Old Cordoba – Gorgeous pearl whose birth is due to a combination of several crops that influenced the city many centuries. For the beauty of architecture, the magnificence of cathedrals, palaces and parks The city declared the property of mankind. Already in the 10th century, the city has earned the fame of the center and the capital of the Western Islamic world, which has a huge economic and religious significance.

Now Cordoba is the administrative and financial center of Andalusia, in which many industrial enterprises are concentrated, textile and food production are working, metallurgy and mechanical engineering are developed.

Attractions and architectural wealth of this beautiful corner of Spain attracts guests from different countries, thanks to which tourism in Cordoba is well developed and is one of the important budget replenishment articles.

In addition to cultural wealth, Cordoba is also an important transport assembly of the province, and not just a city with a richest history, a great culture, with architectural monuments of many epochs of the heritage of many rulers. Cordova is located in the south of the Pyrenean Peninsula, in Andalusia on the Plain of the Guadalquivir River.

Roman and Maur ruled by the city, he was a stronghold of Muslim and Christian city. In the 10th century, this rich city counted about half a million residents, was famous for developed culture and many magnificent palaces and temples. Now the huge number of tourists from around the world flock in Cord to admire the parks, architectural masterpieces, museums and quiet streets of this city.

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What is interesting to see Cordove?

Top attractions of Cordova

Mesquite Cordova

Alcazar Christian kings

Roman bridge and tower ..

Madina Az-Zahra

Flower street

Jewish quarter

Roman temple

Torre-de-la Calaorra Tower and Museum ..

Natural Park Sierra De ..

Califa baths

Cordova: Excursions and events

Excursions in Cordove incredibly interesting and fascinating. This ancient city in itself has so many secrets and mysteries, there are many interesting places in it, and to see all the sights can be spent not over one week. Therefore, it is more convenient for dating Cordova – a sightseeing tour, during which it will be possible to look at the Roman bridge and located at its foundation Kalaorra Tower. There is an unusual museum in the tower, where the history of the city and the achievements of the three founded cultures are shown on interactive panels in an exciting style.

Almost any of the sightseeing travels around the city there is a visit to the Meskites – The main attraction of the city. The huge mosque of incredible beauty amazes not only with dimensions, but also architecture, decoration of the inner halls. It will be interesting to visit the Jewish quarter, which is distinguished by its special atmosphere, architectures of houses, as well as decoration of courtyards and buildings. It is here that the famous and very beautiful flower street is located.

Excursion with a visit to the Alcazar Palace and Andalusian House takes a lot of time, but also the most vivid impressions guarantees a lot. You can also combine the trip to Alcazar with a visit to the Jewish Quarter, the old synagogue and the Andalusian house – Bright examples of houses in which Maurica lived until the 11th century.

Excursion to Medina Asana lasts about six hours. During this time, you will see an archaeological complex consisting of the Arab city-Palace, erected in the 10th century for the beloved spouse of the king. The palace was not fully preserved, but according to historical information it was more than impressive, which allowed to place in it more than 28 thousand people.

History Cordova

Cordova, Spain Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Cordoba Travel Guide

Climate in Cordove

Warm Mediterranean climate, with a strong subsened-free influence, provides cordial soft and warm winter, long dry and sunny months. Climate in Cordove Mediterranean, generally favorable for recreation and travel, just 12 days a year there are strong winds. Dry hot summer and cool wet winter – these are weather conditions in Cordove. To see the average temperatures in the city, you can see the weather in Cordoba by months.

The average annual temperature in +17.8ºC, the hot days are in July – the average temperature is about +27.6ºC, maximum values ​​+36.3ºC. The colder only in Cordove becomes in January – about from +3.5 to +9.1ºC. Successful finding the city on the east coast of the Pyrenean Peninsula gives Barcelona with a relatively low humidity and a small amount of rain throughout the year.

Cordova: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Such a city like Cordoba is able to offer every tourist and traveler a huge amount of entertainment, sports opportunities or recreation activities related to calm pastime. Of course, the main and most interesting view of the holiday in Cordove are pedestrian walks along its colorful streets and numerous architectural monuments.

In addition to sightseeing, while in Cordova, you can visit the Al-Andalus Banos Arabes spa to get a magnificent massage session, visit Hammam and sauna, and after a snack in a local cafe.

In addition, for Active recreation in Cordoba There are entertainment nightlife – clubs and bars in which incendiary discos are held, restaurants of all levels – From inexpensive to luxury offering visitors with the best cuisine from famous chefs. One of the famous and popular clubs is a nightclub El-Cardenal, where very show programs and thematic discos are held.

Most cities in Spain visited by tourists can offer such bright entertainment as Corrida. In Cordoba, such entertainment is carried out in May and lasts a whole week. Those who do not like the Corrida can be advised to visit Flamenco and enjoy this passionate dance in the performance of professionals.

In addition, the city is widely marked by the Holy Week – It is very solemn and beautiful, it passes before Easter, and the very original festival is held – the battle of flowers – with carts that make up the festive procession, in the audience throw flowers.

Transport features of Cordoba

For such a city, like Cordoba, most interesting to move on foot, but in case you are still needed Transport in Cordove, It is worth paying attention to city buses that serve passengers. In total, about 20 routes run through the city, with which you can reach almost any area.

It is fare in Bus Cordova 1.10 euros, there are travel costs 6.50 euros who give the right to ten trips. Route diagrams can be bought in the store or look at the bus fleet website. Companies

On the city you can move on a taxi, but the price of travel is not the lowest – For a kilometer, a trip to Cordovsky taxi will have to give 1 euros, with a minimum cost of a trip to 4 euros.

Cordova, Spain Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Cordoba Travel Guide

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