Turkish Maldives without photoshop and road in Pamukkale

Day 12: Turkish Maldives and Road in Pamukkale

Yesterday, when we arrived at the Lago Di Sald Hotel at night, we were not able to admire one of the most beautiful lakes of Turkey, nor inspect the hotel. Today we decided to relax and dedicate all the day a leisure holiday – if the weather is allowed to swim in the lake, take a walk in his snow-white beach, and then slowly go to Pamukkale, where it will stop for a couple of days. Maxim is already very asked to live in a tent, so to stop trying to choose camping. We have already noticed a few and hope that you will choose something. In Turkey, the campsites are quite difficult, such cool, as, for example, in Italy, Austria or Croatia, is not at all. For Turks, campsite is a vacation in nature and, if there is no electricity, water and amenities, then this is not a problem. We also want a European holiday in campsite, even interesting whether we will find something like this here here. But first things first.

Turkish Maldives – Lake Salda

Whether we are so tired on the eve, or finally came to awareness of vacation, but we only woke up by 10 in the morning and went to have breakfast to the sun terrace overlooking the lake. For breakfast, the owner of the hotel approached us and began to ask for our journey (he saw a link to the site on our box on the roof and decided to learn about our route in more detail). We are pretty cute talked, told about our plans, shared ideas.

Restaurant Terrace at Lago di Salda

The fact that we didn’t see at night yesterday, went to inspect this morning – the hotel’s territory is small, but very well-kept and cozy. There is a swimming pool, but in October it was already closed for bathing, there is a descent to the lake. There are no insistral types with white sand, but the water is the same blue. In addition, right on the beach a huge amount of healing and useful clay, so, resting at the hotel, you can easily arrange a budget SPA. &# 128578;

By the way, the title photo to the article, just on the "beach" of the hotel. We really liked the hotel, it is probably cool to come here for a couple of days from a noisy city to breathe fresh air and relax from the fuss. It is a pity that we rarely get to relax in such places, and in the world there are so many beautiful lakes: Lake Como and Garda in Italy, lakes in the south of Austria, where we once stopped during one of Trips in Europe, Lake Bled in Slovenia, Ohrid Lake in Albania and a bunch of places. We must easily go to rest on the lake. But we were distracted and marked.

Hotel Lago di Salda

Hotel on Lake Salda

From the hotel we left only at the beginning of the first. Nature around is so bright and beautiful that thought arose still to stand for a couple of days with a tent at the lake. But having argued a couple of campgrounds we found that some of them are not a campgrounds at all, but picnic sites without any amenities and light. Those that are similar to civilized campgrounds are clogged to refusal and do not have the entrance to the lake. We wanted to buy exactly, so still, as planned, we will go to Pamukkale.

Camping on Lake Salda

View of Lake Salda from the road

The most famous place on Lake Salda is a snow-white sand beach, if you do not show the opposite birch of the lake in the photo, you can safely issue these frames for the photo report from the Maldives. No wonder this place is called Turkish Maldives, and the beach on the map is called Salda Gölü Maldivler Plajı. I must say that the beaches are two such here, but everyone goes to the most popular, we did not exception, but in vain.

The territory of the beach was created, at the entrance there is a very strange young man who requires money for passing. We do not mind pay, but with us for the passage I was requested by 15 lire for the car and 5 lira for each person, total 30 lire with cars ($ 5.5) is quite a bit. BUT. But the price hangs on the booth – 5 lir for cars, and pedestrians are so easy for free. On our remark, that here is the price and the price is different, he stated that it was only for local such price, but for foreigners more.

Pay the enterprising Turk, who decided to earn money, did not want at all, in addition, his Khamsky attitude completely beat off the desire to attend this place. We decided to leave the car and walk to the beach on foot, thereby saving money and a bombard of a tricky parking machine. But Maxim fell asleep, not began to wake him. Sergey remained with him in the car, and Natasha went to watch the famous and very unwriting beach alone.

Ahead is the same snow-white beach

There is no arrangence here, there is a gazebo of rescuers and a bunch of souvenir shops and restaurants

The snow-white port is quite narrow, but long. Water in the lake is really azure and all this is very picturesque and beautiful. Water seemed pretty cool, but this is normal – on the calendar is October. There were almost no people on the beach, which is logical – tourists do not often come here, and local preferred weekends, and not weekdays. Total couple families with children on a long-long coast.

Maldives Beach on Lake Salda in Turkey

If it were not for the incident at the entrance, then, probably, we would spend here a couple of hours, admiring blue water and even went to one of the local cafes, bought souvenirs and wrote a delightful article about this place. But people do the place, one of these completely spoiled us the impression of the lake. Nature is amazing beautiful, the place is amazing, we have not seen anything like in Turkey, but one person is able to do so that it does not want to return here.

Maldives Beach on Lake Salda

Blue water and white sand – than not Maldives

In the morning we found that despite yesterday’s sink, the tar arrived at the arches of the wheels, which now melted on the sun and drove away from all the cracks. We need to go to the sink again – chose on the way to Pamukkale in the city of Denizli. An hour and a half employees of washing cleaned the arches and soap our cars, as a result, they managed to clean it almost to the perfect state.

Washing in Denizli

While soapped the car – by tradition ate, drank tea and worked. Washing again cost us 200 lir. Total, translated into rubles, our trip to the freshly tired guestron cost us about 5,000 rubles. But all that is not done is done for the better. Drove towards Pamukkale only in grate. About to have time to watch today the cotton castle can not be speech. Just find camping, go to the store and make yourself dinner yourself.

Work during trips

Nobody canceled work during the trip

By 4 o’clock we were already in Pamukkale. The first camping is located on a high hill, where the base of paragander, and nearby, judging by the reviews, not bad campsite.

Drove up in Pamukkale

Camping has two zones: upper and lower. The upper part is only for tents and campers, electricity is touched by extension, at the bottom of the playground, rooms for rent, toilets and a very dirty icy water pool. It looks pretty abandoned. Besides the administrator no one no one. Decided that we will see another couple, if there is very bad, then back.

View from the top area is cool

Types are very beautiful

Cool place, but very narrowed

The second camping from the list is located in the city. It is very small, but very clean: includes a small platform for tents and campers and residential complex-board. In addition, there are usual and thermal pools, toilets, shower, dishes. If compared with the previous one, then this is much better. We decide that we stay here.

Our camp – behind the fence the rear yard of the hotel and not very beautiful

Ordinary pool, for us it was cold

We put our home for the next couple of days and went to town to buy food for dinner. The child does not want to go to the cafe, says that he is already tired of restaurants, so today for the first time we will prepare dinner for the first time. Maxim is just happy, he is generally a lover of hiking life, because he has his own duties that he is very proud. For example, he is responsible for washing dishes after all meals, he also disassembles / removes and prepares bedding, in its duties setting tables, chairs. In general, it’s great to travel with him on campsites, because he does not dangle without a case, but really participates in all processes. For dinner, the chicken was fucked, made a salad, trembled and drank, each in their business: Maxim watch cartoons in a tent, and adults need to work again.

Work on vacation

Thanks to our employer, we have the opportunity to travel for several months a year. But this does not mean that we rest, it means only that we can work remotely quite a lot and not waste time on traveling to the office. In Moscow life, this is usually expressed in the fact that at work we appear 1-2 times a month, we work out everything else from home and go to meetings without arrival in the office. Of course, I want to relax, but usually by the end of the first week without work it becomes very boring and pulls to do something useful for the world. Therefore, work in such a mode, we really like it, cool the same thing with the view of the sea, and not a neighbor on the office?! Tomorrow we will go to show Maxim Pamukkale, his most interests in all this pool of Cleopatra, in which it will be possible to swim, let’s see whether we will swim or the number of tourists on the buses will be such that it will not be included in it. Do not switch!

Turkish march among legends and myths

Turkish march among legends and myths

When the Russians got the opportunity to easily leave outside the Fatherland, watch the world and relax where I want and where the wallet allows, Turkey became one of the first of their discoveries. The first in our resort lexicon sounded the word "Antalya", And as the Turkish coast was mastered, the dictionary is enriched with new names: Kemer, Side, Belek, Alanya, Marmaris, Kusadasi – Star names of Turkish Riviera.

Having learned that I’m going to Turkey, friends sang me: "Be sure to go to Pamukkale". "Choose time and mahni in Cappadocya, – exhorted a friend, convinced that it is better for Turkey a place to relax on Earth. – Impressions for the whole life enough. Imagine, you go on a plateau, and suddenly – the lunar landscape. Well, as it is usually painted: some crater, unthinkable pillars with stone caps, pyramids, balls. Here, after the eruption of the volcano, the earth was covered with lava, and, cooling, it was in the rain, the wind and the sun took the most bizarre forms. Then people began to carve in these rocks of the cave, moves and even monasteries. There and now there are rocky churches – a mystical spectacle, I will tell you!".

"Do not forget about Ephesus! – warned antiquity connoisseurs. – Ruins of one of the seven wonders of the world – the temple of Artemis – you can not see. Of the very temple who burned herostrat to gain age-old glory. Did not lose – two and a half thousand years passed, and they remember him! In Ephesus, the theologian says, the earthly path of the Virgin Mary ended. In any case, the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary is here, and is open to all".

However, I decided to start my travel on Turkey not from beach joys, but from the land route. I went to Istanbul – he is Konstantinopol, he is the Tsargrad, he is Byzantia, the city, founded at the VII century to N.NS., At the prompt of the Delphic Oracle, on the Cape between the two seas. In the IV century, the Roman emperor Konstantin has already announced Byzantia by the capital of his empire, surrounding it with a new Rome. Fabulous wealth and luxury of the Byzantine palaces hit travelers. In the 9th century, the population of Constantinople was about a million people – this did not know such a city!

I decided to drink a cup of coffee in Europe, and for lunch to go to Asia through the handsome bridge, hung over the Bosphorus – "Cow Brodom". This title of the Strait is obliged to ancient of love triangles. Once Zeus loved the beauty of IO, and to protect the girl from anger of his jealous spouse of the gee, he did not come up with nothing better than turning Io to a cow! Contrary to the expectations of Gera, it was not confused at all, and she adds a huge fad to that cow, so that he would bite and Jalil the opponent, concluded in the nervous cow’s body. The exhausted Io rushed into the water of Bosphorus, swam him and ran to Egypt.

Inspection of sights, of course, from the Cathedral of Saint Sophia – Ayia Sofia. This temple suffered a lot: he burned more than once, collapsed and restored, survived several earthquakes. When Constantinople captured Turks, the chief Christian Cathedral was turned into a Muslim mosque. But wisdom, thank God, still enthusiastically: 60 years ago, the Multi-shared Ayia Sofia became one of the museums of world importance, in part, in such a way of reconding representatives of all religions. Entering the cool arches of the cathedral, I immediately saw "Center of Mira". So called the place where the emperor stood during prayer. Nearby – marble column with deep dent, "Saint Jam", Where the emperor Justinian rests on his forehead to go a headache. And now the fairies of those who want to push the forehead in the ancient marble.

Immediately at the Cathedral on the hill, the Sultansky Palace of Topkan. Look at him "One eye" It is impossible: try around 700 thousand square meters of square and many courtyards, pavilions, houses, mosques, fountains of the XV-XVI centuries. Once there were more than 50 thousand people. Only in the kitchen hired 800 cooks. Right opposite the entrance to the fuels, the Palace Fountain is hospitable, – it was risen to the gun after execution. Of the 400 rooms are now open 30, including harem, bedrooms for Padishakh and their mothers. Impressive journey in time and space.

Suleymania Mosque amazes Luxury and Beauty. There is a pair of historical beloved – Roksolana and Suleiman.

About the Slavyanka Roksolana, who became the wife of Sultan Suleiman’s magnificent, written novels and films shot. "Hurrem" – "Smiling" called his wife in love Sultan. And Hurrend was insidious and cruel, sons and grandchildren of Suleiman were killed by her gravity. Of course, in order for the throne to get her son.

Suleiman gorgeous reminded himself in Marmaris, a wonderful place when merging the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It is called the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, and at the entrance to the city, even there is a monument to this metaphor: a linked sink in the form of a globe with a pearl inside. Herodot – father of history – called Marmaris "splendor of nature". Agree immediately, barely inspiring thick pine air, seeing the landscapes of the unusual beauty and water of crystal purity.

And where is Sultan Suleiman?

During one of his conquesting campaigns, he took the storm in the town of Fskos, rapidly spread out on the shores of the two seas. An architect was left in the conquered town (Turkish "Mimar") with order to restore home and fortress walls. But returned Sultan work remained unhappy and exclained in anger: "Mimary Ace!" – "Hang architect!". What happened to the architect – it is unknown, but the city got a name.

Marmaris is one of the largest natural bays in the world. Here Admiral Nelson was able to hide his entire fleet on the eve of battle with the French. But the French were the first to appreciate Marmaris as a wonderful resort place. Following them, the Germans, the British, Scandinavians survived. Now, on the luxurious embankment under the fortress, along which snow-white yachts on the sea wave are swinging, in cozy hotels and Russian speech is heard on the old streets. I walked around the old town with two-story toy houses, looked at the balconies and arches on the flowers and easily imagined, like on these curves, looping up and down, once there were peeled scallers, how the male were frying kebabs in the courtyards, and women were baked big Thin lepts Gezlem, and over the city hung spicy perfume, mixed with fresh sea aroma.

Traveling in Turkey, I realized that, it was visible, I learned a story poorly in school, if all legends and myths have tied us exclusively with ancient Greece. It turned out that in Turkey, Ellensky heritage, perhaps, more than in Greece itself. Here is the Troy (inconspicuous village) and Hisarlyc Hill – the epicenter of the Trojan War, described by Homer in "Oriade". Homer "suggested" German merchant Heinrich Shlimanan, where to look for Trojan treasure, subsequently called "Gold Schlamana".

Another antique route brought me to Bergam (Pergam), to the ruins of the temple of Athens, destroyed in the Byzantine era. Here you can see the library building, with which only the famous Alexandrian Alexandria competed in size and beauty. When the Egyptians declared a monopoly on the production of papyrus, the inhabitants of Pergami found him a replacement – a sheep-treated skin. She was called Parchment. He was thicker and stronger than papyrus, he was cut into the sheets, fastened, and there were books similar to modern. Then this library Mark Anthony presented Cleopatre, but in the VII century it was burned by the Egyptians.

With the Egyptian queen Cleopter in Turkey, there are quite a few places in Turkey, – Loving Anthony generously laughed in her feet. Continuing the journey among legends and myths, I got to Alanya – the city, which the Emperor dusty gave together with the surroundings of the opposing beauty. Personal Beach Cleopatra, named "Golden", no different from other sandy Turkish beaches, but people consider themselves to be celebrated here. "Memorial" The place is open for everyone and brings the city, I must say good income. Nearby, in the depths of the hill castle, there is a healing cave Dalmatash. Thousands of pilgrims are treated in its depths of rheumatism and asthma – the air at a depth of some extraordinary, and most importantly – beauty in the cave fantastic.

With the name Cleopatra and the famous Pamukkale is connected. It is really a unique place, there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. Millennium healing water, as if dancing, flowed on limestone stalactitic rocks, forming the terraces, baths, bathing, laying tracks and trails, folding in an unearthly landscape, a decent brushes gave. In order not to damage the fragile calcium surface, walking here is prescribed by barefoot, which, by the way, is unusually pleasant. Water warm, gently hugs ankle and, as they say, takes off. Fragile nature does not withstand the influx of tourists, and now raising anywhere, as it was still recently, is not allowed – only by routes.

Next to Pamukkale preserved an antique city of Hieropolis, famous for thermal sources. On the local water Izstari went high to know, kings and emperors. And, of course, Cleopatra. Her favorite pool is well preserved, and billboards, squeezing everywhere, crying too much: "Do not pass by!", The letters are laughing: ". Pleasopatry pool". And people do not pass. The pool, where Queen holished its legendary beauty, classically strict, around – antique columns, partially collapsed into water or picturesquely scattered nearby. Now vintage marbles occupied tourists, carelessly chatting with tongue and legs. Wishing to plunge a lot, and I did not escape the temptation. Healing mineral water – plus 38 degrees Celsius, carbon dioxide bubbles and, "Blind" To the hands, legs, to the body, glitter with precious pearls. It seems that the secret of the youth of Egyptian beauty I solved. And for famous Turkish beaches of time almost left. so what? Beaches – they are beaches.

Turkish Mediterranean Here Sun Melts Russian Cold

Turkish Mediterranean: here the sun smelves Russian cold

In North Palmyra, students’ Epiphany frost and piercing soul Nord-West. The townspeople are desperately marzed, looking at the winter calendar with longing, rummaged in drape-fur collars and regardless of age and the financial situation are friends together – about the South Sea. About the beaches where a soft hot sand, serenely sluting waves, where the sun caresses so that only enough forces only on the only movement: lazily turn over the side on the side and wave a waiter to bring cold, with a highlight, Turkish beer Ephesus. Oh, the creamy waves of the sea, in which you feel like in the affectionate arms of your beloved woman and are not living on the elastic stroy of water.

Against the background of the cherished dream of the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey, chained in the ice, is especially sweet and tempting. But what is nice, the Turkish Mediterranean is always ready to warm the eating Russians. It is only good to want to go on. The exact rate of his own dream!

Rest for Russians usually begins with the main resort of the country – Cities of Antalya, in the vicinity of which a fashionable airport is located. Not more than 15 km drive and now sea, first hotels: five star TALYA, OFO, Dedeman, Sheraton Voyager, 4-star Lara Falcon, Prince, Antalya, three star Polem, Turem, Alatirnya Prince and many others. In addition to traditional comfort, hotels distinguish between the city center and the presence of their own beaches. Usually, a three-star hotel in Antalya has a sandy beach there is no and holidaymakers swimming in urban. But the water is crystal clearly clean, soft, and you can swim everywhere, except for a small picturesque bay in the city center, and that because it is engaged in graceful yachts. If you are tired by the waves of the Open Sea, you can plunge into the pool, take a jacuzzi bath or go to a luxurious water park, where any whims of the imagination is performed in the eyes. Curious to shifted on the streets of the city. Modernity and gray-haired old man in Antalya formed a single fancy ensemble: youth disco "Olympus", Monumental Gate of the Roman Emperor Adrian, sparkling shop windows, symbol of the city – "Foldful" Minaret XIII century, cut by zipper minaret Kesik, bordered palm trees Boulevards of the old Ottoman city with medieval houses.

Sea and city are uniquely beautiful! But for each self-respecting tourist excursion – the sacred ritual. The best place "pilgrimage" – Antalya Museum of the history of the territory of the region, referred to since the time of the ancient Greeks of Pamphilia. Antalya Museum, as any local history, is interesting in that it presents: the unique exhibit of Mummy Praceelovka, a rich collection of ancient icons of the Byzantine letters, women’s necklaces, delightful because you understand what graceful-accurate necks were among the ancient Turkans. On one of the images (healing from infertility) shines a star, and the gray-robed Mag. Balthazar, Melchior and Kaspar leaned with gifts over the nursery of the Baby of Christ. In the Byzantine hall under glass on a velvet pad – the relics of St. Nicholas, the very Bishop of the Millicine, which was by complex metamorphosis and transformations, became Nicholas Wonderworker, Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Ioulupukka in different parts of the world. In the halls they subscribe to the voices of sightseeners, removing in the garden, in which the hands and fragments of the ancient jugs are smeared by handsome peacocks. Children are watching the birds for hours and, imitating their gentle crocks, are waiting for Peacocks Werey will dissolve as a sign of greeting their fabulous tails.

Nicely tickles imagination Atoption of the mysterious southern evening. Time to give tribute to entertainment: a dance field with exotic Turkish pop, minibars or eastern restaurants who are open around the clock around the coast. Or just climb the room, go to the balcony with a glass in hand and dissolve in the starry diamonds of the night sky.

In Antalya, ride not only for the sake of the sea and the beach, but also for the sake of real Turkish cuisine. Menu of Istanbul restaurants and cafes include, of course, national food, but the chefs die her sound, adapting gastronomy under the Middle Eastern Stomach. In Antalya, all the original Turkish. Here, for the sake of completeness of acute tourist sensations, you can bite the traditional Turkish shaver. It is better to sit on the street, in the trip to the semi-alone company playing backgammon. Lazily shook off from sticky boxes and a flexible waiter who escalates the entire Russian vocabulary from "Head" and "Haraso", Watch how the fire flickes in the roaster and flashes long knives, cutting off a juicy lamb with a spit. In 200 grams of meat, grams of 300 oils will raise, which will have to be neutralized with cold fragrant drink.

Having experienced the joy of cheap and angry street food, next time, go to the restaurant, for example in Develi. After "Flames" Dishes of Turkish cuisine will again have to extinguish the fire – mineral water, wine or cancer will fit the same. The local sharpness is wonderful to the Russian vodka.

Forthotes in forty from Antalya over the past few years, 27 four- and five-star hotels, united in Belek settlement. Belek – Tourism Area for Very Rich. Strong Mediterranean Coast forms here Natural sandy beaches. There are also the best golf courses in Eurasia, many tennis courts, club hotels, there are discos and a wide selection of water sports. But the main advantage of the recreation area is pine groves and healing air.

Groves and sandy beaches stretch east to Aliania, but mountains will approach the coast, so the sand strip becomes somewhat already. In Alanya Mass Sights – Seljukskaya Fortress, Ottoman Towers, Ancient shipper, as well as small, equipped with tourists Karst Cave. Alanya – a modern resort center with comfortable hotels and motels, numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars. Cafe are built around the coast and became a favorite vacation spot for tourists. Along the coastal road – from the picturesque city park in the harbor – there are shops, curious not only with leather products, clothes, jewelry, handbags, but also by local souvenir – amazing bottles of pumpkin. Every year, an international folklore festival is held in Alanya, which turns the measured life of the resort town in a crowded colorful holiday.

Kemer – Dream of every tourist. Nature here resembles Crimea. This resort city was carefully planned with the surrounding landscape and turned into an ideal swimming and sear-fitting place. Pure bays with mini covers in the southern part are popular with yachtsmen. To the north of the coastal strip of the sea, steps leading down from cafes and shops directly to the beach. Kemer’s City Beach deserved the Blue Flag – a reward assigned only to resorts, relevant to the highest categories of the European Standard. In Kemer, you can safely ride with young children of children’s clubs are divided by the ages. While parents make romantic travels on the yachts and catamarans in the stentest city of Kokov, on the ruins of the ancient faes, they swim into the ancient village worlds Lycian – the Motherland of Nicholas, children play tennis and engaged in aerobics, swim and frolic in the pool under the supervision of majestic as Viziers, Educators.

Side – Parent Place in the Mediterranean Turkey. Side in translation means "Garnet". This quiet, the cozy town in the past was a fabulously rich and warlike fortress-port, where pirated ships and courts with designed for sale slaves. Only the ruins of Perger and Amphitheater aspandos are reminded about. And modern travelers are happy to admire the mountains, healing waterfall Kursunlu, languishing Nehu on the beaches and certainly visited the shopping center "Bazaar-54". Burnt by the Sun and the clusters of the sea enjoy the cool of the museum of the museum placed in the Baths of Roman times.

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a precious necklace whose beads are dozens of patriarchal resort towns. Various architecture and ancient history of the city turned into comfortable places of recreation – with modern hotels and high-class service. Eurasian Turkey knows a lot about the rest and knows how to live with taste, taking with truly eastern hospitality, serves its desired guests on European standards.

And long after an exotic holiday in Turkish Mediterranean feel a spicy aftertaste of the sunny holiday of life. And I want, oh, how I want to go back to return where you again suddenly, with a truly Jancharian daring, you feel the lord of life!

Turkish Tourists

Turkish Tourists

On this page we will tell about Turkish, exactly as much as it is required for the tourist. In the first part, consider sounds and letters – how to correctly read. In the second part we give a few phrases that tourists need.

Turkish alphabet

Since the beginning of the 20th century, when the Turkish Republic was formed, the Turks moved to the Latinized alphabet. This is a good news, since most of the letters from us are similar since. Disassemble easy.

Some Turkish sounds are slightly different from ours, some have a different reading in different situations. However, you do not need to go into these details. Better pronounce ours, you will understand, do not worry.

If you know how to read in English, you saw that most letters are read so. Yellow we allocated those letters whose reading in Turkish excellent.

Semi-windows above letters

In Turkish there are special semicircles over the letters, they are written "&# 226; ","&# 251; ","&# 238; ". They are put in those words that have two meanings. For example, the word "kar" (no sign) means "snow", and the word "k&# 226; R »(with a sign) means" profit ".

Very interesting and useful tool. We also have such words, such as the word "world". But we have no such tool in the language.

Useful words and phrases

We will not try to teach in Turkish, although we will tell a couple of spoken phrases. Rather, we set a goal to teach read important inscriptions in stores, train stations and attractions.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
G&# 252; Le G&# 252; Le Gule Gule Goodbye
TE&# 351; EKK&# 252; R Teshotskiur thanks
Giri&# 351; Girish entrance
&# 199;&# 305; k&# 305;&# 351; Cheykysh output
Tuvaletler Tuvayletlar toilet
Tuvaletler Nerede Tuvayletlar Naredea where is the toilet?
___ Nerede? ___ Naredea where is ___?
Affedersiniz Affeardcinism I’m sorry
Evet EVET Yes
Hay&# 305; R Haiyr No

In the shop

Unfortunately, in many stores in the tourist zones there are no price books. Traders want tourists to ask prices and be able to "turn" the price. Therefore, this section will need more for hiking in supermarkets.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
KA&# 231; Para katch para what is the price?
Fiyat Fiyat price
&# 304; Ndirim Indirim discount

How to read prices

ADET ("Adat") – thing. Accordingly, "FIYAT 10TL / ADET" – "Price 10 Turkish lire per piece".

PAKET (Package) – Packaging. Accordingly, "FIYAT 12TL / PAKET" – "Price of 12 Turkish lire for packaging".

Kilogram ("kilogram") – kilogram, more often reduced to "kg". Accordingly, "FIYAT 14TL / KG" – "Price of 14 Turkish lire per kilogram".

GRAM ("Gram") – grams, are more often reduced to "GR". Accordingly, "FIYAT 15TL / 100GR" – "Price of 15 Turkish lire for 100 grams".

There is an alternative Writing: "FIYAT ADET – 10TL", "FIYAT PAKET – 12TL", "FIYAT KILOGRAMM – 14TL", "FIYAT 100 GRAM – 15TL".

Currency "Turkish Lira" is usually indicated as "TL", however, there are other writing options. Read about it in our article "What Money in Turkey". Watch the current course of the Turkish Lyra.

2 Al 1 &# 214; DE – so indicate the shares "1 + 1". That is, pay for one unit of goods, get two.

In taxi and transport

To communicate with taxi drivers, the main word "SAYA&# 231; " ("Saiyach") – Counter. This word needs to talk if you want a taxi driver to go on the counter. Also, Turkish taxi drivers understand the word "meter".

To ask a taxi driver or buses to stop, tell me the word "fool", it’s in Turkish stop.

Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
Taksi Taxi Taxi
OTOB&# 252; s Department bus
Otogar Otogar bus station
OTOB&# 252; s dura&# 287;&# 305; Summary of fool bus stop
TREN Trian train
U&# 231; AK Pag airplane
Havaliman&# 305; Halymany an airport
Bilet GI&# 351; ESI Ticket Hishheshes ticket office

In cafes and restaurants

For a tourist who does not know the Turkish language at all, it is very difficult to understand the names of dishes in the menu. Try to choose those restaurants where there are pictures in the menu. However, even it does not always save, because it is not obvious, from which this dish is done.

Fortunately, in the resort zones in most cafes and restaurants there are menus in English and Russian. In the case, if you have a menu in Turkish, let’s try to tell some words that are often found in the menu.


Like in Turkish How to pronounce How to translate
&# 304;&# 231; ECEKLER Ichdzheklar drink
&# 199; AY tea tea
Kahve kahve coffee
MEYVE SUYU Male Suiuy juice
SU Su water
Gazl&# 305; &# 304;&# 231; ECEKLER Gases Ichdzheklar Hazing
Bira Bira beer
&# 350; ARAP Sharap wine


Kebap (Kebap) – Almost all meat dishes. This is meat cooked on the grill, in the oven or tandoor, in the oven or in a pan. We were told about them in detail in the article "Turkish kebabs", they talked about 12 of the most interesting kebabs.

B&# 246; Rek ("Bearek") – Baking from the Slim Dough Svodka (Filo). About Berekach Read in detail in our article "Turkish bearers", where we talked about 12 of the most interesting and delicious Berekakh.

K&# 246; FTE (Köfte) – Cutlet, usually meat.

Bal&# 305; k ("Balyk") – a fish.

Salata ("Salad) – salad.

&# 199; Orba ("Chorba") – soup.

In the Turkish kitchen, hundreds of dishes, and bring all the names of all the names is possible. Therefore, we recommend to read two of our articles, where we told about the most popular dishes and gave the names of Turkish: "The best Turkey dishes" and "dishes in Turkey, similar to our".

Also read our articles about sweets: "The best sweets in Turkey", "Turkish Pakhlava", "Turkish Lukum" and "Turkish halva". In all these articles we gave the names of Turkish.

Or maybe Turkish words and will not be useful

In the Mediterranean resorts (Antalya, Belek, Kemer), most taxi drivers, waiters, sellers and people from hotels personnel usually spoke to Russian. The stock of about 100 words and expressions they have, and there is enough. At the Aegean resorts (Bodrum, Marmaris, Kusadasi), the situation is worse – here few people know in Russian more than "hello" and "how are you"?

If you know English, then there will not be problems. The minimum supply of English words here is almost all who are connected with tourism and tourists.

But in the internal regions of the country in foreign languages ​​almost no one speaks. Here, the words and phrases that we led to.

Good to know

– In Turkey, many interesting features, not only language. Read our article "12 questions about Turkey, who are asked tourists";

– In the times of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish was different – there were a lot of borrowings from Persian and Arabic languages. With the formation of the Turkish Republic, President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk held an unprecedented reform of the language – introduced a new alphabet and removed foreign borrowing. Details in our article "The History of Turkey";

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Have a good holiday in Turkey, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

Turkish Water Park in Kemer

Turkish Water Park in Kemer

Aquaworld Water Park (AquaWorld), What in Russian means the water world, is located in the city of Kemer.

This is a small water park, which includes all types of water entertainment. There are extreme slides for adults and provided for young children.

A bright sun is always shining here, which is so lacking in the gray urban bustle.

And also by reviews Aquavorld ; very quiet place where there is no noise and bustle inherent in other water parks. Visiting it once, you will not return to this place.

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Where is the AquaWorld Water Park in Kemer?

Aquapark of small size and not so popular as other water rides in Turkey.

But in this, there is its advantage, because, when I get here, you do not have to stand in kilometer queues to visit some attraction.

There is a water park in the city center to get to it only to sit on any bus that passes by the park.

You can use the services of taxi drivers, but only they will know how much you will cost it.

The distance from Antalya is 40 km. Many tourists resting in Kemer, or not far from him, do not even know about the existence of Aquaworld Park.

Order cheap transfer ; Taxi in Kemer

Rest in water park

Despite the fact that the water park in Kemer is small sizes, however, here you can find all types of entertainment calculated at different ages.

  • There are a variety of slides. Cool, intended for extremals, wide on which you can ride together, or apply an inflatable circle for this purpose.
  • For lovers of severe sensations, there is a slide that is in a height of 70 meters. At the same time, the descent is very sharp.
  • Also here is provided by the publication. On the territory of the water park there are bars and restaurants where you can deliciously eat and rest against outdoor activities.

His work is from 6 am to 10 pm.

The benefits of relaxation in this water park can be attributed:

  • Cleanliness and well maintenance of the entire park;
  • Well-selected personnel, cultural and competent;
  • Children’s animation programs;
  • The presence of a playground and children’s entertainment;
  • Multi-level pools;
  • Holding entertainment activities in the water park;
  • Adult entertainment and attractions.

AquaWorld rides

Here is a list of entertainment that are available in the "Water World":

  • Descents designed for extremals;
  • Waterslides;
  • Little river with winding shores;
  • Outdoor pools;
  • Several attractions;
  • Animation.

If we talk about adult visitors, then at their disposal there are:

  1. Bars with various drinks;
  2. Small restaurants where it is possible to snack;
  3. Jacuzzi;
  4. Lazy River, which proceeds through the territory of the park, you can lie on the circle and swim through this river, from time to time getting under the streams of the waterfall.

If you approach the question in detail, you can select the brightest entertainment facilities:

  • The largest water park pool is 400 m. Here you can feel artificial waves and flows, you will also pleasantly surprise the jacuzzi;
  • "Kamikaze", This is an extreme descent, a hill is 50 meters in height;
  • "Free fall»The descent of this slide is also equal to 50 meters;
  • "Tornado"Is 52 meters in height;
  • Closed descent "Black Hole" It is not intended for weaknesses, the height of this attraction is 92 meters;
  • Descent where boats called "Crazy River".

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, it is also provided in the "Water World":

  1. Around the perimeter of the pool there are chaise lounges, where you can safely spend time;
  2. There are palm trees, specially designed to relax in their shadows;
  3. Poor music plays a pleasant music, as well as a waterfall is provided, under the noise of which so nice to dream.

Aquaworld water park has both children’s entertainment that will be described later.

Hotels with water parks in Kemer

Hotels in which water parks are very convenient for recreation:

  1. First, your children are always supervised;
  2. Secondly, you can not go anywhere in the hottime of the day and nice to splash in warm water.

In Kemer with the entertainment zone, there are several hotels including water parks:

  • Rixos Hotel Sungate 5 stars. This hotel has 2 indoor pools, 13 open, 10 water slides.
  • CLUB ALI BEY PREMIER TEKIROVA 5 * Includes 3 outdoor pools and 17 water slides.
  • Vogue Hotel Avangarde 5 *. In this hotel, along with adult attractions, which are 5 pieces and 2 children’s slides, outdoor pools here 2, but the indoor one, it is also intended for winter, as it has heated.
  • Mirida Del Mar 5 *. The hotel is located near Kemer in the village of Gainuk there is a private pebble beach. There is an aquapark, entertainment for children, animation. Also entertainment for adults provide for the availability of sauna, restaurants, pools, fitness centers and t.D.
  • SENTIBO SULTAN BELDIBI 4 *. The hotel is located near Kemer in Beldibi, it is small and relatively calm, here are cozy rooms. The water park is not as big as in other hotels, but still has a number of entertainment.

Hotels in Kemer

Children’s entertainment

Children’s entertainment include:

  1. "Children’s Club", this is a platform of 500 square meters. m;
  2. On the same territory there is a children’s pool of 75 kV. m;
  3. In the pool there are safe children’s slides.

Often in the water park arrange various contests for children, with dancing and water entertainment.

Children also like cheerful fountains located on the territory of the "Water World". Another advantage of this water park is a lot of green plantings.

Bars and restaurants in the "Water World"

Bars and restaurants on the territory of the water park work from early morning until late evening.

There is both Turkish and European cuisine. If these are special dishes, they are updated every hour.

If you prefer to take me a meal at the water, then there is a pool bar, where you can comfortably sit under wide palm trees. Here you can taste appetizing food and gain strength to continue swimming.

There is no accident in the water park, but, nevertheless, visitors have a great opportunity to get free insurance in this territory.

Summing up the said you can make general conclusions regarding the Aquaworld water park in Kemer:

Turkmen rites keep folk traditions

Turkmen rites keep folk traditions

Icestari Entry Turkmen markedly accompanied by a certain complex of wedding customs and rites. A considerable role in this played clothes, especially women’s.

It should be noted that the collection of materials on this subject in modern conditions – is no easy task, because the knowledgeable people in this area is low. In urban life wedding rituals have long evolved from religious ritual etiquette ritual, part of the cultural tradition. This is most clearly manifested wedding cycle in the countryside, but even the elders do not remember all the details of these rituals.

Over the long evolution of marriage has absorbed a large number of components of different rites. bride clothing is made from everyday not only in quality, but above all, on the symbolism. Last clothes, performing economic, aesthetic and other functions, ceremonies and magical significance acquired. Wedding suit was closely associated with magic, performing a variety of functions, including a talisman and purification.

Turkmens, like other peoples, attach particular importance to the time of commission of an action of the wedding ceremony: matchmaking, collusion, procession for the bride, her way out of the parental home, the translation of the groom’s house. Wedding ritual is diverse ceremonies that retained archaic features of the culture and way of life. The degree of preservation of the traditional elements of the most complete evidence Women wedding dress, presented in a complex.

Folk festivals are inherently optimistic. In wedding ritual importance had handkerchief. On (the bride’s wedding), women from all over the village bear wedding goodies, sweets in the nodules of the shawls of various sizes. When they returned to the care units with gifts of equal value brought. Large handkerchief served as a type of gift. During the competition among men to win the scarf is the most valuable prize. Wedding procession (formerly of the camels and horses, now of car) girls decorate with colored scarves, which are then handed out to drivers and attendants.

Handkerchief – an important decoration of the wedding ritual. All the young women and girls come to the wedding certainly bright colorful headscarves. In one place, their Tkut, in the other – use the purchased, factory, in some families, woven scarves are specifically stored for a family celebration. In the nearby past, on the road to the village of the future husband, the wedding train of all those opposed on the way endailed with small scarves and pieces of matter, .

Nowadays at the wedding, guests crushed small pieces of fabric, scarves, handkerchiefs. Guest, touched by him to face, pronounces words: . This handkerchief or piece of fabric is a sign of celebration and well-being. Bring gifts and in the house of the groom: scarves, sections of fabrics, carpets, palaces, cats, bedding – .

For cutting and sewing a wedding dress, they chose certain days that were considered successful. The welfare of the bride depended on this. Dress Croili and sewed in the house of the bride from the fabric obtained from the house of the groom. On this occasion, her close girlfriends gathered in the house. Croil is a dress respected on the village woman, a large mother, starting with a blessing. Trubbing material was taken to those present with the street – for happiness.

Wedding dress, with all its extraordinary conservatism, always has a rich ornamental and decorations. On the ancient origin of some of these jewelry indicate parallels with medieval suspensions . They are sewn on the chest on both sides of the dress in several rows. The dress becomes the parade from the silver overflow of scaly plaques-suspension, emitting a melodious chime when walking, as if distinguishing evil spirits. Most of the suspension served not only to decoration, but had a certain symbolic meaning, performing the role of faiths, amulets.

With the bride on the first day in the parent house, a treat was arranged (Kaitarma – the return of a young wife in the house of the Father after the honeymoon to the full payment of the family of a young husband Kalima). In the presence of mother-in-law, the bride is dressed in another dress – in a red-colored bathrobe in a narrow longitudinal strip. In the house of her husband, she returns in a dark green cape olive shade.

Rites associated with marriage reflect the worldview and a whole range of people’s representations. Undoubtedly, wedding wear, in addition to utilitarian purposes, performed the role of Oberega. She decorated with various kinds of amulets to protect against malicious forces, help in preserving health and well-being.

The belief was widespread that the bride attracts all evil spirits to himself, so it must be protected by all available means. In an effort to almost completely hide face and figure, the bride was closed by the head cape. There were a large number of actions, amulets, talismans, which were thought to have a security force (- says the saying).

In all types of wedding wear, a wicker, cords from camel wool, pig tooth, silver plates in necklaces from beads with eyes and t.D. From wood and a triangular bag with coal and salt sewn to a connecting plate between false sleeves of ritual cape. Salt, according to the ideas of many nations, is shepherd.

On popular beliefs, the bride in the first days of marriage should not step by the foot where the blood of the killed animal flowed, passing by dirty water and ash, walk under a certain tree. It was not necessary to take the bride for the funeral and commemoration.

One of the most interesting and complex elements in the wedding ceremonial – the rite of changing the girl’s headdress on the female. It is held on the second day after the wedding in some groups of Turkmen, on the third day – in others, in some – in 15 days, and in the middle of the middle Amudarya – after the birth of the firstborn.

There existed many options for changing the girl’s hairstyle and headdress. Four braids of the bride laid behind the back, remove a small handkerchief from the head, which has time to capture the boy or girl among the noisy crowd. Mother-in-law returns this bride’s handkerchief for a small redemption – Slav, cookies. A young woman is obliged to keep this handkerchief before the marriage of his daughter or marriage of the Son (to give his daughter-in-law).

Another option: the bride’s bathrobe is thrown out of woven ropes. The bridegroom is symbolically pulling them three times, as if a tearing girl’s headdress, which symbolizes the humility of a young wife in their future living together. Immediately throw a big head handkerchief, presented with a venerable large woman. Here a double power carries a white color having a cleaner character, giving happiness, longevity. Headdress becomes a symbol of a marriage of a woman, the beginning of women’s fate.

In these customs – the preservation of traditions. The religious and magical nature of rituals gradually loses its strength. Many rites are observed simply by the adopted etiquette. A modern wedding costume is a transformation of certain deeply archaic, but in antiquity actually functioning to the ritual life of the Turkmen people. Analysis of stated materials makes it possible to note that both in the village and the city have a number of customs and ritual actions in wedding celebrations. And if the magical functions of clothing are noticeably weakened or disappeared at all, the aesthetic is of great importance in modern rites and traditions.

Turkish Bodrum – active recreation pearl

Turkish Bodrum – active recreation pearl

In western Turkey on the shore Aegean Sea spread his golden beaches famous for the whole world resort Bodrum. Due to the fact that the climatic conditions at the resort are more favorable than other resorts of the country, it enjoys great popularity. The resort is located on the peninsula, which provides him with most of all its advantages, including the wonderful climate, and the environmental purity of the surrounding water. The city itself is located in Center of the Peninsula, And the resort villages focused around it in the bay chants.

Bohemian lifestyle The island contributes to a large number of bars and restaurants, numerous clubs, and amazing villas are the place of rest of the highest society. A huge number of tourists from many countries of the world attracts Bodrum. And it is not surprising, because only here are the magnificent beaches and beautiful bays. All this creates an opportunity for a diving, fishing and surfing. Pretty well developed on the peninsula sailing. Several hundred yachts stand off the coast of the resort and furrows the sea in his waters.

Various spheres and lifestyles are combined in the resort. In the evening parties begin, numerous openings clubs, and freedom of a party nightlife manits entertainment lovers. For more serious vacationers are organized Tourist routes, during which you can learn Monuments of the history and culture of Turkey, which reflects the wonderful flavor of the country.

Natural attractions

Resort Bodrum Located in a comfortable climatic zone, which allows the human body to painlessly and quickly adapt. Even in the most sultry summer days, the heat is not felt very much, because the sea is strongly affected by the climate.

Walking on sandy beaches, peering in the beauty of the city of the city, drinking wonderful Turkish coffee, In one of the cafe – just so you can understand all the beauty and charm Bodrum.

Not full will be a trip to this charming corner of the earth, if you do not commit Stroller on picturesque bays, who are recognized as one of the most amazing attractions of the nature of these places. Interesting legend about beautiful nymph is connected with Bay Bardakchi, And the most beautiful in the country, it turns out, the majority believes Bay BITEZ. Undoubtedly, travelers will charm Mandarine Gardens in combination with the Blue Sea, and excursions On nearby, the islands will bring the most positive emotions. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to enjoy the charming beauty Source of hot water, which beats from under the ground on Black island. You should also visit bay aquarium, in which surprisingly clean and transparent water, through which you can observe the marine inhabitants.

You can get a positive charge of energy, going on a trip by River Dalyan. Only during this journey may have the opportunity to observe a rather rare turtle Carette Caretta. Walking on the boat, undoubtedly, you should explore the walled in the rocks kings tombs, who lived in these places in VI century BC.NS. Stopping, you can take Healing Bath, and also feel power Mud baths.

V Hierarpolis There is a natural phenomenon that is unique – Cotton Paradise. Only here you can see a large accumulation of hot springs containing in our waters Calcium. Thanks to these waters in the rocks formed lime deposits. Among popular tourist various forms of natural basins are filled with water, the temperature of which is about 35 degrees.

Historic attractions

The most famous landmark of Bodrum is Galicarnas mausoleum, who raised in honor of his spouse Queen Artemis. This building is considered to be the fifth miracle of the world, attracting a huge number of visitors to himself. If we talk about the modern life of the resort, then it represents a monument – Mindos gate, which are like a continuation of the city wall. They were erected in 364 BC.NS. and represent Symbol of loyalty and reliability.

Another attraction of these places is Amphitheater Bodruma, which B 2000 was renovated. It is located in the very center of the city and preserved in excellent condition.

Castle of St. Peter was erected in the city in XV century, It is built of green granite by knights. This is a magnificent defensive structure that has double walls that are protected by water with water. The castle is open to the museum, which stores the findings of underwater archaeologists in their storage – all sorts of Coins, household items and weapons. A huge collection of sarcophagus is presented in the museum.

Recreation and entertainment

Throughout the holiday season in Bodrum continues a stormy life associated with fun, which never ends. It continues here Endless holiday with songs and dancing, which reigns in numerous clubs. Galicarnas – is the most famous and visited urban disco. Undoubtedly, dancing will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

Turks and Kaikos

Turks and Kaikos

Turks and Kaikos — British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, in the southeastern part of the Bahamas archipelago, 155 km north of Haiti Island. Consists of 12 larger islands and many small, forming two groups: in the West — Caicos and East — Tørs. Total Islands Square — About 430 km².

Islands in the Turks archipelago and Caicos lowland, are composed of limestone. The highest island — Providensyales (high-point — 49 m). Around the islands are large coral reefs.

Vegetation – Basically, mangrove thickets on the coast, and shrubs. Animal world is represented by waterfowl birds and peptiles. Surrounding waters are rich in fish, lobustami and molluscs.

Climate on Turks and Caicos Islands

Climate on Turks and Caicos Islands — Tropical, Passat. The average temperature in winter — About +27..+28°C, in summer — +32 °C. Waste water temperature — +23..+26°C, in summer — +28..+29°C. During the year, tropical trade winds blow, the strongest winds are possible in August — September.

From June to October, hurricanes and tropical storms bringing abundant precipitation and hurricane wind are possible.

Best time to visit the country — from mid-December to May.

Population of the islands of Turks and Caicos

The population of Turks and Kaikos — 37 665 people (20108.

Ethno-racial composition: negros — about 90%, the rest — Mulatts and white (mainly English, Americans, Canadians).

Baptists — 40%, British — 18%, Methodists — 16%, Church of God — 12%, others —fourteen%.

Official language — English; Creolesky also spread.

Money and currency of the islands of Turks and Kaikos

Monetary Unit of the islands of Turks and Caicos — US dollar ($, US $, or USD), 1 dollar 100 cents.

Banks work from Monday to Thursday — From 08:30 to 14:30, on Fridays — from 08:30 to 16:30.

Bank cards and travel checks are accepted in most establishments on large islands — Providence and Grand Turk. Outside the largest islands, the use of cashless pay means is difficult.

Communication and communications on the islands of Turks and Caicos

Phone code: 1 — 649.

Salvation service: 911.

Long-distance phone codes.

How to call

To call from Russia to Turks and Caicos, you need to dial: 8 — beep — ten — 1 — 649 — Subscriber number.

To call the islands of Turks and Caicos to Russia, you need to dial: 0 — 7 — city ​​code — Subscriber number.

Recommendations and Tips on the Islands of Turks and Caicos

We advise you to be careful when bathing and diving. You can only swim in strictly reserved places — Local beaches although quite well equipped, but only the zone between the reef and the shore is safe. With the outside of reefs, the seabed has a very large bias, and water is inhabited by many dangerous inhabitants. The flows that wash the outer side of the reefs are very strong, also a certain danger represent the surf and tidal flows.

It is recommended to drink bottled water, since local water can be contaminated or have an unpleasant taste.

How to get to the islands of Turks and Caicos

Direct flights between the islands of Turks and Caicos and Russia.

You can get here through the UK, Dominican Republic or USA. All international flights arrive on Providenciales Island.

British Airways flies through the UK (Moscow — London — Providence). Travel Time: 4 hours 30 minutes (Moscow-London) + 12 hours 40 minutes (London Providenciales) + Docking time. This is the most convenient value in terms of flight time. Cost, average — About 1700 — 1900 USD (on both sides).

Turku (Turku)

Turku (Turku)

Turku (Turku) or Swede. Abo (Åbo) – Port city in the southwest of Finland, located 165 km from Helsinki, in the Auraioka River in the Archipelago Sea. River divides the city into two parts – Northern and South. Population – 177 342 people (2010).

Turku is one of the oldest cities of the country, until 1809 was the capital of Finland. The city is also an important cultural and economic center, in 2010, together with Tallinn, he was elected the cultural capital of Europe 2011.

The city is officially bilingual: Finnish language as the main one is used by 87.7%; Swedish is native for 5.3% of the population.

The best time to visit the Turku – Summer, when, in addition to attractions, you can also fully enjoy the picturesque Finnish nature, as well as visit the regularly held festivals here.

Turki Cathedral (Turun Tuomiokirkko) – Main Lutheran Temple in Finland. Built in the second half of the XIII century in the north-gothic style and is consecrated in 1300 in honor of the Virgin Mary and the first bishop of the country – Holy Heinrich, having killed Finland.

The first stone cathedral was much less than the current. His facade was on the place where the department is now located. Below was the arch, overlapping space.

In the Middle Ages, the cathedral was repeatedly rebuilt and expanded. In the XV century, side chapels were attached to the cathedral. A little later, the height of the central neopa arch was increased to modern sizes (24 meters). In 1827, the cathedral was seriously injured by fire. 101-meter tower of the cathedral was built when restoring the cathedral and became a symbol of the city of Turku. In 1980, a new 81-register body was installed in the cathedral.

Open daily from 9:00 to 19:00 (until 20:00 from the middle of April to mid-September), the entrance is free.

Turku Castle (Turun Linna) – Swedish castle in the city of Turku, built in 1280. Is one of the most remarkable medieval castles of Finland. The castle in the Middle Ages and later, in the XVI century, during the Renaissance period, repeatedly expanded.

At the beginning of the new time, as a result of changes caused by military events, medieval castles lost their importance. Since the end of the XVI century, the Turku Castle was used primarily as a prison and storage. And from the end of the XIX century he served as a museum, although it was badly damaged in the summer of 1941 as a result of the bombardment of the Soviet air force. As a result, the castle had to carry out wide repair and restoration work.

Currently, Turku Castle is among the most important monuments of the history of Finland’s construction. In the premises of the castle there is a historical museum of the city of Turku, jumped by the district museum Turku. In addition, the chapel of the castle is popular as a place of weddings, and the Renaissance halls of the castle can be rented for the holiday.

Luostarinm Museum (LuostarinmäEN KäSITYöLäISMUSEO) – Open-air Museum in the center of Turku, located near the Hill of Vartioori.

Represents 18 blocks in which in more than thirty authentic wooden houses preserved at the initial places, presented traditional craft workshops and residential premises and through them – Construction traditions, the use of wood, as well as the everyday life of Finnish artisans living in the XIX and XX centuries. Among others, presented, for example, at home Sailor and carpenter, watch masters workshop and tobacco manufacturer house.

The museum has its own mail and a small store in which you can buy vintage sweets and Finnish handicraft products. In addition to old housing of the XIX century, the house of men who lived in the museum in the 1960s are also presented here. and one-room apartment of an old woman who died in the 1980s., The last resident in the museum.

The first houses on the territory of Luzainarmäki were erected at the end of the XVIII century abroad of the then city as a residential area for lower estates: middle class and artisans. The oldest plot was measured in 1789., And the newest – In 1803. Practically a residential area at the beginning of the XIX century was in the famous clappers. The area that escaped from the fire of 1827 was located aside, next to the hill of Vartiovuori, who at that time was a solid rock, so the sparks could not get to the roofs of Luzontarmäki.

Preserved after the fire structure according to the development plan to. L. Engel was ordered to disassemble. But the idea of ​​the preservation of the area and the foundation of the museum of artisans led to the creation of the museum, and the museum was opened on June 29, 1940. In 1943. The museum organized the first days of handicraft arts, which were subsequently expanded to the artistic art of handicrafts held at the end of August.

Sailing Fregat Suomen Joutsen (Suomen Joutsen) – Finnish Naval Forces Training Ship, now ship Museum. The sailboat was built and launched on October 16, 1902 in France.

Posankka – Statue in the Finnish city of Turku. Located in front of the hotel-water park «Karibia», The symbol of which is, in the immediate vicinity of the campus of the University of Turku and the Student Town. Is a hybrid image of pigs and ducks. Looks like a pink animal with a body and a duck head, but with a pork patch and tail. The statue designed Alwar Gullichsen in 1999. Initially, the statue of swimming on the Auraioki River. In 2001, the statue was placed on its current place

A restaurant «Puetorin Vesse» (PUUTORIN VESSA) – The attraction of the city of Turku. The restaurant was opened in 1997 on Puutori Square («Wooden Square») Indoor, where from 1933 to 1986 there was a public toilet. The furnishings inside the restaurant operates the theme of the former use of the building and is saturated with a specific «Toilet humor». Restaurant Owner – Last Musician Lasse Laasons.

The exact date of the base of the city is unknown, however, according to Russian sources, in 1191, Novgorod, together with Karelami, make a marine campaign to Finland against Swedes, during which Abo.

In 1318, the Novgorod residents burned the city, after the conclusion of the world, the city began to rejuvenate.

He received the right of city in the 1290s, but only after 1309 there is a document in which Abo is called the city. From this time, the print and coat of arms are known.

In 1323, the Orekhovsky world was concluded, which established the borders between the Novgorod Earth and the Swedish Kingdom. The collisions with the Novgorod Republic ceased, and from these years the prosperity of the city began. To this period also includes the entry of the city to the Hanseatic Union.

In 1409, their own money was launched in Turku, which differed in value from those used in Sweden.

In 1628, the King of Sweden Gustav-Adolf established a gymnasium, which since 1640 by the efforts of the Graph Pen Brage was transformed into a university – the Royal Academy of Abo.

In 1713, during the Great Northern War, Peter I began military actions in Finland and on August 28, Russian troops under the superior of Peter I and Admiral General Count Apraksin took Turku – the capital of Finland. This period is noted in history as a great lighter for the civilian population. The troops remained in the city until the end of the war in 1721.

During the Russian-Swedish war, 1741-1743 Russian troops under the superior of the Bruce graph on September 8, 1742 took Turku. After the conclusion of the Abosh world, which completed the war, the Russian troops occupied the city.

In February 1808, Russia and Sweden began the war again. Already 10 (22) March 1808, the army of General Dmitry Shepelev took Turku. According to the Friedrichsgam world, signed in 1809, Finland went to Russia.

Turku retained the value of the capital of the country until 1817, when the Finnish Senate was translated into Helsinki. After that, the Turku became the provincial city. He was the end point of the branch of Toyala Turku of the Finnish Railway, and also remained the location of the governor, Lutheran Archbishop, foreign consuls, the court chamber.

In 1827, a huge fire happened to the Turku, which almost completely destroyed the city. After the fire, he was built on a new plan, with straight, wide streets; home low, almost solid stone. Also after the fire, the university was transferred to Helsinki.

According to the 1880, the population of the city was: Finns – 53.6%, Swedes – 41.9%.

In the Russian civil war, the Turku was, as well as all major cities, in their hands, «Red». War, however, was fleeting, and by the spring of 1918 the red retreated from the city.

In 1918, a Swedish-hour University of ABO Academy and Finnoad University of Turku were recreated.

During the winter war and the Soviet-Finnish war 1941-1944, the city suffered from bombing of the USSR. The Turku’s castle was also injured, and its surroundings and the Martti region were almost completely comparable to Earth.

During the winter war, the Soviet Union dropped about 4,000 bombs on Turku, because of which over 600 buildings were injured. 52 people died from bombardments, and 151 were injured. Turku was the second after Vyborg the most bombarded city.

After the final of the war, the President and Commander-in-Chief of Finland, Gustav Mannerheim, was the idea of ​​transferring the capital from Helsinki to Turku, since after the conclusion of the Moscow truce in 1944, Finland was obliged to submit the USSR for rent instead of Cape Hanko Pokcall Peninsula with surroundings, which is just 17 km from Helsinki.

Turku – FINLAND MAIL TRANSPORT KNOT. The city intersect car and railway highways, there are large marine and river ports, as well as airport.

The basis of the road network is the motorway E 18 leading through the port in Sweden and Norway, and in Finland along the route: Turku – Helsinki – Kotka (and further to St. Petersburg);

highway E 63 Connects: Turku – Tampere – Jyvaskyul – Kuopio;

highway E 08 Connects: Turku – Rauma – Pori – Vaasa – Kokkola – Raahe – Oulu – Kemi – Tornio – Tromso.

Old Royal Road runs on the route Turku – Hämeenlinna – Vyborg.

Urban transport

City Transport Turku – Bus. The bus network is developed, the timetable is observed. Home TRANSPORT IN THE CITY – TRADING SQUARE (KAUPPATORI), where almost all buses come. There are no lines in Turku on which buses drive through the city in a circle, so to cross the city, you need to get to the market square and already there to take the bus, next in the right direction.

To stop the required regular bus on the track, the passenger gives the driver by the driver’s hand sign (raises his hand). Inside the bus passenger presses the red button in advance «Stop» (Buttons are located above the seats or on metal orders) to stop transport. In Finland, it is customary to sit while moving in transport. Front places (for the driver) are usually left for older people and people with limited physical abilities.

Ticket (KERTALIPU) costs 2.5 euros, it acts within 2 hours and allows you to travel to different bus routes. The cost of the daily travel ticket for 24 hours (Matkailulippu) – 5.5 euros. There is a discount system.


The Auraioki River divides the city into two parts – North and South. Shores bind seven bridges. In the lower river the river, where the bridge would interfere with navigation, crossing pedestrians and cyclists carries free ferry (FöRi), running from 6:15 to 21:00 (23:00 in the summer).

Intercity buses

In the central part of the city there is a bus station (Linja-Autoasema), from which long-distance buses are sent. An international bus to St. Petersburg through Helsinki every day.

Payment of travel is carried out both on the bus station and directly from the driver (or a cashier running on the line). The passenger calls the driver the place of its following (or stop). When buying a ticket to both End (Meno-Paluu) gives a discount (the return ticket is valid for 30 calendar days).

By taxi

Ride the Turku on a taxi is convenient, but quite expensive, the cost of filing a car about 5-8 euros, after which it will have to pay 1-2 euros for each mile.

Railway transport

Turku Railway Station (Turun RautatieSema) – Large Transport Knot. It is located close to the historic center and connects the city with all the largest settlements of Finland.
Transportation is carried out by VR.

Passenger trains coming to Turku Train Station from other cities, followed by the port of Turku, to Ferries on Stockholm.

Sea transport

Port Turku is located on the banks of the Archipelago Sea to the West from the city center. Through the port goes per year over 4 million. tons of cargo and over 4 million. Passengers. The port is the only country for the adoption of railway ferries.

From the port of Turku daily walk ferries Silja Line and Viking Line in Stockholm and the Aland Islands in Mariehamn and Longnes.

An airport

Turku Airport is 8 km north of the central part of the city. Bus number 1 goes to the airport from shopping square. In addition to domestic flights, flights to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Riga and Gdansk are carried out.

By plane

Turku Airport is 8 km from the city. Domestic flights from Helsinki, Mariehamna, Oulu and Tampere, as well as regular international flights from Budapest, Riga, Warsaw, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallinn and Gdanska.

From the airport to the Market Square Turku hosts the bus number 1.

By train

The VR trains depart from Helsinki (2 hours in the way, ticket costs are 30-35 euros), Tampere (1.5 hours, 25-27 euros), pikesymyki (6 hours, 50-60 euros) and Kuopio (7 hours, 60-67 euros), in addition, there are night trains from Rovaniemi.

On a ferryboat

The port is located next to the Turku castle, to the city center from it can be reached by bus number 1.

From the port of Turku daily walk ferries Silja Line and Viking Line in Stockholm and the Aland Islands in Mariehamn and Longnes.

Turned Stockholm!

Turned Stockholm!

Today, many travel companies offer combined tours on two or three Scandinavian countries. Most often it is Finland-Sweden, less often Finland-Sweden-Denmark, Norway is added even less often:

Unfortunately, to visit Sweden (what to talk about Norway and Denmark!) not always given enough time. And in vain! This country is no less, but maybe even more interesting than Finland. In particular, this applies to the Swedish capital – Stockholm. Swedes themselves call this city “Beautiful woman on water” and “The eighth miracle of light”. He will tell you his ancient legends, cool in the labyrinth of the narrow streets of the old city, charm the majestic palaces and museums, will spend on medieval cumen bridges: the warmest impressions of Stockholm are preserved for a long time. This city is in the soul gradually, but on forever.

What makes the strongest impression on a person who came to Stockholm first? Probably, it depends on the person himself, from his individuality, and from the time of year. It is pleasant to surprise the climate of Sweden’s unusually soft for the Northern Country: unlike Russia, in winter there was enough heat. And in Stockholm, even in the very center of the city, very clean air. No wonder he is recognized as the most pure capital of the world – there really do not have any problems with the environment.

What sights, architectural monuments are remembered most? The huge royal palace (Swedish Kungliga Slottet), which is rightfully considered one of the symbols of the city. After all, Sweden is a monarchy, and to the royal family in the country relate to very great respect. In the Majestic Building of the Palace reigns a real royal luxury. This is not only a royal family dwelling, but also a unique historical monument. The castle at this place was standing since the XII century, and the construction of the current building was completed in the XVIII century. In the spacious underground halls of the Royal Palace there is a treasury in which the jewels of the Swedish kings are stored. On the square in front of the palace carry a guard royal guardsmen. Every day exactly at noon there is a solemn and colorful guard ceremony. In this palace in the center of Stockholm, official techniques are usually held, and the King Gustav XVI and Queen Sylvia and the three already adult children are preferred in the country palace of Drochningsholm. There, too, you can make a tour – the palace is open to visitors.

In the world’s oldest open-air museum “Skansen” Brought from all over Sweden old houses and buildings, and in the park you can see real wild animals – representatives of the fauna of forests and mountains of the country. For visitors “Skansen” Open all year round. Swedes love to celebrate holidays there, and then usually a calm and quiet museum full of joyful people. Especially having fun.

How interesting to spend your free time in Stockholm? Excursions and just walks in Stockholm are in the first place. Everything else remains for later. Some tourists come here to have fun in clubs and bars, go to pop and rock concerts, join modern trends in fashion. Other preference traditional Swedish dance flooring, where the orchestra plays. Connoisseurs of beer bars and modern restaurants will go to Södermalm and Kuppekalman quarters. Fans of classic and modern productions are waiting for famous theaters “Dramathen” and “Operan”. Movie lovers invites a unique cinema with superser and three-dimensional image. If you prefer active leisure and sports, then in the winter you can, for example, go skating right through the mirror ice of Stockholm channels. For shopping lovers in Stockholm there are huge department stores, and markets, and small shops, where you can use the case and purchase Swedish goods, as well as products of well-known firms even cheaper than in other European cities. And gourmet is waiting for the mass of small cozy cafes, where the menu consists exclusively from Swedish dishes, and exquisite restaurants, where the kitchen of different peoples of the world are represented.

As in Sweden refer to tourists from Russia? Attitude towards visit the most benevolent, while it does not depend on nationality. There are practically no problems when communicating: almost all the Swedes perfectly own English. Therefore, if you are at least talking a little and understand English, it is easily able to know the answer to any question you are interested in.

Stockholm is interesting at any time of the year. In this friendly city, I want to come again and again.


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