Fuancaliente), and again seeks Up Island, to his western part – Los Cancajos town (Los Cancajos). And in order to hit the entire El Yerro, follow the route Transcanaria – it begins in Villa de Valverde (Villa de Valverde), passes through the mountain ranges of the whole island, and then on the southern slope of these mountains back to the north, to its final point in Puerto de la Estaka (Puerto de la Estaca).

No most professional and high-quality shooting will give you a feeling of freedom. However, having arrived at the Canary Islands, conquer the mountains and volcanoes, feeling this freedom, do not forget to capture your feelings for the film, then a piece of archipelago will forever remain with you. And if you are tormented by doubts, let’s say in secret – the beaches will not object if you briefly preferred the mountains!

Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Underwater Observatory is considered the sight of Eilat number one. It’s hard to argue with this, because in Eilat there are not so many attractions. This place causes different impressions of the tourists – from delight to complete disappointment. The main reason for bad impressions lies in a fairly high price of visiting this park, and with prices we will begin.

Input price

In 2019, a ticket for an adult visitor costs 99 Israeli shekels. For a child from 3 to 16 years old ticket costs 79 Shekels. Children under 3 can enter for free, but you need to remember that children under 2 years old do not allow.

This is quite high prices. Perhaps it is difficult for us to remember any oceanarium, where the entrance cost more.

For example, aquarium in Dubai Mall in the UAE can be viewed for free through the main viewing glass, and go to the tunnel and see other aquariums in 50 Arab Dirhams. That is, twice cheaper.

Or take Chinese oceanariums. Ticket to Oceanarium in Beijing costs 120 Chinese yuan, which is 1.4 times cheaper. Just a ticket to Shanghai Oceanarium (160 yuan) Compare apart from the ticket to the underwater observatory in Eilate. At the time of writing this article, 160 yuan is a little less than 99 Israeli shekels.

You can try to save 5 shekels if you buy a ticket through the official website on the Visa or MasterCard map. But consider that tickets are paid in Israeli shekels, and the conversion will make your bank. Most likely, all savings will be "eaten by" a disadvantageous course of the bank.

It turns out that the Eilat’s underwater observatory is one of the most expensive oceanariums in the world. Naturally, tourists are waiting for something grand, hence and disappointment. But do not forget that you still need to get here, and it also costs money.

How to get

The underwater observatory is located 6 kilometers from the city of Eilat towards the Egyptian border and the resort of Taba. This can be reached by bus number 16 or 15. Rating price – 5.9 Shekels.

There is another suitable bus route – number 282, which is traveling from OWD airport to the border. This is a seasonal summer route that will most likely be launched, since OWD airport is already closed.

If these buses do not stop next to you, then there is no other way out – you have to go by taxi. It is quite expensive, and the price of the trip will depend on your location. Prices See our article "Taxi in Israel".

Working hours

Daily – from 9-00 to 16-00.

In the park arrange ideas and show feeding fish, and it is free. Schedule of such events below:

11-00: Feeding sharks and fish holds a diver in the "Shark Basin".

11-30: Feeding animals in the aquarium "rare fish".

12-00: Feeding fish holds divers in the "Aquarium of the Red Sea".

12-30: Feeding the skulls and skates on the "Torter Island".

13-00: Opening of shells with pearls.

13-30: Feeding of young turtles.

14-30: Feeding sharks and fish in the "Shark Basin".

15-00: Feeding animals in the Amazon hut.

How much time plan to visit

For an hour you can get around here the most interesting places. If you want to look at everything without a rush, then plan half the day.

What to watch – Main Tower

The main building of the underwater observatory has a height of 23 meters, but the most interesting here is under water at a depth of 6 meters. This attraction is a vivid example of the practicality of the Israelis.

What is aquarium? This is a water container around which people walk and look at the fish. But here is the opposite. People are in a large air aquarium, and fish float around.

This is a great opportunity to see coral reefs, without diving to them with scuba. Just have to go a little on the pontoon of 100 meters long.

This is the second version of the tower, the first was built in 1975, and this second design was set in 1991. Interestingly, the design was collected on earth, and then installed in water. During installation, she did not want to sink and sink to the bottom. I had to grow it something. For this we used the details from Egyptian tanks beaten in the six-day war. Thus, the Egyptians helped the construction, not wanting.

After installing builders, the second problem was waiting – the fish frightened by construction works broke up in different directions and did not want to return. I had to put extra corals closer to the observation platform and wait for the return of fish.

And enjoying the view of the coral reef below, you can climb the steps to the very top. The observation deck provides a magnificent view of the sea. From here you can see at once four countries – Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is visible only theoretically, the distance to it is 15 kilometers, and the range of visibility on the sea from a height of 23 meters is 22 kilometers. In fact, Saudi Arabia you do not see, except with binoculars.

Once the observatory was the only structure in the park, but he smashed and now there is a lot more interesting. The most vivid impressions of tourists calls the "Shark Pool".

What to look – swimming pool sharks

This is the largest aquarium in the park – 3 million liters. For comparison, the oceanarium in Moscow at the VDNH has the total volume of all its aquariums – 5 million liters.

You can see a shark from two angles. The first is a large glass of 10×4 meters. The second is a glass tunnel. The tunnel is more interesting, although his length is modest – 15 meters, which is not compared with the Shanghai Oceanarium mentioned above with a tunnel of 155 meters.

There are about 20 pieces of sharks, and countless small fish to create an open ocean atmosphere.

Creators of the Park Underwater Observatory argue that their aquariums are most comfortable for the inhabitants. The reason for this is marine water, which is constantly updated in the aquariums. Water fence is carried out immediately in the Red Sea at a depth of 40 meters.

Looking at Shark, visitors enter the room where you can watch movies about the life of marine animals, video clips and even play thematic video games.

At the very end there is a small amphitheater with another window in aquarium. There are lectures during excursions.

In this room upstairs hangs a mockup of a whale shark in full size. Very impressive.

The shark pool opened in the park not so long ago – in October 2014. Its creation cost 26,000,000 shekels (about 100,000,000 dollars). The creators of the park are proud of this particular place and are proud of not in vain.

What to watch – 4D movie

In addition to the main ticket you can buy an addition called "Oceanarium" worth 10 shekels. Some tourists buy it, not even knowing what we are talking about. This is a ticket for a 4D movie show – this is when 3D show, but still shaking the chairs.

What to watch – Trip on the ship CORAL 2000

For a fee in 35 shekels for an adult visitor and 29 for a child you can ride a ship with a transparent bottom.

The ship is painted in yellow – a clear hint of the song "Yellow Submarine" of The Beatles. A guide is working on the ship, which colorfully tells you about coral reefs, but only in Hebrew.

If you are hemarit you do not know, then listen to the guide no sense, you can only watch. The ship is often crowded with tourists.

Like 4D film, a trip on this ship – the pleasure of doubtful, and even for a fee.

What to look – the rest of the zones and aquariums

Very interesting circular exposure called "Aquarium of the Red Sea". Here you can see a coral reef, but already in an artificial environment. Variety of fish is impressive.

Another zone – the pool of turtles and skates. Turtles here successfully multiply, they lay eggs on the island in the center of this pool. Then the scientists get eggs, wait for the hatching of the turtles and let them go to the open sea.

Exhibition "Rare Fish". Here in 35 aquariums contain 250 types of marine animals from the Red Sea. Some of them are almost not found in the natural environment. Most tourists are affected by bioluminescent marine animals, they will shine.

The "Amazonian hut" zone shows the inhabitants of the rainforest – Caymans, acne, pirands, tree frogs and other animals.

On the territory of the park there is a coffee shop, several cafes, souvenir shops.

More important advice

– Only shekels accepted at the box office, and there is no exchanger. Change money in advance, read our article "How and where to change money in Israel";

– Inside there is a restaurant, but prices are quite high. We recommend to come to the full stomach;

– part of the exposure is outdoors. Do not forget about the protection of the Sun;

– Watching fish I wonder when they are in aquarium, especially if it is dangerous and poisonous fish. However, many can meet on the beach. Read our article "Sharks and poisonous animals in Israel".

Have a good trip to the underwater observatory, and read our useful articles about Israel (Links below).

United Arab Emirates Rest in the UAE, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide Tourprom_1

Without Caeword

UAE – These are fairy tales of Sheherzada, who received an incarnation on our land, a country consisting of 7 independent Arab Emirates (therefore the abbreviation of the United Arab Emirates is decoded as the United Arab Emirates).

These emirates, considered to be a single federal state, seem to travelers by the magic mirage, which can be found in the midst of vigorous deserts.

And indeed: thanks to the efforts of local residents, the United Arab Emirates were literally diluted with the ruthless desert and settle down on the Persian Gulf Coast, becoming a true paradise for tourists.o Meet in the midst of vigorous deserts.

Today, the territory of the Emirates is 85% busy desert, which, by the way, is the largest worldwide. Despite this not the most attractive fact for tourists, the UAE managed relatively quickly to turn into a gorgeous rich kingdom, recreation in which even the kings and Padishai are worthy.

Nowadays, the UAE boasts such merits as an enviable standard of living, political stability and sustainable dirham – National currency.

Tour in the UAE should be purchased for several reasons: first, the country offers tourists Wonderful beach holidays, secondly, shopping in the Emirates – One of the best in the world, thirdly, the Emirates will be useful to business tourists, as well as travelers in search of entertainment. But the main thing that unites all travelers who acquire tours to the UAE – This desire to see with its own eyes the magic country, in which the amazing Arabic architecture is combined with modern technical and scientific and engineering achievements.

  • language: Arab
  • population: 4.7 million
  • telephone code: +971
  • currency: Dirham UAE
  • visa:Conditionally visa
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: AE
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Plugs and sockets type G
  • time: 20:31 (UTC + 0400)

Top cities and resorts of the UAE



Abu Dhabi

Ras Al-Heima



Umm Al-Kuwain

The best regions, cities and resorts of the UAE

Arab Emirates are famous for the standard of living, so that you would have come to, everywhere will be equally well. But there are all several cities that are of great popularity than others. Tourists from all over the world rushing to get to Dubai, liberated, luxurious capital. There are several resort areas. For example, Jumeira is famous for chic hotels. Funny palm trees were built in the coastal waters of the beach.

For cognitive tourism, the city is hardly suitable, but you can take a walk on expensive shops and on the famous shopping center you can. Not bad rest offers Sharjah, but it is more modest than the older brother. There are several hotels in 2nd, 3 stars. Surfing and diving lovers will be delighted with water. There is practically no nightlife here, so you can simply sit in one of the Arab restaurants in the evening.

Environmental tourism offers Abu Dhabi resort, drowning in greenery. Here is pretty quiet and secluded. Emirate will offer hot trips on an SUV in the sands of the desert, the evening with Bedouins, night under the stars and shopping.
Excursions It is worth going to the resort Ajman, a modest emirate with a long list of attractions. Tourists will have to go to the shipyard, where the famous sails, yachts and other vessels are produced. Near the coast there are live sources capable of healing from some ailments.

What is interesting to see in the UAE?

Top attractions of the UAE

Burj Khalifa

Big Canyon Wadi Bi ..

Paruj El Arab Hotel

Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi

Dubai shopping festival

Water Park Wild Wadi

Aquarium in Dubai

AquaVenture water park

Golden market Dubai

Theme Park World Ferrari

Video from the UAE

How to get to the UAE?

Dubai – This is the UAE central aircraft for tourists from Russia. To get to Dubai from Moscow our compatriots can on wings a / k «Aeroflot» and «Emirates Airlines». In addition to the above flights, the aircraft flew to Dubai from other cities of our immense homeland, and charter is added to regular flights. Time on the way from Moscow to Dubai – about 5 hours.

It is noteworthy that in the UAE, tourists can get through other emirates: so, a / k «Etihad Airways» Runs daily airliners from Moscow to Abu Dhabi. Periodically, charters are put in Sharjah, where there is also airport. Regular flights on the route Kiev-Sharjah serves a / k «Air Arabia».

How comfortable move on the UAE?

On the territory of the UAE there is 5 motorways that provide a message between the Emirates:

E11 – Sheikh Zayed Road E311 -EMirates Road E44 – Dubai-Hatta Highway E77 – Dubai-Al Haabab Road E66 – Oud Metha Road

The best way to move on the UAE – This is a taxi: unfortunately, public transport in the UAE will underdeveloped. We will clarify for tourists that counters on a taxi cost exclusively in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in other cities the cost of the trip is discussed with the driver in advance. The average fare – about 5-10 dirhamov.

Private buses deliver tourists from hotels to the beach. In the same way you can reach the center of cities.

Where it is better to stop, traveling on the UAE?

Top hotels in the UAE

Climate in the UAE

UAE are ideal for measured beach holidays, which favors special Climate UAE: 365 days a year the bright sun shines here, and the air temperature in the Emirates is rarely lowered below the + 20c mark. Thus, the tourist season in the Emirates lasts all year round.

Sea temperature in the UAE – these are pleasant + 15c and above. If the water in the Persian Gulf becomes unpleasant for swimming, water in the pools of hotels UAE is heated, and tourists can carelessly continue their holidays in the UAE. In the summer, in the hottest time, water, on the contrary, is cooled.

Add that the duration of the hot season in the UAE – This period from May to September. The hottest place in the emirates – it is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The most favorable climate for leisure of tourists in Emirates Fujairah (East Bay region), as well as in Ras El Hymime.


Abu Dhabi

Umm Al-Kuwain


Ras Al-Heima



National kitchen UAE

National kitchen UAE Formed due to the influences of climatic conditions and religious views. First of all, it should be remembered that the pork from Muslims is prohibited, so dishes in the UAE are prepared from veal, kglyatns and beefs, as well as birds and fish, roasting in a frying pan without oil use.

UEA meat dishes – this is «Guzi» – Young lamb with nuts, «Kustilet» – Barani Cutlets with herbal seasonings, «Tikka» – shashlik, «kebab» – Marinated lamb, «blouse» – Cebab of fine chopped meat, «Macbus» – Meat with adding spices, meat assorted «Musthershakkal Mustache».

Other appetizing dishes in the UAE – Pizza called «Rice», «Haris» – Casserole from chicken, «Tikka Dadzhaj» – Chicken kebab, dish «Biryani-Ajaj» from rice and stewed chicken.

Be sure to try «Samman» – Meat quail, «Jadge Tananuri» – Very acute chicken dish, soups with rice and beans, pies «cubic», Triangles from dough «sambus», and many other delicious pies – «Lyakhma», «Sabeneh», «Htander» and so on.

Dehes from vegetables in the UAE – «Hummus» – paste, «Burgul» – corn porridge, «Kureds» – Zucchini with minced meat, «Fatush» – Salad with bread, «Tabbulya» – Dish from greenery and wheat, «Uarara Anab» – Cabbages in a grape sheet and.

Popular in Emirates and fermented milk dishes, also love cheese and seafood here. Try Plov «Macbus-Samak», as well as dishes «Shaari», «toes». I wonder what even sharks eat in emipratises!

Desserts in the UAE – Separate theme: Templap Pudding «Umm-Ali», Take pudding from pistachios «Mughallabia», Enter the ponchikov «LiGemat» and acquire a sterbet familiar to us.

And, of course, coffee in the UAE – Exceptionally natural, which is preparing for a tourist «in place and bottled from coffee pots «Dalla». Most popular coffee varieties in Emirates – Black and coffee and light with cardamom.

Top restaurants of the UAE

Restaurant Al-Hailah

Al-Shami Restaurant

Restaurant La Sani

Restaurant Peking

Restaurant Saravana Bhavan

Safety of tourists in the UAE

Below are the recommendations with which all tourists should be found in order to avoid possible trouble in the UAE:

Alcohol consumption in the UAE limited. Tourists who are in a state «Under Shaf», should be left in the rooms of your hotel. Otherwise you are waiting for a police station and a large fine, and the prison. Alcohol can also be transported from the Emirate to Emirate. But in Sharjah and there is a dry law. In the Emirates, it is not customary to express tender feelings in public places, so it is not recommended to hug and kissing people – For that you may finf. Women in the UAE should be dressed in restraint and modest, legs and shoulders better cover. And about tan topless – And forget at all. In the whole of the country, it is forbidden to photograph government agencies, policemen, people in shape and women. But before imprinted by the memory of the Arab man, permission should be asked. In the UAE, it is not recommended to store in the debate about Islam and discuss the Prophet Mukhamed. In the UAE, it is forbidden to litter on the streets – This is punished by a fine. In the summer, when the air temperature rises to + 50c, it is not recommended for a long time. It should be strictly observed all the rules for intersection of the border of the UAE. The importation of medicines into the UAE territory is limited: all drug-containing drugs should be removed from the first-aid kit. If the medicine is vital, get a certificate from the doctor.

The history of the UAE

UAE: Souvenirs for memory

UAE: Entertaining Facts

Ten entertaining facts about the UAE:

The largest Emirate of the UAE – Abu Dhabi. It takes about 85% of the country’s territory. In the UAE, only 30% of fresh water comes from natural sources, there are in the Emirates and Artesian wells. 70% of water in the country – desalinized liquid. Water is extracted on 32 specialized desalination plants, with some desalination plants work exclusively on atomic energy. At the same time, the cost of desalination 1 thousand liters of water is about $ 2, which is extremely expensive air temperature in Abu Dhabi by about 1-1.5 degrees lower than in the desert spread around it. This is due to green plantings that replete this city.

Dubai name comes from Arabic word «Dibba» – Simply saransch. The first mention of the village of Abu Dhabi refers by 1761. It was found in the notes of the Assistant of the British Political Agent in Bombay, who noted that there are about 400 horsis in the village, and the aborigines are engaged in fishing. Interestingly name «Abu Dhabi» Translated means «Father Gazelle».

Sharjah is the only Emirate of the UAE, where the dry law is introduced. It is strictly forbidden to eat alcohol, and even the presence of alcohol in the car is already a crime.

The most luxurious hotel of the UAE is «Burj Al Arab», He is in Dubai. Embossed on an artificial island, the hotel is a giant and sail. In order to emphasize the originality and exclusivity of the hotel, the Arabs sadly appropriated the status of 7 *.

Fujairah is the only emirate in the UAE, which is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. His coastline extends more than 90 km.

Arab men are increasingly preferred to make marriage with foreign – in this case, they do not need to buy out for the bride. But the Government of the UAE is extremely cared for its population: for example, every young family in the Emirates receives from the government to hold a comfortable villa and 70 thousand Dirhams to accommodate (about $ 19 thousand.) for a wedding. In many states of the UAE, oil reserves are already drying out, it is possible that in a few years they will disappear at all. The exception is only the state of Abu Dhabi, where 95% of all countries of the country are concentrated.

Unjustified animals

Unjustified animals

Some more than a few hundred years ago, for the middle European Elephant, unicorn and Bird Phoenix seemed equally distant, exotic and simultaneously real animals. There was nothing unusual in the fact that lamb can be born from the seed and that only a pallet from the cannons can be removed from the village of Paradise bird, whose singing drives crazy. A variety of species seemed really infinite. Yes, and now, when science seems to put everything in its place, there is a place for chupacabra and a snowy person in the philistine consciousness.

Paradise birds

Sirin and Alkonost, two birds of paradise with cheap popular images differ only slightly – from Alcon usually have hands, and the Syrian usually without them. Otherwise, everything converges – full-rigid women with bird bodies squeeze on the branches of the paradise tree and sing their songs. Sing and near human dwellings, mostly Sirin. A man who walked singing, forgets everything and goes after the bird until he dies from fatigue. To avoid an undesirable outcome, it follows, barely freezing the bird, start to make noise – beat the bells, blow into the pipes, shoot from guns. The thin rumor singer does not withstand noise, and the bird "is coordinated by his resentments of the housing". However, the singing of these half-poles can have a beneficial effect on a person – it announces the righteousness of future joy. For the same purposes, an alconospota hand is given – in them he keeps a scroll with some instructive centance about the paradise life.


Hoping with one horn first occurs on the stamps of Indian cities Azh in the third millennium BC. From India, the unicorns fall into the Middle East, and from there, to the V century BC. NS., to Europe. Antique authors, among whom Aristotle and Pliny Elder, believe that the unicorn is found in Africa and India, and attribute animal horn the ability to heal from any disease. Medieval Europe inherits ancient tradition and develops it. The unicorn becomes a liner beast – besides his mighty horns, it perfectly owns claws, located right on the hooves. Even an elephant (in the Middle Ages the same exotic, as the unicorn) trembles in front of him. Catch such a beast is not under no hunter. But the method is still there. Even such a powerful animal has a weakness: young maids. The girl should be beautifully died, then run in a union cave. Tired of day-to-work, unicorn wants to sleep and appear in his lair. According to the calculations of hunters, seeing the bait, the owner will not be able to do nothing with him and, excited, will fall asleep on her knees. In this position of the hunter and should take this mighty beast. Such an enterprise promised a huge benefit – the robe of the unicorn was valued extremely expensive and sold in the markets throughout Europe. Rog could be purchased as integer or in a hand. In the first case, the buyer remained with a horn of narrowing, and in the second – with a powder, which the composition of which once has changed significantly.


Chupacabra is listed with Spanish as "sucking goats". An animal attacks the pet and through two small and neat holes on the skin sucks all the blood. The parasite began to disturb Puertoric farmers in the 1950s, but the close acquaintance of the public with the agricultural pest had to be in the mid-90s. Thanks to the general publicity of Chupacabra left Puerto Rico and began to appear across the Office of America. It is impossible to say anything concrete about the appearance of the bloodstream creature – someone speaks of the wings and language, like a lizard, someone tells about the pezzles of the head and the Kangaroo. The genealogy of goat vampire is also unclear – the researchers propose to consider an animal to the surviving dinosaur, the alien aliens. Be that as it may, won the American continent, Chupacabra moved to Eurasia. With some periodicity of the tricky beast, they began to be noticed in Chernihiv region, then in the Stavropol region, which made a new paint in the blooming complexity of Russian life.

Unusual nature of Tarkhankuta

Unusual nature of Tarkhankuta

Tarkhankut Peninsula – The most West Peninsula Crimea. It is the least all populated: settlements here less than fingers on two hands. But extraordinary nature, the clean sea, when it can be seen a bottom of depth to 10 meters, wild beaches – more and more attract holidaymakers, travelers, diving lovers.

The Ruins of the ancient Greek settlements, the most famous and largest of which are the most famous and largest of which – Polis Kalos Limin, Scythian Mogilniki. Preserved an old lighthouse. Here are the protected objects of local importance – the Dzhangulsky landslide coast, the area of ​​the pristine steppe, the outskirts of the lake Donuzlav. And Athlesh … Today – a walk from the ancient lighthouse to the Big and Small Athlesh.

At Tarkhankut Lighthouse in 2016 – Anniversary. 200 years

In 1816, a beacon was built in the most speaker part of Cape – 38-meter tower of white inkerman limestone. In order to go out on the terrace, 142 cast iron steps over the screw staircase must be overcome inside the tower. The light of the lamp with the reflector was seen at a distance of 17 miles, the sound of the siren spread to 6 miles.
The lighthouse served a team of 11 sailors, caretaker, usually retired seabed officer, several telegraphists and ministers.
As an independent settlement, the settlement at the lighthouse is first mentioned in published in 1886 "reference book on the arrival and temples of the Tauride Diocese …"
During the earthquake on September 12, 1927, the lighthouse was not injured, although the tower was noticeably swollen from side to the side.

Big atlash – from one world to another

Further at the rate, moving from the lighthouse to the east, towards Evpatoria, is the large atlash.
Surreal painting: Dry-hot from the summer heat steppe suddenly breaks down the multi-meter wall in the Emerald Sea. Standing on the edge of the sheer coast, from what he seen elementary turns his head.

Especially popular and known, the notable gigantic stone arch. This place is loved by cinematographers, but even more respected fishermen: at the coast of Athlesh in the spring and autumn perfectly "goes" kefal and mackerel. For a long time, fisheries has been developed here. During the rule of Catherine II, Tarkhankut lands actively mastered the General – Major Vasily Stepanovich Popov, he also belonged to two fish-in-making plants, one of which was located at the famous arch. And now the fishing team is based here. Under the arch is a bay protected by a vololate, from where fishing barcasses come out on fishing.

Small Athlesh – Favorite Place of Divers

Millions of years The wind, the sea and the sun worked diligently over the limestone rocky shores of Athlesh, to present to the person of this amazing natural exhibit: grottoes and niches, canopies and bowls, rocks "plates" and sheer, bays and arches, underwater caves, and another bonus exceptional purity. In the summer season, a queue of those who want to dive may be for diving instructor.
Great Athlesh is separated from a small rocky ledge, which goes far away into the sea, in the thickness of which the giant tunnel with a length of about 90 meters.
Next to the entrance to the tunnel is the lowest in Crimea 150-meter cave: the entrance to it is 10 meters below sea level. She is known to those skilled in the art, but not yet studied.
On the territory of Small Athlesh is the "Bowl of Love", known on the film "Man-Amphibian".

"Bowl of love"

Since the time of the ancient Taurida, believes. If loved, holding hands, jump into the water, and during the flight their hands will not open, they will live happily live in love and harmony. And if during the flight they let go of each other, then it means that they are early to go under the crown or they are not a couple. This legend is popular with modern youth – in front of the wedding, couples are coming to pass "test".
In the tourist season you need to be attentive – how would anyone jump on the head: someone jumps "to the dispute", someone "attract a narrowed", and someone and feelings to experience. Age restrictions are not observed ..
The bowl is connected to the sea of ​​natural tunnel, which is located at a depth of 4 – 5 meters. But do not risk to swim on the tunnel without a last, masks and training.

Features of the Athlete

There is no "civilization". In the season, install a cafe under the awnings, several biotales.
No trees and shrubs, that is, there is no natural shade. With great good luck, you can hide from the sun in the shadow of the rocks, but when you influx of tourists to do it – the task is not the lungs. Some excursion groups arriving for a day bring awnings.
Most vacationers come on cars with "Wheel houses" and live in tents. Necessarily take a bottle with water, there are no springs, keys, rivers.
Nearest settlement – Olenevka.
But they are not going here for "civilization", here from her hid – at least for a day.

Urban transport in France Personal experience

City Transport in France: Personal Experience

My girlfriend came to me for 5 days. And took a ticket for a week. We thought it was profitable even for 5 days. Took only 1-2 zone, t.E. in the city. Now you can pay extra, and not how to pay completely completely if you have a pair of zones, but you go beyond their limits. Navigo for a week worth: 1-2: 20,40 1-3: 26,40 1-4: 32.00 1-5: 34.40

By the way, to make a travel, be sure to go to the agency. In the machine not to buy it. And do not forget the photo. Forgot. Map itself costs 5 euros from above. http: // www.Navigo.FR / FORFAIT-NAVIGO-SEMAINE.HTML

Agencies are something like "shops" RATP. They are in the subway and are located, but not at all stations. I know there is on Montparnasse and Convention. Many still anywhere. I just never used there. In many stations there are no people at all. Only automata. And if there are people, they even do not sell bidets. Just can help with advice. But the new Navigo they will not do you. Need special printers to print it.

Glitches of Paris transport

In the girlfriend Thalys from Amsterdam was late in Paris for an hour and a half. We had a hotel on Parc de Exposicion, but Reer had repair in the evenings, and I had to look for workarounds. WWW Paris Transport website.RATP.FR offered an option that a friend rides to Aulnay-Sur-Bois, there is a transfer to the bus 615 and travels to Villepinte, from where to Parc de Exposicion – 18 minutes walk. My friend would never find the road, and I went to meet her. Hand hit all possible online cards, laid another 5 minutes, because I did not understand how this path to overcome in 18 minutes – and went.

It turned out that pedestrian borders there are no. All the way I had to go on the lawn along the automotive rather busy road, and in one place I had to go down to an unlit tunnel under the car racing. When a friend arrived to Villepinte, I was still 10 minutes before him.

At the same time, she found information there that some replacement buses are allowed, but the bus did not come at the Stop Schedule. Her, and then me – on the road – picked up a compassional locals. And very surprised, why I went on foot, and then apologized for the site of Paris transport, which offered such an option.

Paris Metro: Ticket cost

Before turnstiles, there are several tickets for the sale of tickets, or you can buy a ticket from Cashier (in some places there are only automata, and on the site of the cashier – infopurnal). Immediately you can immediately ask for a free metro map.

One ticket costs 1,70 euros, having bought a couple of times one tickets we decided to buy on two carne – a set of 10 tickets at once (worth 12 euros – savings!) As a result, by the way, we bought the carna one more or twice.

Such a ticket operates not only in the subway, but also in ground transport and even on the funicular on Montmartre.

V&# 233; lib in Paris

We dealt with the rental of Velikov literally in 5 minutes (well, maybe for 10 :), although before this experience was not. So with a coupon, which will get immediately on the terminal and with bikes (how to remove-deliver) will figure it out on the spot when you see all. Do not worry.

Menu in eng. there is. Sberbank chipped visa passes without problems. When unlocking occurs – I will not say exactly, but clearly not long. After a couple of days, we had money accounted for exactly (before, we were simply not checked for their presence).

In many places, the bike path passes along the edge of the road. There are no problems with this. Cyclists in Europe respect and do not offend 🙂 somewhere cycleheads go through sidewalks. In the parks seem to enter, but not sure that in all. In this case, it’s just a vinnet in the nearest Velibovskaya Parking – they are at every step. We never fell so that there was no place for great, although they rode the most tourist places.

In general, nothing complicated and terrible in the planner of the enterprise for rental Greats in Paris is not. When you yourself find yourself – you will understand that all your experiences were in vain.

Magnificent Paris – on a bike

Flew to Paris by 9 am – the meeting was joyful and beautiful, the weather was excellent. Hotel in the city center near "Opera comedian". To the Louvre and Opera – hand. Without knowledge of English or French you will be realized except in souvenir shops. English (conversational) know almost all. About the city – Beautiful, cozy, people are very friendly (help, prompt in English).

Take the car in Paris – stupid: Parkings are all clogged, the prices are broken, the streets are small, the movement is serious (however, like fines). A slight speed is about 80 euros. My wife and I went on bicycles, or went on foot. The scooter is also invited (500-1000 euros – a deposit, about 40-50 euros per day). Bicycles Velib – the brainchild of the government, which gives tribute to ecology. Throughout the city every 300 meters, bicycle issuing items (the tall and automatic are high), everything happens automatically. To make this business, you need a credit card with 150 euros on the account and PIN – insert a credit card, click English and then:

Movement Tips in Paris

In Paris, it makes sense to move on the bileets "Karna", If you drive once or twice a day. There are children "Carnetics" by 5.70 in a dozen, they do not sell them – apparently, the cashier must see the child. Adult carne stand 10.40 (or 11.twenty?) for a dozen – they sell them. Cashier, if there is no queue, will help to figure it out. "Cards Orange" He will also buy you in the machine – for yours, understandable.

From Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris ticket RER (train) costs 8.40 euros, on children discount. With Charles de Gaulle now go to the amusement park "Asterix". We went to another option – through the agency on the street of Rivoli, near the Tuileries Park (focus on the ferris wheel, more accurately – on the output from the subway next to him). For 2 adults and the child paid 160 euros (entrance tickets in value), we were taken to the park by 10 in the morning (agency fee in 8.15), departure from the park in 18.thirty. Not enough, but there still do not hit. According to my estimates, we overpayed only 10 euros, but did not twitch with trainers and transplants.

Paris with Carte Orange

If you arrived for a long time and going to travel a lot, it makes sense to acquire Carte Orange, which during the week gives the right to travel on any vehicles (Metro, Rer, buses and even on Montmartrovskaya funicular) from Monday to Sunday. These cards are sold at the metro ticket office. It is much more profitable than buying ordinary cadiers.

If you are not going to leave somewhere in the suburbs, feel free to take 1-2 zones (this is all Paris) for 16.30 Euro.

Do not forget to stick your photo on the orange card, enter the name and surname. And on a small magnetic ticket that you will also be given, write the number of the card itself. You can take a picture in special machines, which are called Photomaton and are at many metro stations.

By the way, tickets in the Paris metro sometimes check serious controllers in blue form. More information about Paris transport, as well as convenient interactive maps of the subway and the city you can find on the website WWW.RATP.Fr. The site is available in English.

Bicycles in Paris

I strongly regretted my credit card "Alpha Bank" There was no built-in chip, and that’s why. Several years ago, Paris Graduals (some of which are not only blue, but also green) began to actively support cyclists. Sometimes it seems that in Paris for cyclists space more than for drivers and pedestrians.

Once, walking on some Paris Boulevard, I was amazed by the arrogance of people on bikes, which were trampled on me with their calls, and some even something displeasted, driving past. I could not understand for a long time why I was so unpleasant for them, when I suddenly discovered that &# 190; The asphalt surface of the boulevard is placed under the bicycle paths, and I go on the middle of this bicycle track!

At the moment in Paris, the VELIB program is valid, the essence of which is the following. The city has a large number of bicycle rental points. Bicycle can be taken at one point, and leave on another. The first half hour you roll for free, and this is quite enough, since the rental points range from each other by no more than 300 meters. Only to take advantage of this system, it is necessary not just a credit card, but a smart card with a chip, because the bicycle procedure is fully automated. Unfortunately, to ride in Paris on Velika this time I could not, but maybe it will work out from any of you.

Transport in Lyon

The center of Lyon is compact enough to run it on foot.

We ignored only the funicular on the mountain where the Roman-Gallean ruins are located. The ticket for the funicular includes the fare price back and back, you can buy it in the machine near the stop. The machine accepts Euro-trifle or bank cards. The ticket must be kept until the end of the trip, because it will need to show or punch at the exit, as well as to use for the road.

And since the time has already been pressed, drove from the cable car to the train station. At bus stops hang cards with color designations of routes. We found the desired route and got to the right bus without problems. Biletik for one trip bought from the driver when landing.

Paris metro

Metro in Paris is quite different from the metro of Moscow or St. Petersburg sample.

First, the lines are much larger, the distance between stops is less and the metro network is so thick that anywhere in Paris can be easily accessible using the subway, it is enough to have his plan with it. The plan of the subway and the central part of the city can always be taken for free in any Paris Hotel, including, for sure, and in where you will live or ask for a metro station, when you take tickets (also for free).

The metro lines are indicated by simply numbers, and besides, each line is highlighted by its color, and the color line on any plan and on all signs in the metro transitions coincide. It is very convenient. In addition, the Paris metro is a symbiosis of ordinary metro lines and suburban trains. Suburban lines are denoted by RER, in the diagrams they are highlighted with more fat lines and are numbered not in numbers, and letters a, in, s and t.D. RER lines have their own stations throughout the city (with the appropriate designation RER), as well as they can be accessed through transitions from conventional stations. But, do not forget, travel along the RERs is more expensive than in the usual city metro and, if you go with a regular line to Rer, you will have to pay extra and therefore you should save tickets to the end of the trip.

The organization of movement and stations is also different from the usual schemes. We are accustomed to this: you go to the desired line – and at the train station go to the same side. In Paris – not like this: you need to find not only the station you need the line, but also exactly the direction in which you need to move. The direction is determined by the name of the end station line. For example, to get to the metro station "Fort d’Aubervillers", Not far from which there was our hotel, we should have to go to line 7, the direction "La Courneuve" (This is the final station in our direction). On the opposite side of the platform, the trains of another line can be sent, so do not be surprised if you see how from one train station go in one direction.

However, do not be afraid, all stations and transitions are equipped with a large number of very understandable pointers and schemes, so it is almost impossible to get lost. Just enough to get used to this scheme. We sorted out in it literally for one first trip and then went to the subway every day without any problems. So – we enter the subway. First of all, naturally, you need to buy tickets. The cost of 1 ticket (we were in August 2005) 1.4 Euro. It is not suiced, as you can see, but if you are going to go to the subway more than once, but also travel together or threesome, as we, on tickets you can save. To do this, you should buy them with a set of 10 pieces, such a set is called "Carnet" and costs 10.70 Euro. That is, savings is 3.30 euros per dozen tickets. Sets for sale at each station at the box office (it is easy to find out on the inscription "Information. Tickets". Come, say: "ONE CARNET, PLEAS", Submit money – and get 10 tickets with unchanged "MERSI". (By the way, on these tickets can be riding not only in the subway, but also on the bus, tram, and even the funicular on Montmartre).

So, by purchasing tickets, we go to the turnstile, insert a ticket to a special groove, it draws there automatically, lasts and pops out of the gap on the turnstile. Green indicator lights up, and you calmly go through the turnstile.

ATTENTION! In no case do not throw a ticket to the end of the pass. Suddenly appearing controllers may require a ticket and if you do not have it – you may be fined (for a decent amount). The ticket is valid only for one trip – here the principle is the same as we.

Next, we find the desired landing platform (by line number and the name of the final station of your direction), using multi-colored pointers and wait for the train.

Here I want to say a few words separately about the trains of the Paris metro. On different lines you can see wagons of different types. On some lines of the subway train, they go onto the rubber move, they are suitable for a platform with peculiar rustle, which is so unusual for us, accustomed to the screens of metal.

Another very important detail: in the Paris Metro the doors of the cars do not automatically open. In order for them to open up you need to press a special green button on the door, or turn up a metal handle. Buttons or handles eating both with internal and outside the outside of doors. So, if you are standing on the platform, and about you stopped the car to open the doors, too, click the button or turn up the handle.

Wagons inside also do not like our: they are much more convenient. In our seats are located along the walls of the wagon, t.E. Principle is implemented: Translate as standing). In the Paris Metro, soft comfortable seats are located across the wagon (as in the bus), if there are a lot of people, there are and folding seats.

In some places, the subway goes to the surface and goes over it, at the level of 2-3 floors. This is especially interesting in the Montmartra area: you go and consider floating past at home and narrow streets.

So, we drove to the desired station, left the car, and now we need to go to the surface. Make it very simple: go on the sign "Sortie" (word is in French means "output", And not what immediately comes to mind any Russian person).

Parisian metro – pretty old, so it is not so deep, as in Moscow, at many stations there are no escalators at all.

Another advice: when you gather in Notre Dame and you will reach the metro station "Cite" – Do not hurry to rise to the outlet on the stairs, it is rather long there, and therefore for everyone who wants to facilitate the exit procedure, next to the end of the platform there is a large elevator (it can be easily found in the picture-pointer). When you enter the elevator – do not try to look for any buttons there: they are simply notes there, there is a scoreboard at the top, on which seconds are counted in descending order: 00 – Start!

Metro stations are significantly more modest than in Moscow, but cozy, there is no such tasteless overwhelming pompous. At some stations, showcases with different exhibits are arranged, something like small free museums. At our station "Fort d’Aubervillers" even a small cactus grove was arranged.

The names of the stations in the train are not declared (more precisely declare in the newest compositions, which in the subway are not so much, and even in French), but its name is written very large, and in every car there is a metro lines scheme with all stations, so that no problems cause it. Works metro from 5.30 to 0.thirty. Interval between trains 1-8 minutes. On weekends, the number of trains is sharply reduced and the intervals naturally increase.

Uruguayan pesos – the same dollar, only without the letter s

Uruguayan pesos – the same dollar, only without the letter s

Uruguay is a small country clamped between Brazil, Argentina and the Atlantic Ocean. Uruguayans in the light of just over three million, and almost half of them live in the capital of the country – Montevideo. Uruguay created "gaucho" – free steppe cattle products, South American cowboys. Until now, this country is famous for meat and wool, but in recent years, tourism is becoming increasingly important for its economy. Along the ocean coast, a chain of fashionable resorts stretched, the most famous of which – Punta del Este, the venue of international festivals and summit meetings. Come to Uruguay mostly wealthy Argentine tourists. Russians there are still almost no visible, if not considered a few "Chelnotokov", flying into such a distance for excellent and relatively inexpensive sheepskins.

Uruguaya monetary unit is historically called "pesos". Literally translated from Spanish this word means "the weight" and reminds of those older times when the coins were not yet, and instead they used pieces of gold and silver, which weighed before paying.

In the second half of our century with "weight" Uruguayan money has no matter. They "Help" and chahli under the oppression of inflation.

Hyperinflation required the introduction of a new currency in 1975, which, without being causing slyly, and called – "New peso" (Peso nuevo). Inflation and it gradually plucked up to complete weightlessness, and in March 1993, throwing three last scratch from national money, the government introduced the current "Uruguayan Peso". Abbreviated it denotes u $ – do not confuse with US $. Changing coin is called "Stensimo" and equals 1/100 pesos.

It is impossible to say that on this trouble with inflation completely ended. For three years of existence U $ "fleece" almost twice, but still, compared to what was happening in the 70s, progress is. The current official exchange rate U $ to US $ – 7.26: 1.

In circulation in Uruguay, there are banknotes with a denomination of 1, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1.000 Uruguayan Peso. Metal coins minted with dignity 1, 5, 10 and 50 Spenses.

With the 1993 monetary reform of the old "New pesos" have not been derived from circulation. They stayed in circulation in the ratio of 1.000: 1 to the current monetary unit. Today, old bills, which, naturally, are no longer printed, have almost disappeared (due to natural wear). But formally, they are still a legitimate payment facility. "New pesos" Produced with dignity 50, 100, 200, 500, 1.000, 5.000 and 10.000.

Despite inflationary trouble, in Uruguay the right of citizens to freely exchange their currency on a foreign one was never questioned, and thanks to "Black" There is no foreign exchange market in the country.

The most familiar for Uruguayans foreign currency is the US dollar. Rich Argentineans also leave in Uruguay (and especially in the city of Colonia, which is bound by a direct ferry crossing with Buenos Aires) Many Argentine Pesos. But in principle, in banks of the country, you will not find problems with the exchange of any of the main currencies.

True, in Montevideo, the colony and at the resorts of the Atlantic coast, visitors usually go no money to banks, but in exchange offices (in Uruguay they are called Cambios). There, readily change cash of American dollars and travelers in this currency on local money. Course for checks is slightly lower than for cash. In some Cambios, modest commission will be charged for checking checks. The exchange rate for cash is close to the official, and commission for this operation, as a rule, do not take.

In Montevideo, many exchange offices are concentrated on Plaza Cagancha Square and the Avenida 18 de Julio street passing through it (in any case, on its segment that lies within the old city center. 18 De Julio is one of the longest streets of the Uruguayan capital, and where it runs into new areas, to look for Cambios no longer worth it).

You can change money in the colony in the port where passenger ferries come from Argentina, or on Central Street Avenida General Flores. Some exchange offices in Montevideo and colonies work without days off.

In the inner areas of Cambios found rarely. There must be to go to the bank. Banks in Uruguay are open to noon (Saturday and Sunday – weekends). Only in Montevideo they work until the evening: from 8.30 to 12.30 or 13.00, and after the lunch break – from 14.00 to 19.00.

In general, you can avoid money exchange, if you have your credit card with you. They are accepted by many restaurants, hotels and shops in Uruguay.

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