Cool better in Hamburg

For some reason, in the middle of summer, when in Moscow and so stuffy and hot, we, for some kind of established tradition, are going to relax far to the south. There, where at this time of year the air usually rolled up and even the shadow will save from the burning sun. Breathe in such a heat is hard, walking smoothly – hard, the water in the sea at the shore is hot and not cool at all.

Meanwhile, July-August – the best time for the trip somewhere in moderate latitudes, in places with a pleasant cool climate, clean water bodies, quiet old parks and with all conditions for cognitive leisure and amateur sports.

Very close, in Northern Europe, there are many wonderful corners, where in the summer you do not need to include air conditioning in the room at full capacity. One of them is the German city of Hamburg and its surroundings.

In Hamburg, there are no heat. River Elba, flowing outside the city in the North Sea, Channels, Ponds give an invigorating freshness. Here you do not need to run along the molten asphalt from one cafe with cooled air to another, trying to hide from the heat. On the city streets blowable with a light sea breeze, you can safely walk. The climate in Hamburg is soft, and even in January, trees in numerous parks and gardens sometimes do not drop their foliage, but on the lawns, along the lake, the green grass makes his way.

For lovers of all kinds of outdoor activities in Hamburg – Razdar.

But it is especially good here to cyclists. Along the river, lakes, along the shore of the Elbe, in suburban forests more than a hundred kilometers of cycling tracks. All of them, as a rule, paved with concrete tiles and conveniently placed special paint reflective light. Ride one pleasure at least in the afternoon, at least at night. If the track crosses the street with a car movement, then the advantage of travel will be at a cyclist. Any driver, seeing him, twenty-meters to the intersection will slow down and will signal a couple of times, giving understanding that he is inferior to the road.

About the bike as a permanent way of movement in Germany it is worth thinking seriously. In Hamburg, the mass of rolling points, where you can rent the two-wheeled car, which meets your preferences and skills. The usual bike costs 15 brands per day of rental. Sport or Mountain – 20 brands. Take a bike immediately for a week it is more profitable – it will cost a third cheaper. To well focus on the ground, buy a detailed map of cycling routes to the Bureau of Rent. It also gives a quick description of all the attractions, which come across on the way.

Each restaurant or hotel has special bicycle parking. For guests of hotels Night parking of their two-wheeled cars on the site of the lobby – free. It is allowed to carry bicycles in the Hamburg subway, which is a high-speed tram driving both above the ground and in deep tunnels.

Even in the center of Hamburg ride a bike very convenient. Industrial enterprises in the city are almost no, car entry into the historical center is limited. Air is therefore always clean. Do not spoil the atmosphere and exotic smells of the trading port. Permanent breeze blows them on the mouth of the Elbe in the open sea.

(If the tourist attracts completely distant wanderings, then in eight o’clock, cheerfully spent pedals, you can reach the famous city of Bremen from Hamburg. In Bremen, the medieval quarter was preserved in Bremen with narrow streets, where paving pavement and the foundations of old houses hurt the centenary moss. A little more time takes a trip to the port city of Kiel, located on the shore of the Baltic Sea. There’s very close and Denmark. But there a Russian tourist without a Danish visa will not be allowed.)

On the right bank of the Elbe from Hamburg, ground paths are laid. On them can be reached by bike to the White Dunes of the North Sea. The terrain there is hilly: gerier descents alternate with steep rise, and from the traveler requires special endurance and a special mountain bike.

With housing Usually there are no problems in Hamburg, but still the room in the hotel is better to order in advance. An individual tourist who does not take care of booking, however, can reserve a hotel right at Hamburg International Airport. In the airport reservation service on the walls, photos of most Hamburg hotels with a brief description of the services offered and with prices. A decent three-star hotel on the waterfront of Lake Alster overlooking the city hall, the spiers of gothic cathedrals or the hotel’s skyscraper "Radisson Sas" worth 200-250 brands for double room. Room in the suburban pension – 130 brands.

Prices for accommodation, and indeed everything, in Hamburg is higher than in the rest of Germany. But if you wish, in the presence of savings skills in Hamburg, you can hardly and not spend money, and buy weekly travel tickets and special tourist cards that allow almost everywhere to receive discounts.

Cycling here are easily compatible with riding a junior boat or a small yacht under sail. Firms renting boats, water bikes, canoe and t. NS., located in small marins whom on the shores of the lake – many. If you know how to manage with sail – boldly go swimming. The excitement on the lake is weak, and the bulk of the day the water surface is disturbing only small ripples. The wind, however, is sufficient to give a small boat under the sail decent speed.

For funny confidence you can use the services of an instructor. He will show how to put and remove the sail, how to follow the direction of the wind, how to keep the steering wheel. At the same time the instructor will give a free couple of lessons of the living German language.

Hamburgers – the people are very sociable and friendly. Among themselves they call their city "Separate Germany" And with the sea of ​​humor, jokes are told about the nrules of residents of the central and southern lands. For the indigenous hamburgers, visitors from Munich – in a sense, the same foreigner, as Swede from Stockholm. The rest of Germany, well, maybe besides Berlin, it seems to them a sleepy province.

There are a lot of theaters in the city, cabaret, nightclubs with a good music program. There is a well-known opera Opera and Symphony Orchestra. Famous hits Broadway "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera" Go here in theaters in English all year round. Tickets are difficult to buy. But for tourists there is a way out: get a three-day card "Theatrical Hamburg" For 190 marks. Having such a card, you can visit two theaters, a nightclub and several museums.

The busiest and famous outside of Hamburg Street – Rieperban. The quarter of the Red Lights in Amsterdam is famous much more, but the rigruban, also filled with sex shops, clubs, dating houses, of course, is superior to the Amsterdam Quarter. In addition, the rigrubin is more interesting and more stylishly decorated in the spirit of Las Vegas running and flashing neon advertising. Here everything in German is thought out and carefully organized. And there are no dark personalities trading from the hands of marijuana and is unknown than still, as in Amsterdam. Surprisingly, externally, the rigrubes looks chinno, and in some way and defilmostly.

In the 60s, on this street began their careers "Beatles". In one of the cabaret, in the side street adjacent to the rherapbana, is the museum "Liverpool Four".

German budgets on weekend families come to the rider born as to the exhibition. Having been on the street, clock are sitting in cozy and neat confectionery, where black coffee and freshly born strawberry cake are served. Inside themselves "institutions" Germans are rare, preferring to study showcases.

Basically, Rieperban lives at the expense of tourists and especially sailors, benefit to the port from here 15 minutes walk. For especially inquisitive Hamburg Bureau of excursions, organizes a special tour in the night rherapbana for 170 brands. The price includes: visiting three nightclubs, three drinks and a cognitive excursion. The bus to this tour goes from the station Square at 11 pm, and takes tourists to their hotels early in the morning.

Cool better in Hamburg

Hamburg’s tour bureau also holds inexpensive tours on lakes, channels and ports of the port on low-speed river trams or catamarans. On board there is a restaurant where the beer is spilled and prepare a wonderful pork leg. Heams float slowly, and from the deck gradually opens a wonderful view of the spiers and the tiled roofs of the ancient and at the same time new Hamburg, because in the 40s the city was completely destroyed by the allies and after the war rebuilt again. During the bombing, only powerful masonry high-posed bell tower of the XI century survived. Her exterior lining is very much crossed by fragments, and the bell tower still stands in the scaffolding.

The architectural appearance of Hamburg is generally very peculiar. Maybe therefore the city has become a favorite film crew for German cinema. Most German films include scenes occurring in the scenery of the city on the Elbe or in its vicinity. Many historical paintings were shot in the old port area and docks, where the ancient moorings and warehouses were restored in the same way, in which they were three hundred years ago. And almost everything "Medieval" Warehouses – valid and are located on the territory of the free duty-free port area separated from the rest of the city with a lifting bridge and a barrier in a green strip.

Cosmopolitanity of Hamburg, his openness to the world affects the culinary preferences of citizens. Residents here are a foreign kitchen. Many good Indian and Spanish restaurants. In some of them, permanent clients from Bremen or Lubek come on Sunday dinner.

Situation with restaurants in Hamburg Paradoxical. In sophisticated and expensive restaurants without prior order in the evening. And the quality of the quality of the dishes, but cheap in the sense of prices, German or Argentinian restaurants in the afternoon, and in the evening are filled with half. In such places – Paradise for beer lovers. Only German beer brands – dozens. True, in contrast to the central lands of Germany, herein it is an integral, rapid-welded "Ciels" prefer light, stronger "lager", For example, native Hamburg brand "Holstene".

To the dark varieties of beer, the attitude here is cool. Such beer is considered meaningless delight. Real beer for a resident of Hamburg is a local beer and bright.

Can be cooled not only beer. To the services of vacationers and water procedures. To the North Sea by car – forty minutes drive. But only tempered people will be able to swim in the North Sea. Water in the sea is almost as cold as in winter, and even strong currents. Therefore, for normal swimming in the vicinity of the city, civilized beaches are arranged on pure lakes.

And in the city itself there is a huge indoor complex of pools. Inside – different types of baths, water slides, rigs for diving, lagoon with an artificial wave. Entrance to the pools on weekdays is worth 70 brands for five hours. On weekends – one and a half times more expensive.

But if you want something completely extraordinary – visit the countryside Aviation, located near the international airport. There for two or three days you will be taught to fly on Deltaplane or ride on a light single engine. The best way to overlook the beauty of northern Germany just no.

For an aircraft hour you will fly over small ponds, overgrown with cane; above the dense pine forest; Above plowed meadows, carefully drawn grooves per squares. Then the mouth of the Elbe will appear at the bottom – a wide strip of blue water, with ocean dry cargoes and fishing schooners. In the distance, on the coastal hills, the Watchtower of the medieval castle, topped with pointed red domes, flashed. And next to your airflow, maybe a flock of wild, nonporant geese will be attached and will be proudly accompany him for a few minutes.

The benefits of a variety of impressions are obvious. Airplane, cycling, boating, cultural program and beer, used in moderation, heal the body and strengthen summer joyful mood. Three hours of flying from Moscow to Hamburg in anticipation of recreation pass unnoticed. Here on the way back for incomprehensible reasons, time is stretched like a pull.

In general, a trip to the distance "pampas": To palm trees, Creoles and the Warm Ocean – will fully be patient until the late Russian autumn. The coast of the Cold North Sea in the summer has its advantages. Living in Europe, it is useful to find out this continent closer and better.

Cool better in Hamburg

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