Author’s story: Hong Kong or Philippines? You can all right away!

In this article, let us recall the travels to exotic countries. And at the same time we learn how two absolutely different countries and not guess. In connection with our Filipp’s subscriber, he will tell about the best hotels, entertainment and his observations in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

These countries in docking times were visa-free for Russians. In Hong Kong, it was possible to be without a visa of 14 days, however, when leaving the third country and return, this period was counted again. In the Philippines you can be without a visa 30 days. Now tourists from Russia can not be in these countries, but it is possible to read how everything is arranged. Let’s start with Hong Kong.


These two countries are complete opposites. If in Hong Kong you will be used in the hotel room on 5 square meters, then in the Philippines for similar money you can remove the whole bungalow or a huge hotel room.

Prices for hotels in Hong Kong and Pravda Space. With budget up to 10,000 rubles. During the night you can count only on the room, in size not more than a double bed, while the toilet can be in the same room or separated by a formal cardboard door. The cheapest options cost without windows, but I advise you to pay extra outside the window, as the view of the skyscrapers is something that will be remembered for all your life. Choose the floor higher and desirable view of the Kulun bay, since every evening on the embankment is arranged a grand firework.

Good view opens from rooms Silka Tsuen Wan in Kulun. More from inexpensive options – Best Western Plus, From the upper floors of which the beautiful view of the city and peak of Victoria opens. On the roof of the hotel there is an outdoor pool and panoramic views.

It should be borne in mind that in winter in Hong Kong can be cool, but in hotels heating will not be – only the air conditioning system that does not always work on heating. At the same time, the remaining seasons will be very hot and stuffy. Here you just need to accept.

Leisure in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, be sure to run on two-storey trams and buses. Travel to them is paid by the card Octopus Card , which is sold directly at the airport, or in cash, but the card is more profitable. Also be sure to ride on old green ferries STar Ferry , who go through the bay. The passage is worth a penny, but a trip to a very atmospheric. And do not forget to climb the tram on the peak of Victoria, the main thing is to make sure that the mountain does not close the clouds, otherwise instead of a stunning view of the city and the bay you will walk in milk. Best climb the peak before sunset to catch the city and day, and in the fires, after sunset.

To feel the entire atmosphere of Hong Kong, walk through the markets and shopping streets, hung with neon signs, among residential heights, skyscrapers, banks and corporations. Hong Kong is at the same time a city with the highest cost of housing and with the highest population density. Many old residential highlights look not very presentable: they are engraved with air conditioners and covered with mold, but this is the charm of this city. He is not perfect, not artificial, he is alive. At the same time, tropical vegetation does not give up and continues to fight concrete on all fronts.

At the weekend, all places on the sidewalks, stops and in general, any flat surfaces are engaged in the Philipps who came to Hong Kong to work with nanny and governess in rich Hong Kong families. On weekdays, they live in the family house, and on weekends they have free time. There is not much money to remove housing or often fly home, so they are all simply arranged on the cards, build walls of these same cards and sit by groups – chat, eat, play their national games, make each other hairstyles or even sing karaoke. At the same time, they are all smiling, do not begging and not going to be photographed with you.

As soon as they accumulate enough money for the long-awaited vacation, they will fly to their homeland. Flight to Manila or Cebu Airlines Cebu Pacific quite inexpensive and takes just a couple of hours. In the plane from the ceiling, water is sprayed in the form of a cool pair, and funny rhythms will come out of the speakers. And it works – you immediately set up an atmosphere of rest, instead of the business rhythm of the life of Hong Kong.


Cebu city on the same island after Hong Kong is striking with her disadvantaged and poor. On the way from the airport to the ferry, you will appreciate all the delights of the Philippine Road. And also probably see the men, resting in the ditch along the road and carnival, dedicated to the next religious holiday.

Islands and housing

In a hotel The Henry Cebu city by price bed in Hong Kong Hostel you will get a huge room with a very stylish interior. But the bulk of tourists is not delayed in Cebu. The most popular islands are Bochol and Panglao, but there are also small solitary, for example, Cabilao. It is only a few hotels on it, but Cabilao Sanctuary Beach and Dive Resort the best.


Getting to the island of Cabilao not easy. You can order a transfer from the hotel in the form of a boat or helicopter, but then you will not know what is Jeepni and tricycles.

Copyright Hong Kong or Philippines can be all right!

Jeep – this is a roaring and shaking long minibus with two beads on the sides and conductor-climb hanging from the back step and a pack of money in his hands. Initially, the jeepni did from the old Army jeeps – hence the name. Now it remains only the external similarity, but one thing is invariably – the more inscriptions, drawings, decorators on the jeep, the better. Tricycles – weak motorcycles with self-made carriage, who, like jeepni, go slowly, shakes greatly, but leave an indelible impression.

You are the center of the Universe

The Philippines are remembered by a very friendly population. But here there is a rule: the less island, the bigger interest you will use the local. This interest is not solely in the desire to prove on tourists. Yes, local often offer something to buy something, but they do it unobtrusively, with a smile or friendly conversation. And prices, by the way, decent.

Pearl Philippines

The main attraction of the Philippines – Nature and underwater world. On Cebu Island, you can swim with whale shark. And on the island of Cabilao many places for diving and snorkeling. Underwater, you will see corals, starfish, many fish. But be sure to remember the safety: wear shoes when entering the water, as a lot of marine hens.

Another cult place – Panglao Island. It is famous for its long snow-white beaches and numerous cafes, where you can listen to music or dance with a bottle of Red Horse, as well as eat the freshest sea shoes for a modest amount. But this island of youth and a party for a relaxing rest is not suitable.

Island Bochol manitis tourists no less. There, be sure to look at the chocolate hills (similar to sweets, native expanses) and the nursery of long adhesives – the cute tiny animals with huge eyes.


The price of food, as in the case of housing, in the Philippines is quite low. Although in Hong Kong, despite the expensive housing, food is inexpensive, except for places from European cuisine and fashionable bars. But in the Philippines do not look for exquisite dishes, everything is simple – either fresh seafood, or dry and acute chicken in breading. There are still all sorts of oddities, such as eggs with a dead embryo, but it is quite for extremals.

This is how you can visit two beautiful countries for one trip without exhaust flights. Impressions will be bright and due to the fact that it is quite unlike each other. And contrasts are always remembered.

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