Continuation of the story about deceptions – new forms – part 1

In recent records, I talked about various receptions from sellers of tours and other tourist services that can be interpreted only as a deception. Today I would like to continue this conversation, the benefit of this topic is almost inexhaustible.

Checkler deception

Now we will not go to this question, almost about everything in this direction I have already written. Let’s go to more interesting schemes.

Checkler deception

Also happens very often. And it happens in different forms from complete "media" to quite adequate and successful action by buyers.

Scheme simple. The buyer comes to the travel agency and on the proposal of the Seller claims that he can buy the same product, but much cheaper and elsewhere. And here it all depends on the greed of the client. Unfortunately, the deception "fails" in 99% of cases due to excessive figures.

If we talk about excursion tours or travels to exotic countries, the prices in this segment are not much "jump". If the tour in Nepal with a journey to Everest costs 1,200 dollars, then this price is valid about a year. If we consider tours to beach resorts, then their price can seriously change even for one day.

The price of a ticket to the resort of Punta Cana in the same hotel on the same dates can vary from 1000 to 3000 US $ 1,000. This is often associated with the price of air tickets. When flying to Dominican Republic, 12 hours, you understand that tickets can give for a scentual.

As a result of such jumps, the buyer is simply not focused on prices and begins to tell the seller unreal prices, which cannot be in theory. Tours have a completely clear price that tourist operators are determined. The agents do not control it. The price depends on the balance of demand and suggestions and conditions in the resort, for example, the weather in Dominican is distinguished by the presence of the rainy season.

Such a buyer comes and the offer for 30,000 rubles is responsible that he just suggested the same for 20,000. Invasion, thereby give it cheaper.

The seller finds himself in a waters. He perfectly understands that the client is lying or just mistaken.

Sometimes it ends well

It doesn’t always end so bad. I remember your own case in the country of Turkey. I came to meet with the hotel guide, I came already with avenue from neighboring tourist agencies so that he immediately realized that I had prices already sounded. As a result, we agreed on the compromise. I saved a total of 50 dollars, for which we went to the water park Troy. Agree, quite bad turned my maneuver. The sum of the prices of excursions in Pamukkale and Demrem-Kekova and the Church of St. Nicholas was about 150 dollars. It turns out that I threw a quarter price tag.

But it was not a hoax, we just got well with our Turkish friend. And those tourists who demanded an excursion 2 times cheaper, remained without them at all. I can not say for sure what the fool’s attempt ended.

And sometimes very bad

Let’s go back to our situation in travel agency. Agent in a hopeless situation. If he tells the client that there are no such prices, then loses the client. The buyer does not admit that it is lying. It is no less difficult to confess in misconception. In addition, the client, most likely, managed to deceive himself, but this is the topic of my articles.

The agent can offer a discount, but it will never be so big as the client wants. The client’s remuneration does not exceed 10% and yield even 5 of them – very problematic. Yes, and how to react a client for a 5 percent discount, if he wanted 30? Most likely.

Continuation of the story about deceptions - new forms - part 1

So it turns out that the only right solution in such a situation is to simply send the buyer to another agency looking for such prices. The only benefit that can be obtained in this case is saving your own time and nerves.

And what’s on the resorts?

And everything is easier and better. Prices for excursions and souvenirs do not "jump" so much. For example, you can walk across several stores in Dominican, the prices for souvenirs will become understandable.

Excursion to the city of Altos de Chavon costs about $ 50 and can not stand 150, so no one is increasing. But it will not be cheaper. With the island of Saon, the same situation.

If you take tourist places in which you can get yourself, then the price of tickets is fixed. Remember, at least, Manati Park with his Zoo and Animal Show.

Prices can vary greatly on diving in Dominican Republic. The cost is highly dependent on the place of dive, and here it is already a compared prices becomes very hard. They can be easily compared to popular plug places. If you decide to visit the restaurant outside the hotel, the prices in Dominican Republic can be very different from the establishment to the institution.

Why am I talking about Dominican in this article? Everything is very simple. There the attempts described by me do not work at all. You can not even try. Dominicans are not big lovers bargain.

And what’s on the resorts?

If you are a client and want to save a little, then call real numbers. Of course, you must first check the real price of the tour on the website of the tourist operator, and only then you can safely declare that you have a price of 5-7% cheaper. In this case, you have every chance to get a tour a little – but cheaper. If the tour in the Dominican Republic costs about 2000 USD, then 5% of the discount is 100 dollars. Agree, it is better to go to this money to see the sights of Dominican Republic, for one excursion you will be enough.

Continuation of the story about deceptions - new forms - part 1

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