Corfu clockwise: where is the best rest on the island

I love Greece very much, and especially its islands. Each of them with its unique charm and highlight. And from all Greek islands Most I love Corfu. In this review, I will tell about the main resorts of Corfu, about the pros and cons of each of them and where it is better to rest.

Corfu – the North Island of Greece (from Ionian Islands). From other Islands of Greece, it is characterized by a softer climate and picturesque landscapes. And here are the relics of. Spiridona.

Holy Spiridon Trimifuntsky – the main patron of the island of Corfu.

And Corfu is called the most Italian island of Greece. Architecture of its seaside towns and mountain villages and really resembles Venetian, than traditional Greek.

Corfu Island map with resorts

To make you easier to navigate, I will start a review from the Capital of Island – Kerkira. Further clockwise we will move south, then to the resorts of the west coast, on the picturesque north of Corfu and its northeastern part.

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Kerkira – heart Corfu

Capital and the largest city on the island.

The Greeks are called Kerkiru Corfu-town (Corfu Town). Indeed, only Kerkira can qualify for the title of city on this island. All others – small towns and villages.

Here is the airport, it is the only island.

In Kerkira and its surroundings, the most interesting of the cultural and historical heritage of the island is concentrated.

This is the old city and fortress (in Kerkira there are two – old and new), the ancient monasteries and churches, the Archaeological Museum, the Park Montreo, the Palace of Achilleon, the most lively on the island of the market. What only on it does not sell – fashionable leather bags and shoes, clothes, excellent Greek cosmetics made of natural ingredients, essential oils, Orthodox icons and souvenirs. Many of the sellers own the Russian language.

In the middle of this noisy and browse shopping street, an invisible entry into the temple, where the power of one of the most revered in the Orthodoxy of the Saints is. Spiridona.

Holy Spiridon Trimifuntsky – Amazing Saint.

He lived 1700 years ago (270-348.). And its relics are preserved safely and maintained and have the temperature of the human body. Monks argue that the saint, like a living person grown hair and nails grow. And shoes on the legs are wearing. They explain this fact because. Spiridon walks on the island and helps everyone in need.

Shoes consecrated on the relics. Spiridon, cut into small pieces and distribute to all believers. Will give you if you visit the temple and apply to my relics.

Who needs to stay in Kerkira

If you arrived at Corfu Beach Rest, Kerkira – not your option.

The city is noisy, very fussy. Small beaches there are, but far from the best. Kerkira is suitable only if you arrived at Corfu not in season and with clearly excursion or pilgrim targets. To the no-season (from the end of October at the beginning of May) life in other towns of the island freezes.

Southeast and South Corfu

It is believed that the resorts of the southeastern part of the island (Benitzes, Mohsongi, Moraitics, Kavos) are the cheapest.

They have their own minuses and nuances, about which you should know before booking housing there, but also undoubted advantages. For example, the sea in this part of the coast is the warmest.

Perama – near the airport

Small village 8 km from Kerkira.

There are several beaches here. Proximity to Kerkir and especially to Mant Canoni, where airplanes sit down and take off, adds advantages to the resort in terms of entertainment. Many specially come here to admire this "Airshow". However, this is the main minus – permanent noise from the airport and from flying literally over your head of aircraft.

In the rest, this is a very quiet village in which there are no entertainment outside hotels. All of them are in neighboring Kerkira. Of the advantages worth noting the proximity to the main attractions of the island (Achilleon, Old Town Kerkira, Mouse Island), good infrastructure, low prices.

To whom will suit

Perama – a modest resort in which there are no expensive hotels. Here you can find cheap accommodation options. This place is suitable for those who do not want to drive around the island, and you used to live in one place, but close to the capital and the main attractions.

Benicez – an inexpensive beach holiday resort

There are many different hotels here – and more modest, and more expensive. In general, on any wallet. In the village of good infrastructure, many taverns, small family cafes, restaurants. Beaches – Sandy, Good.

Common Practice at Corfu Resorts: If you place an order in a cafe with your beach section (you can take any drink – coffee or beer, for example), then a chaise lounge with an umbrella you get used for free.

There is one minus, which is worth mentioning – trash.

Recently (last 2-3 years, especially), the problem with garbage disposal was greatly aggravated. For Greece, this is not news, but the usual thing. But at Corfu in recent years, it’s at all trouble. And if in some villages it looks more or less tolerant, and in some (for example, in dances), you can not see the garbage bunch at all, then Benitsees, unfortunately, will hear one of the most dirties in this regard. I hope that in the near future the situation with the garbage will improve there.

To whom will suit

Benicez is suitable for beach holidays and couples, and single tourists. Convenient resort and proximity to Kerkir (20 min per car). With the capital of the island, a bus service has been established (buses depart from the bus station Corfu).

The following 2 resorts – Moraitics and messengs, are very close to each other and very similar. They share them River Messengi. These are 2 small resort settlements, with a relaxed atmosphere and developed infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay. I will write a few words about each.

Moraitics and messenge – 2 twin brothers

To Kerkira from moratorica 20 km.

Moraitics – a pretty village with good infrastructure and a beach having a blue flag. She stands on the hill. For lovers of a secluded beach holiday, there are small bays scattered throughout the coast of Moraitics and Mesongi.

There is a famous hotel in moral Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort ***

If you lack in Greece Turkish All Inclusive, then you here.

Hotel with a large territory, all inclusive system, own big beach, pools and small water park with slides. 3 of his stars he justifies.

But there are also shortcomings – the service is often lame, not all numbers in perfect condition. Nevertheless, the hotel is profitable and convenient to relax with children. Because all entertainment on site, all drinks, food, ice cream, animation included in the price. Children this hotel really like, they do not notice small flaws.

In messenge a large selection of accommodation options – and small family hotels, apartments, and hotels. The beaches of these two resorts are divided by a river, descending from the mountains.

To whom will suit

Calm, relaxed atmosphere of the resorts of Moraitics and Mesongi will like Param with children or without. For young children here are a comfortable sea and beaches. Besides, The sea on the southern coast of the island is warmer. This is especially true if you are planning to relax at Corfu at the beginning of autumn.

Kavos – for those who love jogging

This is the southernmost resort of the island. And the most noisy and reckless.

Here you do not need to go to families with young children and lovers of a relaxing holiday. Kavos chose British youth. Nightlife here hits the key. Noisy parties, nightclubs, discos, GO-GO Bars – Everything here is designed to have fun until the morning.

In Kavos, many options for budget recreation – apartments, inexpensive private accommodation. There are hotels. Beaches in the center of sandy, with good infrastructure. On the outskirts more places for privacy and untouched nature.

To whom will suit

Kavos – Resort for youth, nightlife lovers and strong alcoholic beverages with all the ensuing consequences. If you want to walk and have fun in the evenings, and at the same time sleep in a relaxed atmosphere, choose the outskirts of the village. There is a quiet and calm atmosphere.

West Coast

On the west coast of Corfu resorts less than east. But there are beautiful sandy beaches – Agios Gordyos and Glyfada, there are excellent panoramic sites with breathtaking views of the island, for example "Throne Kaizer" Next to the village Pelkas.

Agios Gordios – with a gorgeous sandy beach

The distance to Corfu between Western and East coast is very small. To Kerkira from here only 15 km.

In Agios Gordios Magnificent sandy beach – extended and wide, with gentle and long visiting at sea. He is ideal for family holidays with young children, and indeed very picturesque.

Even if you stayed in another resort village, it’s worth going here for this beach. Especially beautiful here sunsets.

One but: Greeks, like us, not clean.

Therefore, on the wide expanses of this, the paradise of an excellent sandy beach can be stumbled upon all sorts of unpleasant items, including pieces of broken glass. be careful.

Along the coast stretched out the string of hotels. Beach hotels, of course, clean, but here is a public, pretty dirty.

To whom will suit

Families with children, romantic couples, everyone who came to Corfu Beach Rest.

Glyfada – "Golden Coast Corfu"

Glyfada enters the top of the most beautiful beaches of Greek islands.

Beach here is wide, sandy. In the southern part, more wild and uncomprained, in North – more crowded and distinguished by the best infrastructure.

Glyfada Beach is not protected from winds, so there are waves here. Local Sarfors chose this place. For families with young children there are pros and cons: because of the waves they can be uncomfortable, but a wide sandy beach, smooth a long occasion in the sea and water park nearby make the resort attractive for family holidays.

Kerkira – about 15 km by serpentine.

Halfway between Glyphada and Kerkira is a village Agios-John, in which is located The largest water park on the island – Aqualand.

Website Water Park: Aqualand-Corfu.Com

To whom will suit

Fans of surfing and water sports, those who love wide sandy beaches, families with children (with a reservation on the waves).

Paleokastric – the most beautiful views

To Kerkira from Paleokastric about 25 km. This is one of the most beautiful places in Corfu.

Next to the village of Lapins in the vicinity of Paleokastrians there is one of the best viewing sites – Bella Vista.

Beaches – cozy and scenic coves surrounded by mountains. On the boat you can ride along the coast, inspect the natural beauty and look into the grotto.

In Paleokastric, on top of the mountain, there is one of the famous Orthodox monasteries on Corfu – Blessed Virgin Mary Teotoka (1225.).

North coast

Considered the most picturesque on Corfu. But at the same time, the connoisseurs of the island claim that water in the sea is colder here than in other places. We did not feel the difference in comparison with more southern resorts, although they rested in Corfu in October. Maybe we are just tempered by the cool Baltic Wood and we are warm everywhere?

Sidari – Resort for Lovers

Beautiful resort, the largest in the north of Corfu. To the capital of the island from here approximately an hour of driving (45 km).

Here are a lot of entertainment – and water, and for lovers to walk in the evenings. From layered rocks formed from sandstone and surrounding secluded bays and beaches of Sidari, you can jump right in the sea. Local muscular guys-Greeks are doing under admiring sighs of lighted British tourist.

At the same time, the Cydar is not so crazy, as located at the opposite end of the island of Kavos. Here is a calmer atmosphere.

The main attraction of Sidari is the channel of lovers.

Valentine’s Channel – Arch formed by the bizarre rock. This is a small piece of sea in the shape of a heart, near – a very tiny beach.

Many legends are connected with this place. For example, it is believed that if you are alone, you should swim in the canal of love, and then you will definitely meet your life satellite. And in love with couples are advised to swim through the canal, holding hands, and then they will not break out.

Families with young children Like here because of warm and calm, without waves, the sea.

There is a sidari Water Park Sidari Water Park. It is located in the hotel of the same name, for living – a free visit, for everyone else – for money. Works from May to October.

To whom will suit

All categories of tourists, but because of the beautiful place, as well as because of the legends, with him connected, especially recommended by his romantic couples, newlyweds and lonely girls who wish to meet their soul mate faster.

Kind – good beach vacation

Small village, once a fishing village, and now one of the popular spa spa.

There are good beaches here (partially sand, partly pebbles, but the bottom in the sea is sandy), and colorful taverns (one of the best on Corfu), and evening bars, and a cafe for every taste, a lot of hotels. Extended 7 kilometer Beach Roda Delit with the neighboring village of Aharavi.

To whom will suit

Lovers of measured beach holidays, families with young children, as this is a flat terrain without steep descents and lifts to the sea. Sea with severe sunset, no depth of the shore.

Aharavi – Great Family Resort

Next south after childbirth.

All the advantages of childbirth in the form of sandy beaches, a common approach to the sea, flat terrain and good infrastructure can be attributed to Acharav. Therefore, families with children often choose this resort.

In addition, here is one of the popular water parks Corfu – Hydropolis (At Club Calimera Gelina Village) and a small zoo.

To whom will suit

Families with children, lovers of a relaxing beach holiday.

Casuali – beautiful and atmospheric

The ruins of the ancient fortress are preserved here, there are marina with yachts, excellent taverns and delicious fish restaurants on the coast. There is, where to walk, what to see, where you dine with a romantic sea view (we liked Syki fish restaurant), where to soak on the beach.

Holidays in Cassiopes will cost more than on the southern coast.

To whom will suit

Romantic couples, newlyweds, aesthetes, snobs, lovers of Mediterranean beautiful and all those who want to see a beautiful Corfu.

Calais – the most English and Darrellovsky

I mention this resort exclusively only because of Jerld Darrell. Some other reasons to stop here I do not see.

Gerald Darrell – Famous English Writer (1922-1995.). Together with his family, in childhood, he moved from England to Corfu and lived here for a long time. A wide range of readers around the world Corfu island became known thanks to his works "My family and other animals" and DR.

Corfu clockwise where it is best to rest on the island

The house has preserved a house where he lived.

Now this is a house-museum that looks very pretty. Its surrounds funny sculptures of cats, dogs and other animals – the heroes of the works of Darrell. The resort was chosen by the British, which is understandable. Calais – Typically English resort, with English pubs and other infrastructure, habitual for tourist of their misty Albion.

He is calm. But the local beach leaves much to be desired – with huge boulders, not very pleasant at the sea and not too well-keeled. Therefore, I do not strongly recommend it for a beach holiday, but I can’t go past. Still, the name Darrell is a sign for Corfu.

To whom will suit

Fans of creativity J. Darrell. But it is better to stay elsewhere, and here it is worth going and see.


The northeast coast, in my opinion, successfully combines all the benefits of a beach holiday and, at the same time, proximity to the main attractions.

Tired of the beach or spoiled the weather, not a problem. You can visit the Achilleon Palace or wander around the ancient streets of Kerkira, go to Paleokastric, climb the punch. From here, it is worthwhile to get to the main interests of Corfu Island.

Nissaki – secluded place

The resort is in the bay protected from the winds, it is separated from the roadway.

Kerkira – 22 km. There is no embankment here. Sea clean, azure shade.

Rest in Nissaki prefer those who want to remove a little from the fuss and be in solitude. The infrastructure of the resort is less developed than in more popular depths and the IPSOS, but everything is needed.

Large network hotels here are also not, but many small family hotels and private apartments.

To whom will suit

Romantic couples, fans of a quiet secluded rest, natural beauty and those who do not like sandy beaches. Due to transparent water and beautiful sea resort love divers.

Barbati – Best Beach in Northeast

Beach with excellent sunset and beautiful views around. Enough space, no sharp stones at the entrance. There are trees under which you can hide in the shade. The village itself is small and very green, the entire infrastructure in the season is sharpened for beach holidays: chaise lounges, umbrellas for rent, beach cafe.

To whom will suit

Lovers of high-quality beach holidays and clean, warm sea, romantic couples, families and lonely tourists. In general, all.

IPSOS – for lovers of nightlife

IPSOS is good – beautiful and photogenic.

In addition, very cheerful. There are many shops, cafes, restaurants, night bars. In the evenings, life here does not freeze here, and in front beats the key. Tourists relax and having fun who can.

There is one but: Along a narrow beach – road.

You lie on the beach in a lounge chair and enjoy on one side by marine azure, with the other – passing by cars. Not very nice, agree. Therefore, prices in Ipsos are just lower than on neighboring depths and Barbati.

To whom will suit

Those who want to combine holidays by the sea with evening entertainment, and ready to put up with some beach flaws.

Dassion – perfect in all respects

Cute resort in which all components of a good rest are perfectly combined: a good and clean beach with a gentle beach in the sea, which is especially convenient for families with young children. Here is a good infrastructure, beach cozy cafes and taverns.

Everything is clean, cozy, compact. The resort can accommodate both private apartments and hotels on the first coastline.

To whom will suit

Beach holiday lovers, families with children and tourists without children. From the Department convenient to ride in the capital, and on the picturesque northern coast.

Guvia – to Kerkira hand

Guvia is close to Kerkir – 8 km. This is a great location of the deployment for those who do not want to rent on the island of the car, but plans to actively explore different attractions.

Most of the village takes the territory of the port. There are delicious cafes and restaurants. Very well developed transport links with major tourist points on Corfu. The city is convenient for those who plan to move around the island on public transport.

But if you want a good beach and clean sea, you are not here. Behind the sea and the beach is better to drive a little away, at least in the neighboring date. And even better, in Barbati.

To whom will suit

Those plans frequent trips to Kerkira and, in principle, rides on public transport in the island. Suitable to single tourists and those who are not particularly important a beach component of rest. Because of the proximity to Kerkira, Guvia is good when you come to Corfu outside the season.

Personally, my opinion is not very, and dirty.

Content – quiet and modest

Little modest village in the northeast of the island, next to Gueva, with a leisurely and cozy atmosphere suitable for relaxed family holidays.

The beach of the resort has a blue flag, but there is not so many swimming places. There are pebble and sandy areas. Entrance to the sea is flat, which is convenient for small babies, as well as long shallow water. The village itself is very green, with coniferous trees and healing air.

In the condokal is the entertainment Children’s Center "Alladin".

To whom will suit

Families with children, lovers of relaxing.

I hope this review will help you decide on the choice of the resort. And then rest on Corfu will not bring disappointments, but only positive emotions will give.

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