Owners "Cooperative" Do not complain housing tenants

Removing accommodation in the USA, to delve into all the details you need no less carefully than when buying an apartment. First, the house may be "Dysfunctional". And secondly, paying considerable money and walking into the house, – it can be found out that compared to the neighbors your voice has no legal force.

Because you are going to settle, for example, in condominium. And it is well known that life in the condominium has its undeniable advantages: a high level of utilities, well-groomed lawns and the atmosphere of collectivism, cultivated between neighbors. However, rent an apartment from the owner of an apartment building and rent housing at the owner of a unit of living space in condominium – this is far from the same thing in the United States.

In the first case, the rules of the hostel establishes one person in its arbitrarp – the owner. About permission to keep a dog in the house with him theoretically you can agree. In the second case, power belongs "Multi-equity" Residential Associations, and because restriction imposed on residents – stricter. In addition, from the point of view of the ruling top of the homeowners, the suggestions of the tenant in the calculation in principle cannot be accepted and in general.

Settling in a rented apartment in "Condo", You fit into the so-called Common Interest Development (CID) – self-governing cooperative, whose members live according to certain laws (this code is usually the wisdom name CC&R, or easier, "Hostel rules"). With this document, the tenant should be found at the stage of signing a contract with the owner of the apartment, until he went to his new place of residence somewhere in Hawaii. Special attention should be paid to the section CC&R About cash recovery: Find out who of you will pay a fine if you pay the two cars on a parking apartment enshrined behind the apartment instead of one. For example, innocent "Parkovka" Bicycle on the balcony in some housing cooperatives punishaned with a fine to $ 50 per day.

On the other hand, if in the usual house you can complain about the noisy neighbors or the proposed pipe of the owner, then, removing accommodation in the condominium, remain with these problems one on one. "Full" Residents often belong to tenants as people of the second grade. If the House Committee has not seen your information sheet for the second month, it is a bad sign: it means you are a unwanted guest.

And not surprising: condominiums, in which the percentage of tenants, have a bad reputation in the police, it is more difficult to resell an apartment in them, and mortgage companies do not register housing in such a house as a full collateral. Look for such a cooperative, where such as you are relatively small and where tenants are still invited to meetings of the Council of residents, although without a deliberative voice. This is at least some kind of warranty from discrimination.

But tenants of municipal housing, all the above problems would seem to be a paradise compared to the dangers who are subjected daily and their children. It is no secret that state apartment buildings are nailed not only by poor peaceful people, but also criminal elements. Two years ago, the Clinton administration tightened the rules for renting apartments in municipal neighborhoods, and realtors recently summed up for the development of events.

Cooperative owners do not complain housing tenants

First, government officials received the right to terminate the lease agreement, if the apartment, or his welfarers, or even guests were "Dogged" With drug use or seen in other illegal affairs. If an ordinary drunk roshire is a danger to the health or calm of neighbors, the unlimited intake of alcohol can also be the basis for eviction. In addition, the biography of tenants is now more thorough "Scanned", and persons with criminal past in housing refuse.

At the same time, each forced eviction accounts for about two cases, when persons with dubious past and hereby leave public housing voluntarily – in order "housing" Checks do not get on the police hook. The authorities hope that the tenants of the municipal high-rise buildings will soon be able to leave the night in the entrance and go to the street.

Those tenants who are not constrained in the means, the situation in the municipal seedlings of the crime may not worry. The owners of a dozen-other thousand dollars are better to settle, for example, in Malibu: and neighbors are celebrities, and security services are followed by. By the way, at the moment, its villa on the coast has a Star Chet Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. A chic house with 70 feet (21 meters) of its own private beach can remove any.

The house is known in that in it you can experience any typhoon and tornadoes, even though he was laid in 1948. On the square of 430 square meters except five bedrooms there is a bunk living room and two offices. In the yard – lawn and pool overlooking the ocean. Actors purchased a house in 1987 for $ 2.000.000, repaired, strengthened, and now its price has increased more than three times. True, a recent attempt to sell it for $ 8.000.000 success did not bring, and you can buy it for $ 6.700.000. So far there are no buyers, the house gives. The owners are asked for a villa half less than last year, – "Total" $ 25.000 per month.

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