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Alets East. Early morning. The train slowly goes on the Great Chinese Plain. Before the horizon, the rectangles of rice checks open. On some with the hoes, knee-deep in the water, peasants are already working.

The city also wakes up with the first rays of the sun. Streets gradually fill the crowds of cyclists. First, it is difficult to move the street in a solid stream, then you get used to, circle yourself.

Pulls up in the parks of the older generation. Cheerful old people in training are engaged in recreational gymnastics Qi Gong, Taiji Quan. Slowly moving under the sounds of uncomplicated music absorb the energy of the sky and earth. Pension in China do not pay, parents contain children. Because in the country the birth of more than one child is not welcome, there was a skew in favor of boys, as everyone wants to have an heir. There is a shortage of brides.

Drove the rink, rigs asphalt. There is also a group of several people. Desperately gesticulating noisy discuss the process, while giving advice to the driver. The driver does not react. But all in business.

From the roadside cafes there is a bedspread cook and directly on the sidewalk cleans the fish, washing the scaly of the hose in the sewer.

Street trader put on the counter of the figurines of Chinese Godheads – symbols of wealth and prosperity: fatty Huttea, laughing Buddha, a frog with a coin in his mouth, a turtle with two small turtles on his back. Waves pictures with the image of hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs is a special topic. For their interpretation it is necessary to strain imagination. So, the hieroglyph nǚ means "woman". Two identical hieroglyph "woman" nuán (read literally as "Two women under one roof") Mean the quarrel. And the three identical hieroglyph "WOMAN" means immorality, or debauchery. So understand how you want. And in order to master the Aza Chinese need to learn at least 1.5 thousand. Hieroglyphs.

Those times were passed when daytime portion of the food average Chinese was a rice. The cult of food reigns. The restaurants offer a varied range of dishes starting with delicacies, such as fried locust, silk tracks, or chicken eggs of black, which month was kept in a lime solution. Some establishments have aquariums with alive inhabitants of sea depths. You can choose any fiszy and immediately prepare. Once I watched as our, well, a very sober compatriot, drossing the sleeve immersed the limb to the aquarium, won some naval reptile and tops in the kitchen for cooking in the evening on the streets in the allotted places a variety of snacks are prepared on an open fire, it’s all all eaten.

We go with a translator on the street, offers to go to a snack. He has a complex name, so asks to call him just Sasha. For some reason, the Chinese prefer this name. He taught the tongue in Khabarovsk and especially podnatar in an abnormative vocabulary. Go. Sasha is long studying the menu, and asks: there will be a dog? My colleague with a colleague after this sentences to the street with the words: "Sasha, to remove you a little".

The country is peculiar, not like any other. Passed through the cultural revolution, blast furnaces in the courtyards, the destruction of Sparrow.

Problems mass, billion population, bad ecology, lack of resources, unemployment.

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But amazed the pace of development. In the thirty years of reforms managed to become a production workshop of the planet, and at the same time and the global counterfeit manufacturer.

Huqiao (ethnic Chinese living abroad) are the main investors in the economy. There are no investment deficit, pour billions of dollars to the economy. Property bundle exists, but it is not so striking. Officials and Nuvhorisha are afraid to protrude their wealth, for a bribe can be sentenced to "tower".

The spiritual inspirational of the Nation of Confucius said "I’m being able to be poor when there is a way in the country, you can be notable and rich when there is no way".

In such a densely populated country, there should be an equilibrium and order, otherwise the disorder will come and everything will be put down on the head. Equilibrium "He". Philosophy is simple and understandable, doing your job and do not rush, the river of life should not be stormy.

Experts calculated that at the current pace of development by the middle of century, China will distort the United States and will become the leading economy in the world. It’s if nothing happens in our rapidly changing world.

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