Contradictory seats in the louctoros – inevitability?

In the Paris Aviasame, the Italian designer company Avio Interiors presented not just the third generation of Skyrider’s seats, but made a proposal from which it would be extremely difficult to refuse.

Now the topic of discussion is no longer the seats themselves, but the benefits of using a new concept. She got a catchy name «ultra-economy class» and represents an unprecedented attempt to squeeze a little more money from the same ultimate resource base that is now.

Talk about Skyrider seats are underway for the ninth year in a row. But even such a cynical and frank top manager, as the head of Ryanair, Michael about’Liri, only praises them and scattered promises, but in no hurry to introduce a novelty. Although, it would seem, the benefit is evident – In the third modification, the seats system guarantees 20% of passenger seats. For example, a typical Boeing 737 Ryanair after an easy modernization could take on board 227 people instead of the current 189. Slightly more fuel costs, but plus 40 sold tickets!

That is, at the price of a ticket London-Alicante about 80 euros, we get profit of about 3000 euros. From each flight! And the passengers will probably not be labor to stand out for some couple of hours. Actually, on this and the calculation, version of Skyrider 3.0 implies the implementation of the perfect capitalist scheme «Multiclass configuration» Passenger Salon. This is when each unit of vehicle transports both those who can pay for a normal place, and those who simply allowed themselves a ticket, and in addition to those who could only get to the goal – In any conditions.

Idea, only an idea, far from mad. The same Michael about’Liri, when describing the essence of short routine flights, Lookers compared aircraft with buses, and the selection of seats called «Bar chairs with seat belts». The people of the suburbs go to the capital every day in crowded electricals, and not just standing, but with a heavy bag in one hand, another painfully trying to keep the handrail? Right, everything comes down to money – If tickets for such places are twice as cheaper economy class, passengers themselves will need from airlines to rebuild all airplanes.

Contradictory seats in the louctoros - inevitability

So why does Avio Interiors already have so many years to find customers and even on the third version of Skyrider so far no one has shuffled? The first and main stumbling block were the requirements of aviation security. The standing person is much more difficult reliably, but without discomfort, fix on the spot, than sitting in a deep chair. It cannot accept a protective pose, automatically becomes a target for flying items. There will have to remake the system of falling oxygen masks, because the head is now on the other height. She does not understand where – While people are sitting, they are less equal, and different growth of standing people will immediately create many problems.

That’s why, from standing places, designers switched to half-sidia. Powerful rack with belts has a symbolic width of the seat – This is not a pacifier, the maximum can be correctly located the body relative to the central axis of its passenger seat. Foot space decreased from 75 cm to 50 cm and the entire foot of the legs are in a semi-bent position, actually do not relax. But the fastening of a person to the chair, as the rules of transportation, reliably. And therefore, it clearly resembles a tovitate, in which none of the journalists were voluntarily able to spend more than 10 minutes.

The latest trends in the design of the combat vehicles of infantry and various landing devices indicate the urgent need to increase the place allocated under one soldier. This is not a whim of the commanders, but the requirements of the XXI century – People in their mass become larger, thicker and harder. The same is true for passengers of civilian aircraft, but the trouble – people have become also poorer, they are forced to save, including trips. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude that Loocosters really try to introduce the cheap flooring plants to attract a larger number of passengers. And how will they endure in such chairs – these are their personal problems.

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