Contemporary Art in Prague

Prague not only ancient and romantic. This is modern, in something controversial city, on the streets and squares of which harmoniously adjoin the classic historical monuments and very controversial compositions and installations, which, nevertheless, are very popular with tourists. It is believed that the Czechs – the people are simple. But these works – ironic, sometimes surprising, and sometimes even a rejection, allow to think about creative, unconventional potential of the nation and is undoubtedly the decoration of Prague.

Two views of St. Wenceslas

On one of the biggest and most beautiful European squares – ‘Wenceslas "is more like a baggy boulevard with lots of flower beds, cafés and shops, to the magnificent building of the National Museum is" Pomnik Wenceslas’ (Vaclav monument), the main Czech saints, patron and protector Czech people. Proud, conquering Vaclav dominates the area for steed with a spear, helmet and chainmail. It was here, near Wenceslas gala public event, and the monument is a national treasure of the Czech Republic. Near it is usually assigned to the meeting if you get lost and start a variety of excursions.

The ratio of local to Vaclav, though respectful, but not always reverent. Travelers at the monument appointed in a simple way – "under the tail", meaning horse’s tail, which sits Vaclav, and the statue itself even served as a subject of parody. Modern Czech sculptor David Cerny, whose work is rich in street Prague, painted the same Vaclav in armor, just sitting on a hanging by the feet of a dead horse. The meaning of the monument is unknown, most likely, David Cerny had in mind that today’s Czechs are not too revere its historic past. "Kun" has caused a lot of debate, it even refused to be placed in the main building of the Czech Post.

Prague Modern sculpture

Almost all of the travelers during the walking tours of the Mala Strana come to the courtyard of the museum of Czech writer Kafka. But the museum attracts tourists is much less than provocative, controversial sculpture "Manneken Pis" the same author, David Černý, the boys are not boys, and very mature guys. Sculpture is a fountain, where moving bronze men’s figures will handle the need for the pool, the contours of which is the Czech Map. "Boys" draw a jet of water phrases sent by you in the form of SMS to a special phone number. And, of course, here nobody will not pass the eternal duty of the tourist – to throw money in the fountain with hope for return!

Slightly walking down from the old Prague Castle, we get to the toy museum. In the museum courtyard there is a scene for representations and a lonely sculpture, which we call a "pioneer" among them, and in general, she is the name "Youth" and depicts a teenage boy. Pickiness of the situation is that the boy is naked! Tourists who are familiar to traditional signs who believe that to fulfill the desires you need to lose something and touch, polish the pioneer one of the parts of the body highlighting the bright gloss against the background of darkened bronze. Around the monument is worth the line from those who want to "fulfill dreams", the laughter sounds and reigns the atmosphere of the unrestrained fun.

Walking through the Central Prague Streets, you can unexpectedly notice a person hanging on one of the houses in a suit. Missed this sculpture is very realistic and produces a terrible impression, causing a natural fright from the type of hanged man. She depicts Sigmund Freud, holding one hand for the crossbar and, as if decisive, jump him or not. On one of the interpretations, the sculpture personifies the fight against human fear. On the other, it has a more scandalous interpretation, allegedly symbolizing the fact that ordinary people alien psychoanalytic problems of the intelligentsia, torn off from the life of a simple people.

One of the most recent installed works of the epatching David of Cherny is the head of Franz Kafka, which is located above the metro station "People’s Labor". A decade metering head of stainless steel consists of a huge number of chaotic moving segments. In general, the head can only be observed a few seconds, after which it is starting to rotate around their axis, giving the face of the kafka a variety of futuristic expressions. Kafka – the world-famous Satir writer and such an image is probably designed to demonstrate the shine and the versatility of his talent.

The most famous modern sculptures

Contemporary Art in Prague

On the streets of Prague a huge number of works of contemporary art:

– The figure of a pregnant woman from metal disks, set near the Old Town Square, symbolizing a miracle of the appearance of a new life and beauty of the female body;

– Black "crawling babies" without people with which David black protests against abortions, installed in the Park of Camp and in the Zizhkovskaya Telbashne;

– Another monument to Kafka next to the metro station "Statestrian", depicting a man on a suit without hands and head, embodying the absurdity of the works of Kafki.

This is only a tiny list of famous Prague sculptures. On the streets of Prague, you need to walk on foot, you can never predict that you can wait for the next angle: a new or ancient, beautiful or controversial, but definitely interesting and memorable. In addition, all this is completely free!

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