Contain a fireplace and an extra toilet – not everyone by pocket

Have their own home in the British kingdom prestigious. However, choose it – a whole science. Inexperienced foreigner easy "Bought" On the original name and alleged family legends. In most cases, all these scenery is harmless. But it happens so that for the atmosphere, "Excellent from others", You will have to pay pounds and nerves.

Castles, manads and just rustic houses in England have long been taken to give flowery names. British real estate traders analyzed sales statistics and concluded that some names attract buyers more often than others. I must say, from near Moscow tastes of preferences, the British are not solid: the most recently sold objects called Cottage and Bungalow. Giving "nickname" Country house, the average Englishman is usually inclined to emphasize its proximity to nature: in the top five leaders are rosary and hunting clutches (Rose Cottage, Lodge, Coach House).

And with the words reflecting modern realities, conservative residents of the kingdom for some reason neglected. Caring leaders occurs except the White House (White House). Even if the building has an urban address, his name will rather contact the name of some kind of garden plant (say, ivy – ivy cottage), wood (more often than others – just Wood Lands), mountains (Hill Side, Hill Crest), nearby reservoir, church arrival (Old Rectory) or school (School House).

If the faced house is called OWL Cottage, the buyer should be alerted. Behind the link to the rare bird – the barn owl – may be hidden, first, hordes of mice with which Owl feeds. And secondly, additional obligations of the homeowner. The fact is that, according to the law on the protection of wildlife (Wildlife and Countryside Act), causing concern to the nesting on your attic to the owls is an offense. From April to September, when owls lay eggs and hurt chicks, the oppression of these birds beloved by the British is punishable in a fine in 2.000 pounds sterling for every dead church or not born in your fault.

Moreover, a specially created Foundation for the Protection of Mail and Hawks persistently recommends that all the owners who have known the traces of the stay of rare feathers in their plot, help them in the construction of nests, and even better – to cut the hollow under the roof in advance. Now in England there are approximately 3.800 pairs of barn sides and about as many homeowners responsible for their integrity, preservation and mental balance.

But whatever romantic name nor the used home and whoever doesn’t have to do, wisely experienced residents of Great Britain are now usually interested in the details of the biography of the object. If, God forbid, the structure turns out to be the historical or cultural value of national importance, nine buyers out of ten from purchase usually refuse. Live in a building that honored his presence Lord Byron or described in the story Conan Doyle, of course, prestigious. However, neither replace the entrance door to its own home, nor change the shape of window frames, or even repaint outdoor walls in a new color without the sanction of the relevant authorities, you can not.

The concern English Heritage (organ, in which all architectural values ​​are underway) about some properties sometimes reaching the funny. The case is known when the roof has been completed at one old mansion, in the time immemorial times covered by Wales Tile. Since it was too expensive to produce repair using the original material, the owner of the mansion was hoping to take advantage of modern roofing coatings – reliable and cheap. And what? English Heritage prevented repair, although not a single pedestrian would not have noticed "Historical unreliability" roofs.

The British also cut down that it is much less troublesome to have a relatively new home, and exposing it for sale, place the premises "under ancient". For example, it is noticed that skillfully selected engraving or traditional watercolor landscape over the fireplace act on buyers. Recently, the British sellers of housing were able to take such a bait for rent. A certain kind of Camilla Green Bank brought together works of art permanently on display it in several London restaurants (Novelli, The Polygon, The Atrium, Cafe Med and Belair House).

Contain a fireplace and an extra toilet - not everyone by pocket

1 percent of the price of a masterpiece can be rented for a week. Since such a short time to sell the house is almost impossible, and to select suitable for interior painting from the first few people can, it makes sense to become a permanent member of the art club (it’s called The Art Movement Club). Membership card worth 40 pounds a year entails a 20 per cent discount when paying bills in these restaurants, plus a 10 percent discount if you wish to buy a picture and leave it at permanently.

To decorate the office British borrow mainly abstract art. Dwelling they prefer to decorate the scenery and occasionally portraits. No bail for paintings and sculptures in cost from 100 to 3.000 pounds from the tenants do not require. Having paid 10 pounds a week, you can enjoy the contemplation of quite decent pencil drawing. And who came to see the house prospective buyers, perhaps peck on he created a warm and refined atmosphere.

If you buy a property in the UK, but have not yet had the opportunity to live in the country at their own expense, realtors you probably will be asked if you are willing to practice the way of life and to make those expenses that you will impose real estate acquisition. Lighting, heating, "ran away" a few toilets and bathrooms water, insurance – all this excited buyers who have found their dream home, note, as a rule, do not take.

relocation costs, repairs and furnishings seem flowers when compared with the cost of the content of a townhouse, villa or farmhouse. Afford to maintain the country estate can not every rich man who found the money to buy it. On average, cumulative annual costs (including insurance) for the maintenance of the following buildings are: cottage (2-3 bedrooms and a small garden) – 2.295-2.395 pounds sterling; Villa (3-4 bedrooms and garden) – 3.100-3.300 pounds sterling; Townhouse (4-5 bedrooms) – 6.000-9.400 pound sterling; Farm (4-6 bedrooms, 10 acres of land) – 12.200-14.000 pounds sterling; Small manor (6-7 bedrooms, plot 3-5 acres – 14.400-21.950 pounds sterling; estate (large house with 8-12 bedrooms, cottage, plot from 20 acres and more) – 43.250-64.500 pounds sterling.

Contain a fireplace and an extra toilet - not everyone by pocket

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