Controversial Ida-Viru County awaits guests

For years I thought the characteristic features of Ida-Viru only the presence of oil shale production but the abundance of the Russian population, however, the two-day tourism conference "The sun rises from Ida-Viru County" dispelled all my prejudices.

Ida-Viru County is one of the most interesting, promising and controversial counties in which there are 16 counties and 6 cities – the largest of which Narva, Kohtla-Jarve and Johvi County Cultural Center. The conference participants were able to choose from four different routes of bus trips, of which I opted estates Calvi and Saka waterfall Valaste and sanatorium Toila.

Under the houses empty

Guides Kaya Toikka presented a small overview of the cities of Ida-Viru County, of which probably the most original is the Kohtla-Jarve.

This is because almost all the settlements shale developers were assigned to Kohtla-Jarve. During once-intensive oil shale mining district of Kohtla-Jarve Kukruse turned over underground voids and for a long time in order to avoid the threat of subsidence there trying not to build houses higher than two storeys. Since failures there still has not happened, in those places has long been built and higher buildings.

Ash dumps are highest in Estonia and reach 120 meters (173 m above sea level). In height it is only slightly inferior to heaps of Kiviõli, attracting avid to shock sensations tourism lovers.

However, the contrasts are characteristic of Ida-Viru, these edges conceal a true natural wonders. The longest and high steep mulled coast of Estonia, the highest waterfall and full-water river are only a small part of the natural dicks located in this uzew.

Out of legends

My first long journey through Ida-Virumaa led me to the elegant Calvi estate, located 125 kilometers from Tallinn. The first impression just shocked! It seems that every detail of the structure of the subtleties of thought and corresponds to its place.

The history of the estate Calvi dates back to 1196. The current estate building was rebuilt in the period 1908-1914, but the ruins and earlier buildings are visible. The history of Kalvi estate is identified by the associated legends.

One of them tells about the fact that in the ancient times in the estate worked, and unusually tall-haired bars, who were reincarnated at nights in the robbers and, with the help of fraudulent lighthouses, ships were lured on rocks. Their rampant souls in the late night clock keep the money and treasure. Considering money voices and ringing coins still come from the side of the old estate.

On holidays here it was customary to leave the lights in the rooms so that the souls could not go to wander around the house. Once forgotten about it. In response, the soul of the robbers were angry and set fire to the old estate building.

Since then, in an estate is always on the light to souls could indulge in the fun at the light and tried to enter the manor.

Another legend narrates about the unfortunate woman wandering under the arms of the estate. Once in the old days the cook lived here, which at night went with candles into the kitchen and forgot it there. From this, the fire broke out and the estate burned down.

The feeling of guilt to this day does not give rest to the woman, and her soul still wanders at night at the new estate building, in order to show their diligence and save forgiveness, as well as take care of guests, correcting them pillows and blankets.

In addition to the estate of Calvi, there are other mysteries in these parts, offering Ida-Virumaa guests a magnificent opportunity to sleep and dating landmarks. Unusually beautiful surroundings of the estate of Saka, his preserved today is the main building rebuilt in 1862-1864.

Controversial Ida-Viru County awaits guests

The highest waterfall

From the territory of the estate of Saka, the way to the second in height of Estonia’s waterfall – the waterfall of rallyl, which is only five meters inferior to the Valast waterfall.

The highest waterfall Valasta in the country is located near Otch and reaches 30.5 meters. In order to admire his beautiful view, a viewed platform was erected, with which all soil layers are clearly visible.

I complete the evening in a relaxing Toyla Term, located in Tula Sanatorium. The terms are great for the whole family – common baths, separately there are only rooms for washing. Lovers of baths here are just exploring, because you can choose a bath for every taste: pair, infrared, aromatic, salt, Finnish. All types of water massage, jacuzzi and swimming pool are also offered here.

Facts on the ear

The largest river – the Narova River (400 m3 of water per second)
The largest system of lakes – Lake Knota (40 lakes for 30 km 2)
The deepest underground mine is mine "Estonia" (70 m)
The highest pipes – Estonian power plant (250 m)
The highest artificial mountains – 173 m above sea level
The highest waterfall – waterfall Valast height 30.5 m
The highest and steep claw coast – Outcast break (56 m)
The longest beach coast is the beach of the Lake Church (over 30 km)
The longest sea beach – Narva-Yõesuu (7.5 km and the continuation of Vaiwara)
The oldest active monastery is a female monastery in Kremmae

Things to do

Visit the fortress Purtse. In the courtyard of the fortress building there is an interesting well with a wheel and a house for servants, as well as a forge.
Walk to the mountain of the Sacred Dubrava Purtse, from the south of which in clear weather you can observe the giant areas of Kiviyli, the ash dumps of Kohtla-Järve and the island of Tisatarsaar in Finnish bay.
Visit the ash mountains of Kiviyli, from the vertices of which in good weather you can vise the surrounding industrial and natural landscape, the pipes of the Kunda cement plant (about 30 km north-west). To just 10 km of Finland just hand.
Visit the Museum Mine in Kohtla, where you can familiarize yourself with the exposure dedicated to the shaft mine and mining. After that, it is possible to go down to Earth for 8 meters, where more than 1.5 kilometers of old mining workings are located.
Walk along the mulled coast of Saka-Otikaya Tila, which is the highest and extended continuous part of the Baltic Mlinity.
Visit Toila Terms.

Controversial Ida-Viru County awaits guests

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