Cons of Thailand, which will not be affected in travel agency &# 8211; Personal experience 2019

In my articles, I have repeatedly shared positive impressions of the holiday in Southeast Asia. What is so tatting, this direction has long been my favorite, but to present another vacation without a trip to Vietnam, to the Philippines, in Indonesia or Thailand is already difficult. About the last country today and will be speech &# 8211; I want to tell what Cons of Thailand exist personally for me, With which troubles, every traveler can face, as well as share the advice and secrets for a classroom holiday, which rarely tell travel agents.

Cons relaxing in Thailand who are upset

When I first flew to Thailand, this country was fascinated by the violence of paints and greenery, attractions, religious objects and very good cuisine. Cons here, however, were also, like everywhere, but I tried to not notice them. Now, when there are several travels for these edges by the shoulders, I can with confidence to allocate a few tangible drawbacks of Thailand:

  1. Long flight &# 8211; Time on the way is more than 9 hours, it is quite difficult if you fly for the first time or use the economy class. For children, the road can be a real test;
  2. Theft in hotels &# 8211; Although Thais is a hospitable and smiling people, they do not mind to take off everything that lies badly, so you can stay on vacation without money;
  3. Deception &# 8211; In Thailand, there are quite a few hotels that look beautiful in the photo, and in fact it turn out to be almost a nightmare. Insects in rooms, lack of infrastructure, distance from the sea &# 8211; Not a complete list of surprises, which will be known after the settlement;
  4. The laws &# 8211; On ignorance, you can break some ridiculous ban and getting behind the bars. For example, one compatriot was put in prison for refusing to remove shoes at the entrance to the temple &# 8211; The fine is usually separated by a penalty, the legislation is severe here;
  5. Food and water &# 8211; Drinking water from under the tap is categorically prohibited, and when buying products on the street, you need to follow her freshness, otherwise problems with the stomach are provided.

What else can upset in Thailand? A few years ago I traveled here for a secluded holiday, as the direction was not so popular with tourists. Now the situation has changed: most of the beaches in the peak season are overflowing, the queues are impressive, and prices increased markedly.

Letim in Thailand &# 8211; Useful tips from me

Cons of Thailand, which will not be affected in travel agency; Personal experience 2019

Provide all nuances of travel in someone else’s country problematically even experienced tourist &# 8211; I do not go to foreign tours to foreign tours, but I am regularly deceived regularly. If you are going to Thailand, listen to the Delful Soviets:

  • Learn to say ; no! ; &# 8211; You will want to dilute, offering ; unique ; Excursion, commodity ; with a discount of 90% ; or taxi ; generally for nothing ;. Refuse such ; Gifts of fate ;, otherwise pay several times more;
  • Buy a local SIM card &# 8211; It costs 100 baht, but there will be no problem with communication, there is enough money just for a week of rest, you can call home;
  • Never leave a passport in pledge &# 8211; it is illegal, better offhold money or tell me that the next day you are going to Cambodia, you need a document. Thais can even randomly lose the passport, and you will have problems with the departure;
  • Watch for monkeys &# 8211; they can drag anything, such as a hat, handbag, food, glasses, all things hide or keep stronger.

I also advise you not to go to rest with the last money, that is, with a very limited amount. Get the card, you can even a credit card, where the supply of funds for unforeseen expenses will be. Do not refuse insurance without a franchise, as you get injured or poison in Thailand &# 8211; pushover.

Thailand &# 8211; Pluses of rest is still numerous!

Disadvantages in Thailand, of course, exist, but the advantages are still significantly more. From what I like, I can highlight:

  • A large number of impressions &# 8211; Still, this is an exotic country with a unique life and atmosphere;
  • Abundance of attractions &# 8211; from spectacular show to historical complexes and paradise islands;
  • Low prices &# 8211; They are higher at the resorts, but when driving deep into the mainland, you will give 5-10 dollars for lunch;
  • Excellent massage &# 8211; When the course passes, you can not only be charged with a positive, but also to cure diseases that have been disturbed for a long time;
  • food &# 8211; I recommend trying Thai fruits and seafood, as well as national dishes, many of them are sharp, but tasty;
  • service &# 8211; He is there at a high level, so, for example, you don’t need to take with you towels on vacation, everything is in hotels and directly on the beaches.

In Thailand, quite a lot of Russians &# 8211; And not only tourists, but also families who have passed here on permanent residence. Accordingly, problems with the language usually do not occur, and English Thais understood well.

Is it worth going to Thailand this year?

My opinion is such that going to Thailand unequivocally! You will definitely like it here if you wait for the trip:

  • dizzying exotic;
  • romance with the second half;
  • exciting excursions;
  • memorable show;
  • colorful photos;
  • gastronomic impressions.

Thailand &# 8211; This is a country where rest is interesting and exciting, the beaches are numerous, and the entertainment for tourists are not comparable, for example, with Europe. Here all the flaws go to the background, subject to precautions about many of them and can be forgotten. Just set up to positive and then the journey will definitely bring positive emotions!

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