Cordoba, not at all like a promotion tourist city. This is a quiet cradle of ancient Arab culture, which has absorbed many religions, which could not not affect the architectural decoration of the city.

Travelers have at least three reasons to get into this corner of light. First of all, Cordova is rich in museums, galleries, which present a variety of art. Also silent streets and palace complexes are able to transfer tourists through time and open the secrets of their history. And, of course, gastronomic delights will not leave anyone indifferent. Among other things, many argue that it is in Cordove that the most beautiful girls of the country live.

The city ranks 3rd by the number of residents in the country. Cordoba is a rather ancient Argentine city, founded in the 9th century BC. For this reason, Cordova has a rich cultural and historical heritage. In the vicinity, not a small number of attractions is also concentrated. First of all, we recommend going to this place lovers of history and architecture.

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What is interesting to see Cordove?

Top attractions of Cordova

Talampaiya National Park

Desert Salinas Grandez

Cordoba fortress walls

Old center of Cordoba

Jesuit Quarter Cordova

Cordoba-: Excursions and Events

The ancient Arab city of Cordoba will surely find what to show the tourist, even the most biased. For a long time, the city has increased by ancient architecture and historical objects.

Be sure to get out of the city outside the city, and visit the picturesque valley of Kalamuchitu, on which the resort was built. There are also several museums in this place. Another remarkable place – the beauty of the National Park, located 100 kilometers from Cordoba. Natural landmark is located in highland. From the height of a bird’s-friendly tourists will be able to consider Argentine landscapes, hear the cry of Pernav. You can get to the place through a bus.

Almost any excursion program will include a small walk through the narrow streets of the Jesuit Quarter, which today is the most important proof of the presence of the male Order of Christ. The persecuted people lived on this land more than 5 centuries. Synagogue, preserved here since the times, occupies a central place in the country. Build a temple in medieval times. However, today the synagogue is not used according to its direct purpose.

History Cordova

Climate in Cordove

Cordova, Argentina Recreation, reviews, hotels in Cordoba Tourprom Travel

The city of Cordoba clearly felt the strong influence of the Mediterranean climate with the devils of continental. Summer period in Cordoba is very hot and hot. Just imagine the thermometer column can rise to 40 degrees. For this reason, we recommend going to the cradle of Arab civilization in spring or autumn.

The sun shines most of the year, almost 300 days. With all this, to say that there is no precipitation in the city, it is impossible to say. Per year can fall to 600 millimeters of precipitation, and only in the form of rain. Humidity level – moderate.

Cordoba-: Entertainment and Activities

First of all, Cordoba will be interested in lovers of history, saturated excursion programs. But lovers of active activities will also be able to find a lesson for themselves. In this case, we are talking about natural riches of the edge. Around Cordova there is a 300-kilometer route in the form of a ring, which has absorbed the most picturesque places of urban surroundings. At this journey will take at least two days.

In the western side of Cordoba, the highest mountain ranges are located, on top of which it is worth trying to climb. Naturally, with an experienced instructor. Approximately in a hundred kilometers from the city center there is a natural zone – Condorito Park, famous for aerial view and a variety of features of feathered.

Not far there are Valley of Calampitis with a small resort area, and the Andes begin to begin. If you are eager for acute sensations, without thinking, come to the park «Los Terrones». Here travelers will have to wade through narrow gorges, overcome river thresholds and mountains. And also in this park you can ride a bike, try to master the kayak or simply break the tent camp on the shore.

Transport features of Cordoba

Most of public transport in Argentine Cordoba make up buses and trolleybuses that run as a rule strictly on schedule. Stops are pillars on which there is a sign «E». Sometimes it is not noticeable, so be attentive. It is worth considering that drivers may not stop. So before the stopping point, before going out, it is worth letting him understand what you want to go out. This can be done by clicking the button or simply shout.

The cost of a travel ticket does not depend on kilometer. Fixed cost of 50 cents. The feature of Cordoba – horse crews that are so loved by the Russian tourist.

Cordova, Argentina Recreation, reviews, hotels in Cordoba Tourprom Travel

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