Corfa. sights. Interesting places

Corfa – An ideal place to relax. At a relatively small island, not only picturesque beaches and secluded corners are placed, but also a rich history has been preserved. Soft climate makes Corfu one of the green islands of Greece. Numerous historical places, traditional villages and excellent cuisine will not leave travelers indifferent.

Among the mountain landscapes and many shades of the Blue Ionical Sea there are many attractions for tourists. In addition, Corfu is one of the first Greek islands who opened their monuments for visitors. This is a good place for couples, hiking, families with children and people who love to actively spend vacation. Everyone will freely find something for himself. Island of a small and two days enough to ride on it along and across. However, the number of attractions for tourists here is surprisingly great.

1. Palace Achillion.
Famous mansion Elizabeth Bavarian, better known as Sisi. This is another palace, built at the request of the Empress during its European travel. A small three-storey building in neoclassical style is designed and created by Italian architects in 1891. Currently, there is a museum in the palace, which can be visited for a fee. In addition to the souvenirs of the Empress, its furniture, wall paintings and paintings, you can see the garden surrounding the hotel. It is surprising here not so much magnificent vegetation, how many sculptures related to antiquity. Among other things, you can see the figures of the music, triumphant Achilla or his death on the monument called "Dying Achilles".

Palace Achillion – This is a monument, crowded with tourists, especially in the morning season. Come here it’s better in the afternoon or outside the summer vacation.

2. Paleokastric.
The charming town of Paleokastric, located in six picturesque coves. Such a variety of coastline, full cliffs and green slopes of the hills – a paradise landscape and an ideal place to relax, as well as a good starting point for mini cruise along the coast.

To fully see and appreciate it, you need to go to Looking Bella Vista in the village of Lapins, where it forms the shape of the heart, if you look at the top. Another attraction of this charming village is Teotoku Monastery, located on the nearby hill. Monastery inhabited by monks and local cats. The building dates back to the 12th century and surrounded by a lush garden. There is also a small museum icons outdoor for tourists.

3. Love Channel in Sidari.
One of the most famous sights of Corfu is the love canal in Sidari. This is a natural tunnel formed between unique scalging formations. All landscapes of this place are truly romantic, especially at sunset. Moreover, the legend is connected with the Love Channel that everyone who sailed on him, in the near future, will find their second half. but It must be remembered that bathing around the channel is prohibited. In the town itself, there are many taverns and cafes where you can eat well.

4. City Corfa.
Corfu city, the capital of the island, attracts tourists. This is an atypical village in Greece. In buildings and planning streets, the influence of various cultures with the predominance of Venetian. The local old city, thanks to its uniqueness, was listed with UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the city you can visit the old and new fortress, who defended the city from the invaders from the sea. In the old fort, pay attention to the Church of St. George, built in doric style, the Byzantine Museum and a small lighthouse.

Stroll by famous Liston Street, Where under arcades are numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

The heart of the Old Town is the main square of Spianada, which is partially used as a city park.

An important place on the map of the old town of Corfu is the church of St. Spiridon, the patron saint of the whole island. In the midst of a rather inconspicuous building of the XVI century stored. Spiridona. Another interesting monument – the Palace of Saints Mikhail and George, the former property of the British Commissioner at Corfu, where the Asian Art Museum is now. The city should see the fountain on the square of cremisti, the ruins of the Basilica of the V century Paleopolis and the building of the Town Hall with a characteristic bright facade.

5. Observation deck on the Canoni Peninsula.
Not far from Corfu there is an observation deck on the Canoni Peninsula – on site, near a small gastronomic and tourist base. You can admire the rise and landing of the aircraft, because the local airport runway is nearby. In addition, this is an excellent view of a review from which you can see the Women’s Women’s Monastery, famous for Corfu, and the nearby Mouse Island of Pyticonisi.

Sightseeing is connected to the mainland quite narrow road. The legend is connected with the mouse island that this place is the ship Odyssey, which Poseidon turned into a stone.

6. Castle angelokastro.
During vacation at Corfu, visit the ruins of the Angelock. Ruins of one of the most important Byzantine buildings of their time Located on the west coast of the island, on the highest hill near Paleokastric. What remains from the castle can be visited for a fee. To the ruins leads a steep rise. The view opening with the hill is here a second attraction.

7. Cape Drastis.
Cape Drastis is the northernmost part of the island, near the village of Perulands. It offers a breathtaking view of the nearby white limestone rocks, leaving deep into the blue sea. The road leading here is quite narrow and winding, but, apparently, you can drive on the car.

eight. Pantokrator.
Pantokrator – The highest top of the island with a height of 906 meters above sea level. In order to get here, it is not necessary to climb on foot, you can drive up into a punch by car. Almost 25 serpentines need to overcome along the way. So this trip is not for everyone.

At the top there is another sacred building – the monastery of the XVII century. From above the magnificent panorama of the island and nearby Albania opens.

Corfa. sights. Interesting places

nine. Porto Timoni.
Visit Porto Timoni – Double bay with turquoise waters. The route is not as simple as to the top of the punch. On the car you can only get to the town of Afiy, from where you have to walk along the path. The path to the bays takes about half an hour, it is necessary to prepare to it: take water and wear suitable shoes. On the way there are stunning views of the surroundings.

Stay at the junction of two bays connected by a narrow plot of land, will be rewarded. This is a great place for snorkeling among the rocky shore. There is no crowd of people, because Porto Timoni is less famous and popular among tourists.

ten. Interesting places on Corfu.

1) Old Perfia Village.

Considered the oldest village on the island. Her story dates back to the thirteenth century, but in the 1950s the population began to slowly shrink. Currently, this is a strong abandoned place passing into ruins. During the heyday, not only numerous stone houses were built here, but also eight churches. Currently, there are several taverns, where local delicacies can be enjoyed. Place with the magical and a little lazy atmosphere, located right at the foot of the punch.

2) La Grotta.

Beach with no less famous bar. You can get here directly from the village of Paleokastrian on the stairs, following the hands-free music, or on a boat. The bar is located on a rocky slope, visitors are sitting on wooden terraces, some of them jump right into the sea. Water has an exceptionally crystal blue color. In the evening, the place is well lit, which makes it even more impressive.

3) Logas Beach.

Tiny, flooded with crystal clear sea and surrounded by steep cliffs, is in the bay, not far from Peruchads. The road to the beach asphalt, but there are stairs. On the top of the steep cliff is a bar. The most large attraction of the bar is the observation deck with a glass floor – only the coughs climb without fear.

Corfa. sights. Interesting places

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