Corfu Island

This summer managed to exercise a long-time dream – weekly vacation at Corfu took place.
A couple of years ago, the trip broke down by unforeseen circumstances. At that time, I was carefully preparing, I picked up and bought a tour, built a route with places for visits, but failed, tour burned down and the unfulfilled point remained.

And this year everything returned to me, a good inexpensive tour, just before changing the work to make a sip of sea air and gain positive.
This time I did not plan anything and the trip was almost spontaneous, in the plane Srack guide, without putting any specific goals, I just waited for a meeting with this magnificent and most "Cool" Island of Greece, as all travel agencies.
Immediately, I want to note that the rest turned out to be wonderful, although the island did not make a special impression on me, it’s just much more widely advertised. In essence, Corfu is one of the many Greek islands, no better and no worse than others.


The coast of the island is a rocky by 80%, so there are simplicable special entrances to the sea. This option suits amateurs to dive. Nevertheless, there are 20% of pebble and sandy beaches. And naturally, in the first lists in all tourist guidebooks, this is a love canal. Colorful coves of these surroundings in the season are clogged with tourists, as well as in these places there are cold trends and a very strong wind. Maybe it was not so lucky me so much, but for more than 5 minutes in the water I could not hold it, but on the other side of the island, where I found the randomly best beach (I assigned this status just after two unsuccessful attempts to visit exactly tourist beaches) water was Ideal temperature and could be swimming hours and enjoy the purest sea.

In second place, Paleokastric Beach, or rather, this is a lot of small coves. Beaches and bays are very colorful, especially nice to look at them from above. But, such bays are on any other island of Greece. Again the advertising trick.
There are many tourists, there are few places and sun beds, the price tag is naturally higher than everywhere.
For those who have not seen beautiful bays, I recommend this place to visit.

Finally, I can show the beach that has become beloved (Messongi), although it took 40 minutes to go by car. Beach itself with petty pebbles, but the entrance to the sea of ​​fine sand. Water clean, transparent and extraordinary color.

Places and impressions.

The hotel in which I lived was not far from the airport. It was a plus, t. To. You could watch the ups and landing of the aircraft every day, and the airport runway is one of the shortest. Nearby is a pedestrian bridge, on which everyone is being photographed with airplanes, which are very low flying over their heads. These are entertainment and tourists, and local.

And there is a very beautiful church near the shore, there watched evening wedding celebrations there (Kanoni). And during the day, all holidaymakers on the beaches, you can retire and enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of this place.

Corfu Island

Also nearly, there is one more attraction – it is a cute and cozy island – "Mouse Island". You can get to it on a boat that run every half an hour, and the cost per person 2.5 Euro.

On only one church is located on the island, and you can get around the whole island in 10 minutes. There is a souvenir shop with different hand crafts.

Fortress and promenade Corfu.

Well, as in many sea resorts, where without a fortress. The fortress I watched from the embankment, did not have time to go upstairs, although there are probably interesting views from there. Near the center there is a beautiful promenade, in the evening they necessarily come back there, dinner and meet the sunset.

Well, as always, I want to add that in Greece the most wonderful, good and responsive people. So the island left positive impressions, which I advise you.

Corfu Island

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