Cooking in the valley Gastain: "Ski caps" And the road is gourmet

"High" The kitchen in the mountains is no longer a rarity – many resorts seek to offer guests not only sausages and potatoes fries, but also odoring dishes. In Gastein Valley, such an initiative called Gasteiner Skihauben ("Gastain Ski Caps"), there is a fourth season. Seven titled chefs of the Salzburg Territory, the owners of the Caps of Go-Miio, take the seven mountain restaurants under the patronage and come up with a special dish for them. If you do not want to break your head over, what to order such a typical, but at the same time cooked witty and fantasy, this is a win-win version.

Gasteiner Skihauben program

Four years in the project managed to participate quite a few celebrities – for example, Ekart Vitzigmann, the legendary Austrian chef, "Cook century" According to Guide Go-Miyo and the owner of three stars Mishlen. This year in the curatorial seven it is not – probably writes another culinary book. But the brothers Karl and Rudy Oboera are traditionally present. They own Obauer restaurant in Verper, specializing in Austrian cuisine with a modern bias. Gastain Valley Represent Chef Yorg Wörter and Hans-Peter Berti. And, of course, the author of the idea could not stay aside "Gastain Ski Kolpakov" – ZePP Shellhorn, Restaurate and President of the Austrian Association.

Seven mountain restaurants (they are called here to call "Hutte", What means "hut") Participated in the project listed in the brochure that you can take from Cass Lifts, in restaurants and in hotels. So that the gourmet skiers did not bounce on the same tracks, the huts were chosen in different zones of skiing. Part is available to pedestrians, it can only be reached by skiing. But all of them, of course, offer excellent kitchen, high level of service and extensive wine card. Another prerequisite is the use of local products and traditional recipes, which, however, can be creatively rethought.

You can start a familiarity with Guest Cooking from the Bellevue Alm restaurant, one of the oldest in Europe is almost 600 years old! Classic mountain hut from both books: simple wooden tables, hunting trophies on the walls, an outdoor fireplace, which can be comfortable to get in a chair. Bellevue Alm is popular with large companies and families with adolescents, which is the accompanying attraction: Top guests rise on a vintage single lift, and can go down on sleds, accelerating on a pretty comfortable track almost up to 40 km / h. It is worth this pleasure of a total of € 8.50. Special dish of this season – stew lentils with chicken leg from Rudy Obaera.

Restaurant Bellevue Alm

Cooking in the valley Gastain Ski Caps and Gourmet Road

His brother Carl took over the Mountain Restaurant Weitmoser Schlossalm, located just below the top station of the Kaserebenbahn lift in the Skollmalm-Angel-Stubnerkogel. His seasonal offer – Moon-garlic soup with garlic croutons. But Waldgasthof is waiting for guests not only by skiers: to him ten minutes walk from Angertal ski center. Another representative of the family of typical mountain huts, this restaurant offers guests not only to taste Austrian delicacies, but also, for example, to shoot onion. Hans-Peter Berti composed for him a stew from red beans with goat cheese balls.

Mountain Restaurant Weitmoser Schlossalm

It should be noted that "Gastain Ski Caps" not the only gastronomic proposal in the valley. There are projects and "Senior Brothers" Hastaine – Ski Amade ski regions and Salzburg Territory. Ski Amade Initiative is called Genuss-Partner Ski Amade . Its main focus – Austrian wine having an impeccable reputation among lovers and experts. "Trusted partners" More AMADE recognized more than 20 mountain restaurants, in the wine list of which you can find both Grüner Weltliner, and Welshrisling, and Blauer Burgundder, and Zweigelt. The quality of their service and kitchen is regularly checked by an organization called Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH. However, there is no particular need for this, since the restaurants are all known – except those named above, this is, for example, Wengeralm in Dorfgastine and Jungerstube in Bad Hofgasteine. Dishes that are recommended to order to guilt are marked with a special icon. It is usually glued to the entrance door of the restaurant.

The Salzburg region, in turn, came to the business even more thoroughly and launched the project Via Culinaria. These are seven different gastronomic routes across the entire federal land (for gourmets, for meatseeds, for lovers of beer and Schnaps, and so on – the full list here). In total, more than 200 restaurants participate in the project. Among Gastainsky, the names already familiar to the reader of this article, but there are others – for example, Hirschen Hütt"N . Wooden sign with the words Via Culinaria usually hangs at the entrance to the restaurant. And he oversees this large-scale venture all the same omnipresent chief Ekart Vitzigmann.

Cooking in the valley Gastain Ski Caps and Gourmet Road

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