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Students, including the English actively studying with me, want to have time to find out as much as possible and to visit as much spaces as possible, preferably exotic, where they will deliver their transport and their own legs. At its core, they are poor and many people spend money very thoughtfully, whatever everything is enough for traveling. For them, the English teacher who else can help with interesting and budget recreation can be said to find. Therefore, today especially for them and the same as they are my article dedicated to a good and inexpensive winter holiday in the country of eternal summer, except for the rainy season, which is just over and on Goa comes the peak of the season.

And the country is India and its state of Goa – the main beach of the country. Speaking of beach rest in India, many meaning his resorts. Giving recommendations to relax on Goa, it should be borne in mind that these are very different resorts. North state more suitable for youth. It is famous for its night partitions and is attractive in decent hotels at low cost prices. South is also waiting for guests looking for peace, relaxes and comfort, that is, those who prefer high-level hotels.

All resorts received the names of that beach, close to which they are located. Almost all beaches on Goa sandy and municipal. True, sun beds and umbrellas belong to various neighboring beach cafes and enjoy them for free only visitors to these institutions.

All the beaches of Goa and in general, all seats of India, including roads, there is one essential "but", it is that the beach or where the sacred Indian animal can be taking place – a cow, for what are coming by quite understandable consequences, spending rest all except Hindus.

Deciding that North Goa is a youth and budget option to choose a resort on it and the resort. I decided to stay at the Baga and the Colonia Santa Maria 3 * Resort.

Bug Beach One of the best and, therefore, Bug one of the most popular resorts of Northern Goa. For young people it will be important that it will be very friendly, democratic, full fun and bustle a place that makes it possible and enjoy at once: marine bathing and sun baths, active and extreme water sports. Since the resort has many shops, massage salons, bars and restaurants, it’s also shopping, spa, evening gatherings under the high southern sky and bright stars. In addition, in the evenings, the doors of night clubs open here, and the fun on incendiary music lasts until the morning. Those who are going on Goa for the sake of the parties will be pleasant to the fact that they can be found both right on the beach and on the shore. Some were discovered during the heyday of the Hippie movement, this, for example, the famous Tito’s Nightclub, also popular more modern Mambo.

Cool holidays for students. Goa, Baga, Goa, India Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Goa on

In numerous cafes and restaurants at very good prices, you can try not only the traditional Indian cuisine, but also the French and Portuguese, the second one can actually be considered traditional, since I was once the colony of Portugal. The distant European country, famous in the era of great geographical discoveries, left its mark in the architecture and cooking of these places. Another pleasant feature of the local cooking is that restaurants serves fresh seafood dishes. In souvenir shops and shops, a large selection of baubles for gifts, and the market also works on Saturdays.

Baga’s beach is distinguished by brown sand and in the north he is separated from the neighboring resort of the Baga River, which gave name and him, and the beach. At the mouth of the river there are big black boulders, around which, going down to the sea, "Pigs" water. However, these boulders do not interfere with swimming, moreover, it is very pleasant here, and for children it is also convenient because of the shallow water.

Hotels Bugi do not stand right on the beach, most of them retreats a little from the coastline and are in a picturesque area above the glazing of the Arabian Sea, because in these places the beach surrounds the real rainforest and palm groves.

About Colonia Santa Maria 3 * We can say that this is an excellent hotel, perhaps one of the best in your category on Goa. Unlike most hotels in Buga, it stands right on the beach. The hotel’s territory is a large blooming garden, among whom Villas and other buildings are visible. Hotel style colonial, i.e. Portuguese. Outdoor restaurant with views of the garden and seabed treats guests with dishes of Indian and European cuisine, as well as the gifts of the sea. The hotel has an outdoor pool, a beauty salon, a tour desk and car rental. If, in addition to the beach holiday, you want travels at such a mysterious country as India, then right at the hotel you can take excursions to its main attractions, for example, to go to Taj Mahal. You can stay with elephants or, without leaving far from the resort to go to the marine fishing. Planning excursions, it is worth remembering that India Country with a large territory and excursion tour may require a flight or long-distance crossing. True, the desire, forces, curiosity and youth are always stronger than these conditions.

Cool holidays for students. Goa, Baga, Goa, India Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Goa on

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